Affiliate Marketing Business Plan (+Free PDF Download)

affiliate marketing business plan

Today, we’re gonna be going over your affiliate marketing business plan. This is the 10,000 ft overview of what you’re going to be doing on a day-to-day basis in your business. What you should be focusing on and that way whenever you go to do your work for the day.

You open up your laptop and you’re thinking to yourself “what do I actually need to get done?” 

Or maybe when you’re writing an email “who am I actually writing this email to?”

“What problem am I solving for these people?” 

So all those questions that come into mind that just overwhelm you with your business. 

That’s what the affiliate marketing business plan is made to do is just have a laser-focused, clear approach to ask exactly what you’re doing and what you’re trying to solve in your business. 

That way you can stay hyper-focused on one thing and not get shiny object syndrome as most other people do. 

So, this is something I did for myself a couple of years back and it really just helps me stay focused on what I need to do, helps me stay focused in one niche and ultimately helps me make more money. 

Because when you’re more organized, you’re more focused, typically you’re going to make way more money. 

So now, I’m going to show you an affiliate marketing business plan example you can follow.

And this plan is from a guy that is doing affiliate marketing full time, 

Here you can download your affiliate marketing business plan and work along with me.

Affiliate Marketing Business Plan

So this is actually my business plan that I followed to become one of the top affiliates for a big software company as I explain in my affiliate marketing PDF.

affiliate marketing business plan

So let me show you exactly how this looks and then I’ll show you another example of one of our other successful students of their business plan and their thought process and how they went in a completely different niche, but they still saw good results, all because they had a plan that could follow. 

Business model

So the business model is affiliate marketing. We’re affiliates were promoting other people’s products for a commission. 

Target market 

Now my target market at the time was people wanting to learn how to make money and do marketing online. Also known as the wealth niche. 

Target Customer

My target customer for this business was anyone 25-55, male or female didn’t matter. They hate their boss, they’re fearful of the retirement looming and not enough money, and have tried other gimmicks and businesses with little success. Desire something honest, doesn’t want to get rich, but wants passive income. They want to travel, spend more time with family and friends and are not super tech savvy. 

So notice how I’m just getting like all these things about my target customer and what they want. And now when I go to write an ad, an email, or anything I want, I have a blueprint of exactly who I am writing to. 

So it’s going to be a lot easier to write a piece of content or an email or an ad when you know your target customers, that’s why we fill this out. 

The problem I will solve

This is that they have not found someone reliable, down to earth and honest that won’t oversell or overhype the opportunity, but instead will provide a huge amount of value for free and also make valuable recommendations and bonuses to money-making training and software online. 

So basically the problem I’m solving is not to be the flashy overhyped guru, it’s just to be that person who gives a lot of value and wants to actually help you, 

That’s the problem I’m solving. And when I tell that to my leads, when I tell that to my target customer, they’re going to be like, “Wow, that’s something I would want. I’m sick of the overhyped gurus” 

So think about the problem that you’re going to solve in your niche. 

How exactly will I solve the problem

So I will make recommendations via Youtube ads, emails and videos to solve their future financial fears by showing them stable and sustainable ways to bring in passive income online and do marketing via affiliate marketing. 

So that’s what I’m going to do to actually solve the problem is put out free content and run ads. 

Revenue streams

This is the most exciting part of the business plan is my revenue stream for this. My goal is to promote Builderall out on the front end and sell the annual plan alone with a few other recommendations on the back end. 

Whenever I say backend that major email list, Back end means email list. I also have Youtube ad revenue and any courses I make in the future are also revenue streams. 

So notice how I listed my revenue streams, what I’m going to make. 

So I made a plan and I stuck to it and actually became one of the top affiliates following this plan. So pretty cool to see looking back on this. 

Marketing Activities

My marketing activity for this was I’m gonna run YouTube ads with a budget of $100 per day. I’m also gonna make blog posts around the field marketing to grow my free traffic and my brand as well, including my email list  of course.

So those are kind of the things I was going to do on a daily basis to actually get leads into my funnel right. The next thing is expenses. 


So for me at the time I had a budget of like $5000 per month for ads and $500 per month for software. Obviously, if you’re just starting out, you don’t need to start with that amount of budget. 

Start with $100 per month for software. All you need is a sales funnel builder and email marketing platform. to run your business.  You can get it in ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign or the platform that I’m using for my affiliate business – Builderall.

For ads you can start with $10 a day. You don’t have to start with $5,000 per month. At the time. I was already making around $10,000 per month. So it made sense to spend $5000. 

Team and Key Roles 

So this is where I will operate as a solopreneur with the goal to automate most of my business. I’m gonna have a VA that helps me do more of the time consuming tasks.

Skill Sets

Another thing that separates me from the competition or my skill sets around digital marketing. So I said I want to focus on mastering 3 skill sets including lead generation via paid advertising, email marketing, and SEO to run my affiliate marketing website.

So if I can get really good at SEO, if I can get really good at writing emails and I can get really good at running ads, those 3 skill sets that I learned and developed are going to separate me from anyone else trying to do affiliate marketing. 


I also had some milestones here within the next 60 days. I want to hit $20,000 per month and by month 6 I want to hit my 1st $30,000 per month.

 So it’s good to have some goals to motivate yourself for your business plan. 

Download the Affiliate Marketing Business Plan PDF

So anyways, guys, this is an example of how to create your affiliate marketing business plan, so be sure to go and fill up this business plan. Will have a worksheet down below. That being said, go download that, Take action on this plan, save it somewhere hanging on your wall.

Affiliate marketing business plan download

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