21 AI Customer Service Software Tools For 2022

Customer service has been seen as a difficult task for humans to complete. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), this is starting to change.

According to the latest statistics on AI in customer service, 60% of customer support professionals said that AI technology helped them save time and nearly 50% claimed it made their job easier.

AI customer service software tools can be used to answer customer service inquiries and assist with resolving issues. This can be done by using machine learning algorithms, which allow a computer to learn from data and make decisions on its own.

AI customer service
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1. Gorgias


Gorgias is an all-in-one customer service automation platform for e-commerce stores. It provides a variety of tools to assist with customer service, some of which include email integration, autoresponders, ticket management, customer history tracking, and request assignment. 

The cloud-based helpdesk solution helps customer service teams solve problems by connecting to third-party eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento and pulling data on orders, payments, refunds, and more. 
Additionally, it integrates with a variety of support platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Live Chat, and many others, so that customer inquiries from a variety of channels can be consolidated and managed in a single location.

2. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is one of the most complete customer success tools that allows users to easily find and manage all of their service-related tasks in one place.

On top of basic features for customer relationships such as customer profile, help desk ticketing, and live chat, the HubSpot Service Hub empowers you with features such as inbound calling, omnichannel messaging, VoIP calls, and most importantly; the fully integrated industry-leading HubSpot CRM.

While most customer service software tools cater to a specific use case, Service Hub stands out due to its integration with HubSpot CRM. Service Hub gives you the ability to put the customer experience first by providing you with features that make it simple to provide genuine and customized service to each individual customer.

The Service Hub also allows users to create and manage workflows, assign tasks to team members, and get updates on the status of tasks. It has everything your service team will need to help customers and grow as a result of their success. It’s completely free to get started, and it will continue to grow with you.

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3. Chatbot


ChatBot is an AI customer service management solution that assists businesses in the creation, launch, and management of virtual assistants for the purpose of streamlining communication across messaging applications, Facebook pages, and websites.

It provides a visual builder with drag-and-drop capabilities, which enables users to design chatbots using a variety of customizable templates for sales, bookings, recruitment, and e-commerce.

ChatBot lets you build chatbots in minutes using a variety of pre-made templates and easily drag and drop elements to adapt any template to meet your needs. The platform offers a number of features, such as user segmentation, machine learning, data security, support for multimedia content, widgets, and reports.

The platform has a feature called “white-label,” which lets users customize the interface with their own logo, colors, and brand theme. Also, the natural language processing (NLP) technology analyses how people talk to give personalized answers.

And with the help of one-click integration, you are able to use ChatBot on a variety of platforms and channels including Facebook Messenger, Slack, LiveChat, WordPress, and more. Through the use of open API, webhooks, and Zapier, you can connect your chatbot to virtually anything you can imagine.

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4. LiveChat


LiveChat is a chat and help desk software integrated into one platform that enables businesses of any size to communicate in real-time with their site visitors and customers.

You can easily integrate it into your website (or multiple websites to reach a wider audience) by adding Javascript code snippets into your header allowing online visitors to communicate with agents via a chat window.

LiveChat gives you the freedom to customize the chat widget according to your need and offers a straightforward dashboard, which any agent or customer can use.

In addition to the basic live chat features, it has a wide range of add-on modules, some of which automate sales and marketing and integrate with third-party CRM platforms.

And to invite the customer to participate in the chat, you can send the chat link to them via email or text message. Each chat is graded automatically based on the analysis of the customer responses.

LiveChat provides daily performance data reports and tells about the customer satisfaction and sales ratio. The platform offers proper control over the security of your customers’ valuable assets like credit card details. It also has a user banning feature, which helps ban uninterested users.

LiveChat can be customized, giving users the ability to add a variety of themes and colors to the chat windows they use. It provides support to customers via live chat, email, and telephone.

5. LiveAgent


LiveAgent is one of the best AI customer service tools with all-in-one help desk software. It can solve all the tickets generated by users effectively and smartly. 

It can help increase your sales with the help of an attractive chat widget that can be customizable. It can also provide live chat responses on different channels like social media and eCommerce sites.

The AI customer service software offers custom admin roles for customer support agents in the live agent system. It helps assign suitable duties to all the sales agents, giving them the freedom to change or modify their roles at any time. It can handle all the customers’ tickets from one interface. It helps make it more efficient in solving queries.

The software offers a call center feature that can handle a massive number of incoming calls from customers and social media help desk feature, which helps in improving your social media customer service. In addition, LiveChat provides the one of best security features, which helps organizations secure all the private data of customers.

6. LivePerson


LivePerson helps you create the best connection with your customers by providing them with the best AI-based customer service experience. It is integrated with AI and machine learning which means it can learn from every query users ever asked. It also offers a conversational cloud through which you can expand customer service experience through messaging, voice, video, social media, and email.

LivePerson provides customer service support by adding live Chat Bots which interact with users and live agents that control the voice and video calls.

7. Zoho Zia

zoho zia

Zoho Zia is an AI-powered assistant that can help customers solve their tickets and queries. You can access Zia with your mobile phone application or a desktop computer. Zia processes every question correctly and, after processing, provides you with the best possible solution. Zia also tells the manager about any query which can not be solved so that in the future, the best possible answer will be available for that query.

Zoho Zia can manage all the tickets in one place from brands, messaging, emails, social media, etc. It helps customers find the answer by themselves by providing them with the best self-service portal for every brand and empowers the agents to work efficiently by providing them best work modes, ticketing efficiency, and quick response editor.

In addition, Zoho provides the best security. It helps in monitoring the data and keeps data un-edited by any agent plus you can customize the Zoho dashboard according to your needs.

8. Vonage


Vonage provides the best communication and customer service experience. It is the first software that comes with the idea of VoIP. With VoIP, you can call and message anywhere in the world with the help of the cloud-based internet.

It also supports many application program interface APIs, which different developers can use to customize their customer communication systems in their organizations. With the help of communication APIs, it can help brands transform their customer experience with programmable messaging, voice calls, video calls, and more.

Vonage also provides unified communication, which offers solutions to employees for better communication and collaboration within the organization.

The company has another product called Jumper.ai which helps users engage on their favorite platforms like social media, chat, etc., to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Vonage also provides contact centers that help in customer service by giving sales agents the best information they need.

9. FreshDesk


FreshDesk provides you with the best solution for Ai customer service. It helps users find their answers to the queries and helps them navigate. It uses power bots and conversational messaging tools to provide the best user experience to customers.

FreshDesk provides the users with everything they need, from customer support to multilingual support as well as gives your agent’s team the ability to translate different languages, Team inbox, and integrations.

It also offers admins full authority to assign roles, manage APIs and implement rules and regulations and a simple user interface dashboard, which anyone can understand.

10. Gong


Gong’s Artificial Intelligence technology records your customer contacts via phone, web conferencing, and email, analyzes what was said, and provides insights to help your team close more business.

With Gong, you can replicate your best sellers and learn what statistics separates your best reps from the rest. You can also make your mediocre sellers into superstars, and see every chat for each deal in one place.

What’s so unique about Going is that it can help you change your marketing strategy. Every phone call, meeting, or email is at the tip of your fingers. Listen to your market’s voice and make sure the appropriate things are happening.

Thousands of forward-thinking businesses, including Slack, Twilio, Shopify, Morningstar Inc., LinkedIn, SproutSocial, Paychex, and Zillow, rely on Gong to fuel their customer reality.

11. Kustomer


Kustomer is one of the first customer service CRM platforms designed to manage large support volumes by optimising customer service journey experiences. By automating interactions through self-service, contact resolution with intelligent routing, and driving omnichannel experiences for customers, Kustomer assists brands in quickly resolving conversations across all digital channels.

Its CRM technology saves money by acting as a single source of truth, organising and contextualising data to help businesses run more efficiently. Kustomer IQ incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) throughout the platform to eliminate repetitive processes, deflect simple questions, and provide customer-satisfying support.

Kustomer also offers an omnichannel SaaS help desk platform that is redefining enterprise customer service to deliver extraordinary experiences. Kustomer scales to meet the needs of any contact centre or business by integrating data from a variety of sources and allowing companies to provide seamless, consistent, and personalised service and support through a single timeline view.

Retail marketplaces, software/technology, wholesalers, subscription companies, financial, healthcare, professional services, or logistics and transportation services can all benefit from Kustomer.

12. Forethought AI


Forethought’s technology goes beyond standard chatbots and point solutions for customer service teams. Forethoughts AI, which is based on genuine NLP and NLU, continuously learns to provide the greatest customer experience possible.

Human-centered AI integrations may quickly transform customer service with Forethought. You can also address common cases fast, predict and prioritize requests, and provide relevant knowledge to support agents-all from a single AI-powered platform.

Forethought is more than just a self-help tool. Instead, it consumes and learns from every previous ticket, email, and knowledge base article to determine how to best assist incoming support inquiries. Instead of browsing a cumbersome chatbot, your consumer can receive an accurate, conversational response nearly quickly.

And, with the new Workflow Builder, your teams can easily create automated workflows that automatically identify client intent, enabling customers to experience really seamless self-service.

Forethought works with customer-focused support teams in medium-to-large enterprises.

13. Genesys DX

genesys dx

The Genesys Cloud DX solution is built to handle any channel, and follows the conversation everywhere, combining emails, calls, chats, and social media comments into a single conversation.

Genesys Cloud DX makes it easier to connect with customers across channels, giving you all the information you need to provide more personalized service and strengthen relationships.

Genesys Cloud DX provides the insights you need to run your business, no matter where your agents are located or which channels they handle, with real-time dashboards and up-to-the-second analytics.

This award-winning AI customer service software is relatively simple to use and you can implement it in a matter of days. You can use it as an all-in-one app, or customize and personalize the platform with hundreds of pre-built third-party integrations.

14. IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson

IBM Watson Assistant is an AI-powered virtual agent that responds to consumers quickly, consistently, and accurately across any application, messaging platform, channel, or device. Watson Assistant is able to learn from customer conversations with artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology, enhancing its capacity to resolve issues the first time while removing the agony of long wait times, laborious searches, and ineffective chatbots.

IBM Watson Assistant uses code-free development and machine learning to create chatbots for business process automation, workflow automation, query suggestions, sentiment analysis, and NLP.

Most chatbots attempt to mimic human conversations, which can be irritating for customers if there is a misunderstanding. Watson Assistant is more than a chatbot; it is a personal assistant. It knows when to look up an answer in a knowledge base, when to seek clarification, and when to refer users to a human representative for additional assistance.

15. Dialogflow

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Dialogflow is a conversational AI technology that assists businesses in streamlining productive and intelligible communications with their consumers. The platform is powered by Google’s AI, which includes chatbots and speech bots, allowing businesses to provide natural customer experiences with the help of virtual agents that efficiently manage multi-turn discussions. Furthermore, the visual builders and prebuilt agents provided in Google Cloud Dialogflow assist businesses with seamless interface generation, cutting development time.

Companies can also implement various chat interfaces throughout their contact center and digital platforms, including their own messaging services, in this manner. Other important features include end-to-end CI/CD pipelines for seamless virtual agent management, as well as versioning and continuous assessment of flow-based modules. Dialogflow can be used by developers to create live chats using multi-channel communication processes in different languages for seamless speech recognition.

16. Twilio Autopilot

Twilio Autopilot

Twilio’s API for phone services is robust, enabling businesses to make and receive phone calls and also send and receive text messages. Using existing web development skills and codes, programmers can easily integrate multiple communication channels and handle communication issues.

Twilio gives businesses complete control over their deployments, including how, when, and what they deploy. Twilio Flex, based on the Twilio customer interaction platform, which already powers over 500,000 agents, allows businesses to quickly set up bespoke cloud contact centres that aren’t bound by SaaS app limitations.

To your existing contact centre, you can add remote agents, new channels, or an intelligent IVR and chatbot, or you can move your entire contact centre to the cloud.

17. Azure Bot Service

Azure Bot Service

The Azure Bot Service gives users access to an integrated development environment for building bots. Because of its integration with Power Virtual Agents, a fully hosted low-code platform, developers of all levels of technical expertise are able to build conversational AI bots without having to write any code.

With the integration of Azure Bot Service and Power Virtual Agents, a diverse team with a wide range of expertise and capabilities can now build bots within a single software as a SaaS solution. With the help of Bot Framework Composer, teams working on Fusion can easily extend bots to deal with complex scenarios.

18. Jitbit


Jitbit Helpdesk is a support ticketing system that is powered by AI technology and is offered both as a SaaS and an on-premise version at an affordable price.

JtitBit features standard helpdesk features, such as a knowledge base, file attachments, an email ticketing system, live updates, agent collision detection, and incident tracking powered by advanced technical platforms; MS SQL Server and ASP.NET.

Additional JitBit features include a mobile app, robust integrations, SAML, and Windows-integrated authentication.

19. TrueLark


True Lark is an AI customer communications platform geared toward the wellness, fitness, beauty, and dental industry. Because of its powerful and adaptable AI technology, brands are able to attract new customers, provide support for existing ones, and up-sell existing products via text and messaging around the clock.

Customers are encouraged to interact with the company through human-like conversation in response to a variety of triggers, including phone calls, business texting, web chat, form submissions, and promotional texts.

Converting prospects into customers, making product and service recommendations, providing answers to questions, collecting payment information, and other similar tasks are all within True Lark’s capabilities.

20. Solvvy


Solvvy is a next-generation, easy-to-use chatbot, and AI customer service platform that powers outstanding customer support and experiences. Solvvy provides intelligent self-service for the purpose of resolving customer issues in a timely, accurate, and scalable manner.

At its core, the platform makes use of advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP). Solvvy, in contrast to more conventional chatbots, provides individualized and consistent brand experiences for your customers across a variety of channels.

Due to its low maintenance costs and ability to learn and improve itself over time based on interactions with your customers, Solvvy also offers an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Over 550 million customers of leading companies, such as HelloFresh, Calm, Vimeo, Under Armour, Twilio, Stash, and Ring, use Solvvy as their AI customer relationship management platform.

It’s also worth mentioning that Solvvy has been acquired by Zoom.

21. Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is a service that enables developers to incorporate voice bots and text-based conversational user interfaces into their software applications.

You will be able to develop applications with highly engaging user experiences and realistic conversational interactions by using Amazon Lex’s advanced deep learning capabilities, which include automatic speech recognition (ASR) for converting speech to text and natural language understanding (NLU) for identifying the intent of the text.

These capabilities are provided so that Amazon Lex can recognize the purpose of the text. The same deep learning technologies that power Amazon Alexa are now available to any developer through Amazon Lex. This makes it possible for you to rapidly and easily build sophisticated conversational bots also known as AI chatbots that use natural language.

22. Netomi


The Customer Experience AI platform from Netomi has the highest success rate in the industry when it comes to automatically resolve problems with customer service.

The Netomi Artificial intelligence is remarkably simple to implement despite the fact that it provides unmatched accuracy and customer satisfaction.

It works in conjunction with your live agents and other business systems to provide automated problem-solving capabilities across multiple channels, including chat, social media, voice, and email. Netomi makes it possible to provide customers with an experience able to compete with the top AI customer service software tools while simultaneously lowering support costs and revealing previously unrealized revenue opportunities.

AI Customer Service Software Final Words

In conclusion, AI customer service software is revolutionizing the customer service industry. By automating the process of answering customer questions, AI software is able to provide faster and more accurate responses than human customer service representatives.

This software is also able to learn over time, making it increasingly efficient and accurate. For these reasons, businesses should consider using AI customer service software to improve their customer service operations.

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