7 AI Knowledge Management Software [2023]

In today’s digital world, artificial intelligence (AI) business tools are increasingly being used in a variety of ways including knowledge management.

AI knowledge management software helps you find, store, retrieve, and share information assets more effectively. These assets can be articles, presentations, images, audio and video files, and other types of data.

In this article, we present the best AI knowledge management tools that will help you automate the process of organizing and managing information, allowing you to access desired data more quickly and accurately.

AI knowledge management software
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1. Docsie


Docsie.io is AI-powered knowledge management software that focuses on creating, organizing, and managing professional documentation.

The software tries to find the best way to use every document in the company’s operations. Docsie.io was created to help businesses reach this goal by giving them a way to work together on documentation and bring people from different departments together in one hub.

Docsie.io’s main goal is to improve the workflow of any company and make operations run more efficiently by making it easier to share documents.

Through Docsie.io’s portal, every business will be able to make custom document manager hubs for their own products. This feature makes sure that every brand can manage information that is more true to who they are and what they do on a daily basis, all while staying on common ground.

The platform has a built-in translator that automates the process and lets every user access the information in any language they need.

Docsie.io also has software that uses artificial intelligence to help people write and publish documents. Their usability is further improved by a mobile app that is easy to access and use wherever you are.

2. Document 360

document 360

This knowledge management solution aims to change the way the company works from relying heavily on word of mouth and slow workflow to a self-sufficient process with a constant flow of useful information.

Document360 gives you all the tools you need to send information quickly and effectively so that this happens. Their software is split into two different hubs to make things easier to keep track of; one is for customers and employees only, while the other is for editors and reviewers.

Each portal lets you change the information and how it’s delivered. Document360 also uses tools that are standard in the industry and lets users add extensions to their browsers to ensure a smooth workflow.

Document360’s AI Knowledge Management Software is used by a wide range of businesses, such as Virgin Red, McDonald’s, Stackify, and Harvard University.

3. OneBar


OneBar makes it easier for companies to get the most important information they need. They have a unique way of putting all of this information into a single, highly optimized AI-powered search bar. Using this single bar, the AI bot will be able to come up with a curated answer by pulling information from messages, threads, and other sources as you tell it to.

This lets the company set up a system of frequently asked questions (FAQ) that is based on knowledge and aims to make customers happy. OneBar’s software also lets them embed things in their answers, and they use web services like Google Drive that are already out there.

OneBar also has an add-on for Google Chrome and works with other tools and websites that are commonly used in the industry.

With the help of AI, OneBar’s software can help with semantic search and can even improve IT services to make them more self-sufficient. 

OneBar’s artificial intelligence knowledge management software is used by companies like NuOrder, Apollo, ThoughtSpot, and Getaround.

4. Lucy AI

Lucy AI

Lucy AI is a knowledge management software that uses research and AI-assisted processes to improve and optimize all internal processes. Lucy AI skips the step of tagging already-existing data and instead makes a platform that holds all of the useful information in one place.

This knowledge management software is entirely dependent on machine learning and the more you put Lucy AI to the test, the better it will get. By using highly optimized artificial intelligence protocols, Lucy will grow along with your company and learn every bit of the operational process.

Other than simplifying research and optimizing organizational operations, Lucy AI promotes secure systems. It has integrated features that ensure that the company remains compliant with all security and privacy requirements. This solution can be integrated seamlessly with SAP, Jira, Office 360, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Dropbox, Salesforce, and more.

There are many successful companies that utilize Lucy AI to cover their internal knowledge management needs. Their technologies are used by brand names like Best Buy, Target, PepsiCo, SAP, IBM, Lowe’s and even HBO MAX.

5. Starmind AI

Starmind AI’s sole purpose is to provide quick delivery of the right knowledge to the right person. This software is designed to promote tailor-made connections that are established through the repetitive interactions between Starmind AI and the user, as the machine grows smarter and better.

Starmind lets members of a team post questions anonymously under certain categories and tags. This way, coworkers with the most relevant knowledge and skill sets are automatically notified.

It lets supervisors make knowledge spaces for their teams or departments that include multiple categories, experts, subscription tools, tools for working together, and more.

It also has built-in search features that help employees find relevant content, questions, topics, knowledge experts, and other information.

6. eGain Knowledge Hub

eGain knowledge hub

eGain Knowledge Hub is an analyst-awarded knowledge management software that ensures quality customer service by instilling knowledge in your customer service agents, making all agents as productive as your best. It ensures fast, consistent, and accurate answers by giving agents and other users a variety of ways to access information from the common knowledge base.

The eGain customer service knowledge software unifies multiple knowledge management tools, like content management (CMS), search, artificial intelligence, workflow management, knowledge analytics, and more.

By using the right knowledge management software you can be sure you have the right tools to serve the right answers to customers in their time of need.

The eGain Knowledge Hub is built on a one-of-a-kind collaborative knowledge management framework that enables cost-effective management by allowing for distributed content creation and editorial workflow.

Any user, based on the roles assigned by the company, can easily suggest content for the application. To ensure consistency and quality, the content is routed through a workflow. This powerful adaptability enables businesses to respond to changing customer needs.

The knowledge application uses self-organizing techniques to provide relevant answers to customer requests based on dynamic relevance ranking and user feedback.

They also have a dedicated community for developers and a marketplace combined to an Econet portal designed for partners. CVS Health, UnionBank, Bell, Virgin, and even major institutions like the IRS all use eGain to supply their artificial intelligence assistance and knowledge software management needs.

7. Genesys Knowledge Management

Genesys provides user-friendly knowledge management software that enables you to provide better agent and customer experiences. The platform empowers Artificial intelligence (AI) technology, like semantic search, and NLP that understands interaction context and provides answers.

The platform lets you remove silos throughout your organization to make it easier to compile and access your content library, customer data, and other useful resources.

With Genesys, you can collect real-time feedback from customers and agents to identify areas for correction, and enrichment of knowledge content. Managers can identify knowledge gaps and train agents using real-time insights.

Contact centers can continuously improve the quality of their service by having easy access to feedback on both the knowledge provided and the agents who provide it.

In short, with Genesys, you can provide the right information to your customers and agents at the right time, improving every customer interaction.

How is AI Used in Knowledge Management?

AI is used in knowledge management to automate processes, analyze data, and provide insights. AI-based systems can be used to collect and organize data, identify patterns, and offer recommendations for further action.

AI can also be used to identify trends in customer feedback and help companies quickly respond to customer needs. AI can even be used to detect potential problems before they arise.

Choosing the Right AI Knowledge Management Software

In conclusion,AI knowledge management software is an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes. It can help to organize and manage large amounts of data and information, as well as boost productivity and collaboration.

By doing adequate research into the different options available, you can determine the best AI knowledge management solution for your business needs.

Additionally, it is important to consider factors like cost, scalability, security and customer support when making your decision.

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