6 AI Task Managers To Get More Done in 2022

Task managers are nothing new, but artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to change the game when it comes to getting things done.

These days, there are AI task managers that can help you with everything from your grocery list to your work-related tasks.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best AI-based task managers that will help you manage your time, keep track of your to-do list, and even remind you of upcoming deadlines.

AI task manager
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1. Monday


Monday is an AI project management software that helps you organize your work and get it done. 

With Monday, you can easily create and track tasks, set due dates and reminders, and see who’s working on what. You can also collaborate with team members by commenting on tasks and sharing files. 

It has five remarkable features that make it a valuable tool for any organization worldwide. The task assignment system is hassle-free; you can begin a task with a description and due date; it will appear on the main dashboard, and a notification will be sent to the assignee.

The time tracking feature begins the clock as the task is assigned; a reminder is sent to the assignee to update their progress and stay on track for completion before the deadline. 

The AI features in the application allow you to set recurring tasks for some employees; the application analyzes consistent tasks assigned to employees and provides suggestions to automate them.

You can either choose to accept the suggestions or make recurring tasks yourself. Monday’s features help your business keep track of their deadlines and enhance team productivity; easy task management helps prevent employees’ alienation and motivates them.

2. ClickUp


ClickUp provides an efficient interface for users to plan and collaborate on every need. It has diverse offerings that can help you manage your tasks seamlessly. 

The platform offers various templates for its users that can be customized to fit their needs; the templates pace up task management, and it helps you use the app to its best potential.

ClickUp has a wide range of app integrations that can help you manage tasks from different channels; it also allows you to enlist your business’s hierarchy and provides additional features to users based on their roles and position.

The platform has optimized workflow management that helps you track progress and communicate with concerned people. The main dashboard has everything the users need; it provides detailed information about your tasks, progress, and the attached documents.

ClickUp has an intelligent approach to managing and completing your work assignments without worrying about deadlines.

3. SmartSuite


SmartSuite has made a name for its services amongst small-scale businesses, but its range of features makes it equally suitable for large companies or individuals. The application has a diverse range of offerings, making it an allrounder for your management needs.

SmartSuite simplifies its task assignment; once you have listed your employees on the application, it allows you to assign tasks seamlessly- a task can be as little as setting up an appointment or as significant as an investor meeting.

All you need to do is add a description, due date, and assignee’s tag for the task to begin; the notification will be sent to the assignee and updated on the dashboard. You can specify the task’s privacy and select the people it’s shown to. Usually, organizations have to use multiple roles to complete a task, and it may require a team of several individuals to collaborate.

SmartSuite helps make teamwork efficient by allowing subtasks; a manager can add a primary task, and the head can then assign subtasks to each individual based on their role. The progress can be tracked by the project dashboard, and it helps everyone understand their role in the team.

4. UserMotion


UserMotion is a relatively new task management application in the industry, but it has gathered more than 20000 users; the main motive of the task manager is to prevent problems created by conventional to-do lists and provide an alternative that not only updates tasks but enhances productivity and gets more done in less time.

The application allows you to add and access tasks at a single click; you can integrate the application to your web browser and add tasks as soon as they arise. UserMotion lets you connect your organization through a centrally managed dashboard, where you can update tasks, track deadlines, and monitor progress.

The application also enables you to automate task assignments for recurring tasks; you can use it to stop worrying about stating the same tasks to the same employee every week. The application also lets you keep detailed notes that help your employees complete the job perfectly. You can change the privacy for them to be visible to all employees.

5. TimeHero


TimeHero is a remarkable task manager that uses AI to provide greater value to its users. The efficacy of the application has brought it various records from acclaimed organizations.

TimeHero not only allows you to add your tasks with a due date, but it also lets you plan them for the employee’s benefit. You can add multiple subtasks within a task to help the assignee understand the process to follow.

Timehero enables you to connect your calendars with the application; it updates your timeline with any upcoming calendar events and pops them on the dashboard as they approach.

The availability of templates lets you avoid the tedious work of recreating a dedicated workflow timeline.

6. Workstream

WorkStream is designed by keeping your organizational needs in mind; it has multiple features that help you drive great results and simplify task management.

It has a kanban-style task board that adjusts your task bars to fit your needs; you can customize the display to keep the most crucial tasks at the top.

The application also lets you create a workflow plan that simplifies task completion and keeps you updated with the upcoming subtasks. WorkStream goes a step ahead by providing various breakdown and completion charts to help you track the performance of your workforce and make accurate decisions.

Choosing an AI Task Manager

In conclusion, AI task managers are a great way to keep track of your tasks and to get things done efficiently. They can help you stay organized and on track, and can even give you reminders when you need to do something. If you’re looking for a way to increase your productivity, an AI task manager may be the perfect solution for you.

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