How to Approach A Business To Sell Your Digital Marketing Services [2021]

approaching business

In this guide, you’re going to learn how to approach a business to sell your digital marketing services step-by-step.

Whether you run:

Or any type of digital services business here you’ll find out how to pitch digital marketing services the right way.

The reason sometimes it’s kind of hard getting clients is because providing digital marketing services for your clients is a big deal. You are the person that is responsible for their online presence and honestly, whatever you put out there, is it going to represent them and affect them in a good or bad way.

And that’s why it’s so hard to close a deal with a business owner because he’s basically trusting you so much with a huge part of his business, with a huge part of his online presence.

That’s why it’s so important for you to read the whole guide because that will basically make the approach a lot easier.

#1. Make A Good First Impression

Now it’s important that when you’re approaching that person, the business owner, you don’t sound like a salesman. You don’t want to sound too salesy.

You want to show an interest in helping him build his business. You have to find a smooth way to start your conversation and basically a smooth way into selling your services, talking about yourself, talking about your service.

So first impressions are basically the most important aspect. If the first impression is bad, they’re immediately going to think that you’re a bad person, that you’re trying to sell them, that you’re trying to take advantage of them and it’s very hard to revert the impression.

Now, if the first impression is good, you don’t need all that extra work to revert the situation into making them think that you are good, that you’re there to help them.

So what you can do is don’t talk about yourself and most importantly, listen to what they have to say.

They will talk about their problems. They will talk about what they need. They will talk about their struggles.

Don’t talk too much about yourself. Try to listen to what they have to say and offer a solution to their problems. They’re most likely going to talk about their problems and you can capitalize on top of that.

#2. Master Your Sales Pitch

Now, after you listen to the problems after they talk about their situation that’s where your pitch comes in. That’s where you can grab their attention.

Here is my digital marketing sales pitch presentation that you can follow:

Sales Pitch Example: Your Solution

Hey, listen, I have the solution to the problem that you’re having. You’re a local business, you need more clients, I have the solution that’s going to get you more clients.

That’s your pitch. It has to be fast, easy to understand, it has to be clear and it has to be direct to the point. They don’t want to listen too much.

Now here I have an example of what you can do if you offer web design services. Your pitch could be:

Sales Pitch Example: Questions

Does your local business need more clients?
Is your website old, ugly, slow?
Are you losing clients after they visit your website?

Now, if you’re doing it in person you want to listen to what they have to say and then do your pitch.

If you’re driving traffic to a webinar or sales funnel, your pitch could be a question, “Are you struggling to get clients to your local business?”

And immediately they’re going to stop and think, “I am. Let me see what this guy has to say”.

By asking questions about themselves you grab their attention and you can offer the solution.

#3. Get Them Excited

After you grabbed their attention your job now is to get them excited. This is to say, “this is what I’ve done with my other clients and it worked.

Your job here is to make them not lose interest in your offer.

So instead of talking about yourself, instead of talking about what you do, you talk about the results you got for your clients and show social proof.

That’s why it’s important for you to have a few websites or successful marketing campaigns done with good results before selling your services. An example could be:

Sales Pitch Example: Your Portfolio

This is Danni, this is her website before and this is what it looks right now. It used to load super slow and after I created her website it now loads super-fast giving her more clients.

Start giving social proof. If you’re doing this on your website it could be before and after images of the websites that you’ve done. You could show the page speed of results. You could have video testimonials.

website before and after

If you’re doing this in person you can talk about it. You can have it on your phone, a few images, a few prints of the results to show to that business owner.

An idea is also having a pre-made website before going there. You show the local business owner this is a preview of the website that I’d built for you. If you like it I can build the rest of it like this.

If you’re offering digital marketing services you can show them how many leads they can potentially get.

#4. Show The End Result

Now, this is where you tell them your secret. This is how you get the results. Give them a little taste of what you do. Don’t over-complicate things. Just talk about it.

Sales Pitch Example: Benefits Working With You

60% of the users leave your website before it even loads. What I’m going to do is use one of the fastest tools in the world to build you one of the fastest websites you’ve ever seen, helping you increase your sales and get more clients

Don’t talk about the tech stuff that nobody cares about. Talk about the end results that you’re going to get them. You can say

This is where your secret comes in and you want to get them excited and not bored. You don’t want to talk about the tech stuff.

#5. Tell More About Yourself

And then after you tell them your secret here comes the real solution where you’ve got to talk a little bit about yourself, your story, the benefits of working with you, and all of that stuff that comes later on.

An example is:

Sales Pitch Example: About Youself

My job is bringing you more clients online, to achieve that I must build your presence online by creating an amazing website with great design, responsiveness, and super-fast.

And here you’re just kind of finishing the conversation and just basically waiting for them to ask your price. Here you’re just now going easy, waiting for them to ask your price.

You can do that in a webinar, you immediately just show them the prices, you’re going to have the plans at the bottom.

digital marketing pricing example

Or another thing that you can do is have know more button that will lead them to another page where you can have a video talking about your prices.

It’s all just sort of following the script, of course, if you’re doing a webinar you’re going to do something different. But you can always adapt the script to whatever it is that you’re doing.

And now here comes your amazing offer.

#6. Develop A Unique Selling Proposition

If they ask about the price, the plans, this is where your amazing offer will come, or unique selling proposition.

unique selling proposition

If you’re doing a webinar, this should be the end of your webinar, your offer where you talk about the price and what you offer for the price.

Remember that you’re doing an offer. You’re giving them an amazing offer. You have to give away something more, could be bonuses, it could be a discount. You want to make sure you close the deal right now.

If it’s up to them they’re going to close the deal next week and by next week they’re going to forget about you or they’re going to think more. They’re going to do some more research. They’re going to find somebody else.

So the idea of the amazing offer is to get them excited to close right now at this moment because if they wait until Monday, for example, they’re not going to do it. They’re going to overthink too much. They’re going to over-complicate things. They’re not going to do it.

💡 Pro Tip

And if they don’t close at that moment you can always do the follow-ups, keep calling them, or do retargeting ads.


So this how to approach a business to sell your digital marketing services the right way.

I hope it helps you get more clients for your digital marketing business.

I know it was very short. I just wanted to do something straight to the point without wasting your time, and I think this is really going to help you guys.

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