Article Video Robot Review [2021] Save Your Time…

article video robot review
In this Article Video Robot review, I'm going to talk about this tool that promises to converts your articles into videos in a couple of minutes. They also claim that you can convert that into whiteboard animation or scrapbook-type animations.

But is Article Video Robot worth it?

Let’s find out…

Article Video Robot Overwiew

So, if you go to your member’s area, it’s going to look like that.

article video robot dashboard

You have to click on which type of video you want.

And we have:

  • Whiteboard
  • Scrapebook
  • Bubbies

If you select the whiteboard video style option, there’s a pre-type that you can generate articles into video.

video making options

You can search for the article using keywords so you put the keyword and they will find the articles online then you can convert that article into a video.

Or if you have a blog post, you can copy and paste the link, you can convert your blog posts into articles.

The third option is a copy and paste where you’re going to copy 60 words at a time for the free version.

And for the paid version, you can copy and paste any number of words.

For the purpose of this Article Video Robot review, I’m going to select the third option.

So to convert a video into an article, first you have to give it the title of the article you want to convert.

video title and description

And for this video script, I’m going to copy and paste this first paragraph.

For the free versions they have three types of voice:

  • Mike
  • Jessica
  • James

So, I’m going to use the Mike one and click convert that video.

And after your video start processing, it will take you to this page, which is step number 3 where you can upload to YouTube automatically but you need to upgrade that account.

processing video

Actually, you’ll go with the manual option and you’re going to click “save project”.

As you see, this is the already converted video.

converted video

At the bottom of the video if you click “edit video”, it will take you to the page where you can add music, and you can reduce the background music level and all that good stuff.

And here you can also change the script of the article.

format article

If you change the script, you have to click save the project and it will take a couple of minutes to re-encode your videos.

After that, what you can do, click next, and it will take you to the next page.

current frame properties

And you can see, this is the first sentence of your articles and they give you the audio voice preview, so you can change the audio voice if you don’t like it.

Then if you have social media information, you can fill it and this video is automatically published on social media sites.

Next, we have video customization.

video customization

And this important part of video editing

If you don’t like whiteboard video type, for example, you simply click the “video theme” option and you can select anything that you want, like electric or serenity or scrapbook type videos.

But the whiteboard is perfect for your explanation videos.

And here you can also change or add the background music. If you don’t want it, you can add your custom audios.

On the volume level, you can decrease the background level to low and increase the voice volume level to high so people can listen what your video is about.

On background music, you can see use the recommended setting, or you can, if you want, you can add custom background images for each frame guys.

So, you just play around with the setting.

And if you go to my project section, you can see there are two things on here.

article video robot my projects

This is my first video, and you can see the status, “queued”, which means it has started rendering. And if you’ve made any settings or if you’ve made any changes and click save, it will take a couple of minutes to render to the final project.

Then you can preview your final video.

And if you upgrade your account, then you can upload the video to YouTube and 15 other sites.

So, there is a lot of possibilities where you can upload your content to lots of platforms and you’ll get more followers and viewers for your content.

But the main problem with that is on the free plan, you can’t download videos.

If you have a paid version, you can download it to any format, but the free version is impossible.

Also, the video is a little bit low quality since with the free version there is no HD quality and there’s a watermark at the bottom of your video.

And again, if you upgrade to the premium version, then you can upload your content to all 15 other sites.

So, if you are doing video marketing, you can upload this content to 15 other sites, and you can generate multiple traffic for the offers from different websites.

You don’t have to do anything and you can upload the content to those sites and generate free organic.

Article Video Robot Pricing

Article Video Robot offers 3 plans:

  • Lite version – $0
  • Power – $47/month
  • Business – $97/month

With the Videobolt free version, you can generate 30-second videos.

And if you go with the lite version, you can only generate 30-second videos, 3 voices and the video player is web-only, You can combine these multiple 30 seconds videos into one full video but this is a lot of work.

With the Power plan which is $47 a month, you can make up to 10 minutes of videos, 5 voices, and web and custom video players, and you can generate over 50 videos per month.

Article Video Robot: Is It Worth It?

So this is my Article Video Robot review.

It’s a good tool where you can convert your articles into videos, at the same time, you can publish to multiple different sites and your social media with a one-click of a button, automatically which is good.

But the main problem with Article Video Robot is that with the free plan you can create a video no longer than 30 seconds.

On the paid plan which is $47/month, you can generate up to 10 minutes videos but for this price, you’ll be better off with other video generators like Pictory AI which is one of the best Vidnami alternatives.

It offers more tools, features and it does have a lot of templates that you can use for a much lower price.

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