11 Best Sales Funnel Builders For Affiliate Marketing [2022]

best sales funnel builder for affiliate marketing
Today we're going over the best sales funnel builders for affiliate marketing.

I’ll cover the pros and cons, pricing, and the number one recommendation to help you build your affiliate marketing funnel.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into it.

1. Builderall

Builderall is hands down the best sales funnel builder for affiliate marketing and let me explain to you why.

Builderall is the most complete digital marketing platform with over +40 digital marketing tools. like:

Drag and drop website and sales funnel builder
Sales funnel simulator
Email marketing platform
Membership site
Webinar tool
SEO tool

And so much more.

It’s also one of the best website builders for affiliate marketing.

All of these tools are integrated with each other and work together seamlessly so you don’t need to purchase any other third-party tool like for example with ClickFunnels.

Building a sales funnel with this platform is super easy because all is drag and drop.

You can also visualize your funnel with their funnel simulator before you start actually create one.

builderall sales funnel

With Builderall you will get unlimited pages and up to 15 domains with unlimited subdomains.

But what makes Builderall the best sales funnel software for affiliates is the Funnel Club which is the largest collection of +400 done for you sales funnels.

affiliate marketing sales funnels

All of these funnels are created by professional marketers and copywriters.

It’s like done for you affiliate system where all you have is to simply download a funnel and drive traffic.

Builderall Cons

What I don’t like about Builderall is that they have poor customer support. And this is because they have the highest number of active users among all of the sales funnel builders and it’s as of now over 215,000.

Builderall Pricing

Builder plan – $29.90/month
Premium plan – $69.90/month
Funnel Club plan – $99.90/month

💡 Pro Tip

Since I’m a Builderall Ambassador, here you can start a 30 day $1 trial that is not available on the official website. So you’ll have plenty of time to test it out and see if you like it or not.

>> Try Builderall (14 Day Trial)

2. Kartra

Kartra is not just a sales funnel builder but an all-in-one digital marketing platform with over 12 tools including:

Video hosting

And more.

But what makes Kartra stands out among other funnel software is Kartra Done For You Campaigns.

kartra campaigns

Inside Kartra Campaigns you’ll also find campaigns specifically created for affiliate marketers which is great.

Kartra has really everything that a professional affiliate marketer needs.

Kartra Cons

The cons of Kartra and that is, it has a little high price and has things more than enough. If you are a beginner, if you don’t need a digital agency, your own digital agency, then Kartra is something that has more than enough, what you need.

Kartra Pricing

Starter plan – $99/month
Silver plan – $199/month
Gold plan – $199/month
Platinum plan – $499/month

Kartra is not the most affordable funnel builder. It’s made for more established marketers and professionals.

💡 Pro Tip

Kartra also offers a 30 day extended trial for our readers.

>> Try Kartra (30 Day Trial)

3. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is the most popular sales funnel builder on the market.

It’s easy to use a landing page editor with a wide variety of templates however many of them are paid.

Clcikfunnels templates

But one thing ClickFunnels does differentiate from the others is, is more than just landing pages and funnels.

ClickFunnels allows you to create everything from basic landing pages, thank you pages all the way to webinar funnels to free book funnels, to video sales letters.

It also allows you to host and create your own courses all within one platform.

So more than just being a basic landing page software, it’s actually also a selling platform too.

So you can set up your checkout, add-to carts, upsells, and all those great things in ClickFunnels too.

And another thing I like about ClickFunnels is the split testing feature.

So it is very easy when you create a landing page to create a split test. Meaning we can test one landing page against the other to see which one gets the best conversion rate.

ClickFunnels Cons

Looking at some of the cons of ClickFunnels, one thing I’ve found is it can feel quite clunky, and sometimes the tech doesn’t work as well as it should.

The next thing you may have to consider is affordability. ClickFunnels is very expensive compared to other funnel builders considering the fact you’ll also need other tools like email marketing to build your email affiliate list.

Clickfunnels has an email marketing tool called Actionetic but it’s only available in the $297 plan.

ClickFunnels Pricing

Starter plan – $97/month
Platinum plan – $297/month
TwoCommaClub – $2,497/month

>> Try ClickFunnels

4. Unbounce

Unbounce calls itself the leading landing page platform. And essentially exactly the same as the other ones. It allows users to easily create landing pages and easily create funnels in their tool.

They also claim to be one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies having powered over 650 million conversions to date serving more than 15,000 customers worldwide.

So they’ve got the numbers to back up their claims.

Unbounce has a specialized landing page builder, with a very strong drag and drop page editor. And it gives you a lot of freedom in creating standalone landing pages and funnels.

Unbounce page builder

It’s designed to work well with other features or tools that you can easily integrate.

And one of the main pros of Unbounce is they actually give you access to Unsplash, which is their free stock image gallery.

So if you’re looking for images for your landing pages or your funnels, and you don’t have any, and you don’t particularly want to go search and then pay copyright for some, you can get access to their free gallery and use their images which is great.

Unbounce Cons

Now, with the pros, there are also some cons. One of them is that Unbounce is typically tailored towards more enterprise-sized clients so there may be not necessary for affiliate marketers.

And it’s definitely a tool that’s much harder to use, which would also suggest that they’re going for more enterprise-style clients.

There are no included email marketing tools, and they have fewer overall features.

Unbounce Pricing

Launch plan – $80/month
Optimize plan – $120/month
Accelerate plan – $200/month
Scale plan – $300/month

>> Try Unbounce

5. Instapage

The next funnel builder is Instapage, which is a very simple and easy-to-use tool that allows you to have the drag and drop features without understanding coding and the development.

Instapage is a landing page tool, very similar to Unbounce. It has an easy landing page builder with a pixel-perfect drag and drop editor with a huge variety of templates to choose from.

Instapage templates

Instapage actually goes a little bit further than just being a piece of sales funnel software. They actually go further and provide post-click automation.

So that essentially means that they do things such as dynamic landing pages. So the landing page text and a copy will change based on the user that’s visiting that landing page, which is quite complex stuff, but they make it quite simple to do.

According to Instapage, 96% of ads don’t convert because the person that is running the ads is sending people to a generic landing page that is made for everyone.

Whereas people that are clicking on ads need to have a landing page specific to them, which is actually a really interesting point because when it comes to advertising, we do tailor our ads based on the people that we’re targeting.

But very rarely do we change and dynamically change an ad and improve the landing pages based on who we’re targeting.

In fact, in Instapage, even going to say that their customers on average get 16% better conversion rates than the industry average, which if that is true, is something that has to be commended.

The other pros of Instapage are, it has a heat map which is one of the only landing page software except for Builderall that offers heat mapping.

Instapage heatmap

And a heat map is a feature that lets you view activity on your site which is super helpful to optimize your funnels.

Instapage Cons

One of the cons of Instapage it is difficult to make mobile-optimized landing pages. And that’s something that’s very important when it comes to making funnels because It needs to work on desktop and mobile, so if it’s hard on Instapage to do that, there’s definitely a drawback.

Another con is it the landing page are very slow. And if that is the case, that definitely negatively impacts the conversion rate of the landing pages.

Instapage Pricing

Building plan – $199/month
Custom plan – Unique based on your needs

>> Try Instapage

6. LeadPages

It is another tool primarily focused on being able to build landing pages.

In fact, they’ve been quite a leader in the marketplace for landing page tools.

With LeadPages, you don’t need a WordPress installation so that you have your webpage or your sales funnel hosted by LeadPages.

If you want to get started real quick and build that opt-in page of yours, then LeadPages is a great choice, especially if you don’t want to fiddle around with too many different settings, it’s all here for you.

Also, Leadpages comes with a lot of templates out of the box.

leadpages templates

And a good thing about LeadPages is it does offer two types of templates.

You’ve got one type of template, which you can’t really edit. So if you don’t even want to do the drag and drop, maybe you’re not a techie at all, then you can use those.

And that it does offer a more complex drag and drop template for you to go and edit if you are slightly more technically inclined, shall we say.

One thing that does seem to set lead pages apart from the rest is the fact that they’ve got a very supportive and responsive support team.

So if you have any problems with your landing pages LeadPages, and their support team, will help you out with that.

In short, if you don’t have a website yet, and if you don’t want to mess around with any code and plugins, then LeadPages is a great choice.

LeadPages Cons

Some of the cons of lead pages, well on the basic plan with LeadPages, you don’t get some of the features that you might want such as AB testing.

AB testing is where we run two different landing pages together to see which one works.

It can be a very powerful thing especially when we build a funnel and unfortunately, you don’t get that on the $37 per month plan.

LeadPages Pricing

Standard plan – $37/month
Pro plan – $79/month

>> Try LeadPages

7. OptimizePress

Optimize Press is a WordPress sales funnel builder. All you need to have is an existing WordPress installation and install the plugin.

What’s great about Optimize Press is that it originated by internet marketers and marketers alike.

So, the templates that they have by default are quite optimized for higher conversions.

OptimizePress templates

And recently, Optimize Press upgraded to the new 3.0 version and made quite a few updates to their plugin so that everything is more intuitive, which means everything is drag and drop and the webpage does look the way that you actually build it.

In real-time, you can create your page and see exactly what it’s going to look like live.

You can create:

Lead magnet opt-in
Newsletter opt-in
Webinar opt-in
Affiliate guide landing page
eBook landing page
Online course landing page

All this really means is that you are taking this template and then customizing it for your own lead magnet or product. So, there are quite a few there to choose from.

OptimizePress Cons

The disadvantage of OptimizePress is it is a bit complex for newbies. This is because of the features that are packed in this WordPress plugin with many settings and options to change.

However, if you manage to go through the setup, then you will be able to achieve your goals with this WordPress sales funnel builder as it has a lot of potentials.

OptimizePress Pricing

Essential plan – $99/year
Suite plan – $199/year
Agency Starndar plan – $399/year

>> Try OptimizePress

8. Elementor Pro

The next sales funnel software I want to share with you is called Elementor. It’s a WordPress plugin like OptimizePress.

Elementor is a great page builder however, with Elementor, you’re going to have to tinker around with the settings and play around so that you can actually build a sales funnel.

There’s no actual landing page that they have in their templates section that actually is made for high conversions.

elementor templates

These are just basic sort of landing pages.

Based on these templates, there’s nothing really made for affiliate marketing.

When they made these templates, it’s just to capture the different industries that they want to attract.

To sum it up I would say Elementor is good if you’re a little bit more tech-savvy and you don’t mind playing with the settings a bit more.

However, if you do want that flexibility and the options and full customization, then Elementor is a great choice.

Elementor Cons

The templates are very basic and they’ve never really tested these landing pages for conversions. And also you’re going to have to play around with extra settings, just so you can integrate your email platform.

Elementor Pricing

Essential – $49/year
Advanced – $99/year
Expert – $199/year
Studio – $499/year
Agency – $999/year

>> Try Elementor

9. GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels is a young marketing platform that tries to be an all-in-one solution for marketing tools and sales funnels.

It allows you to create marketing funnels for landing pages, webinars, and e-mail campaigns.

The platform includes a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to easily rearrange, edit, or add components.

GrooveFunnels offers many different templates that can be used for various kinds of affiliate products.

groovefunnels templates

You can customize these templates with your company’s colors, logo, images, and more.

GrooveFunnels Cons

Since GrooveFunnels is still in the beta stage it has a lot of bugs and glitches. Its funnel builder is very clunky and frustrating.

Also, the program has a steep learning curve and it isn’t easy to navigate for beginners. It takes some time before you understand how to use the features GrooveFunnels offers.

GrooveFunnels Pricing

Free plan – $0
Lifetime plan – $1,397 – one time payment

>> Try GrooveFunnels For Free

10. Thrivecart

Next on the list is Thrivecart which also allows you to build a sales funnel. The benefit of Thrivecart is that there’s no monthly fee that is pretty rare in the digital marketing software space.

It does allow a series of upsells and downsides. You can do up to 3 upsells in a row so they buy the product and you offer them upsell 1, 2 & 3.

It allows you to create down sells as well.

There’s not a ton of customization in terms of if they’re going through the upsells and down sells across, you don’t have the best customization for it but it’s pretty good especially for being no monthly fees.

Thrivecart Cons

A couple of cons is a very limited check-out design. You can embed checkout into your WordPress site but I’ve done that a couple of times I never liked that result.

It’s just not that native feel that you really would expect out of a premium service.

Thrivecart Pricing

Thrivecart is $495 as a one-time fee for a single brand. You can add some additional charges to get a few more users into it or a few clients on there.

>> Try Thrivecart

11. GetResponse

GetResponse is not just the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing but also an all-in-one digital marketing platform. an effective and easy-to-use email marketing solution. It offers lots of features, like segmentation, landing pages, and A/B testing. Plus, it is easy to use.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface and step-by-step training, it doesn’t take much time and effort to figure out how everything works and how you can make the most of this platform.

One of the most impressive features available on GetResponse is the Conversion Funnel.

GetResponse Autofunnel

It’s like an automated sales funnel software. This tool lets you create very sophisticated sales funnels without having any technical skills.

The biggest advantage I see with using your built-in funnel creator in your email platform is that it’s already integrated with your email platform so that you don’t need to go and play around with API settings and integrate your email platform with the plugin.

GetResponse is a great choice if you don’t want to make any extra integrations and have API keys and things like that, and it’s all integrated into one system.

GetReponse Cons

Since GetResponse is not a dedicated sales funnel builder, its editor is not as customizable as other platforms on this list.

GetReponse Pricing

Basic – $15/month
Plus – $49/month
Professional – $99/month
Max – Custom Pricing

>> Try GetResponse

Best Sales Funnel For Affiliate Marketing Conclusion

So those are the 11 options that you can choose to build your sales funnels.

Of course, there are many other tools and platforms out there to build your sales funnels or landing pages, but these would be some of the most popular options on the market.

So, to sum it up, the best sales funnel builder for affiliate marketing is Builderall. They check all the boxes for funnel-building software.

It’s very easy to use, it’s cheap and it has a crazy amount of things to add to it, including an email marketing platform so you don’t have to purchase it separately.

In addition here you can test Builderall out for 14 days for free and see how it works for you.

I hope this has given you more insight as to which option to go and which route to go in terms of creating your sales funnel.

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