Builderall vs Kartra 2023: Side by Side Comparison (+Verdict)

builderall vs kartra

Today, I’m going to put Builderall vs Kartra to the testβ€”the two amazing all-in-one business platforms. While the two platforms have many things in common, they also have some striking differences that you should know about before making a decision.

Builderall vs Kartra TL;DR

The main difference between Builderall and Kartra is that Builderall is better for building sales funnels and websites, and running a blog since it offers a more intuitive page builder. Where Kartra has an edge is the CRM, checkout system, marketing automation, and video hosting.

When it comes to choosing between Builderall and Kartra, it really comes down to what you’re trying to accomplish with your online business.

Where Builderall is Better Than Kartra?

If you’re looking to create a full-featured website, blog, or landing page, Builderall is tough to beat. Its drag-and-drop page builder makes it super easy to create professional-looking pages without needing to know any code. Builderall gives you hundreds of pre-made templates and design flexibility too – you’re not limited to templates only.

Builderall is also for you if you want to have a wide selection of different tools and features. With Builderall you get over 55 marketing tools for email marketing, membership sites, webinars, SEO, and analytics built right in. However, I found that most of the Builderall tools are not as advanced as Kartra tools, especially the checkout system, CRM, and marketing automation.

Where Kartra is Better Than Builderall?

If you’re laser-focused on sales funnels, marketing automation, and advanced CRM features, Kartra is probably the better fit. Kartra shines when it comes to managing leads and customers through each step of the sales process.

The checkout and payment features make it easy to collect payments. And email marketing automation lets you send personalized messages to leads to turn them into customers. Kartra has fewer tools than Builderall but they are more advanced.

So if you’re a solopreneur looking to create an online presence with a website, blog, email list etc, Builderall is a great choice. But if you’re all about sales and conversions, Kartra has the edge.

Both platforms have pros and cons, so it’s not clear-cut. No matter what software you choose, with bot platforms, you can start a successful online business.

Builderall and Karta offer extended trials for our readers, which will be super helpful since both platforms provide a lot of tools and features. You’ll have more time to explore both of these platforms and decide for yourself.

πŸ‘‰ Start Builderall 14-day free trial

πŸ‘‰ Start Kartra 30-day extended trial


Feature Builderall Kartra
Overview All-in-one digital marketing platform with 50+ tools. All-in-one platform focused on advanced CRM and marketing automation.
Purpose Better for beginner-level digital marketers, solopreneurs, bloggers, and website designers. Better for entrepreneurs, course creators, coaches, service biz owners, and agencies.
Sales Funnel Builder Drag and drop page builder with custom funnels and blueprints. More advanced funnel builder but less design flexibility than Builderall.
Website Builder Advanced drag-and-drop builder with tons of customization. Can build sites but builder is less intuitive than Builderall.
Templates 400+ sales funnel and website templates available. Modern, professional templates, plus pre-made marketing campaigns
Email Marketing MailingBoss has great open rates and unlimited subscribers on premium. Advanced email marketing with stellar automation capabilities.
CRM System Basic CRM functionality. Robust CRM features with pipelines and deal tracking.
Membership & Courses Streamlined course setup with handy templates. More advanced and customizable but lacks starter templates.
Video Hosting Basic video hosting with analytics. Advanced hosting with in-video CTAs and tagging.
Blogging Advanced blogging comparable to WordPress without plugins. Has blog posts but more manual effort vs Builderall.
Unique Features Script Generator, Webinars, SEO Tools, Chatbot, App Builder. Done For You Campaigns, Kartra Agency, Kartra Analytics, Kartra Helpdesk.
Pricing $37/month – $87/month $119/month – $549/month
Free Trials πŸ‘‰ Builderall 14-day free trial πŸ‘‰ Kartra 30-day extended trial

Now let’s compare these tools side by side.

I’ve tested both of these platforms extensively, not just for my business, but also for clients.

So today, you’ll find out what Builderall does better, what Kartra does better, which platform is easier to use, the best value for money, and how Builderall compares with other Kartra alternatives in 2023

So, if you’re thinking of moving your business over to any of these platforms, this Kartra vs Builderall review is for you.

What is Builderall?


Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing platform launched by Erick Salgado in 2011.

This platform offers over 50 digital marketing tools and assists you with building websites, sales funnels, email marketing automation, selling digital and physical products online, and so much more.

The platform is growing very rapidly since the launch of the Builderall 5.0 version in 2021.

What is Kartra?


Kartra is an all-in-one digital marketing platform, and with this, you can create, launch, and market your products easily.

This platform is for users who want to spend less time with various software and give more time to the sales of their products since it offers multiple digital marketing tools that we’ll cover in a minute.

So now you know what Builderall and Kartra are used for, now let’s talk about the first category in which we’ll compare these platforms.

Sales Funnel Builder

The first category we are talking about is building sales funnels and, specifically what they look like, how they feel, and my experience with working with them.

Builderall Page Builder

And coming in at number one, I have to say is Builderall and let me explain why. Maybe a year ago I would probably choose Kartra as a better funnel builder.

But now, after Builderall 5.0 launch in 2021, Builderall has developed one of the best sales funnel builders out there.

With Builderall, you have the ability to create custom sales funnels that you can see and you can map out before you actually start creating them.

This is one of the best things I like about Builderall

And this is where the magic really happens. once you get inside the funnel you can choose ready-made layouts like:

  • Squeeze pages
  • Reverse squeeze pages
  • Lead magnet pages
  • Bridge pages
  • Webinar pages
  • Sales letter pages
  • Video sales letter pages

As well as all of these other pages.

So you have sales funnel pages for every case scenario.

Builderall pages

Basically what you can do is you can either drop them manually or you can come to what’s called a blueprint which is actually got pre-created funnels.

You can choose a funnel that has been already created.

So it is going to create all of the parts of your funnel.

And this is a game-changer if you are brand new because it makes building sales funnels so much easier.

Kartra Funnel Builder

Where Kartra has an edge when it comes to building a marketing funnel is that the platform offers so-called Done For You Campaigns that we’ll cover later in this Kartra vs Builderall comparison.

Kartra has a ton of options when you go to the page builder and they have many templates that are very professional that we’ll go over in a moment.

They’re modern, they’re fresh so that gives it a huge advantage to your brand.

And also with Kartra, it is the number one way to control the value ladder of the services that you offer.

So everything from your tripwire, your lead magnet, your first product that you sell all the way up to maybe your highest product, which is your high-level coaching.

Kartra Pages

They integrate beautifully with webinars, with the product creation option in Kartra, the upsells, and the down sells.

These pages really do give you the control to figure out and see where each one of your customers is in each product of your funnel.

However, when it comes to creating and designing a funnel, Kartra is not as flexible as Builderall or other sales funnel builders like ClickFunnels as I explain in this Kartra vs ClickFunnels comparison.

You can’t drag and drop stuff anywhere that you like.

There are some set outlines you have to follow and so you are kind of restricted in the things that you can build.

Another thing that is quite confusing inside Kartra that I believe not a lot of other software use is the form builder.

So have a form and to actually edit it you’ve actually got to go and create a form.

if it’s your first time creating a form in Kartra you’re going to have to go through all of the processes first.

So for example, if you didn’t have a form, you’ve got to create a form first.

Next, you have to fill out all the form details and make sure the form is integrated before you can actually place it onto a landing page which is a bit of a pain.

However, if you’ve been using Kartra for a while you’ll understand the flow of it a lot easier so it’s not necessarily a bad thing in the long run.

Now, let’s talk about building websites using these platforms.

Website Builders

Builderall and Kartra allow you to build websites but there are some huge differences.

Builderall Website Builder

Builderall Cheetah is a really advanced, simple-to-use drag-and-drop website builder.

As mentioned earlier, with Builderall you can build not just sales funnels but also really good-looking websites for any business.

And this for two reasons.

One is that the Cheetah website builder is super intuitive and you can place elements wherever you want across the pages.

The second reason is that they have hundreds of website templates for many different niches which the next category in this review.

They’re already pre-designed you just really have to go in there and edit it to match your colors your brand your mission and all that good stuff.

Kartra Website Builder

When it comes to building your website it’s possible to do that with Kartra but it’s super difficult.

And what I mean by that is just building out a more robust website, having the menus, having the footers, having the sections that repeat on different pages however you want to describe your business overall rather than just a funnel based on one product.

You’re not confined to different columns. You can’t move all the elements anywhere you want, anywhere at any point in the page.

And I definitely would not recommend trying to build a website on Kartra. For this Builderall would be a much better option.


The template collection in both of these platforms is really impressive.

Builderall Templates

Builderall has the largest collection of +400 sales funnels and website templates called Funnel Club.

funnel club

Builderall Funnel Club is divided into 5 different categories:

  • Premium Funnels
  • Niche Funnels
  • Lead Capture Funnels
  • Agency Funnels
  • Chatbot Funnels

So they give you a bunch of options to choose from with the sales funnel and websites templates to go with.

Whether you want to build a website or start a digital marketing agency, you can do this with Builderall Funnel Club.

Kartra Templates

The big, big pros that I see with Kartra is that it has fresh modern sales funnel pages.

Kartra templates

They look very innovative and up-to-date and you can’t tell where they come from and they have so many options.

What I’ve learned from using these funnels is that they have pretty fast loading times, which is also a huge advantage.

However, Kartra doesn’t actually have website templates. It has tons of other templates but it doesn’t actually have website templates.

There are so many page templates that you can make a website and you can just link them all together but it’s just not the sort of out-of-the-box.

Email Marketing Automation

The next category we have is email marketing which has many benefits for businesses.

So, Kartra and Builderall both have their email marketing platforms and they are included with any type of plan that you pay for.

Builderall MailingBoss

MailingBoss is the name of the email marketing platform for Builderall.

It does have pretty competitive open rates to Kartra.

Builderall Open Rates

What I also like about MailingBoss is that on the premium plan you get unlimited subscribers. In fact, even on the lowest Buidlerall pricing plan you 2000 email contacts which is quite a lot.

They also have very cool and beautiful email templates.

However, they do lack a little bit in the automation category where Kartra really does thrive.

Kartra Email Marketing

Kartra has one of the email marketing tools compared to dedicated platforms like ActiveCampaign, Aweber, or GetResponse.

And I say that because it has extremely advanced automation options, the open rates are higher than usual.

I’ve split-tested it against AWeber and GetResponse.

And the open rates are higher, which is very essential in an oversaturated, competitive world of email marketing where your emails can go to spam very easily.

And I love that they do have really awesome split testing capabilities and producing and sending out any type of email whether it’s a broadcast or whether it’s a sequential email.

Kartra Split Testing Feautures

Their email templates are really cool and they have things that you can incorporate into them like countdown timers, cool pictures, and reviews.

Kartra Email Marketing Features

Whatever you want, you can put it into an email template and customize it to your brand.Β 

CRM System

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It’s a system for managing all of your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

Basically, once the lead goes through your funnel is going to record every single step of that lead that it takes.

You’re going to be able to see exactly what that lead or the person has done, what emails it has opened, what sequences it went through, and things like that.

And the great thing is that both of these platforms have CRM systems built in.

However, Kartra has more advanced CRM features and customization options including customizable pipelines, deal tracking, and the ability to create custom fields and tags for contacts.

So you can decide which CRM system would be a better option for your business.

Membership & Online Course

With both platforms, you can build and sell online courses and membership websites but there are some differences.

Builderall Elearning

In terms of online courses and memberships, Builderall is easier to set up and more streamlined but Kartra implementation is more advanced and customizable.

Let me show you what I mean.

On the Builderall side when you want to create a new course, they have some templates.

Builderall membership

There are not too many options but they do have these options for you which make it easy to get out the door quickly because there’s sort of a starting template you can work off of.

And just like the landing page builder, everything is pretty easy to use you just click and you can start editing.

You can also set up different pricing options like recurring subscriptions, you can also make multiple payments and upsells to sell your online courses.

Pretty much what you would expect with online course pricing.

So the benefit of Builderall experience with the course builder is it’s really streamlined and it has a lot of the stuff that you would start out with creating an online course

Kartra Membership

Kartra membership has some of the features that Builderall doesn’t have however they don’t have any templates you can start with.

But where Kartra really shines is the level of customization in every single section.

Kartra membership customization

And just like Builderall you can have different pricing options you can have:

  • One time
  • Recurring
  • Installments
  • Recurring installments

You can of course do your shipping cost, sales tax, refund policy, and things like that.

So, in short, you have all of the components you need but there aren’t any templates so keep that in mind.

Kartra membership is comparable with some of the e-learning platforms like Teachable as I explain in this Kartra vs Teachable comparison.

Video Hosting

Builderall and Kartra enable you to host your videos. That is really awesome because there are so many other platforms where you can only do a YouTube or Vimeo embed, which requires you to go put it at other places, and you lose a little bit of control of what’s possible on your videos.

Builderall Video Hosting

Builderall has video hosting built-in where you can upload unlimited videos and you can pretty much do what you would basically expect.

You can play the video, you can upload a thumbnail, add a caption, and you can also see your analytics for what’s been happening with your videos.

Kartra Video Hosting

Kartra takes it to another level. Kartra also has video hosting built-in but you have a little bit more options.

Kartra Video tool has options like:

  • Pop-ups
  • Logo watermark
  • Splash image
  • Closed captions
  • Skin color
  • Playback speed
  • Social Share

And if it was just that, Kartra would be slightly better than Builderall video hosting but that’s not the reason why I said it takes it to another level.

Kartra lets you have calls to action within your videos.

kartra video features

You could have an opt-in form that plays directly within your video which is super powerful.

So you can even choose if you want somebody to have to opt-in, you can choose which opt-in form you would want, and you can choose if you want to display it at the beginning of the video, or say 2 minutes in.

So if you had a 10-minute video and it was really valuable, and 2 minutes in, you wanted to say, “By the way, to continue watching this video, just simply put in your name and your email”.

That is completely possible on this platform, which is really super cool.

In addition, you can also tag people who watch your videos, then those tags can be used in your emails and your landing pages in basically anything to trigger some other actions.

Or it could go the other way around this video could only be shown to people with a certain tag.

And finally, when you end the video you can actually keep the party going. You can send them to another video, you can send them to a different URL which just keeps engagement up.

Kartra video hosting is something that you’ll not find in any other Kartra alternatives out there.


So that brings us to the next category which is blogging. And blogging is still very important in 2023 since it’s a way for you to set up things that people may search for on Google in the long run.

Builderall Blog

Builderall blog is very different from WordPress but if you are a business owner or if you’re an agency owner and you want to super customize the blog page you are really going to love how this blogging platform works.

Because I’ve been using WordPress for years and I didn’t have the ability to really make up my blog page look exactly the way I want it and now you have that ability with Builderall blog.

And as you would imagine, things are super easy to use since everything is just drag and drop.

There are so many great blogging features like:

  • Pop-ups
  • Countdown timers
  • iFrame
  • Social proof
  • Floating videos
  • Website analytics

And even an SEO tool that we’ll talk more about it later.

In terms of blogging, Builderall is comparable with WordPress, but with the difference that you don’t need absolutely any of the plugins that you would need with WordPress that just slow down your website.

Kartra Blog

When it comes to Kartra, Kartra technically has blog posts, but they’re not dynamic so they are not actually dynamically update when you post new content.

It’s actually not tied to any kind of database.

Blogging in Kartra requires a manual effort, whereas Builderall has a setup for content management that allows you to add blog posts in a way where you could have galleries that auto-populate on other pages.

It’s really hard to use Kartra as a blog. It’s possible but again, it’s a little more manual, whereas in Builderall these are actual posts as you build out.

Other Builderall Tools

Builderall offers 50+ different business tools that are all integrated with each other.


Builderall offers the most for the price that you get and any other Builderall alternative doesn’t give so much for such a low price.

Let’s be clear, you probably don’t need all of these tools so I’m going to list the most useful features for your business will be:

Builderall Script Generator

Builderall Script Generator is a copywriting tool that allows you to generate copy for:

  • Professional emails
  • Advertising scripts
  • Headline, titles, and subject line scripts
  • Case study testimonials scripts
  • And more
Builderall Script Generator

Especially this is great for newbies if you’re stuck on how to write an email if you’re stuck on how to write copy really anything you’re stuck on this script generator will help you generate.

And this is important because no matter how advanced you are thinking of things to type and write is always challenging even now that I’ve been doing this for a little bit

This tool itself is worth hundreds of dollars.

For example, ClickFunnels for similar software charges $797!

VA Access

This pretty unique feature enables you to give VA access to your Builderall account.

So for example, if you have a virtual assistant and you hire them to do things on your website, or a sales funnel, you can give your virtual assistant access to certain areas without having full control and access to your whole Builderall account.

Builderall Webinar

Builderall has a free webinar integration which is huge. With Kartra you would have to purchase an additional webinar software WebinarJam which adds to your overhead fixed cost per month.

And Builderall has it right there for you to create a webinar and just integrate it into any type of funnel.

Builderall SEO Report Tool

Builderall SEO tool allows you to optimize your website for SEO to rank higher on the search engines.

The way it works is you just need to provide the URL of your website, keywords that you would rank for (or you rank already), and then it gives you a score of how well your website is optimized.

Builderall SEO tool

Not only that, but it will also give you recommendations on how you could improve your site in order to rank higher.

Messenger Chatbot

The next one that is super important is that as we’re moving now into 2023 the Facebook chatbot integration.

Email marketing has been around for a number of years but we’re moving into a new paradigm shift and we’re seeing some amazing results using the Facebook Messenger bots.

And Builderall has built-in a Messenger bot that you can easily install on your website.

Builderall App Builder

And also they have a great and easy-to-use app builder where you can build your own application on your phone.

Other Builderall features worth mentioning are:

  • Click Map
  • Scheduling calendar
  • Video creator
  • Magazine builder
  • Professional email
  • Website bot

As well as unlimited hosting.

Other Kartra Tools

Kartra has some additional tools including:

Kartra Done For You Campaigns

The first really cool thing about Kartra that sets it apart is the done-for-you campaigns that are created especially by Frank Kern.

kartra campaigns

So Kartra set up complex funnels for different objectives that you can actually deploy with a click of a button.

Kartra will give you all the pages, all the videos, all the email sequences of copywriting done for you and you just need to make some simple edits to make them work for you.

Really all you have to do is to edit these templates to match your brand.

Kartra Agency

And then the other great thing which is pretty exciting is that for agency owners, you can also have subaccounts for your clients.

If you’re an agency owner you can have a centralized account dashboard where you can manage other people’s accounts and everything is going to be branded to you.

You can also generate reports for those accounts as well.

So if you’re interested in starting your own marketing agency, Kartra is a great solution for you.

Kartra Expert

Inside Kartra there’s also a marketplace where you can connect with other experts and you can hire them as a Kartra coach or develop your email marketing or sales funnels anything that you need related to Kartra you’ll find somebody who can do that for you.

Otherwise, you can also become an expert and people can hire you if you want to make some extra income.

Kartra Analytics

Inside the Kartra dashboard, you’re going to see very in-depth analytics.

Kartra dashboard analytics
  • Sales – This is how many sales you recently made.
  • Subscriptions – You can also check out your subscriptions so how many leads.
  • Traffic & Conversions – Then you can also see traffic conversions. In this section, you can see how many visitors you have, and how many opt-ins you have, you can even see data on your videos and your forms, etc which is very helpful.

Kartra Helpdesk

One of the key Kartra features is its help desk system. The platform lets you set up multiple help desks and so this would be a support portal that your users can use and you can see all your tickets.

Kartra helpdesk

It has chat also out of the box so you’re getting ticket support chat support out of the box with no additional tools as well and that is a pretty awesome feature in Kartra.

This is an additional thing you need to operate a business especially if you’re running a service-based business where people will have questions.

Do you want to just have that all in your email and try to respond?

If you have one or two people who are just contacting you that’s fine.

But once you start getting subscriptions at scale people are going to have inquiries and you trying to keep track of everything is impossible without a helpdesk.

Checkout System

As I mentioned, Kartra offers a more advanced checkout system that allows you to sell products and services online, process payments, and manage customer orders.

You can design and customize your checkout pages to match the branding and look of your business. Kartra allows you to accept multiple payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe.

You can set up upsell and downsell on your checkout pages to encourage customers to purchase additional products or services. In fact, with Kartra you can do that with a single click since they offer so-called one-click upsells.

Finally, the system lets you create and manage coupon codes that can be used to offer discounts on your products or services.

Kartra Affiliate Management System

Kartra Affiliate Management System

Kartra offers an advanced affiliate management system that provides you with:

  • The ability to set up commissions, track affiliate sales and manage affiliates
  • Marketing materials, including banners and email templates, for affiliates to use in promoting your products or services
  • Affiliate training resources, including training videos and guides
  • Advanced affiliate management features, including customizable affiliate registration forms, customizable affiliate dashboards, and the ability to set up tiered commissions

Kartra affiliate management is great for recruiting, managing, and tracking an army of affiliates to promote your products or services with flexible commissions, payment milestones, etc.

Builderall Cons

Builderall Support

Their support does still take forever. I mean, the other day I used their support and put in a ticket and it took me two days to get a response.

It is very frustrating when you’re in the middle of building something and you’re in the flow and you have to wait an extra two days just to get a response on something simple.

So that is something I think Builderall recognizes they have to get fixed.

I do know that they did recently hire 50 more people for their support team but essentially I think that it does really, really need to get better.


The other downside here is, it is a Jack of all trades.

And so when you have a piece of software that really literally tries to do everything, you’re ultimately going to wind up, not having the best feature set when compared to a solution that stands on its own.

Kartra Cons

Complex Page Builder

Kartra page builder is not very intuitive and it could be confusing for beginners.

For example, when you’re trying to build a regular two-step funnel with a landing page and a thank you page opt-in form, you have to work backward.

So you have to think of thank you page first, then you have to create a form, then you take that form and put it on the landing page and you connect the three of them together.

It’s very backward from all the other sales funnel-building platforms out there and this could be very tricky when getting started with sales funnels.

Lack of Blogging

The biggest Kartra con is blogging. This con would be a horrible con if you are an online magazine or a full-time blogger, this is probably not your platform.

But if you’re a consulting company, if you are doing B2B business, if you’re relying on your website for the occasional blog posts then it is perfectly suitable.

SEO Capabilities

The second major con that people talk about is that it’s not ranking as high on the Google search index as Builderall.

Kartra vs Builderall Pricing

Now, let’s take a look a the pricing plans.

Builderall Pricing

Builderall Pricing

To get you started, Builderall offers a free trial where you can experience all premium tools and features.

And if you feel ready to take full advantage of the platform you can upgrade to the paid plan:

  • Starter – $37/month
  • Marketer – $77/month
  • Premium plan – $87/month
  • Funnel Club – $87/month + $199 one time payment

And of course, you’ll get access to all Builderall 50+ tools, training, and courses.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra pricing

Kartra pricing features 4 different options:

  • Starter plan – $119/month
  • Silver plan – $229/month
  • Platinum plan – $549/month

Kartra offers a 30-day trial so you check it out and see if it’s right for you.

Kartra seems really expensive compared to other platforms but when you really add up the different softwares that you would pay for in your business, it’s going to be much more.

And also I would convey you that from a mindset perspective, $119 a month is less than most brick-and-mortar businesses’ water bill, or light bill, or electricity bill.

The idea that we can operate a fully functional business without any overhead is kind of insane. So I hope that that at least helps you.

And if you’ve been in that position where you think this is way too expensive, then maybe you’re just not thinking large enough for your business goals. And that’s okay, but there’s a new day today right here right now.

Affiliate Program

For many entrepreneurs, affiliate marketing is how they got started in online business. And the last category we’re talking about is the ranking of the affiliate programs. And both platforms offer monthly recurring affiliate programs.

Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall Affiliate Program is one of the most lucrative affiliate programs out there.

I have not seen an affiliate program, yet that is better than Builderall. It’s hands down the best affiliate marketing program out there when it comes to talking about software.

And let me explain why.

First, if you don’t even want to use the software and the tool of Builderall, you can still be an affiliate and sign up for free.

And here’s what the commission structure looks like.

Builderall Affiliate Commision

On the first sale of any plan that you sell you get 100% commissions.

And, every month after that you make 30%.

So if you do the math, that is a lot more opportunity to make a lot more money as an affiliate with Builderall.

Kartra Affiliate Program

With the Kartra affiliate program, you earn 40% commissions on any plan that you sell.

The downside of the affiliate program with Kartra is that in the beginning, it is hard to get approved to be an affiliate.

And so a lot of people that have signed up with Kartra have told me that they are not able to get approved to be an affiliate.

I don’t really like that because if you’re somebody who’s wanting to be an affiliate and really just get your first few sales that it could have you pay for the subscription of your program that’s really important when you’re deciding on choosing between one of these all-in-one business platforms.

And The Winner Is…

Kartra and Builderall are both all-in-one platforms that you can use to replace every single piece of software you used in your online business, agency, or even your brick-and-mortar business.

Choose Builderall If

Builderall is a better solution for business owners and as well as digital marketers who need a platform less complicated than Kartra since Builderall is much easier to use.

Builderall is better than Kartra in terms of building websites and blogging.

If you’re new to online business Builderall would probably be an easier one for you to actually use.

And overall the cost and what you get for that price is insane value.

πŸ‘‰ Start Builderall 14-day free trial

Choose Kartra If

Kartra is more of a professional package and if you’re a product vendor or somebody that’s wanting to sell some products in the future, have a membership site, and host it all under that umbrella then it may be the better option for you.

Where Kartra has an edge is the checkout system, CRM, email marketing automation, and video hosting. In addition, Kartra has built-in campaigns for practically every use case in business.

πŸ‘‰ Start Kartra 30 day free trial

Builderall vs Kartra Wrapping Up

So this is my honest comparison of Builderall vs Kartra.

I honestly do believe Kartra and Builderall are one-stop shops for an all-in-one business platform.

I really hope all the categories that I went over, each of these platforms were helpful to you.

Remember that both platforms have agreed to offer our readers exclusive trials.

So I highly recommend trying them both and checking out which one works best for you.

If you have any specific questions about Builderall, Kartra, or any other software, feel free to drop those in the comments and ask me because like I said, I’m a huge software nerd, so I’ve been on almost every other similar platform out there.

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