Chatbots For Affiliate Marketing [2023] Automate Your Affiliate System

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Today I want to show you a very simple strategy on how to leverage chatbot for affiliate marketing to automate your business.

There are plenty of options to do affiliate marketing with bots. For this tutorial, I’m going to be using ManyChat. If you don’t have ManyChat if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a Messenger bot software.

And what it allows you to do is use automation and send out broadcasts and sequences, similar to what you can do via email, but instead, it allows you to build a list and do exactly that on Facebook Messenger.

There are other tools that you can use like MobileMonkey but for me personally, ManyChat works best and they have a lot of great features for affiliates. In addition, ManyChat offers a free trial.

First, let me show you how much more effective in terms of open rates and click-through rates that chatbot marketing can be.

Benefits of Chatbot For Affiliate Marketing

Email affiliate marketing is still one of the best ways to more leads and sales for affiliates. I get tons and tons of sales from email.

However, if you actually look at the number of recipients for this particular email and the open rate, the open is rate is around 17%.

email open rate

That’s still pretty high.

And if you have those numbers, as long as you are using the right sales funnel, that can make you money.

But let’s compare that to ManyChat.

So, these are just broadcast messages. For example, this one was sent to 711 people and it was delivered not to everybody.

But if we look here, this is the open rate: 45%, 54%, 60%, 63%, 67%, that’s insane compared to email open rates.

We’re talking nearly 4x as many people, percentage-wise, opening it.

In addition, I’ve got around a 5% click-through rate.

With email marketing, you are not going to get a 5% click-through rate. 5% is absolutely fantastic.

So, what do you want to do?

Well, you want to use both.

Let me just make that very clear. You want to use both.

You don’t want to rely on ManyChat because if for any reason whatsoever, your Facebook page gets shut down, you will lose your list, you will lose these subscribers. If I just go ahead, you’ll lose all your subscribers. We don’t want that to happen.

But at the same time, it’s very, very effective so you want to utilize both and I’m going to sort of explain very briefly how you do that.

Building Chatbot List

There are two ways that you can get people onto your ManyChat list. I’m going to tell you what they are.

You’re either going to use ads or you’re going to use organic methods like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, that kind of stuff.

You can check out these free traffic sources for affiliate marketing.

So those are the two ways of getting people on your chatbot list.

If you’re using organic methods, you’re going to want to use these Manychat growth tools.

So you can see the different types of Manychat growth tools.

manychat growth tools

Now, really the only ones you’re really going to worry about as a beginner is probably the landing page and the Facebook ads, JSON.

This is how you do it with paid affiliate traffic.

And then you can also have a checkbox, so you can actually get people’s email and their Messenger at the same time.

But to be honest, the landing page will do the job when you’re starting out.

Now let me just give you a quick example of what a landing page might look like.

manychat landing page

As you can see here, this is basically what it looks like.

Super, super simple.

Somebody comes here, they click the blue button, they’re now on my Messenger list. It works just like any other landing page, except this on Messenger.

So, this is what you’re going to want to use with organic traffic. You are want to create a landing page, very, very easy to create all of that.

And then this is the link that you’re going to want to leave on Facebook, on YouTube, on Instagram, whatever, offer people something.

manychat link

Just get them to click this link, then they join your Messenger list.

Now the way that you do it through paid ads you want to use the JSON tool.

There’s a way that you set this up within Facebook ads and you create a Facebook ad, which will look like this which has a send message button.

facebook ad example

So, let’s say, if you’re in the yoga niche, you might say, “Hey Patryk here, I’ve put together this amazing yoga workout you can have them completely free. All you have to do is hit the send message button”

And what will happen is when they click this send message button, it will straight away open Messenger and they will be on your list.

So those are the two ways. You either do it organically through a landing page or through Facebook ads using the JSON tool.

Now, what do you do when people actually get onto your list?

Automating Affiliate System with Chatbots

At this point, you can go from either an ad or a landing page. Those are the two ways.

From there, regardless of which one you choose, they’re going to go on to our ManyChat list. And that’s the initial step done.

You’re getting people onto your list and whether you’re using ManyChat or whether you’re using email, that is the initial goal; get the person on your list because if you only have one opportunity to sell something to someone, which is essentially what you have when you send somebody to a sales page, you got one shot.

You don’t want to do that because 95% of people are not going to buy something the first time, they see it. You’re probably the same, I’m the same.

We don’t buy stuff the moment we see it. We need to see it a few times.

So, what we want to do is get them on our list so that we can continually promote affiliate offers to them.

And, once they’re on our ManyChat list, then what you can do is you can put them through a sequence.

Next thing what you can do is you can actually set up sequences.

This is just an example of a sequence.

So, when somebody clicks on the ad, they’re taken through to Messenger, I can actually put them through a completely automated sequence of messages on Messenger that will all go out by themselves, similar to inside my autoresponder.

So, for example, I’m sending out a last chance email via Messenger, exactly the same way as I send one through my email autoresponder.

manychat sequence example

So this allows you to set up sequences that are completely automated.


💡 Pro Tip

And by the way, guys, just a little tip, what you want to do is get both. If you can get them on Messenger and get them on your email list where you can actually put them through the same sequence on both platforms, and that gives you a massively increased chance of actually converting that person. Multiple touchpoints, that’s what we want.

Creating ManyChat Sequence

Now, I’m going to show best way to use ManyChat.

I’ve got my first message set after 2 hours, but you could have it immediately.

creating manychat sequence

Then for the second message, you can have that the next day or maybe you can have it two days later, and the next day, and so on and so forth.

And you can add as many of messages as you want.

I would recommend making this quite long because the more messages you send somebody, the more chance you have of them actually buying something or converting them into a customer.

With that being said that you can grow this as long as you like, but now you have to think, well, what do I actually say in these messages?

Because I can’t just smash people with offers, and that’s right, you can’t do that.

You want to go about it in a more logical kind of way.

Ways to Use Chatbot For Affiliate Marketing

So let me just show you how to levearge chatbot marketing for your affiliate marketing business.

Installing Chatbot on Website

The first way to use a chatbot is to install it on your website. It doesn’t require any coding skills, ManyChat allows you to easily install their bot directly on your website.

If you follow their tutorials you’ll be able to implement a chatbot in a few minutes.

And if you don’t affiliate site yet, you create one by following this guide on how to make an affiliate marketing website.

Sales Funnel

What you could actually do is you could send them from your ManyChat through to your funnel. When I say your funnel, what I actually mean is your landing page, where you offer something for free in exchange for their email address.

And what happens is when they opt-in and then they go into an email sequence.

So now you’ve got them going through a Messenger sequence and an email sequence. These people are going to know who you are and when people know who you are and they like you, they’re more likely to buy from you.

Sales funnel is the best way to convinience people to buy your products and generate affiliate sales. if you don’t implement a marketing funnel in your affiliate business, I’ve put together a step by step guide on how to build a sales funnel from scratch.


The next way, you could send somebody to a TikTok video. Then in your TikTok video, you might be doing a review of a product, or you might be teaching somebody about a product and then you send them to your affiliate link.

See how to to do affiliate marketing through TikTok.

Facebook Group

What you can also do is send people to your Facebook group and then when you’re regularly providing content in the group, you’re seen as the authority, people trust you, people see your success stories, and then they buy your products.

That’s just naturally how it goes.

And then last but not least every now and then you can’t just send people to products. You can do a bit of the promotion, you can do for example a limited-time discount

You don’t want to do that all the time. You want to focus 90% on value and very now and then, use this list, monetize this list.

So that’s pretty much what I would do or what I do. That is what you want to be doing when it comes to monetizing both affiliate products and your own products using Messenger.

When to Stop Sending Messages?

Keep in mind that this might annoy some people.

Every now and then you will get messages of people saying, stop messaging me. In which case, you just unsubscribed them from your bot.

If people don’t want to receive messages from you, the chances out there are not going to convert into a customer so you don’t want them on your list anyway.

So just make this as long as you can, provide value and you will make sales.


So, that’s pretty much everything for this guide on affiliate marketing with bots.

You have to be capitalizing on chatbot marketing, because like I showed you before, the open rates and click-through rates are absolutely insane.

And when you couple this up with email marketing, you’re going to absolutely crush it and scale your affiliate marketing business.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide, if you have any questions, leave a comment down below.

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