ClosersCopy Review [2022] The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

closerscopy review

In this ClosersCopy review, I’ll be giving you a full tutorial on this tool. I’ll give you the pros and cons of the software, the cost, and how it compares with some of the best AI copywriting tools.

At the end of this review, I’ll give you my personal opinion on who it’s best suited for and maybe who it’s not suited for so feel free to skip to the conclusion.

Let’s get started.

What is ClosersCopy?

closerscopy logo

ClosersCopy is a content research marketing and writing platform to help you to write content with AI.

The reason I say marketing is, that even though you can write SEO articles or long-form blog posts with Closercopy, they are really focused on copywriting or sales page writing.

And this ClosersCopy review you will see so many additional features and functionalities, which are geared toward sales copywriting.

That’s why they are Closercopy, and that is what I’m going to show you right now.

ClosersCopy Tutorial & Demo

So let’s jump right into the member’s area when you sign up for ClosersCopy you’re going to be brought into this dashboard area.

With ClosersCopy, you can create various folders and manage all your articles inside there.

closerscopy dashboard

You’re going to be able to access a new project by clicking the “New Button” button and it’s going to pop up in your project files.

In essence, it’s comparable with Rytr since they also allow you to organize your projects in folders. You can find out more about this free AI copywriting tool in my Rytr review.

So you have your file and you can then access your file by clicking “Open Project” and then we’re going to be brought to this screen.

closerscopy document

And you’re going to be able to set up as many documents as you like within this project that I just set up.

You’re also going to be able to put it into another folder if you accidentally put it into the wrong one, you can delete it, you can edit it or you can even copy it.

When you click on open, now it will open up a blank canvas for you.

document dashboard

The first immediate thing I notice it, it is really well structured toward productivity.

For example, when I want to write something, I want to keep the focus on the writing component and all of the templates and tools are located on the sidebar.

And whenever I open up any model, it’s not opening up on another pop-up or moving into a different screen.

I can interact with this module, and also, I can interact with my main article anytime I want; which is I really like from a productivity perspective.

Basically, when it comes to Closercopy, the other component is where HTML formatting is available for you.

You have different elements: H2, H3, H4 headings, font styles, and also you have various other HTML formattings.

You can also use a keyboard shortcut like undo or redo.

It’s very self-explanatory and very similar to another great AI copywriting tool – Longshot AI. And you can read more about this interesting tool in this Longshot AI review where I also touch up ClosersCopy and how they compare.

ClosersCopy Tools & Features

The main cool functionalities of Closercopy are located on the side and I’m going to go one by one so I can show you all the important features of it.

ClosersCopy Compete

Compete is a new, recent addition to Closercopy, where it helps you to do research on top ranking webpages for a keyword, or you can directly give a URL to the compete module, and it will automatically extract all the headings, text components, and give you meaningful insights on it.

You will understand once I give sample data for it.

For example, in this case, I’m going to type in “weight loss diet foods”, and I have the option to change language, also for the research component.

closerscopy compete - top ranking pages

And what you are seeing is the top-ranking web pages when we entered this keyword.

It shows me the title, the total number of characters they have used, words they have used, and paragraph sentences.

So I can get an easy idea of how much should be if I’m writing for SEO.

And also, I can see all the data such as all the different adding sections available within all these modules.

For example, it shows the H2 titles which is contained within this article.

If you click on one of the articles it will show you what’s inside.

article preview

So basically it shows the total outline for that article.

So those are the options that show all the different adding sections.

And I can automatically add all the headings in one click which might be good, but not for all the cases.

If I go into questions; now, what they are doing is they are essentially trying to bring all the questions which they can identify within that content.

For example, you can see within WebMD content, that they were able to identify two different questions, which you can use.


Similarly, you can see all the questions for all the different sections.

And if I go into stats, now I’m able to see any statistics or percentages which they are able to identify within the content.


So whenever they see percentage marks or numbers they might think it’s statistics, which will be really useful for you if you’re writing any research-based content or you want to have a data source.

Insight as well, now they have tried to integrate more content marketing or SEO oriented modules, data also into Closercopy.

When you click on keywords it automatically tries to identify the most used words or phrases within that particular webpage that is currently ranking.

insights keywords

For example, you can see it shows that these are the words that are most used, so I can ideally try to match up, or I can try to create sections.

That way I know what are the important things I need to talk about.

And this 0% basically means you haven’t tried writing anything.

So, when you start writing on it, it will show your percentage compared to your competitor.

So that is the compete feature.

ClosersCopy Compose

Compose is basically like an automatic AI draft.

For example, you just enter whatever keyword you want to do and it will essentially try to find headings, and sections for this keyword.

closerscopy compose

The core concept of this feature is that rather than going one by one, doing it manually, they are automatically going to research every single outline or the title and it’s going to showcase all the text which they found and automatically create a draft for you.

auto generated content

The copy for me is really high quality but I don’t personally use it because I’m not a believer in auto-draft without giving any intent to the AI writer.

It might be suitable for you, but this does not make sense to me because it might give me unrelated or basically gibberish content.

But based on what we’ve written, they have given the text, which is perfectly fine, but you lose intent and you lose control over what you want to write.

So that is what the compose section does.

ClosersCopy Copywriting Frameworks

Copywriting frameworks automatically add all the different formulas like:

  • AIDA
  • BAB
  • PAS
  • Titles
  • Introduction
  • Conclusion
  • Challenges
  • Bullet points
  • Interview questions
  • Amazon
  • Book
  • Product

And also things like Google ads, calls to action, guarantees, helpful tips, myths about, catchy names, episode descriptions, Q& A, and so much more.

closerscopy frameworks

Basically, all these modules are available for you within these copywriting frameworks, and also you can add various filter options so if you only want to focus on something related to SEO, you can do that and you can control rather than scrolling through every single one.

So, I’m just giving them my input and asking the AI to generate content, specifically following that formula or following those instructions.

Let me show you how you can generate the PAS, which I use a lot; for example, the product description is “Alston weight-loss: best way to lose weight.”

pas formula

You basically give the product description and it tries to find something for you.

When it comes to AI, it’s more of testing and seeing what it’s giving you, and for the PAS formula, it should be pain or problem, agitate and solution.

pas formula example

So here you can see the first one is the pain section, the second one is the agitate section, and the third one is the solution section.

This is really good when it comes to sales pages or introduction paragraphs.

And all, you have all the different modules from questions, and answering to improving paragraphs to blog points.

I’m not going to test every single one out because that will take too long, even for this in-depth ClosersCopy review.

So that is what the framework does.

Now, I’m going to show you the long-form AI script generator.

ClosersCopy LongForm

Well, now it’s open-ended so rather than making the AI restrictive, we are giving control based on what we are writing, asking the AI to finish a thought or go and write more for us.

For example, we can give a content brief to bring out a bit more control.

longform content brief

I also have that control over the creative aspect of it, output length, and context relationship also.

In this case, you can either click on just write to complete.

Let’s say, for example, I’m going to type in: “When it comes to weight loss, the reason you should not eat dinner late is because…”

longform generated content

You can see I have something to write, but I haven’t finished the thought. I gave AI the intent and it generated the rest of the copy for me.

So you can see AI correctly understand my intent, what I’m looking to get as an output in complexes.

This is the reason I prefer having control when it comes to long-form, rather than using just auto-draft because I can fine-tune this article and I can use AI for much better potential.

You should fact-check what AI is writing because we are not sure if the content is right. Fortunately, for this example, the content that it generated is on point.

If you want more control, I would suggest limiting the creativity output and increasing the context.

Now, whenever you write something, when you highlight a piece of text and right-click on your mouse, you will be presented with this content menu.

content menu

Here you can create writing based on AI, finetune it, rephrase it, summarize it, and you also have the translate option also.

So that is the content menu of Closercopy.

ClosersCopy Wizard

Inside Wizard you’ll find created templates for various sections of the article.

closerscopy wizard

Basically, you can click on any of these templates and it automatically works as a search and replace functionality.

You can just change the voice, some text, and immediately get a really well-written:

  • Sales copy
  • Email
  • Cart abandoned
  • Story
  • Trail access
  • Free report
  • Discount promotion
  • No response follow-up
  • FAQ
  • Cold emails
  • Software update

And a lot more templates.

These are all the modules as of now, which are available for you in the wizard section.

I’m not a big user since this feature is very confusing.

But if you want some guidance when you are creating a template, this might be useful for you.

ClosersCopy Library

Libraries are data source collections. For example, I do want to write a sales letter. As I mentioned, they are focused on copywriting. I can select various different components I should ideally have in my sales or copywriting page.

library componenets

So, you can see all the different modules available for you. You can click on preview any single one to create a component for you.

Power & Sensory Words

When we select the power word section we’re going to be brought up a list of different power words that you can use for your copy.

I’ll type in “sad” and it’s going to bring up alternative words you can use for like sadness, shame, suffer avoid.

power words

This is where it will have a list of words and show what is the intent for it.

So, for example, when you’re writing sales copy, you need a word to be associated with sadness.

Then they do show us what other words you can use and based on feeling, they have group different words. Copywriters might see the importance of it.

As well as sensory words similar scenario.

So the power words and sensory words it’s a nice feature to have because when it comes to copy this is giving you some great ideas on how you can improve your copy by including words that are related to feelings.


We also have thesaurus so if you have a word that you want to look up “help” for example and it’s going to give you a list of different alternative words you can use.

Sentence Improvement

Next, we have sentence improvement.

Sentence improvement analyzes every single sentence and shows all the sentences and automatically shows the importance.

sentence improvement


And if I go into insight, and go into density, now it will analyze the most used words within my content that show these are the most used single word or even multiple word combinations.


So that is what density does.

Spam Score

Spam, I’m not sure how they are calculating, to be honest, but they do say 1.1.

I don’t find this useful without any explanation or anything like that, but there is a feature.

Voice Analyzer

And last but not least we have the voice analyzer

Voice is where they are able to analyze whether your text is passive voice or active, because especially when it comes to copywriting, always we try to have an active voice so with this feature you can optimize it.

Basically, those are all the important features of Closercopy.

You also can control the text output, for example, for all this video, I was using ClosersCopy review to generate SEO optimized output.

They do also support all dozens of various languages where they will generate the output using English and currently, they are using DeepL to translate the content into these languages.

ClosersCopy Pricing

closerscopy pricing

ClosersCopy has 3 pricing plans:

  • Power – $49.99/month
  • Superpower – $79.99/month
  • Superpower Squad – $99.99/month

You can also save 30% if billed annually.

ClosersCopy Alternatives

Let’s take a look at some of the ClosersCopy alternatives:

  • Anyword
  • Contentbot
  • ShortlyAI
  • Longshot AI

When it comes to long-form content generation, the best Closerscopy alternative would be, especially when you’ll use the Jasper Boss Mode option. This tool is much easier to use than ClosersCopy.

And if you prefer an AI copywriting tool with inline command functionality and simply ask AI what you want to write about, then ShortlyAI would be the best option for you.

ClosersCopy Review Final Words: Is It Worth It?

So that’s my experience with Closercopy.

I hope you understand all the features that are available and it’s a developing product, which means new features might be added or current existing features might have some modifications into that.

It’s a good copywriting tool but the AI technology is not there.

The generated output is not as high quality compared to other AI copywriting tools like or even cheaper options like which is really good for long-form type content.

CloserCopy is also one of the most difficult tools to use from all of these different platforms that I’ve tried.

So, that’s my ClosersCopy review. If you have any questions, leave me a comment down below.

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