7 Best Conversational Marketing Software Tools For 2023

As customer expectations evolve, businesses are looking for ways to increase customer engagement and maximize profits. One such way is the use of conversational marketing software.

This type of platform allows companies to quickly and easily communicate with their customers, establish strong personal relationships, and increase customer loyalty.

Best conversational marketing platforms provide businesses with a variety of tools that enable them to automate conversations with customers, track their interactions, and optimize customer support.

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1. Respond.io


Respond.io is a true all-in-one conversational marketing platform that unifies customer communication across instant messaging, web chat, and email for businesses of all sizes that market, sell, and support.

With Respond, customers can message you through any channel, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, website chat, and more.

Respond.io brings messaging apps together in one place to create a unified view of chats, as well as powerful broadcast and survey functionality that enables businesses to communicate at scale.

Respond.io website chat widget enables website visitors to contact you via live chat or other messaging channels to which you have connected.

On the only platform with truly multi-channel conversations, you can easily find and merge a contact’s messages and profiles to create a holistic view of their interaction history.

With Chat Automations you can create workflows that will help your teammates better manage their efforts in resolving customer issues.

You can also use automated messaging to identify customer issues, which can then be routed to agents based on skill, function, language, shift, and other factors.

The user-friendly dashboard allows managers to spot conversation or agent anomalies at a glance. Respond.io allows you to identify conversations that have been on hold or unresolved for an excessive amount of time, as well as monitor agents’ performance and workload in real-time.

With reporting and analytics, you can see how well your team and messages are doing in the long run. On a single page, you can find out which agents are going above and beyond, and you can also track response and resolution time trends to keep support ratings high.

So, if you’re juggling multiple Facebook Pages, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, and Viber, with Respond.io you can consolidate all of your messaging channels into a single inbox, analytics stack, and automation engine.

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2. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is a multichannel marketing automation platform that lets users combine advanced automation with live chat software to nurture customer relationships and offer a complete, personalized experience across different digital channels.

ActiveCampaign conversational messaging tool called Conversations allows you to engage with valuable leads who want to connect with your company or current customers who need assistance.

Conversations, powered by the power of customer experience automation, allows you to communicate with visitors to your site via the web application or on the go via the Conversations mobile app.

That information is seamlessly transferred to your ActiveCampaign CRM account, and when a new visitor enters their email address, a contact profile is automatically created and signed a score with the help of its lead scoring software. You can then use the same automations you’ve been using to create deals, send follow-up emails, tag contacts, and more.

Activecampaign displays real-time information about contacts and determines the best channel through which to communicate with them. To save time and avoid questions falling through the cracks, route incoming conversations to specific reps.

And, with Chatbots, you can set up an automated flow to collect information and learn about your customers, allowing you to provide a tailored experience even when you’re not available.

With ActiveCampaign customer experience automation, you’ll gain a unified view of each customer, letting you tailor your marketing, sales, and support to their unique needs.

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3. HubSpot Marketing Hub

hubspot marketing hub

Unlike a lot of software that has been pieced together through acquisitions, HubSpot Marketing Hub was built from the ground up as part of HubSpot’s complete CRM platform. HubSpot offers multiple conversational marketing tools including a live chat, social media management, SEO, ad tracking, and conversational intelligence software.

HubSpot conversational AI automatically takes notes and provides deeper insights into your team’s calls. With this, you can record hours of voice data in your CRM to find coaching opportunities, find the most common customer objections, and see how the market is changing. Then, you can make decisions based on data to impact deal outcomes and ensure consistency in your marketing strategy.

HubSpot’s free live chat software lets you connect with your website visitors in real time to convert them into leads, close more deals, and provide better overall support to your customers.

With the HubSpot blogging platform, you can publish content that your target audience is looking for. The tool lets you create content that will be found in search engines due to HubSpot SEO tools. 

The SEO module will help you increase your search authority and outrank competitors by employing tools that assist you in planning your content strategy and optimizing your content as you type.

The HubSpot social media management platform lets you monitor and prioritize conversations, and publish to social networks with the same software you use to create campaigns.

With the HubSpot multi-touch revenue attribution reporting, you can connect all of your marketing activities to each closed deal. This lets you see exactly how your marketing generates revenue and gives your whole team credit. You can also make custom reports to track almost any digital marketing metric, any record in your CRM, or any data from integrated apps.

With Marketing Hub, all of your conversational marketing tools and data are in one place, so you won’t have to deal with multiple-point solutions or waste time putting together reports.

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4. Landbot


Landbot.io is a cloud-based service that helps businesses engage with customers by making conversational websites, landing pages, surveys, and chatbots for lead generation. The conversational marketing platform lets users create advanced lead-generation forms and send information directly to the customer relationship management systems for further nurturing.

Landbot.io also has a built-in editor that helps improve engagement with potential customers, keep track of lead scores, and customize communication-based on visitor interest.

Landbot.io’s best features include code-free development, on-screen chats, pre-configured bots, conversation analytics, tracking and optimizing data, and on-screen chats.

The platform lets businesses make conversational chatbots in different formats, like pop-ups, widgets, live chat, and more, for landing pages, WhatsApp, or business applications.

Landbot.io comes with both an application programming interface (API) and a tool for customizing the software so that brands can change it to meet their needs. Landbot.io can be linked to third-party apps like Mailchimp, Stripe, Google Sheets, Zapier, Slack, and Salesforce.

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5. ManyChat


ManyChat supports automated interactive conversations across different channels. These channels include Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and SMS to engage and grow customers. You can use conversations and business automation to supercharge your marketing efforts.

ManyChat can help you to provide personalized, simple experiences to engage prospects, generate leads, and drive sales. This tool is aimed at sales, marketing, and building automation.

You can use ManyChat to create and automate interactive conversations using a drag-and-drop interface. On the other side, ManyChat also has built-in automation templates you can choose from. The platform also focuses on keeping your customer conversations going well by combining email and SMS.

The exciting part about ManyChat is that it can help you connect your existing tools. Whether you have been working with Google Sheets, Shopify, Mailchimp, Zapier, HubSpot, or anything else, you can connect many tools to ManyChat you already are using.

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6. Helpwise


Helpwise is a customer service automation software that allows teams to create and manage shared inboxes for different channels like email, live chat, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Helpwise offers various features such as reporting, custom forms, automation workflows, CSAT, knowledge base, analytics, and more. 

You can assign conversations to different team members based on multiple factors with one click only. Helpwise can let you access shared folders and inboxes from one place.

The tool also provides different integrations such as Shopify, task management applications, CRMs, Slack, and more within this platform. Add tags to different conversations for easy access and to set priorities.

Helpwise also lets you leave notes for better collaboration across different platforms, including web, Android, and iOS.

Moreover, the tool also provides analytics such as email frequency, individual performance, response rates, etc., to track metrics.

Moreover, the tool also provides analytics such as email frequency, individual performance, response rates, etc., to track metrics.

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7. Tidio

Tidio is a tool that combines chatbots and live chat to let businesses ace their customer support service. The tool allows you to answer any conversation from one screen. You can use this tool to send personalized discounts with welcome messages to convince them to purchase. You can connect the Live Chat feature of Tidio to any platform or website using dedicated plugins. No coding is necessary to create chatbots.

Moreover, the live chat feature can automatically adjust to your customers’ screens. Tidio can work as a cart saver by offering free shipping or discounts to prevent cart abandonment. It also allows sending personalized messages to keep them from leaving your site or making them return to your business.

You can use built-in chatbot flows templates to create your independent chatbot flow for automated customer service conversations. You can also create your own chatbot flow if you don’t find a suitable template for your needs.

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Choosing the Best Conversational Marketing Software

In conclusion, conversational marketing software represents a powerful way to engage customers and create meaningful relationships. The combination of personalization, automation, and real-time analytics makes it easy for companies to provide high-quality customer service and increase customer loyalty.

Furthermore, these platforms enable companies to quickly respond to customer queries, make changes to their products or services when needed, and track the effectiveness of their campaigns in real-time. By leveraging conversational marketing platforms, companies can increase customer engagement as well as their bottom line.

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