16 Best Customer Engagement Platforms [2023]

A customer engagement platform is a software application that helps businesses manage customer interactions and improve customer engagement.

The software typically includes tools for managing and tracking customer interactions and then analyzing customer engagement data.

After doing in-depth research, we’ve selected the best customer engagement platforms that can help businesses improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase sales, and reduce customer churn.

customer engagement platforms
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1. LiveChat


Live Chat is an AI-powered customer support software that studies your clients and helps them along the process of any interaction via live chat. 

Other than a simple bot, LiveAgent does much more than exchange a few messages here and there with your potential customers. The way that it works is by turning all your interactions from a multi-channel, multi-platform chaotic mess to an organized, well-analyzed omnichannel platform.

In other words, LiveAgent customer engagement software organizes all your communication channels be it SMS, eails, external applications, and others – and puts them all in the very same place. Meanwhile, LiveAgent analyzes all this information and turns it into actionable data for the company.

All of this process seeks to make more sales while keeping your customers engaged, capture quality leads with more potential, and, ultimately, boost your company’s revenue.

Companies you may know like McDonalds, Mercedes-Benz, Adobe, Unilever, and Paypal all trust Live Chat for their Customer Engagement needs.

2. Maropost


Maropost is a marketing automation platform that has been created to suit every single need that a company may have during the process of selling and marketing a product or a service.

The Maropost Platform offers two Clouds: Marketing and Commerce.

The Marketing Cloud takes care of automation through any channel be it websites, social media, mobile applications, or messaging like SMS or email.

The Commerce Cloud, on the other hand, is an AI eCommerce platform that facilitates the construction of an online store or marketplace with its own order processing center, its own data feed, its own e-commerce analytics, and its very own customer management.

Based on their own company’s experience and their ten-year-long gathered industry knowledge, Maropost offers their services with Industry-specific Solutions that include branches like e-commerce, wholesale, gifting, sports & recreation, media & entertainment, travel, electronics, and automotive.

3. Zoho SalesIQ

zoho salesiq

Zoho SalesIQ provides unique and purposely-developed tools for your business to succeed.

The application allows you to track user navigation on your website; its data charts show where a customer journey ends and how you can raise your revenues. A business can use the information to tweak its sales funnel and bring additional sales.

Similarly, you can use the application’s chatbot to communicate with every user. It helps in customer retention, and you can convert more people into convincing sales.

The chatbot icon is placed smartly to avoid an unwanted distraction for the customer.

A message is generated when a user logs on to your website. The chatbot is managed by multiple AI bots, which answer sales, inquiries, and other related questions.

Zoho SalesIQ uses common questions to generate a self-service page for your website. It helps customers with detailed solutions to common problems.

4. Adobe Experience Manager

adobe experience manager

Adobe Experience Manager has been specifically made for content creators and digital marketers.

It assists anyone whether they are an individual or a company and it facilitates the management and marketing of any and every digital content native to Adobe and their Cloud Service.

In the Content Management System, Adobe Experience Manager allows the user to utilize tools such as a flexible hybrid CMS to create and manage digital media.

While in the Digital Asset Management side of things, this platform provides highly intelligent automation that source, adapt, and deliver smart tags to help categorize all your digital assets.

Be it an artificially assigned metadata that quickly turns your content into an adaptable source of potential revenue. This Customer Engagement Platform also provides a feature solely designed for your customers called Digital Enrolment and Forms.

With this function, a channel of digital documents that are encrypted from end-to-end is opened between you and your potential customer. This allows for a higher sense of security for everyone involved and makes the customer journey much more personalized and pleasant.

5. FreshDesk


Freshdesk is an AI helpdesk software that centralizes, manages, and tracks customer conversations across multiple channels in a unified platform.

FreshDesk offers a customer engagement platform that reunites every message from all your possible sources and creates an automated AI that has been designed with the empathy and receptiveness of a human.

Other than providing data to ensure the measuring and improving the efficiency of your company through every message – every single interaction made across their platform has extremely high security.

FreshDesk offers solutions that are designed to cater to many industries under the premise of self or field service and to companies of sizes big or small.

In addition, Freshdesk offers free customer service email management software that converts incoming emails into tickets, allowing you to easily track and respond to customer emails.

The tool lets you manage multiple email inboxes and resolve issues across all of them without overlapping, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

6. Birdeye


Birdeye is well-known review management software that encompasses a multitude of solutions designed to evaluate and improve any and all customer engagement. Review collection, lead conversion, and survey execution are some of the solutions that Birdeye offers. In order to increase traction, their platform offers a listing map for your business.

They also provide a built-in referral system that gives all your customer and potential buyers the power to recommend your business to anyone they choose.

For internal affairs, Birdeye serves a self-evaluating purpose through the generation of customer feedback surveys, actionable insights, preventive ticketing, and competitive benchmarking. BirdEye’s software supports integrations with 100+ standard, premium, and enterprise-level applications that are specially designed to cover many different activities and industries.

7. MoEngage


MoEngage has had a massive popularity gain among recent entrants in the customer engagement market. It is mainly due to their particular focus on relationship development and customer behavior.

They are fully aware that the life-cycle of customer behavior is a frail ecosystem, and that if anything fails during this process it can create a huge decrease in revenue.

MoEngage has a wide range of services to generate the best results for users.

Their most popular service is a navigation monitor; it looks at your visitors’ typical journey and creates valuable insights for you. It locates friction points across your website to analyze solutions for high sales.

MoEngage helps you refine your website for the best results and customer experience. You can also create multiple segments for your user base. These segments have personalized themes and menus to suit their usage needs.

Similarly, Mo Engage lets you get more customers on board through direct chat options. You can use the website integration to send and receive messages from visitors.

To put it simply, MoEngage is a well-rounded Customer Engagement Platform that comes with many built-in solutions to help Analyze, Segment, Engage and Personalize every single customer interaction.

Extremely useful tools like user paths, affinity segments, AI-based optimization, and personalized recommendations are but a few of the features that are encompassed within their platform.

8. LivePerson

live person

Live Person offers conversational intelligence software that is completely based on automation.

What this platform truly provides is a communication center that is strategically designed to encode messages through voice channels and collect data that is accurate.

Through this system, the AI learns and grows in order to provide a better service every time.

When it comes to their solutions, their Conversational Cloud and Voice aim to help the company understand their customer’s needs through the audition channel while the automated system deciphers all the data in the passive.

Their BELLA Health solution seeks to provide instructional healthcare for the company to assist people anytime, anywhere. And lastly, their Success Services aim to guarantee the efficacy of all their practices.

When it comes to the segmentation and purpose of Live Person’s platform, their services can be categorized by need whether it’s commerce or customer care.

Their specialized programming is designed to cover a broad spectrum of industries that include things such as healthcare, finance, and travel, among many others. 

9. Twik


Twik helps you solve your customer-relationship woes; it has developed an automated system to generate a personalized user experience.

Most brands have to suffer high marketing costs to find the right creative. However, Twik’s AI-powered strategy tunes your marketing to attract the right customers.

It displays unique ads to customers based on their age, shopping patterns, and other variables.

The goal is to reduce your costs and get more sales. Twik can be deployed at your Shopify store using a single code. A business won’t have to input tedious details as Twik is mainly an auto-detect platform.

It will monitor consumer behavior on your website and personalize the menus to provide a solid user experience to all users.

Nonetheless, a business gets to have complete control of the application. You can decide its permission and constant areas for all customers.

10. Qualtrics CustomerXM (CX)

qualtrics customerxm (cx)

Qualtrics Customer Xm is a complete solution to improve your customer relationship. It has diversified services that can help you interact with customers.

The AI-monitored application detects consumer behavior at your website; it displays ads and products based on their navigation pattern.

Qualtrics allows you to communicate with your reviewing customers. It provides you with the necessary leads to reach them again.

Similarly, if a customer leaves a bad review, the application detects it automatically and sends a notification. You can further communicate with the customer to change their perspective.

Qualtrics also has an excellent social detector to monitor your social media performance. Social listening lets you track people in your location talking about related services.

It allows you to advance or tweak your services for a better reputation. The application also provides a dashboard to illustrate consumer sentiment about the business.

You can check your strengths and weaknesses through the ‘voice of customer’ tab. A company can choose to add multiple fields for a detailed view.

11. Zingle


Zingle is an excellent platform for online businesses. It has a self-intuitive interface that allows you to handle all your business tasks on a single application. Zingle has been famous for its customer engagement services.

The application will enable you to communicate with your customer using in-built app texting; you can choose to reply to the message instantly through your phone.

It helps build long-term customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction.

Similarly, Zingle comes with an AI-powered engine to automate your task pipeline. You can record your tasks in the app, and it will automatically divide them amongst the relevant departments. It helps you manage tasks and keep up with deadlines.

Zingle also creates several performance-based reports for your employees. You can use them to judge their performance and determine bonuses. Lastly, Zingle focuses on lead conversion through real-time texting.

The messaging app allows you to develop a lead into a warm customer. You can upsell your products and ask for reviews without alienating behind notifications.

12. Kustomer


Ai-based recipients aren’t the best solutions and may result in lesser sales. Kustomer sets its foundation in building strong customer relationships.

The brand’s first step was establishing an effective messaging system. A business can use messenger to text their customers regarding their inquiries. Unlike emails, these messages could be responded to at the perfect time through your phone.

Similarly, Kustomer tracks the movement of every visitor to your website. Although you can’t use their details until they sign the lead campaign, you can still use their history while talking to them.

Kustomer allows businesses to view customer history with one tap; you can locate their previous actions on the website and speak to them likewise.

Nonetheless, Customers also generate some template questions for your website using AI.

These questions allow customers to self-service regarding the product and seek relevant information. The data comes in handy and helps you to focus on other business aspects.

13. Delighted


Delighted focuses on creating a unique brand experience for all users. Although it doesn’t have the same level of Ai integration as others, its personalization and survey fill every space to create the right customer relationship.

Delighted allows you to customize your brand and themes; the idea is to resonate with customers, and the suggestions can help you select the right set. You can change and edit your logos, menus, and pages through the application.

Delighted also focuses on adding survey pages to your website. There are multiple survey types for employees, customers, and leads. You can view them on the official website.

The survey pages can be customized for every business; you can choose to add up to 10 new fields for detailed inputs.

The data is displayed on a dashboard to provide a holistic view of your services. Premium users can share the survey to seek feedback from social media users.

14. Braze


Braze simplifies your marketing strategy and brings the best results with limited costs. The simple user interface makes it easy to use and integrate your online store.

Braze has a three-step system for optimizing the customer experience.

It starts with listening to your customers’ views. Braze creates multiple surveys for users to answer while they navigate your website. These reviews provide insights regarding user experience at the website.

The next step is understanding- Braze works around a personalization strategy for your business; it detects consumer behaviors and suggests suitable campaigns for them.

Lastly, the brand focuses on ‘action.’ It creates multiple plans to attract the highest paying client to your business.

The strategies aren’t only limited to your website but also extend to other social media platforms.

15. Pendo


Pendo has gained rapid popularity over the last few years; Its product analytics software has attracted various businesses to avail their services. Pendo has detailed user statistics to provide valuable insights to a business.

You can use the data to create personalized campaigns for your users. The data can be divided by location and time for better analysis. The sentiment analytics also provide workable suggestions to improve your business performance.

They highlight your business’s weaknesses and give you actionable plans to work on. Like other engagement platforms, Pendo also provides a direct messaging feature; you can communicate with every visitor on your website.

16. Augeo


Consumer engagement is complex, but Augeo claims to make it easier for your business.

With its diversified services, the brand has unique solutions to boost your sales. It comes with personalization tactics to provide a perfect experience for all users.

You can also take advantage of the chatbot services to engage with real-time website visitors. The feedback feature collects customer reviews about your brand that help you improve your services rightly.

Finally, Augeo is also handy in developing unique campaigns to attract higher traffic to your website. It suggests meaningful interactions to enhance your brand value and loyalty.

Choosing the Right Customer Engagement Platform

In conclusion, customer engagement platforms are a great way to connect with customers and improve customer satisfaction.

By providing a platform for customers to engage with businesses, they can help build brand loyalty and a customer base.

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