12 Best Customer Intelligence Platforms in 2022

A customer intelligence platform is a system that helps organizations track, monitor, and analyze their customer data.

It gives organizations the ability to understand their customers better and make better decisions about marketing, product development, and customer service.

We researched the best customer intelligence platforms that will help you improve customer retention rates, increase their sales and grow your business.

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1. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is an AI customer service software that helps businesses keep track of their customer service processes and improve them. Service Hub is a powerful tool that helps businesses automate their processes and improve their customer service quality.

HubSpot Service Hub has 24/7 flexible channels that can be personalized according to a customer’s data. Instead of scattering data on different sources, HubSpot Service Hub brings everything on a unified platform, making managing things easier.

Its software helps connect customers directly to the right support person with the full CRM platform to deepen the customer relationship. 

It includes features like a shared inbox for different platforms, knowledge base functionality, and a feedback system that provides custom surveys. All f it is present on one CRM for a business to unify the whole team for better customer support.

  • HubSpot Service Hub brings team management services that organize the whole team and provide every member with the right tools, permissions, and status per the requirements.
  • Mobile inbox allows the team members to deliver agile support on the go with all the tools they need for effective customer support.
  • Scalable, automated customer service eliminates all the manual interruptions in the process that are inefficient and unnecessary. Thus, agents can provide the best support experience to every customer.

2. Intercom


Analyzing customer data can help a business in so many ways, and with the Intercom intelligence platform, you can integrate the data from your customers into your whole tech stack. It provides a complete visual representation of data of every customer, including location, business type, spending, etc., about every customer to make the support team more efficient.

Thus, every employee of your team is aware of your customer’s recent behavior and requirements. Data allows employees to provide a much more personalized customer experience according to their recent activity, whether it is about sending some marketing information or resolving any queries.

Thus, you can route important customers for urgent support while the others can be routed for regular support. In this way, your team will be more efficient with customers.

In addition to being one of the best customer intelligence platforms, Intercom empowers businesses with a chatbot, live chat, and digital adoption platform.

  • Intercom works on different data types, including conversational, behavioral, custom, and company data.
  • It allows your team to prioritize different customers depending on their data.
  • Data-driven decision-making with the help of Intercom brings up growth opportunities.

3. Signal.co

signal customer intelligence

When integrated with your business software, this CIT platform will collect strategic data at a different rate of 50 milliseconds between every collection. Thus, it processes around 50 billion signals daily, providing real-time data collection and analysis without wasting time or resources. It maintains a brand identity graph dynamically to leverage the data it collects.

Thus, it provides more insights into the profile of every customer, allowing employees to enhance engagement. Signal synchronizes all the internal and external analytical tools and data to continuously recognize customers. The identity graph keeps track of every customer through a live profile even if the customer switches devices and channels.

  • Real-time data collection with unified profiles for every customer opens up new opportunities for better brand engagement with a customer.
  • Signal.co allows creating rules according to customer actions to collect data that helps provide a personalized experience with automatic audience segmentation.
  • Flexible and customizable tax management through a business’ tech stack enables the team to better view each customer with the identity graph.

4. Peak.ai

Peak.ai customer intelligence tool is backed with artificial intelligence that collects and combines all the data from all sources. It starts with unifying your data and technology for a cleaner understanding of the customer base. Once unified and analyzed with the help of AI, the data is used for multiple things to achieve specific results, helping a company make better commercial decisions.

A company gets the opportunity to get better ROI for its marketing investment with higher customer acquisition power. Its decision intelligence feature allows a company to set support, services, and strategy according to intelligence software.

The AI capabilities and data analysis here can predict what a customer needs. When a support member has all that information, they can provide a better support experience with a touch of personalization. Some additional features from Peak.ai include:

  • Its implementation is done with AWS, and everything from the start to the end can be done within 21 days
  • Artificial intelligence helps in creating an effective supply chain with reduced operational costs
  • Through forecasting, a business can maximize profit by optimizing the supply and demand cycle.

5. Oracle


With Oracle’s customer intelligence software, it becomes possible to convert anonymous users into your customers by offering a better experience. It allows your company to increase the customer-engagement by providing a personalized experience, especially to anonymous customers who do not provide a lot of their data.

Additionally, Oracle enables your company to better audience marketing in this digital world. It results in a better return on investment for the paid marketing campaigns of your company. Your company already has all the data required to provide a good experience to some customers. With Oracle, you can use that data to treat every customer as a unique individual for your business.

  • The CIT from Oracle brings real-time personalization that can personalize things for a customer in real-time according to their data.
  • A unified customer profile ensures to keep all the details of a customer in one place to make things easier for your commerce, sales, and marketing teams.
  • Customer Analytics, with all detailed reports presented in a graphical form, makes it easy for the team to see if there is any room for improvement.

6. Voxco


The customer intelligence platform from Voxco solves the issue of making your products and services feel unique with custom attributes and a personalized profile experience. It interacts with the customer base and monitors their behavior and requirements. With a combination of quantities and qualitative analysis, a better customer experience can be designed to enhance the company’s relationship.

For humans, it is impossible to analyze and process data from multiple sources that the CIP platform from Voxco does. It achieves these results using ML and AI by automating all of the back-office works. Additionally, creating an omnichannel experience helps a company set things up in a personalized manner according to their requirements.

Voxco brings some other features that are:

  • The market research toolkit has all the guides to research the trends and online surveys
  • There are different market research templates that you can use

The segmentation feature of Voxco helps a company reach out to the right target audience whenever needed.

7. Funnel


Funnel collects your data and makes it ready for analysis by presenting it in an organized form with high accuracy and up-to-date data all the time. Whether your data is being sent to a sheet, a dashboard, or some data warehouse, Funnel will always provide highly accurate analytics.

It integrates with more than 500 marketing platforms to get all the data you need in an instant, and with no-code segmentation, your data can be business ready within an instant. You can segment data based on needs like metrics and custom groupings with the help of the point-and-click toolbox at Funnel. Funnel brings flexibility and provides your data wherever you want to be exported, all in a safe way.

Funnel keeps up to 2 years of your data secure while you can integrate with any tools you want, so there are no data silos left. Apart from collecting data, it harmonizes and cleans it before using any analysis tools for fill granularity, high accuracy, and flexibility.

8. SAS Customer Intelligence


SAS Customer Intelligence brings adaptive planning opportunities through a real-time decision engine that helps redesign your customer experiences with moments-based data. It helps streamline marketing planning activities through automation and accelerating personalized customer journeys, so you get boosted response rates.

The platform provides Advanced AI and Machine Learning tools to drive insights and deliver broader brand experiences to every customer. With SAS Customer Intelligence, you can track and synchronize real-time customer behavior on different devices with digital interaction and touchpoints to get unparallel access to customer data(interactions, insights, analytics, and decisions), allowing you to offer personalization.

With SAS Customer Intelligence, you can detect real-time digital events with advanced analytics and act upon them on the spot. It focuses on agile and adaptive planning on different levels for mixed market modeling and data unification to get cost-effectiveness and make agile market decisions. Moreover, SAS is a leading platform in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs

9. Terminus


Terminus CDP starts with the identification of data problems in your DRM. The B2B CRM is usually inefficient, and Terminus covers data gaps to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of all marketing campaigns. It eliminates manual data cleansing through data automation regarding accounts and brand hierarchies so that there is no manual scrubbing.

Terminus enriches buying committees with the identity graph that automatically fixes any accuracies in accounts so you can continuously monitor and maintain data integrity across all the target accounts. The Engagement Hub at Terminus helps predict customers through different channels for efficient engagement and customizable reporting for better impact on target accounts, specifically with the help of multi-channel campaigns.

Terminus Data Studio provides first-party data for better customer identification, so there is no need to rely on third-party data and cookies, and your data asset becomes more reliable.

10. Zeotap


Zeotap focuses on customers’ data privacy with its data strategy for your business. Zeotap provides qualitative data retention with source management to bring all of your business’ data on one platform. It offers 360-degree profile visualization with preferences management to create a trusted set of records.

Zeotap is based on no-code AI segmentation that manages audience, enriches data, and implements deterministic lookalike detection to deliver a multi-channel journey for customers. Its API Suite, Real-time workflow orchestration, and custom connectors help enhance customer experience.

Zeotap helps break down the silos for seamless personalization, so your marketing team meets its goals. The algorithms here select data sets unavailable to the market with a proprietary priority matrix. It offers data monetization strategies to remove third-party cookie providers from the circle, offering a much more sustainable system for advertising.

11. Alida Sparq

Alida Sparq, now known as Alida Insight Community, provides data only from the right people with on-demand insights. With the right data at the right time from the right people, your business profile can be progressively built with customer feedback in your in-house panel, which can help in critical decision-making.

Here community members can be invited to give feedback which will help derive better customer-centric data. Alida Sparq makes the difference by offering automatic rewards such as sweepstakes or reward points, which improves in-depth surveys and helps you launch a project with a survey builder.

Alida Sparq provides dedicated customer success managers to every customer. That manager is responsible for:

  • Guiding about best recruitment practices
  • Practices to increase engagement
  • Providing business insights for that specific customer’s business.

The analysis and reporting features include crosstabs, text analysis, sentiment analysis, data weighting, and a graphical view to provide critical insights according to customer segments. With these critical insights, the reports can be created in different formats for a quick and in-depth analysis.

12. YouGov

YouGov consumer intelligence

The Customer Intelligence tool from YouGov works on Living Data that comprises consumer data with more than 20 million panel members. These panel members are registered in more than 55 markets, and the source of this consumer data is ever-growing, making YouGov call it the “living data”

The in-depth audience insights tools like research features, surveys, and polls help you obtain the data from your audience with over a million data points. YouGov gets you started with high-level audience insights, and then you can utilize its unparallel audience intelligence features with bespoke customizations for assessing the live audience. The live audience-based data can be used for campaigns that can provide:

  • Precision targeting
  • Unmissable advertising
  • Continuous monitoring with daily updates

YouGov helps with its swift pre-test capabilities to understand the sentiments of different customer groups for making strategic data-informed decisions, along with dynamic trackers for performance monitoring. The custom research at YouGov provides 100% bespoke intelligent market research to know everything about what your audience and target customers are thinking.

What is a Customer Intelligence Platform?

A customer intelligence platform is a software application that helps businesses gather, track, and analyze customer data. By understanding their customers better, businesses can improve their marketing and sales strategies. Customer intelligence platforms can provide insights into customer behavior, preferences, and needs. They can also help businesses identify trends and optimize their operations.

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