12 Digital Marketing Services You Can Sell in 2022 [Helpful Guide]

digital marketing services to sell

In this guide, I’m going to show you the 11 digital marketing services you can sell for upwards of $1,000 per month as a digital marketing agency.

So let’s get started.

1. Web Design

Web design is apparently a $39 billion industry. Now, this is a great service because everyone needs a website.

And you can price this out on the low end around $2500 all the way up to upwards of $10,000 for more complicated projects like e-commerce.

Easy To Sell

The benefits of selling this as a digital marketing service are really clear. The first thing is that it’s actually easy to sell, you don’t really need to have a ton of experience, because it’s just web design. It’s not like you have to have years’ experience in SEO or anything like that. You can just go out there and buy a theme customize, it is relatively simple to do that.

Everyone Needs a Website

Beyond that, everyone kind of needs a website. They can choose whether to do SEO or Facebook ads or anything like that they can choose which ones you want to do. Whereas with websites, they kind of need it regardless.

Instant Results

Also, if you create a small business website, the results are practically instantaneous, they’ll see that they get an increase in sales and calls out to some people recognizing that their brand is positioned a little bit better.

Easy To Outsource

Web design is also easy to outsource. You can hire web designers from any country while for $5 to $10 an hour, and they actually get really good results. So in this way, you can start a drop servicing business.

Ability To Upsell Other Digital Marketing Services

The next upside of web design is that it’s a good entry point to lead into these other services and you start with web design, outsource the whole project, get them in the door, and then sell them SEO for $1,000 a month.

That can work also.

💡 Pro Tip

Personally, I’d rather just focus on one thing and just have it as productized as possible. So it’s the same service over and over again, it scales much better.

Difficult To Manage Client Expectations

The downside is really just clients. Clients in general, across all services, it can be very, very difficult. But with web design, or design and creative type stuff, specifically, it can be very difficult to manage client expectations.

Not A Recurring Service

And beyond that, it’s not a recurring service. So if you’re gonna sell this for $3,000, well, it’s $3,000, maybe you get 50%, upfront, and 50% afterward, but it’s still two payments of $1500.

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2. Local SEO

Local SEO is essentially getting traffic from Google search for local businesses like plumber, roofer, dentist, or anything like that.

Now, it’s essentially two services wrapped into one; it is getting them ranked in the map pack.

Google map pack

And then getting them ranked in the organic results.

Google organic results

And usually, you want to have both because both of them drive a lot of traffic in their own different way.

Typical local SEO campaigns cost between $300 and $2,000 per month

And as a service, you can sell this from anywhere from on the low end around $500 per month, ideally higher than that to the higher end of around $2500 a month dependent on the type of client you’re working with.

If you work with a roofer, you can use your charge, maybe a couple of grand a month, whereas if you’re working with a smaller, less profitable business, then you can struggle sometimes to charge $1,000 a month, or if you’re working with a lawyer in a big city, well, that’s the low end $2,500 a month. It can really vary depending on who exactly you decide to work with.

Easy To Get Results

Now, the benefits of this as a service is if you’re in a typical niche, not something super competitive, like lawyers or anything like that, then it’s pretty easy to get results. And it’s pretty difficult to kind of screw it up.

So it’s a good starting point for beginners. Once you’ve learned those basics, and beyond that, it’s really valuable, especially for a long time.

When they’re ranking number one in a map pack, any organic or even just even one of them, they’re gonna see a decent amount of traffic leads inquiries, and usually sales if they convert them.

Usually Cheaper

And even better not paying every day for this every click for this. So it’s usually cheaper when they are ranking than Google Search Ads.

And again, it’s a long term investment for that brand positioning being number one and getting a lot of traffic and leads out of that.

Really Long Time To Get Results

However, the downsides are very clear also. The downside is it is slow, it is really slow to get results. Even for local SEO, you’re still looking at a matter of months.

SEO is Hard To Sell

And it’s difficult to convince a client Hey, pay me 1000, pay me $2,000 a month. And in three or four months, if this goes well, you will get results.

So it can be a little bit difficult to sell because it requires patience. And above all else, trust.

Takes Time To Learn

SEO is one of the high-income skills that will make a min of $10,000/ month but it’s quite difficult to learn.

While it’s pretty easy to fulfill, once you understand the basics of SEO, you’re still looking at anywhere from 6 months to possibly even up to 12 months to really get a good grasp of SEO, how to do it properly.

It’s not as simple as just buying some citations, something stupid that people say on YouTube, it actually takes quite a bit of skill and understanding to do this properly.

3. E-Commerce SEO

Now staying within SEO, service number two is e-commerce SEO, which is all about again, organic search traffic, but specifically for e-commerce stores.

E-Commerce SEO Is VERY Profitable

Now the reason you would want to change from local to e-commerce is that you can earn significantly more money.

In fact, pricing for e-commerce SEO is between $400/month to $10,000/month depending on the level of service.

E-commerce SEO pricing

And the reason for that is the very clear benefits. E-commerce SEO is very, very valuable to an e-commerce store. And it’s very, very measurable.

So you can measurably dramatically increase their revenue, sales, and profits.

E-Commerce SEO Is Difficult To Learn

Whereas the downsides are also quite clear. And that is that e-commerce SEO is very difficult to learn and master the skill, it is not for beginners on any level.

And even if you are really good at SEO and you understand e-commerce SEO, it’s still not easy to fulfill because it is scale.

It is typical for even a small e-commerce store to have upwards of a thousand pages and more likely to be near the 10,000 marks on average for again, small to medium-sized stores.

A LOT of Work

What that means is it’s a lot of work. If you can imagine, how would you optimize 10,000 pages and know how to prioritize all that?

Well, it is a lot of work and requires a team or at least a bunch of contractors to work with.

So it is not beginner friendly at any level. But as a result of that, you can earn significantly more money per client.

4. Google Search Ads

Now beyond SEO, there’s also Google Search Ads. So it’s not just the “free organic listing”, there are also ads that usually display above that.

Google Ad Example

And if you look at Google as a company’s revenue, you’re looking at around $39.58 billion of the revenue coming from ads according to E marketer.

What that means is a lot of businesses are spending money on Google search ads or other types of ads. And if you can get in there as a service, starting with specifically Google search ads, which is a nice easy entry point that you can make some pretty good money from that.

And this is basically the same as SEO. If someone goes online and they search for a plumber or a dentist or even products, then you simply run the ads against those keywords and promote your clients’ website.

And in terms of pricing, you’re usually going to do this on a management fee basis. So you have a minimum measure fee that may be anywhere from $1500 to $2500 per month, or more depending on the types of clients that you’re working with.

And then beyond that, you’re gonna charge them a percentage of the ad spend. So that’s spending $10,000 a month, maybe you charge them, say 15% of the ad spend, well, that’s gonna be around $1500 per month.

$10,000 x 15% = $1,500

Quick & Easy To Set Up

Now in terms of doing this for local businesses, which is a nice, easy starting point, the benefits of this as a service is that ads a very quick and easy to set up.

In fact, you can have them up and running today, not necessarily profitable possibly, but it’s nice and quick to set up. Unlike SEO, which is taking you again months to get any level of results.

Google Ads Don’t Burn Out

It’s also great that ads don’t really burn out. If you run ads on Facebook, they can burn out in a few days, a week, a month or so on.

And then you basically have to start over from scratch created new creatives all over again. With Google search ads, that really just doesn’t happen.

Hard To Get Clients

However, there are downsides. And that is that really to make good money, you need clients to spend a lot of money on ads. If you already spend $1,000 a month on ads, it’s quite difficult to convince them, “Hey, pay me $1,000 to manage $1,000 in ad spend.”

Whereas your clients spending an average, say upwards of $10,000 per month, then you can really make good money by charging them say 20% of their ad spend as a management fee. But you need to find those higher-paying clients.

Difficult To Test Ads

Beyond that, it’s also difficult to test ads and get them really, really profitable for them. Because if you’re only spending $5 a day on testing, well, that is a very, very small budget, it’s going to take a long time to really get any significant test results.

And of course, you also have to consider that it isn’t actually that easy. It’s easy for low competition niches. However, if you enter a more competitive space, such as e-commerce, well, then it gets pricey and it gets competitive. And you actually have to know what you’re doing. Just like any other service.

5. YouTube Ads Management

More than a billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every single day. So needless to say, people are spending a lot of time on YouTube and advertisers want to get in front of those people.

So you can go in there as a service, possibly create those videos, but at least run and manage the advertisement of those videos.

And this is a great digital marketing service that is very valuable to businesses. Because again, it is attention.

Now in terms of pricing for this as a service, it really depends on what you do.

If you provide an actual creation of videos then you looking at on the absolute low end, maybe $500 for say, creating basic explainer type videos, all the way up to $10,000, or more for like more high-quality videos. Again, it depends on what exactly you’re doing.

Now, in terms of managing the ads is basically the same as before. You’re looking at a management fee, and probably a minimum retainer for that starting at maybe $1500 to $2500 per month.

And then again, 15 to 20% of the ad spend depends on how much you’re spending. Usually, as that grows, the ad spend percentage that you take becomes lower.

YouTube Ads Scale Quickly

Now the benefit of this as a service is it can scale really, really quickly again, because there’s pay to play. So if you have an ad that is converting well, you can just double the ad spend from $100, a day to $200 a day and so on very quickly.

Less Competetive

And beyond that, it’s a little bit less competitive. Of course, there are YouTube advertising agencies. But there simply isn’t as many as there are Facebook ad agencies because everyone wants to run a Facebook ad agency or a Social Media Marketing Agency, because that is the big hype, whereas YouTube is a little bit less competitive.

Difficult To Learn

And that comes down to the downsides. Because it’s more complex to learn, it’s more difficult to learn than Facebook ads, is a little bit higher entry barrier. And as a result of that, the competition is lower though.

So I think that kind of outweighs it. You also have to consider, of course, the difficulty of creating the videos, if you plan on selling as a service. Well, they even need to have a video already, or you need to help them create a video that actually converts.

And that isn’t necessarily the easiest thing in the world to know because you have to understand copywriting and video scripting and all that types of stuff, which is a little bit of different skill to simply just run ads.

6. Facebook Ads

The next digital marketing service that you can sell is Facebook ads, which I’m sure most of you are familiar with. Because there are a bazillion videos on YouTube telling you can make easy money with Facebook ads as a service.

However, is actually pretty good. So social media advertising is apparently a $31 billion industry.

If you don’t know what Facebook ads are, it’s basically around creating landing pages and then creating creatives and running ads on Facebook driven to a landing page promoting some sort of promotion usually.

So what I’m referring to specifically here is working with clients like gyms and dentists and creating some sort of promotion. It’s not the same as SEO where someone just searches for a dentist because they’re looking for a dentist.

With Facebook, you just scroll through the newsfeed and you see some ads, so if you want their attention, you got to interrupt them a little bit with an offer.

Facebook ad example

So you design what exactly is that promotion offer, the landing page, you create the ad and then you run and manage those ads for them.

And again, you typically want to work with here local businesses, because it’s just easier. You can do this for e-commerce. But again, it gets very complicated at that stage.

And in terms of pricing for this, again is similar to search ads essentially, we have a management fee for this. And you usually charge 15% to 20% as an add management fee with a minimum of saying like $500 to $1500 a month, again for your local clients.

Quick Results

Now the benefits of this service are obviously clear and there are a bazillion videos overhyping them a little bit for you, which is that it’s very quick to get results because you turn on ads, and it can be potentially profitable from day one, especially if you’re experienced in that niche. And you know what creatives work.

Easy To Learn

Beyond that, it’s pretty easy to learn. In fact, Facebook themselves will teach you how to run ads on our platform, because they want you to spend money with them.

Worse Retention

The downsides again of that being that is such an easy sell that your attention may not be as good as something with SEO, where you’ve got to convince them, “Hey, stick with me for at least six months to really see any level of results.”So that’s a big downside.

Worse Conversion

Also, there is also that it’s not gonna convert as well as SEO because it’s, again, it’s promotional type leads versus someone searching on Google.

Need To Spend Decent Money

And on top of that, it’s the same as Google search ads, you have to have clients to spend decent money to really make any decent money.

So you can start with the local. But ideally, if you want to make any money you want to expand into say national stuff, and e-commerce, and things like that, because then they can spend $10,000 a month.

7. Conversion Rate Optimization

If you look at the global size of e-commerce as online shopping, in 2019 online sales surpassed 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide.

And CRO; conversion optimization is simply where you optimize a page, a website to convert better.

So you can go to an e-commerce store. And you can make some tweaks on the website that will get them to let’s say an increase of 10% – 30% of that profit.

Well, that is of significant value to the right stores.

Now in terms of pricing for the service, really it depends on the types of clients you work with, the complexity of the projects you are managing, and really what you want to charge like anything else. But I say on the lower end, you’re looking at around $2,000 per month for this as a service.

Easy To Learn

Now the benefits of this are it’s highly measurable. So it’s very clear to show the results of exactly what you did for your clients. And you have to track that to really know what you’re doing.

Very Quick Results

Beyond that is very quick results. They already have traffic. So it’s not like you have to increase traffic, which even for Facebook ads can really take maybe a month or two, one for three months to really get a good converting campaign.

Whereas with CRO, well, that’s what you’re doing from day one, you already have the traffic, you just optimizing the conversion of that. So very quick, valuable, and measurable results.

Easy To Sell

And as a result of that, of course, it’s pretty easy to sell because again, the results are very clear. If you can get attempts and increase in conversion that is of massive value.

Retention Rate

However, if you have to consider what are the downsides of this, I’d say that potentially, not really, but potentially retention rate can be a problem.

Well, once you’ve optimized the main pages for the client, they probably don’t want to continue paying you $2,000 a month, unlike SEO, which is a consistently growing process.

You Need Big Websites

And beyond that, of course, you need big websites, you need clients that have big websites and clients that have a lot of traffic. Because if you don’t have a lot of traffic, then CRO just simply won’t have that much of an impact.

So you got to know how to go out there and get bigger clients and bigger websites because otherwise they simply won’t make enough money to justify your $2000+ per month fee.

8. Email Marketing Copywriting

That is writing emails, for businesses that have email lists. You can do this daily, weekly, whatever you want, usually gonna charge them upwards of $100 per email when you’re doing this.

And if you don’t already email marketing is one of the most effective dollars for dollar marketing mediums there is.

It’s much more effective than social media, or SEO, or anything like that if again you know how to build an email list.

So it’s a very, very valuable service if you can write compelling copy that converts.

9. Funnel Consulting

If you look at Click Funnels, they went from zero to $100 million ARR; an annual recurring revenue company in just three years.

Needless to say, there is a lot of value people that create funnels that convert, that’s funnels that you’d run again, on ads, like Facebook, anything that you send traffic to a funnel to convert those people.

It’s a lot of value for this, you could charge 1000s of dollars a month for this, you’re looking at really $5,000 plus to create a funnel for someone, even though there are drag and drop tools for this. And one of the best tools for this that I personally use and highly recommend is Builderall.

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10. Digital PR

The next is digital PR, which is getting links and mentions from big media sites like BBC, or Forbes, or anything like that. It could also be just niche-specific mentions.

But this is very valuable to businesses and makes them feel good that they’ve been mentioned, these are places that can be helpful for SEO.

And as a result of this, you can charge upwards of around $2,000 per month for this as a service again, on that lower end dependent on what exactly you’re fulfilling, and how many mentions that you’re pushing to achieve.

12. Content Writing

And a final service is content writing. Content is massively in demand. If you’re launching a website, and you’re looking to get traffic from search or even social media, what do you need content to drive traffic to.

And if you look at, say your typical affiliate authority type site on the low end, you want to start those sites off with 30,000 words of content. If you were to sell this as a service, you’re looking at around $3,000 to $4,000 of content.

So needless to say, you can make pretty good money by tapping into this trend, not by digging the gold but by selling the shovels i.e. content.

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Worth to mention about this service is that content writing is also very easy to outsource. And if you want to learn how to do that the right way, check out How To Outsource Blog Writing in 2021.


So, that is 11 digital marketing services you can sell for upwards of $1,000 based on actual data and research. If you already have a service to sell and want to get more clients, check out these best ways to get more clients to sell digital marketing services.

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