GoHighLevel Pricing 2023 [+30 Day Extended Trial]

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that can replace every single piece of software that you ever used in your agency, coaching business, consulting business, or even your brick-and-mortar business.

Today, we’ll look at the GoHighLevel pricing plans for 2023 and how much value you’ll get compared to other similar platforms. We’ll also cover the GoHighLevel extended 30 day free trial that is not available on the official website.


$ 97 / month

  • Unlimited Users
  • 1 Business Account
  • Workflow Builder
  • Campaign Builder
  • 2 Ways SMS
  • 2 Way Email
  • Website Builder
  • Calendar
  • Email Builder
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$ 297 / month

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Business Accounts
  • Everything in Starter+
  • Membership sites
  • White Label Desktop Access
  • Basic API Access
  • Chat Support
  • Phone Support
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Agency Pro

$ 497 / month

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Business Accounts
  • Unlimited SaaS
  • Everything in Freelance+
  • Agent Reporting
  • AI Conversational Bot
  • Advanced API Access
  • Advanced CRM
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$ Custom

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Business Accounts
  • Unlimited SaaS
  • Access to All Tools
  • Scalable Pricing
  • Dedicated Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Custom Development
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GoHighLevel Pricing Plans 2023 Breakdown

GoHighLevel has 4 different plans that go as follows:

  • Starter – $97/month
  • Freelancer – $297/month
  • Agency Pro – $497/month
  • Enterprise plan – Custom pricing

Now I’m going to talk about the first 3 plans for the most part and we’ll touch a little bit on the enterprise at the end.

Compared to other GoHighlevel alternatives available in today’s market, GoHighLevel is famous for being the most affordable and highly functional.

In fact, you will receive a 30-day free trial where you can access this software and check out its functionality before making a final decision.

GoHighLevel Starter Plan – $97/month

The Starter plan is $97 a month if you pay month to month. And you can get this plan for $81 if you pay annually. So, you get 2 months free.

This plan will give you access to:

  • Agency Dashboard – The GoHighLevel Agency Dashboard will be able to have an overview of your sales and marketing activities.
  • Contact Management – This allows you to manage your contact list with the utmost ease. Additionally, you can add tasks, appointments, and notes, to name a few.
  • Opportunities Dashboard – With this tool, you will be able to track and manage your leads in a funnel.
  • Customizable follow-up campaigns – With GoHighLevel, you can easily automate your follow-up campaigns and capture all engaged responses from your leads.
  • Calendar Scheduler – This feature allows you to capture all vital appointments on the GoHighLevel calendar app in a straightforward flow so you don’t need Calendly or Acuity anymore.
  • Forms and Surveys – This tool allows you to capture your leads through capture and survey forms. You can easily integrate with the GoHighLevel page builder, or you might as well consider embedding them directly to your website. It is a great Typeform replacement
  • Conversations Dashboard – While here, you will have access to all your email, SMS, and calling conversations stored in a single place.

GoHighLevel allows you to add your leads to different automation for email, voice, as well as SMS.

It also allows you to call your lead from your dashboard directly.

In addition to the features discussed above, as a GoHighLevel user, you will have access to the following features;

  • 2-way SMS/Email
  • Funnel builder
  • Website builder
  • Email builder
  • Integrations
  • Power dialer
  • Voicemail
  • Google and Facebook attribution reporting
  • Form and survey builder

The starter plan also includes unlimited users, which is really cool, but only one business account.

So that means that you can use it for yourself or one of your clients, and that’s it.

You can’t use it for more than one account.

If you only have one client or you’re just getting started and you want a CRM for your own agency, this is a good plan for you.

If you’re a coach or a consultant, great plan for you, you don’t need the fancy one, just get the starter package.

You can literally replace everything that you were using before and save a bunch of money per month by using even the GoHighLevel Starter plan.

I know if you guys are buying separate software applications for each one of these that you’re paying more than $97 or even $297 a month.

>> See everything that’s included in the GoHighLevel starter plan

GoHighLevel Freelancer Plan – $297/month

The freelancer plan is $297/month or $248 when billed annually.

The Freelancer plan does include everything that the Starter plan plus:

  • Workflow builder
  • Whitelabel desktop
  • Chat support
  • Phone support

Additionally, with this plan, you get unlimited users, but you also get an unlimited business account, which means you can have unlimited clients within your account, which is really, really cool.

GoHighLevel Agency Pro Plan – $497/month

The Agency Pro is $497/month or if you pay yearly it will cost you $414/month.

The Agency Pro plan, which is the plan that I have, gives you access to API access.

Agent reporting, which means if you have a sales team, you can see reports on their progress and how many each person has sold, which is cool.

AI bot, which is called Eliza.

As well as SAAS mode which right now is the Twilio rebill feature so, if your clients are using a lot of messaging, you can actually upcharge them for it.

And you’ll also be able to inherently include your own SAAS packages in the very near future. You can upsell it and you can make even more money in your agency with your own white-label SAAS platform.

GoHighLevel Enterprise Plan

And of course, with enterprise, you get all these features as well. However, the enterprise also includes some features that you aren’t going to get with other plans like:

  • Dedicated support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Scalable pricing
  • Custom development

And HIPAA Compliant, which as of now out of the box is an extra $297 per month.

And you also get your own white-label mobile app, which is super fun because the GoHighLevel team actually develops your own mobile app for you and maintains it in the app stores.

That’s why usually just that is an extra $597 a month. But I’m assuming with the enterprise package, you’re going to get a better deal.

With the GoHighLevel enterprise plan, you’ll get pretty much most of the features you would get with enterprise solutions like HubSpot. You can read more in this GoHighLevel vs HubSpot comparison.

Which GoHighLevel Plan is Best For You?

A lot of people ask me which plan is right for me. Which one do I need if I’m just starting? Do I need the Agency Pro account?

GoHighLevel Starter Plan is Best For

If you’re just starting your own digital marketing agency and you have one client or less, and you want a CRM for your agency, you want to automate your onboarding, you want to do all the fun stuff so that you can focus on sales and growing your agency, get starter plan.

You can always upgrade later and you are prorated when you upgrade so you don’t have to pay $97 and then $297, you’re actually prorated.

GoHighLevel Freelancer Plan is Best For

If you are an agency and you have several clients, but you don’t have a sales team yet, and you’re not looking to do SAAS mode or Twilio rebilling, I would recommend the Freelancer plan.

I have used it for a long time. I used it before all the other new features came out and it was great. It served my purpose.

Agency Pro Plan is Best For

If you’re a bigger agency and you want the cool stuff, if you like new things, if you like the gadgets, definitely go for the Agency Pro because you’re going to get that sales team reporting, you’re going to get the API access, you’re going to get the Eliza AI bot, you’re going to be able to enable and disable SAAS mode and Twilio rebilling with one click.

You’re also going to get advanced API access, which is cool.

GoHighLevel Enterprise Plan is Best For

And if you’re a big agency and you have clients that need HIPAA compliance, or you want the white-label app, I would definitely get on a call with the HighLevel team and ask them about the enterprise.

You’re probably going to get a better deal doing that than you would just by adding one or two things in your cart and upgrading at that time.

Wrapping Up GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

So those are my final thoughts on the GoHighLevel pricing and features. I hope this helps you guys.

If you are tired of purchasing different marketing services separately, GoHighLevel will help you solve that issue.

After going through this pricing breakdown, you have seen how capable this tool is and how it can help control your client list with ease.

Its unique features make it one of the best if not the best marketing tool in an all-in-one system.

Therefore, as an agency owner working on a tight budget, we strongly recommend you to check out GoHighLevel if you need to maximize your business profitability.

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