How To Find Affiliate Products in 2023: 13 Tips & Ideas

how to find affiliate products

Today, you’ll find out everything you need to know about how to find affiliate products to promote that your audience will love.

So, now you know how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing and now it’s time to find products.

And this is one of the things that you may think you already know what to do, but I would encourage you to read this right to the end if you don’t want to risk wasting time on promoting the wrong affiliate product.

But before I’m going to show you methods where to find affiliate products, you need to understand some important criteria of a high-quality product that will make your life easier as an affiliate.

Let’s get started.

1. Focus on One Product

The first tip, if you want to find affiliate products to promote is first and foremost, you need to focus on one product, especially when you’re starting out.

Do not try and promote too many things at once, and jump from thing to thing to thing.

You want to stay focused on one main product.

You need to stay away from the short-term mindset and don’t just think about getting quick cash.

When you are choosing a product to promote, you need to choose something which you think has got longevity that you are happy to promote every single day for at least a year and beyond.

And then that is when you know, you’ve got a good product to promote. And you still can have other products that you’re recommending and you promote. But they almost need to kind of complement that main product.

So, if you’ve got your main product, which is a website builder, then you can start to recommend other things which are associated with that as well, or whatever you are deciding to promote.

So, say, for instance, you’re promoting a fitness membership website, you could mainly focus on promoting that, start to build up some momentum with that, and then you could start to recommend like supplements or whatever alongside that, to help like add more income coming in as well.

This is how I became one of the top affiliates worldwide for a big software company. I went all-in with this product before moving to something else.

2. Your Product Has To Solve Problems

So, the next one is you need to find a product that solves a problem, and there is a demand for because you can be an affiliate for almost any product, but you want to find a product that is going to be able to sell and it’s not difficult to sell.

And the best way to do that is to look inward and look at what you are using yourself now.

So, are you signed up for any programs?

Are you using any pieces of software?

If you are signed up to an app on your phone which helps you save money, they’ve probably got an affiliate program, so maybe that is what you can promote.

Because it’s best to look at what you are currently using; if you are purchasing something or you’ve bought something because then you can see straight away that there’s a demand for it and people buy it because you’ve bought it or you’ve signed up to it.

And also, you’re probably the best person to promote it because you’ve bought it and you know all about it.

So, for instance, before I started promoting the software mentioned in the previous point, I actually signed up for it as a user. So, then I was using it.

I thought this is a really good platform, I then want to share it with people, and I knew there was a demand for it, and I knew that it solved a problem.

So, you really want to find something which solves a problem.

But don’t worry if you’re looking at yourself now thinking I’ve not got any product that I’m using that I could potentially promote as an affiliate, then you start looking around and just see what other affiliates are promoting.

Because if they’re promoting something, then obviously, it’s solving a problem and it’s working for them.

3. Start With Recurring Affiliate Programs

My next tip for you is to focus on promoting recurring affiliate programs.

This is what I did and this is what I would do if I were starting over again.

I would absolutely 100% go all in on a recurring product or a high-ticket product.

Now, what a recurring product is, typically like software or a membership site.

So, for example, I’ve done well with different software where people pay every single month to get access to that product and they give the affiliate a cut of that money every single month.

So, for example, one product pays me 30% every month of the amount that they get paid from the people I referred years ago.

So obviously this can be crazy good if it’s a good company.

Someone can stay with them for 5 years and you can make money for 5 years off of that initial referral.

4. Find High Ticket Affiliate Programs

So, if you’re not going to do a recurring, that’s fine. You can go high ticket, which is kind of similar, but you end up kind of getting it all chunked up in one lump sum.

So high ticket, I typically save about $1000 or more in the cost of the product, so you would make $500 or more typically in commissions off of this.

And you need to not be scared of promoting high-ticket affiliate products.

Most people that sell high ticket products have got really good systems in play.

They can really make a good product and make people get value out of them and people, initial affiliates are always a little nervous to sell high ticket affiliate products.

Do not be scared to sell high-ticket products.

I would focus on one in the beginning, and you’ll be blown away when your first sale comes in and you’re like, oh man, if I had started on my Amazon Associates, I would’ve needed 500 sales to make that much money.

So, start with recurring or high-ticket products; products that pay major commissions or they pay monthly commissions.

5. Pay Attention To The Quality of The Product

The next thing you’re going to look at is the quality of the product. The reason for this is for your audience is going to trust you.

You’re going to be building trust as I teach you how to do that on this blog.

So as you build up that trust, you’re only one bad product away from losing that trust.

Meaning, you promote a product, they buy it, it’s terrible, they’ll never buy a product you promote again.

Your reputation is shut, you’ve now lost the opportunity to market to that person ever again, which sucks because they’re a buyer, they’ve already shown they’re interested in products you’re promoting.

So don’t just promote random products on ClickBank, random products on JVzoo; and we’ll talk about what these are.

But look into a product, choose products you actually believe in that you genuinely think can help your audience achieve their desires and achieve their goals, and then focus on those products.

And don’t get sucked into these little launches of crappy products that’ll just make your audience hate you.

6. Avoid Promoting Mid Range Products

The best way to start is to promote the product which solves a problem, but it’s either the cheapest option or it’s the best in the category.

Some people haven’t got money, but they still need the problem solving so you want to promote the cheapest option in that market, or you want to go for the best.

So, either the cheapest or the best. If you start hitting products in the middle where they’re a bit mid-ranged and they’re not quite the best, then it’s a lot harder to promote.

Trust me, you’ll be a lot more successful if you choose one of them when you’re starting out choosing products.

7. Look For Multiple Affiliate Products

You should also look to see if a company has multiple products. And the reason for this is a lot of companies will have a sticky cookie and they’ll cookie people to you when you refer someone.

So, let’s pretend that I refer John to ClickFunnels and he buys Russell’s book, Dotcom Secrets.

Well, guess what?

They’ve got 20 other products, and when he goes and buys the One Funnel Away Challenge, and then he goes and buys the ClickFunnels software, or other their high ticket offers, they give you money for all those.

And so, I love to look for companies that do that; that says, hey, we’ve got 10 different products, and if you get somebody in the door, whatever they buy in the next 30 or 60 days, we will give you commissions.

And this is great because you can make really cool, crazy commissions by promoting $5, $10 products in companies like this.

8. Make Sure The Vendor Has a Good Sales Process in Place

The next important tip on how to choose an affiliate product is you’ve got to look at their team and their affiliate sales funnel process in place.

I’ve been caught up in a lot of launches where I thought I was going to blow up. I thought I was going to make a ton of money and I ended up making almost nothing.

And I can remember one, in particular, that I sent probably thousands leads to this launch this company was doing, they were going to sell around $1,000 product and it looked really cool.

It was like software combined with training that could just automate a big chunk of your business, it was like a suite.

And so, I sent just massive amounts of traffic, did everything I could and nothing; I didn’t get a single sale, and I was so frustrated and so annoyed that I did all that work, and coming, I went and looked deeper and realized they had a terrible sales process.

They didn’t have a good sales funnel, they didn’t have remarketing and stuff in place, they didn’t have email sequences in place for people that didn’t buy.

It was essentially you send people to a page and they buy or they don’t buy. And that doesn’t work great with any affiliate product.

So, you want to look at their sales process and you want to make sure that:

1. They have got a good email sequence

2. They have a good sales funnel process

You want to go to their landing pages, sign up as a lead, and see what’s going on.

If you see get emails and you see Facebook or Google ads, that is a really good sign if you do because it means, hey, if I send traffic to them, they’re going to run ads to that traffic and really do everything they can to make money off of each person I send.

So, look at their marketing system and see, does it seem like they’ve got all their ducks in a row or does it seem like they’re kind of just winging it?

And if they’re winging it, you probably don’t want to get involved in a launch or even a steady product promotion with them.

9. Match The Product With Your Audience

And the next thing we’re going to look at is the audience match. You’re going to be building an audience and even if your audience is only 100 people, do not promote a product that doesn’t 100% match the audience that you’ve built.

For example, just because your audience is interested in making money online does not mean your audience is interested in e-commerce, dropshipping, or Forex.

They came to follow you because of that particular niche and that’s the route most of them are taking.

So, look at your audience before you get involved in any kind of promotion and as yourself;

“Is this cohesive with the messaging that I’ve been doing and all the reasons these people have chosen to follow me, does this product line up with all that?”

And that’s going to be one of the biggest lessons you take as you do affiliate marketing is, is making everything cohesive from step 1; from your content to your landing pages, to your emails, to your products that you promote.

If it’s all cohesive, all geared around one audience, one niche, you’ll find that it doesn’t take a large audience to make a lot of money as an affiliate marketer.

Now, let’s talk about where to find affiliate products.

And I think people overcomplicate it.

10. Search on Google

The first place I typically go once I’ve chosen a niche is Google. Let’s say it’s a pet niche.

So, I type in “Best pet affiliate programs” into Google.

best pet affiliate programs - google search

And you’ll find very quickly that someone’s done all the work for you.

You’ll just peek through those, do some research and you’ll figure out which ones have got the high commissions; the really quality products, the team that’s got sales mastered, and you’ll put it all together and come up with a few products that you really want to go in on.

11. Browse Facebook Groups

And then the second way is I’ll just join any affiliate Facebook groups and I would literally say, “Hey, I am in the pet niche. Any good programs people like?”

And you’ll find, those usually in my group get 5, 10, 15 comments like, “Hey, I love this one. I’m in that niche as well. Let’s connect.”

And they’ll give you a couple of really good products ideas that have done really well for them.

So, Facebook groups and Google, that typically is all I need.

12. Research Competitors

But you can also go look at competitors. So, you’ll go look at the other people in that space, go watch some YouTube videos in the blogs and you’ll see pretty quickly they’re typically promoting something as well.

And if they’re an established competitor, that’s a good sign if they’re promoting it, because it means they’re probably making money off it or they would’ve stopped promoting it.

So, you’ll go look at the competitors and ask yourself, what is it that they’re promoting? And can I get involved in the same?

13. Look For Affiliate Networks

And then the last place you’ll look, if this hasn’t panned out for you is affiliate networks.

These are sites like:

  • Awin
  • Sharesales
  • Flexoffers
  • Clickbank
  • CJ Affiliate
  • JVZoo

All these are kind of big affiliate networks.

So, for example, if you go to ShareASale, you’ll find thousands of affiliate programs in thousands of niches.

You just type in your niche and you’ll get tons of different merchants.

shareasale affiliate merchants

So, you can get literally an unlimited number of good affiliate products to promote.

Then, you’ll just go and you can either directly join the program or you’ll have to apply to join the program.

But this is a great place to go if you’re still struggling and lost, and you can just type in a couple of niches and start to see different programs.

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Now It’s Your Turn

So, now you know how to find affiliate marketing products.

Your assignment is I want you to go make a list as you start doing all this research, spend some time, research a bunch of affiliate programs, and I want you to keep track specifically of the ones that fulfill this.

Make sure to pay attention to:

What’s the highest ticket product that I can promote?

What do the reviews look like?

Do they have a ton of 5-star ratings on Google or a ton of 2-star ratings?

Do they have a lot of products?

How do I feel about their team?

Is it a five or a one in terms of their sales process and how good it is?

Is this directly linked to the way that I want to promote, and the way that I’m going to be promoting to my niche?

And you’ll come up with a big list and then I want you to refine and pick.

You want you to pick your one, the one that’s just like, this is the product that you want to promote the crap out of.

You want to feel so good just selling this product to your audience, and becoming a go-to guy for this product.

And if you need more advanced tips and tricks, make sure to check out my affiliate marketing PDF or my free affiliate marketing course where I reveal all my methods on how to choose affiliate products and most importantly how to promote them.

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