How To Outsource on Fiverr in 2022 [Best Gigs & Sellers]

how to outsource on fiverr
In this in-depth guide, I will show you how to outsource on Fiverr all your tasks you don't know how to do or you just don't want to waste your time doing it yourself.

You’ll also learn:

How to use Fiverr for your business
Best services to outsource on Fiverr
How to find the best sellers on Fiverr
What services you should avoid on Fiverr
Best Fiverr alternatives
And more

Let’s get started.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is really much more than just some freelancer site for cheap outsourcing services.

On Fiverr basically, you can find thousands of services for very cheap and there are lots of experts on there 

Fiver is trusted by big companies including Facebook, Google, Netflix, Paypal, and other big companies are using their services.

Many online entrepreneurs who do digital marketing, affiliate marketing, or YouTube marketing outsource all the jobs for really fraction of the cost which they would have to pay to an agency.

So if you really want to have some things done pretty fast at an affordable price then Fiverr is a really good place to go.

How To Use Fiverr For Your Business?

The best way to use Fiverr is to start by looking at what tasks you have in your business that really aren’t that fun.

A lot of us started a business because we had a passion or skill, we have something that we really wanted to share, we like creating content, we like creating products, we like helping people achieve their goals.

And yet there’s just something that we have to do to grow our businesses that we just kind of grind our teeth when it’s time to do them.

And it’s different for every person. Some people love video editing, some people hate video editing. Some people like writing other people hate writing.

And so when it comes time to do those tasks that you don’t really enjoy or tasks that seem to take a long time or tasks that are really repetitive then Fiverr is for you.

That’s the best way to use Fiverr for your business.

So, with that, let’s go ahead and start talking about the best types of gigs to outsource to grow your online business.

Best Services to Outsource on Fiverr

Fiverr offers a wide range of services, packaged as gigs.

For those marketers and influencers, the most relevant feature is the brand feature that Fiverr has just launched and that is Fiverr Influencer Store.

Fiverr Influencer Store

This is basically an accurate list of services that are most relevant to anyone who runs an online business.

So whether you are an affiliate marketer or an influencer and you have your own YouTube channel, drone website, your own Instagram, or Facebook page then these are the services that are going to directly help you to grow your online business.

So here you’ll find top hand-picked services to help you grow all of your channels including:

Web & Blog Services
YouTube Services
Instagram Services
Facebook Services

This is the most curated service to help you grow your platforms and that’s perfect if you are an online entrepreneur.

I’m going to share what I think are the most relevant services to sign up for.

Fiverr Instagram Marketing Services

First and foremost getting someone to professionally edit your photos can really breathe life into your Instagram because Instagram is all about pictures and images.

Instagram photo editing services

So to have professional-looking images is obviously one of the keys to growing your Instagram channel.

Next, I would say having someone to manage your Instagram growth might be the best service for people who are starting small and starting from zero.

Instagram managing account services

And you want to grow your Instagram you want to get followers and you want someone to professionally manage your account so that you can get that social proof.

Fiverr Facebook Marketing Services

When it comes to Facebook I would start with professional designing your Facebook page cover.

Facebook designing page cover services

You want to have a professional handle all of your graphic and web design because basically if you’re not someone who’s experienced in this then you’re gonna look really unprofessional.

And something that looks unprofessional online especially in today’s day and age it just gives off the wrong impression to potential customers.

So obviously if someone is interested in doing business with you then it helps to have professional branding throughout every single channel including your Facebook page with having professional ads and with professional video ads.

Fiverr Youtube Marketing Services

Personally, I don’t a YouTube channel but I think the best service is getting a professional intro and outro that can really make you look much bigger as a YouTube channel.

instros and outros services

It can make you look much more professional and give people a reason to subscribe.

If you don’t have that professional intro and outro it’s something that is missing from a professional YouTube channel.

And aside from an intro and outro custom art design in terms of a channel header you want to have that professional look.

YouTube channel design services

As I said before with all your platforms whether it’s Facebook, Instagram YouTube you want to have your branding consistent and you want it to look very professional.

So it gives people a reason to subscribe a reason to follow you or interact with your business and become a customer.

Fiverr Website & Blog Services

And last but not least we have the web & blog which I think is the most important thing for me is to have that professional website to have amazing content.

Now, hear me out when it comes to growing your business, your job is not to be a WordPress professional. Something that could take two hours could take a WordPress professional 20 to 30 minutes.

So there are a lot of great WordPress gigs on Fiverr that are specific to certain types of problems.

And the best way to use Fiverr, to fix anything that’s on your WordPress site or if you want to set up a sales funnel on your WordPress site, is to actually know what plugins and software you want ahead of time.

Something that I’ve learned the hard way. And from previous clients, students, is Fiverr WordPress developers are good at what they do, but you don’t want them to be giving you advice on what actual plugins and themes to be using.

So, you want to go with knowing, I want to use this plugin, I want to use this theme and I want this result. You need to be very clear because remember you’re getting a really good deal.

Fiverr Virtual Assistant Services

Now the next type of gig I highly recommend using is the virtual assistant gigs. And these are a great place to start if you just have no idea what you need to be done.

You just know you have a lot of work to do and there just isn’t enough time in the day.

This is where a VA gig comes in handy. Later we’ll be talking about a warning in terms of you don’t want to view these VAs as someone who’s eventually going to come onto your team.

But if you have some projects or you have some research that needs to be done, these VAs gigs are an excellent option to begin to optimize your time.

Because as a business owner, entrepreneur, creator, influencer, a large part of your job is learning how to delegate tasks.

And so even if you feel like it’s going to take you just as much time to delegate the task, as it would do the task, go ahead and start developing the skill of delegating the task versus doing one of the tasks.

Fiverr Content Creation Services

I really think that outsourcing content creation is so important especially for anyone who owns a blog.

content creation services

When you have the content it helps you to get SEO it helps you to get organic ranking because when you create valuable content it draws any customers who are looking about a certain product or about a certain tutorial or something.

How To Use Fiverr As a Buyer Step By Step Guide

Now I want to show you how to use Fiverr as a buyer and order your first gig and then I’ll show you what the finished product looks like.

Let’s get started.

#1. Choose A Seller

When I’m choosing a seller the number one thing I like to look for is I like to find top-rated sellers who have hundreds of reviews and preferably a five-star average or close to it.

content creation freelancer

I personally like to go with the Fiverr choice or with pro services because these are verified freelance professionals.

fiverr professionals

And I’m going to order a blog post from my favorite writer who actually writes articles for my affiliate websites.

He’s a top-rated seller with a five-star average with over 600 positive reviews which is just insane.

As you can actually see here that the person who’s writing my blog post is a former newspaper editor and an attorney.

gig description

#2. Choose a Gig

Now it’s time to choose a specific product for him to write about.

And it is going to be a review made of a specific product that I’m going be an affiliate for.

I’m actually going to have this freelancer write me a review for a very popular kitchen product that I actually own which is an instant pot.

Amazon Product Example

It’s a pressure cooker that basically can cook anything in this little pot.

And when I place an order I’ll put a link to Amazon so he knows the exact product I’m talked about.

I can also say the benefits of using a pressure cooker and the pains that it solves.

Not to mention there are 2 focused keywords which means that this piece is going to be SEO optimized for a certain key phrase or a certain product.

gig packages description

One of the keys to that is SEO and search engine optimization so if this article has a higher chance and is optimized for Google so that this article can pop up in the search results which ultimately will lead to more sales.

#3. Place an Order

Once I choose a gig I want to outsource now I can place the order.

And once I’ve placed my order and I’ve completed all the information, now it is on the way and this should be here within two days or less.

#4. Contact a Seller

If you forget to mention something about your order you can actually start contacting the seller to revise things or to just basically change things that you missed in the initial signup process.

Fiverr contact seller

So don’t worry if you don’t get everything down and you come up with something make sure you say it before he starts the project.

#5. Complete an Order

Now we got the blog post the article written by a licensed attorney we got all that done for $70 and waiting less than half a day.

completed order

So this is what we receive a word count of just over 700 words which is some rich content.

And basically, this is written totally professionally with subheadings and sentences broken up.

And you can just link your affiliate links and swap it out make it super easy.

Now, this is great but let’s see what it looks like when I actually add it to one of my affiliate websites and see if it’s SEO focused and if we have that SEO optimization.

Here is how it looks like on my website.

finished product

And I basically just copied and pasted that entire article and turned things into subheadings myself within WordPress but for the most part, I literally copy and pasted what I’ve just received.

This is why I love Fiverr.

Best Fiverr Gigs & Sellers

Now I want to share my favorite sellers on Fiverr so you know that you don waste your money and time dealing with somebody who is not reliable.

Social Media Manager
Blog Posts Writer
Website Developer
Website Designer
Virtual Assistant

Benefits of Fiverr

Here are five reasons you should use Fiverr for your business.

No Job Description

If you’ve ever had to hire a freelancer before then you know the pain and agony of typing up a job description figuring out what you want.

And then going and finding examples and then filtering through proposals on UpWork or and then conducting interviews.

Sometimes you need just something done quickly and so it’s really cool that you don’t have to do job descriptions.

All the freelancers are there they’ve done all that work you just go pick and choose whichever one is going to solve your problem or get your product on the quickest and you’re done which leads me to number two which is speed.


It’s a really cool Fiverr that actually has these gig extras that allow you to get things done in 12 or 24 hours.

Fiverr upgrade your order

So if you’re on a tight deadline like you need your blog post edited it’s due tomorrow, you need some video editing or an image is just all messed up and you’re not a Photoshop Pro you can get something done within 12 or24 hours.

The quickest turnaround I’ve actually had with sellers is 3 hours.

I would recommend you have to go message them privately to see if you can get that quick of a turnaround but definitely within 24 hours, you can get pretty much anything you can think of doing.

Fiverr Buyer Protection

This is pretty common across most freelancing platforms like up work guru and freelancer but particularly on Fiverr as a buyer, you are really really protected.

Fiverr pretty much assumes that all the buyers are telling the truth and the sellers aren’t so if you’re a fellow seller like me you know the frustration of buyers taking advantage of this.

But when you go to Fiverr when you purchase something and they don’t deliver you can always request a revision and pretty much keep going until you get exactly what you want.

Fiverr resolution centre

Or if they fail to deliver or they just do a really crummy job you can dispute the order and nine times out of ten you’ll get your money back.

Getting Great Ideas

If you have a passion or skill and you’re thinking about breaking out on your own Fiverr is a great place to go to look and see if your skills are valuable.

You can go check out different gig categories to see where your products or service might fit into the general marketplace.

And because they have such a wide variety of services you get a lot of ideas and how you could turn your skills into a business.

Currency Differences

And reason number five Fiverr is such a great place to go to get services done is because you get to take advantage of currency differences.

So what does that mean I’m personally in the UK which means I’m paying less than £5 to someone across the globe and when it gets translated into their currency it’s actually quite a bit of money for them.

Now that’s not always true there are some people in the US who do super cheap stuff because they’re trying to generate leads or they’re trying to build a background on their business.

But generally, you’re going to find really quality work for very low prices at times.

Services To Avoid on Fiverr

Fiverr is really a cheap marketplace meaning you get what you pay for.

If you pay $5 for a gig that’s what you get…

Look, here’s the problem with Fiverr. There are so many people that just put a little title or a little description in their gig and they claim all sorts of skills and things and then they offer it for super cheap.

In reality, many of them don’t really have those skills. I don’t want to basically put down everyone who’s selling on Fiverr like graphic designers there are some great graphic designers or video editors and stuff like that.

But all these complex tasks like:

  • Email marketing
  • Facebook advertising
  • Google advertising
  • SEO
  • Building sales funnels

And other highly technical skills that require a lot of know-how I don’t recommend ordering gigs for those things on Fiverr. 

Best Fiverr Alternatives

Although Fiverr is a great platform to outsource your work, there are lots of low-quality gigs on the website.

If you want to find alternatives for Fiverr, here are some options that are more trustworthy.


UpWork is one of the most popular online portals for hiring freelancers & outsourcing work. They have over 18 million freelancers offering an extensive range of services.

However, they have a lengthy application process which might be a turn-off for some users.

Prices on UpWork are slightly higher than Fiverr.


Guru is a well-known online portal with over 800,000 employers worldwide. You can find lots of professionals offering services related to web development, SEO, content writing, and more.

One of the biggest advantages here is that you can hire people from different time zones, so it’s suitable for companies who manage their outsourcing activities remotely. is another great option if you’re looking for online work opportunities in the Philippines.

Over 1 million people are registered on this website, so you can find professionals offering a lot of different services including content writing, web design, marketing & more.

Prices here are even lower than on Fiverr and have no fixed deals which means the price of your project might vary.


99 Designs is the best Fiverr alternatives if you’re looking for creative work. Over 11 thousand designers are offering their services on this website, so there are lots of talented people to choose from.

Once again, prices here are fixed and depend on the designer’s pricing policy.

You can hire skilled professionals regardless of your location since 99 design allows you to communicate with your designers via a visual platform.

Is Fiverr Good?

Fiverr is a great service, if you’re looking to get something done very quickly on the cheap.

And you don’t want to go through the headache and process of posting a job on another service website like Upwork, freelancer, or Guru. You just need something that’s going to be quick.

And it’s not necessarily going to be all that customized. It’s just a standard service that you need a freelancer to take care of for you.

Who Is Not Fiverr For?

Now, when it comes to deciding whether or not Fiverr is for you, Fiverr is not for you, if you’re looking to have someone do a reoccurring task where you need someone to do something week after week.

Or you’re looking for someone who you can train as a VA and eventually take over more responsibility on your team.

If you’re looking for either one of those two things then going to Upwork, or is going to be a much better use of your time.

Because Fiverr is really designed to just productize services, right? So, whoever is on Fiverr, they have optimized their gigs. So that they’re really good at those one or two gigs that they have.

Most of those people aren’t really looking to join a team and give up their Fiverr business because they’re doing really well.

Is Fiverr Pro Worth It?

Fiverr started out as a really great budget solution. And it still is, to a certain extent, where every gig was literally $5 and then they started adding on extras so, it was $10 to $20.

But now you have gigs that are upwards of hundreds and some gigs, thousands of dollars, which is not what you should look for if you need that level of commitment from a freelancer.

If you need that level of commitment from a freelancer and you actually want someone who’s a professional, then go over to a platform like 99Design, and work with a real professional.

One of the downsides of Fiverr is as you start to pay more, you’ll actually start winding up paying a premium for really no good reason.

I’m not sure how the pricing works out but the pro gigs there are hundreds of, if not thousands of dollars are actually way more expensive than if you just went and posted a job on you can get the same quality, if not better for a significantly lower price.

Fiverr Outsourcing Final Words

So this is how to outsource on Fiverr to grow your online business. As you can see it’s really easy to save lots of time and money on tasks you don’t want to do or you don’t know how to do them.

You can just do as little as you want or as much as you want it is all up to you how you want to scale your online business.

I sincerely hope you got some value out of this guide and it helped you generate some ideas of how you could leverage Fiverr to get more done in less time.

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