Jasper AI Review & How To Use It To Generate Copy [2022]

jasper ai review
In this Jasper AI review, I'm going to show you how to use this tool, the quality of the generated copy, who this AI writer is for, and who will be better off with other tools.

With over 50 copywriting templates, command functionality, extensive training library, high-quality generated copy, and over 50,000 users at companies including Google, IBM, Logitech, and DigitalMarketer, Jasper is hands down one of the best AI copywriting software available in the market.

Regulars on my blog know that I’m a big fan of Jasper.ai (formerly Jarvis.ai) as it’s an ai copywriting tool and I found it really useful in terms of overcoming writer’s block and just generally putting content together.

However, I hear from a lot of you that you’ve signed up for Jasper but you’re not getting the results that you hoped for and you’re finding it a bit of a struggle to get some decent content out of this tool so, in this Jasper AI review, I’m also going to share with some tips that you can use to create great content with Jasper AI.

💡 Note

Today, I’m going to walk you through Jasper AI step by step to show you how to write articles, social media posts, posts, and any other marketing copy in minutes. And if you want to work along with me, you can start your free Jasper AI 5 day trial where you’ll get 10,000 free credits so you can try it out without paying anything. (No credit card is required)

What is Jasper AI?

jasper ai

Jasper.ai (formerly Jarvis.ai) is an AI copywriting software powered by GPT-3 technology. Jasper provides +50 different copywriting templates that can help you write blog posts, email copy, products descriptions, video scripts, and more.

Jasper AI is a company based in Austin Texas with around 50 employees. The team behind Jasper AI includes the CEO Dave Rogenmoser, CTO John Philip Morgan, COO Chris Hull, and CMO which most of you are familiar with – Austin Distel. Austin manages the affiliate program and information that needs to get out to the users of the software and the general public.

They also have the Script Master James Morgan that helps with the AI algorithm for Jasper.

So now you know what is Jasper AI and what is used for, now let me just show you all these copywriting tools that can help you to write better copy.

Jasper AI Templates

jasper ai templates

Jasper AI provides over 50 copywriting tools and templates including:

  • Blog templates; intro paragraph, topic ideas, artcile outline,
  • Copywriting frameworks: AIDA , PAS, BAB
  • Product description and listicles
  • Marketing copy: Google Ads and Facebook ads templates
  • Video script template
  • Social media posts
  • Linkedin personal and company bio
  • Sentence expander and sentence rewriter
  • SEO templates: meta description, meta title, homepage and product description

And many other useful templates that are not available in any other AI copywriting tools such as creative story, feature to benefit, explain to a child, just to name a few.

In addition, Jasper AI offers command functionality called Boss Mode where you can simply ask the AI what content you want to create and it will do all the heavy lifting for you.

And we’ll cover that later in this Jasper AI review.

For now, let’s take a look at some of the tools you can use inside the tool.

PAS Framework

The same is for the PAS framework or problem-agitate-solution network.

Let me just show you what I did before. I did so many copies as you can see but the last time, I tried to do something for real attraction and I said I want Jarvis to write what he thinks is the law of attraction and how it can help people to manifest a better life, for example.

And it spits out like something like this:

📋 Jasper AI PAS Framework Example

Problem: The problem is that most people don’t know how it works,

Agitation: there are many books and courses on the subject but they all have one thing in common. They only tell you half of the story. Nobody is telling you about the secrets until now because there was no way to explain them before. This knowledge is so powerful that if everyone knew about it, life would be very different than you know it today.

Solution: I’m going to share with you the secret for free and show you exactly how to use it in your life so that everything becomes possible for you. You will finally get rid of limiting beliefs and start attracting everything to your life easily.”

So, this is kind of cool that it was written by artificial intelligence.

It looks like this AI can definitely write better copy than me.

AIDA Framework

You can also start with the AIDA framework, which means attention, interest, desire, and action. This is a really good framework if you want to start getting ideas on how to create hooks and how to create a basic idea on the copy that you want to create.

Blog Post Topic Ideas

You can get blog post topic ideas. For example, “how to make money with affiliate marketing”.

jasper ai blog topic ideas

I just enter some product descriptions, audience, tone of words which is friendly and now it gave me ideas.

  • “How to start a successful affiliate business”
  • “4 reasons why you should start an affiliate marketing business today”
  • “12 ways to drive traffic from Facebook”

And you see all these I can use as ideas for my next blog post.

And what I like about this Jarvis is that I just write this, get a couple of ideas and then let’s go right. I can use this long-form assistant to write that blog post.

So, all of these tools like the blog post outline, and all the other ones are working the same.

Blog Post Into Paragraph Tool

And once you start getting blog post ideas then you will definitely need to go post blog posts intro paragraphs tool and you need to see that it can give you an idea; what to write about, how to introduce your blog posts to your readers.

So, when I did “How to create a YouTube channel for affiliate marketing”, it gave me for example:

📋 Jasper AI Blog Post Topic Ideas Example #1

“A YouTube challenge is a great way to promote your affiliate marketing products and services. However, it can be challenging for a new marketer to start a YouTube channel from scratch. In this blog post, we will discuss how to create a YouTube channel.”

You see, it’s kind of cool or?

📋 Jasper AI Blog Post Topic Ideas Example #2

“So, you want to make money from YouTube? That’s great. Creating your own channel can be a lot of fun and can open up opportunities that you may not have had before. It also allows you to work on your skills as an influencer and help others. The first thing you need to an idea for the channel.”

So, it can give you inspiration on how to start, you can tweak it and you can continue writing.

Product Description

Next, you can do product descriptions if you run an eCommerce business and you need to create compelling product descriptions for your business and you just don’t want to hire a whole team of writers.

And I think that a good writer with conversion AI can actually produce really good content and it will be way cheaper for you.

Content Improver

Another tool is a content improver. This is if you just want to rewrite a piece of content to make it a little bit better.

I personally don’t recommend using spinning tools, especially for a blog but more about it later.

Creative Story

Next, you can create a creative story. That means if you are somebody who likes to publish books and sell on Amazon, this is really cool tool.

Sentence Expander

Now, if you have a sentence that’s kind of short and you want to make it bigger, you can use Sentence Expander, it will do the work.

Facebook Ad Headline

And these are the Facebook ads, tools that I really like to use in my business. And Facebook ad headline or Facebook ad primary texts.

So again, if you promote a product, you can put promote a company name and then type in a product description and it will give you some headlines.

jasper ai facebook ad headline

For example:

  • “Increase your click-through rate by 200%”
  • “One tool that helps online marketers write better copy”
  • “A tool that makes copywriting 10x faster at writing web copy”

So, this will be all headlines that you can test on your Facebook campaign and then you can create a Facebook ad description

Persuasive Bullet Points

As you can see on either landing pages or on sales pages, there are always these bullet points and these bullet points are there for a reason, and having good bullet points can help you increase your conversions.

So, for example, I did 4 reasons why you should start an affiliate marketing business today, which can be a blog post.

jasper ai persuasive bullet points

And I wanted to write, and it gave me:

  • “Earn money from the comfort of your home”
  • “Make a living doing something you enjoy”
  • “Learn how to create professional marketing campaigns in as little as two hours”
  • “Leverage other people’s products and services for profit”

And again, you can always tweak it and create new ones.

YouTube Topic Ideas

Also, you can use Conversion.ai for topic ideas for your YouTube channels.

You can just enter keywords and some topics will spit out:

  • “10 best ways to make money online”
  • “Online classes for learning how to earn money online”
  • “How to make money online from crafts in your garage”

So, you can definitely play with this and pick the thing that you like.

And if you have a YouTube channel you can definitely use these tools to create content faster.

YouTube Script Hook and Introduction

So let me show you the hook for a video title: “How to manifest anything”

jasper ai video script hook
  • Hook: “In this video, you’ll find out how to manifest anything that you want in life.”
  • Introduction: “My name is [Your Name] and I’m here to teach you how to use the law of attraction to manifest your desires into reality. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. You can do just about anything if you put your mind to it,”

You see, so you can do this hook and then you put the meat of the video.

So, with this tool, you can definitely start creating lots of things for your YouTube Channel.

SEO – Blog Posts – Title and Meta Description

So with this tool, you can do SEO for your website. And for me, because I own two lead generation websites there are always so many products that you need to do title and meta-description and it’ll just like annoying for me to do this. So, with this, you can just enter a couple of keywords, a couple of things, and let the Jarvis writer make it for you.

Now, the last tools they’re testing are the Unique Value Proposition and the Real Estate Listings buildings. So, if you are somebody who invests in real estate, this can also create good listings that you will sell many of the properties.

💡 Note

See how to use Jasper AI for SEO in this in-depth guide.

Jasper AI Boss Mode

While Jasper AI offers many templates that make it easy to create short-form content, the Boss Mode is where the party is at.

It is the perfect tool for creating long-form content, but it can be tricky for newbies.

So, let me walk you through how to Jarvis AI to write articles and long-form type content and show you some handy recipes to make your content creation smooth.

How To Use Jasper AI Boss Mode To Write a Blog

We’re going to jump into Jarvis Boss Mode and I’m going to show you how to use a recipe to write long-form content.

So to get started head over to the templates and choose “Long-form assistant”

Jarvis long-form assistant

Then you can choose your starting point.

Now, if you are in Boss Mode, can from scratch or choose blog post workflow.

create a new document

Today, I’m going to show you how to use Jarvis Boss Mode to write articles from scratch.

But I want to show you some little tips first.

So in the corner, you’ll see “Pro Tips”

jarvis pro tips

We want to click on that. This is actually where I actually finally got around to spending some time and I learned how to make it work for me.

So they have a Jasper Boss Mode training if you want to dive in even deeper than what I’m going to teach you today.

There’s also a cheat sheet; lots of good stuff in there.

Jasper Boss Mode Commands

And then we have Jasper keyword shortcuts which are the commands and this is what I want to more about in this tutorial.

jarvis keyboard shortcuts

This is something you’ll use quite extensively as well.

In fact, your two favorite best friends in the Jasper Boss Mode are going to be Command + J for your next sentence or Command + Enter, which is actually going to be our best friend when we’re using formulas to tell Boss Mode – this is what I want you to do.

So let me show you a Jasper recipe that will help you write blog content.

So, we’re going to actually go “my documents”. I already have a recipe set up. You can use this exact recipe for a lot of your content.

jarvis recipe

So, this is my first recipe. We are going to give commands to Jarvis.

These are Boss Mode commands:

  • “Write some blog post titles about [topic]” whatever our topic of choice.

Then the next step is I want to write a brief about this topic idea:

  • “Please write an article about [Topic]”

And then we’re going to have an introduction:

  • “Write an introduction to [Topic]

Next, create an outline:

  • “Create an outline for [Topic]”

And finally, write a conclusion:

  • Write a conclusion to [Topic]”

In the [Topic] you want to file in the blank whatever topic of your choice.

1. Generating a Blog Post Title

Let’s say I want to write an article all about chatbots.

So, then my topic is going to be chatbots. So, here’s my first recipe command:

“Write some blog post titles about chatbots”

So, now you want to click on Command + Enter” and it’s going to start doing what I told it to do.

jarvis command titles

So, it’s giving me three options.

If you want to keep going and getting more title ideas, we just do Command + J and t’s going to give us some more ideas.

So I’m actually just going to delete anything extra. Jarvis will, a lot of times when you expand things, put stuff in there that you don’t necessarily want, and that’s okay. It is a robot after all. You’re the human so go ahead and take out the stuff you don’t want.

So, once you’ve decided on the title that you like; let’s say, I really like the title – “what is the difference between AI and chatbots?”

This is the title that we’re going to go with.

Now, you can absolutely save these other ideas in another document; maybe you want to write blogs about every one of these because you think they’re that fantastic. I know, I have done that. You go ahead and save them.

So, in our title, we’re going to add the title that we chose.

2. Write an Article Brief

Next, we have an article brief, write an article about the title because that’s the first command that we gave it.

So, we’re actually going to fill in where it says topic. We’re just going to put in, “what is the difference between AI and chatbot?”

And then we’re going to hit Command + Enter, and now it’s writing the actual brief that we can then input into our left side input.

jarvis command brief

You can obviously read through this, make sure it makes sense. It’s what, kind of the direction you want.

So, we’re going to cut that out and put it over here in our content brief.

content brief

Go ahead and put the keywords that you want to trigger. If you are using tools like Surfer SEO then they can actually help you come up with some really great keywords.

But if you already have something in mind, go ahead and put that down. We have my language as English. I could do a short output, a medium output, or a long output.

For the introduction the outline and the conclusion, I’m going to go with medium output.

3. Writing an Article Introduction

So for an introduction – the same thing, we’re going to go our title, copy that. I’m going to go to write an introduction, I’m going to fill in my title where the topic is, and click Command + Enter.

jarvis command introduction

And you’ll see here at the end of my introduction paragraph, it just stopped.

Well, that’s because I told Jarvis to only do a medium output. If I want Jarvis to go ahead and continue, maybe I like what he’s saying, then I’m just going to go Command + J and Jarvis will just keep writing until basically, I start deleting stuff and give him a different command.

If you don’t like any of this, I could just delete it, start over.

There is also a shortcut for that if we go to our keyboard shortcuts and you want him to rerun the last, you would just do Command + /

So go ahead and do that if you wanted to rewrite.

So, I’m going to just delete this last part or maybe I will hand something. I do highly recommend that if you’re going to use Jarvis, don’t let it write all the content for you.

I actually will let Jarvis write quite a bit and then I’ll go in and start writing. And oftentimes I’ll put the outline (which I’m about to show you how to write right now) and I’ll put it in a different document, and then I will just kind of piecemeal if you will, the outline in Jarvis and put it all into Grammarly and bring it all together.

So now we’re going to actually go ahead and create our outline.

4. Generating an Article Outline

So, in this case, the next step in the recipe is to create an outline for “what is the difference between AI and chatbot”

And I’m going to go Command + Enter.

So here we go.

jarvis command - outline

Now you might prefer to do the outline before you do the introduction. That’s totally up to you. That might actually be a better way to go. But however, you want to do it, just formulate your recipe before you get started, so you kind of have a flow or a process for how you’re going to write your blog.

Now from here, the next thing that I recommend doing; this is part of my process, is I actually will take this entire document and I’m going to put it in a note or Word document.

Depending on how Jarvis is reacting and what type of content you’re having, you may need to have each one of those outline items in their own Jarvis document. I say that because sometimes Jarvis is going to be picking up all this stuff from the side, from your content brief and your title, and it might seem very repetitive.

So, if you’re getting a lot of repetitive content or you want them to be more in-depth on that topic, create a completely separate document, title it, whatever that outline topic is for.

I would then title it and I would have Jarvis write me an entire article about what is that topic. This is also a really good tip if you’re looking to write really long-form over 1500 words, you want it to go on and on and on and be a lot more in-depth, then what you’re going to want to do is separate out the sections of your outline.

So, let’s go ahead and fill out the first outline “what is artificial intelligence?”

As part of Jarvis’s commands, there’s a couple of ways we can do this. I can either say,

  • “Answer the question what is artificial intelligence”
  • “Write a paragraph about the above”
  • “Write a paragraph about what is artificial intelligence”

So, there are three different options here.

In this case, I’m going to write, “answer the question: what is artificial intelligence?”

We’re going to go to the end of the command, hit Command + Enter, and he answers the question.

jarvis sentence

Maybe I want him to keep going. If I want to keep going, I’m going to push Command + J or compose.

Now another thing I wanted to show you is right now, again, we’re in output medium, so we’re only getting a medium output.

If I want longer output, then I’m going to go with the L, the longer.

output length

Now when I’m writing long-form content, I generally go with this.

Just keep in mind you’re going to have to go back and reread and adjust things but you’ll get much more complex answers.

Something else I want to point out to you is not everything in Jarvis is accurate. I was actually surprised at how much was accurate, especially historical information about the background of AI or chatbots.

So, the key takeaway is when you’re using Jarvis to write your content, make sure you fact check.

It’s really easy. Actually, You can just copy the sentence that you want to check, paste it to Google and this will very quickly tell me if that’s true. So, fact check.

The other thing I would recommend that you do is before you even start this process, before you even start your recipe, go and collect all of the statistical data that you might want to include.

5. Artcile Conclusion

So, once you have your outline, you’re putting in all your information and then you can tell Jarvis to write a conclusion.

It’s really important that you as the human are going in, making corrections, making sure it’s accurate, making it sound actually good because sometimes Jarvis sounds great and sometimes Jarvis needs help.

And then, after all, is said and done, then I go to my blog or wherever I want to post it, I put in those images that I want to use, I format it, put it into Surfer SEO if you want to optimize your article for SEO, and I have content.

So this is how to use Jasper AI to write long-form type content like an article.

And as you could see, when it comes to using Jasper Boss Mode for creating a blog article, you’re literally just telling Jasper exactly what you want it to do.

You write the command and you just do that; that Command + Enter. And that’s what recipes are. They’re just commands.

Jasper AI Recipes

jasper ai recipes

Jasper AI also includes many different recipes such as:

  • Blog post
  • The idea factory
  • Facebook ad
  • Product review blog post
  • The hero’s journey outline
  • Rewrite/expand blog posts
  • Cold email
  • Video script blueprint
  • The perfect non-fiction book introduction & outline

You can also create your own recipe

Tips on Using Jasper AI

This part of this Jasper AI review is for people that have already got Jasper and you’re struggling to create some decent content.

✅ Use Jasper AI For Writing, Not Reaserch

The first thing that you might be doing wrong is using Jasper to do your research. A lot of people say that Jasper doesn’t know what he’s talking about and all the facts and things were incorrect.

Well, Jasper is not to do research. What you need to do is do your content research and your fact-checking before you start writing and then you can use those facts within Jasper.

Jasper is pretty smart and in fact it’s studying the internet for quite a while he stopped looking at the internet though in 2019 so that doesn’t make it very useful for research especially in 2022.

Jasper is an AI writer so if you’re trying to do research with Jasper and asking it for facts, figures, and that kind of thing then that might be where you’re going wrong because Jasper often regurgitates copy that’s just incorrect.

✅ Take Advantage of Jasper Boss Mode

The second thing you might be doing wrong is not using the Jasper Boss Mode commands. If you want to get the most out of this AI copywriting software, you should have a Boss Mode plan because that’s the most useful feature of Jasper AI.

And if you have got a Boss Mode plan then you need to be using the commands and there’s a full list of commands within Jasper for your reference (that I showed you before in this review) but generally, Jasper responds to plain English so you can ask Jasper what you want to write about and it will generate the copy for you.

Since I’ve started using the commands when I create content with Jasper it’s really improved the outputs that I’m getting.

✅ Don’t Expecte The Output To Be Perfect

The next thing is not expecting the output to be perfect every single time. Sometimes the Jasper outputs are not very good and that just happens and all you’ve got to do is simply delete it and then run Jasper again. Generally, within 3 or 4 attempts, you will then start to get something decent.

If it is still not putting out what you need that’s when you should start using some of the commands to give Jasper a bit of direction and a bit of help and that tends to work really well for me.

Again remember these 3 things:

  1. Don’t let Jasper AI do the research for you you: need to feed Jasper the facts and let it be the writer not the researcher
  2. Try out some of the Jasper Boss Mode commands: you’ll find them really useful. They allow you to give Jasper some direction
  3. Don’t expect the outputs to be perfect every single time: you are going to have to rewrite some stuff a few times to get the output that you want and that you need for your content

Jasper AI & Surfer SEO Integration

Jasper AI released a new feature where they integrate with one of the best AI SEO tools – Surfer SEO.

Basically, it means Jasper is now syncing with an SEO tool that does all the SEO for you.

So if you use both of these things together you basically get unlimited content that’s unique, not plagiarized, and SEO friendly that you can rank on Google or other search engines.

You also get an extension in that tool that will tell you everything you need to write in order to show up on these different search platforms.

So, if you want to integrate these tools together, you just log in to your Surfer SEO account. If you don’t have one you can start your Surfer SEO $1 trial.

Next, log in to Jasper AI, go to “Account Settings” and click on “SEO Mode” enabled.

Jasper AI SEO Mode

And that’s it!

You’re good to go.

This new integration is absolutely insane. I think that the people at Jasper and Surfer SEO are doing unreal stuff.

💡 Note

Learn more about Jasper AI and Surfer SEO integration and how to use it to write SEO-optimized content that actually ranks on Google.

Jarvis AI Rebranding To Jasper AI

Jarvis.ai made the announcement why they had to change and it’s because they have been battling with Marvel since August of 2021 who is was going to take them to court and they wanted them to remove Jarvis as their name.

And Marvel has done this with several companies anyone that’s ever tried to use Jarvis as their name to get taken down. Marvel’s a billion-dollar company so no one can really fight them.

The Jasper AI CEO Dave Rogenmonster wanted to fight them and was going to go to battle but he just decided that it wouldn’t be good for the customers of Jarvis because it’s eating into their the energy that they would be using for the tool.

That could potentially hold their road map on pause while they’re fighting this.

Another awesome thing about Jasper is you have all this front-line face-to-face information with the CEO handed out to and there are not a lot of companies in this industry that are doing this.

And so when they voted for the next name for the software they actually sent out polls and votes for what they were going to call. They knew they were going to move from Jarvis.ai to something and Jasper was actually the second place in the name so this wasn’t just made up.

And I’m sure they’ve done in-depth research to make sure that this is not trademarked and all that kind of good stuff and I’m sure they actually trademarked it.

But it is just ironic and crazy that they made this name change from Conversion.ai to Jarvis.ai to Jasper.ai and hopefully this is the last time they have to do this because it is probably a nightmare to rebrand your entire company especially 3 times in the last 12 months.

Jasper AI Pricing

jasper pricing

Jasper Starter Plan:

  • $29/month – 20,000 words/month
  • $49/month – 50,000 words/month
  • $89/month – 100,000 words/month
  • $119/month – 150,000 words/month
  • $169/month – 250,000 words/month
  • $299/month – 500,000 words/month
  • $399/month – 750,000 words/month
  • $499/month – 1,000,000+ words/month

Jarvis Boss Mode Plan:

  • $59/month – 50,000 words/month
  • $99/month – 100,000 words/month
  • $279/month – 300,000 words/month
  • $600/month – 700,000 words/month
  • $1,200/month – 1,500,000 words/month
  • $1,900/month – 2,500,000 words/month
  • $3,600/month – 5,000,000+ words/month

Jasper Boss Mode plan includes all of the features that the Starter plan has, plus Jasper Commands as well as unlimited runs.

In short, considering the Jarvis AI pricing starting at $29/month, it’s really good value for money.

Jasper AI Free Trial

Jasper AI offers a 5 day free trial where you’ll get free 10,000 credits so you can try it out without paying anything.

Jasper AI Alternatives

Here is a list of Jasper AI alternatives:

  • Copy.ai
  • Shortly.ai
  • Copysmith
  • Nichesss
  • Longshot AI
  • Writesonic

Over the last few months, I’ve tested multiple copywriting tools, article builders, content creators, and all that stuff. And to be honest with you most of them are complete rubbish.

As of now, the most complete Jasper alternative is Copy.ai which is also one of the best AI copywriting software that has a huge variety of different templates, extensive training library, and high-quality copy.

Copy AI offers a free plan so you can compare it with Jasper AI and see how they stack up against each other. You can also read more about this tool in this Copy AI review.

And if you’re looking for an AI writer with complete freedom where you can ask GPT-3 whatever you want to write, then ShortlyAI would be the best Jasper alternative for you.

Jasper AI Reviews & Rating

Now let me share some Jasper AI customer reviews on popular software review websites.

Capterra.com Jasper AI Reviews- 4.9/5 Rating

  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Reviews: 711
jasper ai capterra reviews

Trustpilot.com Jasper AI Reviews – 4.9/5 Rating

  • Rating4.8/5
  • Reviews: 1918
jasper ai reviews trustpilot

g2.com Jasper AI Reviews – 5/5 Rating

  • Rating5/5
  • Reviews: 499
jasper ai reviews g2.com

So, as you can see, Jasper AI is actually one of the best AI copywriting software.

>> Click here to see all of the Jarvis AI reviews.

Jasper AI Review Wrapping Up

I’m really optimistic about this tool because I know that the developers are very good marketers and they understand direct response copywriting which is an art in itself. You need to train and practice to be a good copywriter.

Also, they don’t make misleading claims that this is going to allow you to fire your copywriter. No, not at all. In fact, they say this is going to get you about 80% of the way there you’re still going to need to take the outputs from this tool and beef it up in order to have a really good copy.

It does short-form content, it does long-form content, it’s got the most number of options and integrations it’s simply the best product and because of that, it comes at a pretty high price compared to other tools.

If you want to try Jasper out for free for yourself, you can get a 5-day trial.

If you have questions, if there’s something you want me to cover in future tutorials about Jasper AI copywriting, any of the tools that I’ve covered, feel free to reach out to me.

jasper ai money back guarantee
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