JVZoo Review [2023] + 6 Ways To Make Money

jvzoo review

If you’re looking to make money online without having to spend anything, literally anywhere in the world no matter what age you are and you don’t even want to have to go through the process of applying to an affiliate network and hoping to get approved then this JVZoo review is for you.

I’m going to go in-depth into this affiliate network. I’m going to explain the pros the cons of this affiliate network and also I’m going to show you how to promote JVzoo products.

So let me show you from A to Z exactly how to make money with JVZoo.

What is JVZoo?

JVZoo is a popular affiliate network for digital products. They have more than 750 vendors and over 60,000 affiliate products you can sell in any niche.

You can choose from affiliate programs that will suit your marketing niche and audience.

You will be paid for each sale you refer to the vendors at JVZoo.

There are no minimum sales commission or monthly fees required, which makes them one of the most profitable networks available online now.

JVZoo affiliate program is also available for mobile users through the JVZoo app which you can download in the app stores. If you intend to promote this network through your Android or iOS devices, then you are advised to install their apps now.

JVZoo Signing Up

In order to signup for this network once again there is no approval necessary for JVZoo which makes it pretty cool they accept all countries all over the world.

When you join you will need to get approved for individual offers but there are high ticket products available.

There are over 800,000 different affiliate marketers on JVZoo so the competition is high but the vast majority of them are not active.

In fact, a very small percentage of affiliates actually make money. So keep in mind this is competitive and this is a competitive industry, not everybody will make money because it takes time and effort.

JVZoo Marketplace

So here is the JVZoointerface and in order to get started as an affiliate selling product, you’ll need to go over to this area which is affiliates after you sign up.

JVZoo affiliates

And if you want to find products it’s pretty simple you go to the “find products” section.

They also have some information so if you are looking for more information on how to be an affiliate you can check the “affiliate knowledge base”

But let’s find some JVZoo products to promote.

JVZoo Products

And here you’ll see all of the listings of products.

jvzoo product list

You will find all kinds of digital information products here, such as e-books, courses, software programs, themes for WordPress blogs or websites, and plugins for WordPress and Joomla sites.

Many of these products you can also find on MunchEye.

There are even mobile applications that you can promote.

And this is sorted by how many of the products sold

So this is a pretty good indicator if somebody sold a lot of product it means it’s probably a good product to sell.

So, for example, the VideoMakerFX has been sold +48,000 times and the average price was $49.77 and there is a 50% commission.

video maker fx

And if we do the math, this product has paid out over a million dollars to affiliates and you could do this for all of the other products here but once again if this product has paid over a million dollars to affiliates I’d want to promote that.

JVZoo Affiliate Page

Let’s look up more information about this product that we can sell and earn commissions for.

And if I’m just going to click the link right it brings us to the affiliate page.

videomakerfx affiliate page

And you might be wondering if the sale price of this product is $27 why is the average commission more than that.

And the reason for that is is because they have a lot of upsells in the sales funnel.

JVZoo Request Permission

Now you’ll see here the information to request promoting this product, it says:

“New Affiliate With Under 25 JVZoo Sales? Please fill out this application form in full: New Affiliate Application. Please inform me on how you intend to promote this awesome new software.”

So each product will have different requirements to fill out the application.

Let’s just look at this.

affiliate form

As you can see it’s asking your name, email, Skype ID, methods of promotion, and your website.

So having an affiliate marketing website helps you.

And also they want to know your method of promotion and I go over how to promote JVZoo products later.

There’s some other interesting information as well.

So you have an affiliate contest which usually means that you’ll get prizes.

affiliate prizes

In this case, if you get a number of sales you get an extra thousand dollars.

And it also goes over some integrations, bonuses, vendor profiles so this gives you just more information to understand about the promotion of this product.

JVZoo Sales Page

Now, what is the product you might be wondering.

If you want to actually look at what’s being sold you go over right here on the offer cart to where the sales page is.

product sales page

That brings us to one of the first terms which is the sales page.

A sales page is where the product is actually promoted.

it is the page that when you are accepted as an affiliate your links will go to this page.

And in order to make money, people will need to buy the product on this page.

This gives us some idea, it’s video creation software.

So who might this appeal to this software? It might appeal to content creators or people who want to become YouTubers.

There are a couple of people in the world who want to become YouTubers and your job as a marketer is to convince the YouTubers or any other people who could use video creation software that this software will help them out in their journey.

So that is your job. You are a salesperson and you need to make sales in order to make money but fortunately for you, you don’t have to talk to anybody so that’s the sales page.

JV Page

The next important piece of information is what is called the JV page which is the next term that I’m going to address.

So the JV page says:

“Additional Affiliate Information
Thanks for coming aboard for this awesome launch! Be sure to sign up on our JV Page to be eligible for our prizes!
Click here to go to JV page.”

And JV means joint venture.

This is another word for affiliates. It’s really the same thing for whatever reason this industry has a lot of confusing terms.

And the JV page is great for getting useful information.

jv page example

They give you all the affiliate resources like:

  • Links
  • Banners
  • Email swipes
  • Videos

And they talk about the prizes and they also give you updates.

JVZoo Sales Funnel

They also walk you through the sales funnel.

jvzoo product sales funnel

So they start with a $37-$47 product then they upsell to the OTO one-time offer which is another $37 product and then they have another $27 product.

And you earn on everything that they buy as an affiliate.

So you give you all that information they give you a lot more information but the point being is that they’re here to help you because you’re helping market their product.

JVZoo Payment Methods

Let’s talk about how to get paid by JVZoo and how does JVZoo pays you.

Well, there are several ways you can get paid by JVZoo. If you are an affiliate which most of you guys probably are you can get paid by:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Check

And one of the cool things that I really like that a lot of the programs on JVZoo offer is instant affiliate commissions.

That means you can get paid as soon as the customer gets paid for your affiliate commission which is pretty cool.

It just goes right into your PayPal or Payoneer.

Now once you’ve accumulated enough money to be able to drop it into a bank account all you have to do is click on “distributions” and then it’ll send it to your Payoneer your PayPal or it’ll write you a check.

jvzoo payment methods

Very simple, very easy as you can see from that promo last month I got about $4,150 sitting in there ready to be paid to me and I could just click on distributions and get that paid to me right away.

How To Promote JVZoo Products

Here are some of the best ways to make money with JVZoo.

1. Create a Blog

One of the best ways to make money with JVZoo is to create an affiliate marketing website and put up your affiliate links in relevant blogs that will help you attract more people to JVZoo products without any problem at all.

Just take the time to carefully review the content of each blog post and make sure that you have something valuable to share with readers. This will certainly help you get more affiliate sales from JVZoo vendors, as well as other people who visit your website.

You need a good-looking, professional-looking website in order to promote JVZoo products or their vendors’ similar products with success. Make sure that the design is good and efficient, as well as the content.

2. Build Sales Funnel

You can also create an affiliate sales funnel that will help you attract more people to your offers. This is done by first capturing emails of interested parties and then sending them automated messages about the products they need.

Sales funnels are a popular promotion method used by JVZoo top affiliates. It includes building landing pages or squeeze pages for promoting specific products, which convert targeted traffic into customers.

You get affiliates links and unique tracking links for your promotion efforts so you can track your leads in the sales process.

3. Email Your List

Promote JVZoo products to your email list by sending them emails with links that will redirect them to the right pages. While you can do this manually, it is best if you use a special email autoresponder, so that you can easily manage all the campaigns at one time.

After two or three follow-up emails, you may decide to close the deal by sending another email message with one of the JVZoo vendor’s links as an offer.

Here you can see how to build an email list for affiliates.

3. Leverage Paid Traffic

Paid advertising may be a bit expensive, but it is also the best way to get people’s attention and to quickly boost your affiliate commissions as well. If you are able to spend more on paid advertising, then you will definitely see better results for JVZoo commissions as well.

See how to get started with paid traffic as an affiliate.

4. Build Social Media Presence

Social media marketing is the most affordable way to promote affiliate products and it allows you to reach out to a lot of people. You may use all popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Make sure to upload quality images and videos to give a good impression. You can also use custom applications such as HootSuite, TweetDeck, etc., to schedule your social media posts in advance.

5. Share Your Link on Forums

In addition, you may share your links in relevant forum discussions as well. Just take the time to find them and make new friends in places where people talk about JVZoo products or similar things. You will be able to promote their products without fear of competition because you have something to offer that they do not.


💡 Pro Tip

And if you’re wondering how do I get traffic, how do I get people actually clicking on my JVZoo product links make sure to check out my whole list of free traffic sources for affiliates.

From Instagram, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, Just dozens of ways to make money with JVZoo and other affiliate networks and get traffic for free.

JVZoo Best Practices

Now, I’m going to show you some tips on how to make money with JVZoo.


Thoroughly Research The Products


You need to have a good understanding of their niche before promoting any product from JVZoo or other affiliate networks. Check out the vendors’ websites and social media pages for more details about their products. This may help you get an idea about what their target audience wants.


Create Valuable Content


If possible, create articles and videos to drive more traffic to your website and to JVZoo products. You must be able to engage readers and get them interested in the products you are promoting, so that they may want to purchase it eventually. Make sure that the content provides information that is not easily available to the public.


Offer Bonuses


Some affiliates give a better bonus and a bonus might be an e-book, it might be a consultation, it might be some templates. Give away something for free that is related to the niche of one of JVZoo vendors or similar products. For example, you may use an e-book as your freebie and provide a link to purchase JVZoo products. This can be a great way to market JVZoo products and promote your affiliate links as well.

JVZoo Training

And if you’re interested in joining my free affiliate training you can get started today.

You’ll get copy-paste information on how to promote affiliate products, ready-made sales funnel with email swipes, and over 10 hours of video training taught by top affiliates.

We have a lot of resources and the best support for affiliates in any affiliate program out there.

JVZoo Alternatives

JVZoo alternatives for similar products include:

  • Clickbank
  • WarriorPlus
  • Digistore24
  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate

And more.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can compare these affiliate networks to JVZoo before signing up with them.


💡 Pro Tip

Here you can check out my JVZoo review, and also the WarriorPlus review.

Final Words

So this is my JVZoo review. JVZoo pro’s certainly outweighing their con’s in this JVZoo review.

I would definitely recommend JVZoo as a good place for an affiliate marketer to promote digital products.

Comparing to other popular affiliate networks, they offer really good commissions and their affiliate program is super easy to join.

Besides these two important factors that make up this JVZoo review, you will find that the site is easy to navigate around. The vendor’s pages are well presented, so promoting your products will be an enjoyable experience for both you and your audience.

If you have been looking for a good affiliate network, then JVZoo may be exactly what you need to get started with your online business today.

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