9 Best Lead Scoring Software Tools in 2022

Lead scoring software is a software application that helps businesses determine the potential of each business opportunity.

The software can be used to gather information about a potential customer, such as their name, email address, and phone number.

After collecting this information, the software can then determine how likely the lead is to become a paying customer.

This article presents best lead scoring tools that will help you identify and focus your marketing efforts on the most valuable leads.

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1. ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring


ActiveCampaign simplifies CRM management for online websites; it provides a descriptive lead score that helps businesses generate increased revenue. Every contact has an identity, and their score is monitored.

Once they take a positive action towards the business, a score is added to the total, but if they take a step back, a negative mark is rewarded. ActiveCampign’s lead scoring strategy helps businesses identify warming leads; these leads can be further contacted to make a prompt decision.

ActiveCampaign allows you to automate the email marketing procedure. You can set a marked threshold for email campaigns; once a user reaches the stage, the application will send them marketing emails on your behalf. These emails are generated through AI for each user and may contain small discounts to lure a quick purchase.

Similarly, the scoring feature isn’t only available for leads, but you can also use it for projects. Some leads may be more inclined towards specific projects than the rest. Hence, ActiveCampaign allows you to set up project scoring, helping you foresee your revenues.

2. Hubspot Lead Scoring

HubSpot CRM

Hubspot’s CRM management has been a popular choice for several years; its interactive templates and emails attract customers from worldwide. Hubspot offers various services to help you make more sales using leads and manage your potential clients on a single dashboard.

The dashboard contains details about their score and past website movement. The app calculates the score through the consumer’s history at your website; however, a business can alter the points rewarded or deducted for each action.

Hubspot tracks every lead visit and develops a communication history for them. It contains details about how they interacted with your website; you can use it to analyze how the lead is to be matured.

Moreover, HubSpot lets you segment your leads based on their demographics; some ads and email campaigns may be suitable for one group but not for the other. Hence, the segmented lists allow you to target leads based on their preferences. You can send various emails simultaneously to multiple groups.

3. GoHighLevel


Studies show businesses fail to nurture more than 80% of their customer leads. The main problem lies in the lack of segmentation; every lead is different and requires different treatment to generate a sale. 

HighLevel has realized the need of the hour and has devised an effective solution to end the woes. However, it doesn’t restrict its services to businesses, and its offerings are applicable to most websites.

The GoHighLevel marketing automation platform is a one-stop shop for the marketing and selling part of your business. The company starts its services by helping you find new customers. They have a wide range of internet marketing experts who can help you devise the right strategies for your brand. You can use them on social media ads for the best results.

Secondly, HighLevel enables you to improve your customer lifetime value with their all-in-one marketing tool that stores the leads and monitors their interactions with your website. Every lead is given a score based on their promptness of purchase; you can manage your leads on a single screen and decide on the best solutions.

The HighLevel lead-conversion program is divided into three stages. Firstly, a low score lead is lured using surveys, emails, phones, and forms. As the lead interacts, calls, voicemails and messages are used to convince them for a quick decision.

HighLevel uses gradual marketing to warm a lead, which helps them stay subscribed to the promotional emails. Finally, once they are ready for purchase, HighLevel offers you various billing and analytical services to maintain high revenues.

4. Vendasta


Vendasta helps you streamline your marketing and sales with its all-in-one platform for companies selling to local businesses. Their lead generation campaign has helped various businesses and agencies reduce their marketing costs and generate excellent results for local customers.

Vendasta starts by helping you identify the correct location of your leads. It uses your website interactions to analyze where the leads hang out; thus, you can redirect your marketing campaigns to attract extra customers.

Secondly, Vendasta creates inbound campaigns that let your lead contact directly with the business. These email campaigns are interactive and persuasive for the customer to tap on them.

Once they navigate your website, you can drive them down the funnel using Vendasta’s prescribed strategy. You can keep the customer engaged through voicemails, messages, and app notifications offered by the brand. It helps you keep the lead warm and attached to your business.

Finally, Vendasta’s marketing campaign is the icing on the cake, allowing you to automate your marketing campaigns for customer segments. When customers interact with your website, they are allocated to a certain level, which triggers the relevant campaign.

5. Pipedrive


Pipedrive is driven to optimize sales from your sales funnel. The app is easy to start; you can sign up for it in three steps and reshape your website. You start by importing your funnel directly from the website or using a predefined template within the app.

Pipedrive’s marketing team helps you with your funnel and optimizes it for the best results. Next, Pipedrive tracks your ongoing projects with leads and adds them to a single dashboard. You can see the progress of these projects and manage leads.

The app also provides notifications and reminders to complete ongoing leads; it helps you answer all clients at the perfect time and avoid losing them. Finally, Pipedrive’s automation campaign can help you generate the best results with little effort.

You can set actions to trigger campaigns; once a visitor makes an interaction with your website, a lead-conversion email is triggered that focuses on warming or converting the lead.

6. FreshSales


FreshSales has a diverse range of services, from contact management to sales reports. The company’s main motive is to shorten your customer sales journey and streamline the funnel.

FreshSales offer effective contact management for your leads; the contact list can be segmented based on their status in the funnel. You can target particular groups for ad and email campaigns.

Once a lead moves up your funnel, FreshSales offers cloud-based telephone calls to connect with them. The representative can use it to communicate with potential leads and drive more sales. However, none of them is as good as FreshSales’ AI integration- Freddy.

It generates highly personalized content for your customer base. The AI integration customizes your emails to make them personalized for the leads, leading to higher sales. Freddy AI also helps you generate sales reports stating various actions taken through your website.

It lets you locate the friction points and make the most of your leads.

7. Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials

Most online businesses lose their leads due to delayed replies. Leads can be costly to attain, and if they aren’t utilized wisely, high costs make it difficult for your business. SalesForce Essentials locate the main problems in your business and provide actionable solutions.

Their chatbot services allow you to communicate with your leads from any linked device. The software lets you add several devices based on your package.

SalesForce Essentials also tracks your customer movement through the website and arranges them based on their movement. You can retarget warming leads to instant sales.

Salesforce Lead Scoring feature is also remarkable with their business reports; they provide detailed reports about your business, including the satisfaction rate, client retention, and much more. With SalesForce, you can keep your business data in one application and make the most of it.

8. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho has made a name for its services among website owners and managers. The brand provides most services that a business would need to succeed in the online world. Their services range from banner designing to sales automation and process management, helping you streamline your processes and improve the client satisfaction rate.

Zoho is renowned for its lead generation strategies. They have AI-generated lead generation campaigns that convince users to provide their details for future benefits. These leads are warmed using multiple techniques; you can segment the leads and send them a customized email to bring traffic to your website.

Once a visitor revisits your website, Zoho’s automated service provides a lead score for them. Lead scores help understand the willingness of a user to use your services. A higher score indicates higher motivation for purchase; likewise, campaigns can be used.

9. Keap


Keap has been a new entrant in the lead generation industry, but its early steps show a bright future. Keap is a specialized solution for your website; it provides customized lead generation campaigns that can be shared across several platforms to bring every customer on board.

With Keap’s dashboard, you can manage all the leads on a single screen. The details contain their last visit, time spent, and navigation pattern; It helps you create personalized discounts for such customers and motivate them for a quick purchase. Keap also helps you retain leads through its reminder system.

Once a lead hasn’t been contacted in a while, it notifies you about their absence, and you can re-contact them to bring them on board. Their marketing experts shall help you redefine your customer relationship and make more sales.

Keap has used personalized automation for the benefit of business owners. It lets you focus on the most important work while they take care of your lead management.

What is Lead Scoring Software?

Lead scoring software is a computer program that helps with the process of assigning points to leads. The lead scoring model assigns a point value to each lead based on how likely it is that the lead will result in a sale. These values can be used to determine which leads are the most important and should be given more attention when pursuing sales opportunities.

Why Do You Need Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring helps sales representatives or managers assess the quality of leads and identify which leads are worth pursuing. Lead scoring can help sales representatives and managers determine how likely a lead is to convert, how likely the lead is to be interested in a product or service, and how much money the lead is worth to the company.

Best Lead Scoring Software Wrapping Up

In conclusion, lead scoring software is an important tool for businesses to identify and qualify leads. It can help businesses save time and money by prioritizing leads and focusing marketing efforts on those that are most likely to convert into customers. If you’re looking for a way to improve your lead generation process, consider using lead scoring tools.

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