22 Marketing Intelligence Tools To Gain Competetive Edge in 2022

Marketing intelligence tools are a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes. By using these tools, companies can gain a competitive edge by gaining insights into their competitors’ marketing strategies and activities.

Additionally, marketing intelligence tools can help businesses track their own performance and identify areas for improvement.

If you’re looking to improve your business’s marketing efforts, in this article we’ll cover the best marketing intelligence software tools available in the market.

marketing intelligence tools
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Overall Marketing Intelligence Tools

HubSpot Marketing Hub


HubSpot Marketing Hub is an AI marketing platform that empowers the team for sales, customer service, and other business operations.

The competitor analysis tool here provides all the important metrics about the performance of your marketing strategies and those of your competitors.

HubSpot replaces the older website grade with a market grade that brings insights about the following things within a company:

  • Social media marketing performance
  • Lead generation
  • Mobile marketing and overall performance

The marketing grade at HubSpot depends on different variable inputs that change daily. So, you can have daily comparison and performance reports including all the recent marketing activities done.

The reports now are more data-rich and HubSpot provides more accurate up to date marketing insights.

HubSpot now displays a sources graph that helps track the performance of the website in technical aspects like domain linking, social media following, MozRank, page indexing, etc.

With HubSpot, you can generate instant reports within minutes to see where your website is performing well and what’s lacking behind.

Semrush Market Explorer


Semrush is an SEO platform that brings its own marketing intelligence and market research tool – Market Explorer.

With Semrush Market Explorer, you will be able to learn about the market’s size and potential, as well as the key players in the market, their online market share, and the strategies they use to generate traffic.

The software provides 10 market explorer reports daily to get an overview of the competitor market.

Semrush identifies market size and trends along with the leaders. It can help a business look for potential partners or competitors along with their interests and marketing strategies.

You can use Semrush to benchmark specific queried domains by audience demographics to design your marketing strategy. With the use of Semrush, any business can explore the market in a smart way and make informed marketing decisions by:

  • Using it to benchmark yourself and compare results with competitors.
  • Getting intelligent marketing insights considering competitor strategies and market dynamics.
  • Uncovering audience gaps in your marketing strategy and solving them.



This online marketing intelligence tool is more of a supplier intelligence platform that helps a business create an unbreakable network of suppliers.

Businesses that deal in physical products have to manage their supply chain and with Craft identifying opportunities to prevent any disruption in the supply chain gets more reliable. Craft brings its data-drivel platform to provide supplier intelligence insights.

Thus, any business can source new suppliers within minutes. The intelligent Craft platform makes things effective by:

  • Side-by-side supplier comparison
  • Category-based supplier searching
  • Evaluating suppliers across over 450 different data points

With these features, Craft reduces the time for searching and identifying new suppliers. It also reduces risk evaluation time along with mitigation strategy development time. 

Craft brings its portal and API so you can have customized alerts from more than 25 different categories. It also supports email notifications. In this way, the monitoring network needs less effort while the monitoring is based on more data.

Ad Intelligence Software Tools



Adbeat is a competitive intelligence product for advertisers, advertising agencies, and advertising networks that provides insight into the ad copy, landing sites, and other aspects of competitors’ campaigns.

Adbeat offers features such as data and global coverage across over 100 advertising networks, data crawling, media buying insights, custom reporting, advert comparisons, competitive benchmarking, and more with the intention of assisting businesses in optimizing their advertising strategy, saving budget, and gaining insight into the marketing strategy of their competitors.

With Adbeat, you get insights into more than 90 different ad networks, including the Google Display Network, Adblade, and others, using the data that Adbeat provides, and discover the possibility of obtaining the highest possible quality of traffic.



BigSpy is a web-based ad spy tool that assists individuals and corporations in identifying advertising methods and tracking patterns for the purpose of improving marketing campaigns. 

Users are granted access to a database containing advertisements from all around the world, as well as the ability to do complex searches using a variety of criteria filters.

Teams that use BigSpy have the ability to draw inspiration for creative endeavors from a wide variety of channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Admob, Yahoo, and Pinterest. 

The website gives marketing professionals the ability to learn about the most recent trending advertisements that have been recorded by other users. 

It gives users the ability to view highlighted advertisements on Facebook as well as view people-tracked advertisements across all seven supported platforms.

BigSpy gives administrators the ability to monitor the trend of multiple advertisements from one centralized location. Pricing is offered on a monthly subscription basis, and help is accessible through live chat, frequently asked questions, and by phone.


Spyfu is a marketing tool that is meant for companies of all sizes. Some of the key Spyfu features include an SEO performance analysis, API access, keyword rank tracking, and a SERP analysis.

Spyfu assists SEO and PPC experts in analyzing their competition, generating quality sales leads, increasing website traffic, and monitoring their websites’ ranks on search engines. 

The AdWords advisor that comes included with the solution makes campaign-specific keyword recommendations, monitors the billing history of competitors’ AdWords accounts, and suggests terms that are being used by those competitors.

In addition, businesses can use Spyfu to develop relationships with social media influencers, locate quality backlinks to generate traffic, produce customisable reports, and estimate advertising spending. Spyfu also includes an application programming interface (API) that customers may make use of to automate inquiries and locate data more quickly.

A monthly subscription to the service is available, and it comes with support in the form of live chat and phone assistance.

Social Media Marketing Intelligence Tools



As many other Social Media Marketing Intelligence tools, BuzzSumo is an algorithm-based tool that allows the research of keywords. This simple yet effective tool is made to not only provide an analysis report but to help with idea generation. 

By showing the researcher a multitude of key topics that are influencing the researched word, BuzzSumo hopes to facilitate the discovery of new marketing paths.

What this means is that the premise of BuzzSumo’s creation is to elevate a simple marketing intelligence tool and make it fit the social media aspect in a way that feels innovative and refreshing. 

BuzzSumo also allows the search of Backlinks to any URL or domain and it helps find top-performing YouTube videos. This tool also has a specialized feature that helps in benchmarking and analyzing Facebook pages.



Feedly’s goal is to provide marketing insights that are easy to digest, making them more accurate and actionable. 

The way that their marketing intelligence tool works are simplified in a three-step process that wants to help remedy the informational overload that comes with researching pertinent terms in marketing. This three-step method is completely automatic and it’s based off of algorithms that are specially curated to give accurate data and results.

The first step of the process allows the tool to search through all kinds of sites and scour the web looking through all social media sites and other sources including newsletters and blogposts. 

The second step allows Leo, a programmed bot, to help you read and prioritize the data. And lastly the third step delivers a report of insights that is made to be shareable across any platform to your marketing team. Companies like Danone and Cloudflare use Feedly.

Quick Search

quick search

Quick Search is a social media-focused feature that is a part of the customer intelligence acceleration platform called Talkwalker.

Talkwalker offers a completely free, personalized demo of Quick Search so that any entrepreneur or company can get a better picture of their analytics or try out a quality service for free.

This marketing intelligence tool allows the comparative research of up to five different brands or topics and gives access to KPIs that include key information for volume, engagement, sentiment, and demographics. 

It also has a global coverage that extracts data from all social media platforms as well as other media formats such as news, blog posts, and commenting forums.

Tubular Intelligence

Tubular Intelligence

Tubular Intelligence is a rather unique marketing intelligence tool that is laser-focused on the video format of all social media interactions.

Covering the major video-sharing sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and many more, Tubular Intelligence is an extremely viable intelligence marketing tool to use for analytics.

Tubular uses data from real behavior, in real-time, and it is optimized with specialized technology that categorizes content fast and accurately.

This tool works with Direct Connect or as a Web Application and it uses solutions that filter videos, compares their performance, and categorize them according to their specific subject.

After going through these steps, Tubular Intelligence provides very accurate analytics and insights. Tubular Intelligence is in fact so accurate that it is often used as the official measurement by trusted companies like YouTube and Meta.

Social Searcher

Social Searches focuses primarily on real-time social media marketing and monitoring.

Its search engine is designed to monitor, measure, and track what people are saying about a specific topic in real-time, so that the search results are obtained recently, and accurately, and extract data from sources that are constantly up to date.

By using Social Searcher as a marketing intelligence tool, you will obtain Audience Insights with Sentiment Analytics that display important information regarding behavioral triggers that a specific group in the community has.

It will also extract a number of Popular Hashtags along with the Social Influencers that are prevalent in a specific niche. Forbes and KillerStartups use Social Searcher as a marketing intelligence tool for social media.

Social Blade

social blade

Social Blade is a marketing intelligence tool used to track user statistics on social media platforms.

It covers a variety of popular sites within the social media realm and serves all platforms from text inputting ones like Twitter, StoryFire, and Mixer, to media-sharing ones like Facebook, DLive, Twitch, Trovo, Dailymotion, TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.

Social Blade seeks to help you understand the patterns that lead to growth and use this information to deepen your knowledge and sharpen your marketing strategies.

This marketing tool also has a feature to help find influencers within a certain niche, This tool has a feature that uses YouTube as the main focus providing a lot of analytics and research that help with YouTube Channel growth. This feature is practiced by discovering the weaknesses and strengths of videos through a ranking system that they provide.



SparkToro’s sole purpose is to help find the “true source of influence” by giving you the information you need to track down the real root of your interactions on social media platforms.

This tool analyzes millions and millions of users to deliver accurate market research and uses information comparatively by showing you graphics to measure data with percentiles.

This means that their job is to provide audience research using demographics, insights, contact information, and other points of data that will help uncover the online behavior of potential customers.

By using the tool and simply inputting a research topic, a website, or a keyword, SparkToro will also recommend search ideas so that the reach of your search will extend further and explore a wider audience within the same topic.

Email Marketing Intelligence Tools



Owletter is a marketing intelligence tool that allows the capture of every single email sent by a website of choice.

The tool serves as a sort of virtual inbox that separates your personal or professional email from your marketing research, making it completely anonymous.

After you’ve chosen the website to monitor, Owletter receives the information and proceeds to store and analyze all the data, and delivers an alert if any relevant information is found within the email’s contents. B

y then, it alerts the user to draw attention to any possible learning opportunity so that they may adjust and improve their own email newsletters.

It also helps with longevity as while time goes on and Owletter does its job, the more data it collects, the more data it has to compare and analyze. 



Mailcharts is a New York made software that has been expertly designed for sales and their marketing teams.

Other than software to help boost e-commerce, Mailcharts is a marketing intelligence tool specifically made to help companies compare their email newsletters to their most active and threatening competitors.

This tool seeks to help any company create an e-commerce email that will succeed on a grander scale than their competitors and it provides a number of resources to assist the user and make that possible.

Other than providing brand search, an advanced email search, and email views, this marketing tool includes features like overviews, exportable reports, email journeys, holiday planning, industry insights, and team collaboration tools. 



In a true change of pace, this marketing intelligence tool has been created to cater to the customer, not to the company. This makes it a great tool to have for the everyday consumer and the average buyer of virtually any product in the market.

To put it simply, Milled is a search tool that is designed to extract data from email newsletters and in turn help anyone find coupons, discount codes, deals, and sales.

It is a marketing tool that is programmed and coded to search through more than ninety thousand brands and retailers to deliver results that are accurate, updated, and satisfactory to the buyer. 

Marketing Intelligence Tools For Ecommerce


Daasity is an eCommerce data analytics platform that aggregates vital data in real-time from Shopify, Amazon, Subscription, and other channels to give insights on Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) by Marketing Channel, AOV, and more.

The analytics platform provided by Daasity provides merchants with a variety of useful metrics, including sales analytics, product analytics, business analytics, and reporting.

And because Daasity connects all of your data sources into a single data set and view, you will be able to go beyond simple reporting and acquire valuable business insights that will drive strategic growth.



Prisync is a pricing optimization and monitoring software for e-commerce businesses. The solution assists in monitoring the stock levels and prices of competitors.

Additionally, it gives users the ability to report this data through a variety of different channels.

The Prisync dashboard gives users the ability to input information such as URLs and competitor products in order to monitor the prices and stock availability of those competitors.

This solution is intended to assist companies in developing pricing strategies in order to boost their profit margins.

Prisync is able to generate email alerts, notify users of changes in pricing and stock, and deliver reports for product categories that have been defined.

A batch import function, a stock availability monitoring system, pricing analytics, and plenty more are among the other features.

Website Competitors Analysis Tools



Backend technologies play an important role in the success of a website. With Wappalyzer you can identify technologies that different websites are using.

Here you can track different websites for their technology stack. In this way, you can do competitor research and market analysis by comparing different websites. Wappalyzer brings custom reports for you for different websites.

You can use its data enrichment feature to empower your marketing and sales teams. Knowing how different technologies are helping your competitors get ahead can be useful to implement those in your solutions for enhanced performance. Wappalyzer packs many features including:

  • Website profiling and monitoring to see what websites are using and what changes they are making
  • CRM integration lets you keep track of how your leads are using different technologies
  • Browser extension enables to check of quick reports about a website on the go.

With Wappalyzer you can perform around 100000 lookups at once and get instant results. It can help you track millions of websites and companies around the globe and get accurate and latest data.



SimilarWeb competitor analysis tool provides benchmark results and helps compare your performance with your competitors. Its market research tools can reveal all of your competitors’ online marketing strategies and analytics.

It allows you to make effective marketing decisions in different stages of the sales funnel. It breakdowns organic and paid channels to see web traffic sources and their effectiveness.

The graphs and infographics show what are the main sources of traffic for a specific website. Apart from website comparison, SimilarWeb also offers social platform competitor analysis.

Thus, you can have a detailed overview of potential competitors and look for your performance-enhancing opportunities. Some unique features of SimilarWeb include:

  • Identification of emerging trends
  • Explaining customer intent on the web
  • Data collection, organization, and processing with specialized algorithms

With all these features, SimilarWeb can provide industry research results, ideation for investment and forecasting results, e-commerce optimization and vital SEO results.

So, for a business, it powers the sales team in every aspect from lead generation to sales engagement along with protective measures like effective fraud detection.



BuiltWith is your website competitor analysis and business intelligence tool as it helps analyze your competitor. 

At the same time, BuiltWith enables your business to make data-driven sales, lead generation, and eCommerce decisions with its business intelligence.

With BuiltWith, you can track different aspects and segments of the market to identify key factors that make your competitors successful. BuiltWith helps a business manage its website backend by:

  • Keeping up to date with emerging and successful technologies
  • Market share of different technologies and strategies
  • Competitor analysis according to different aspects of the market

So, with BuiltWith, you are not only inspecting the tech stack, but its business intelligence tools help process that data effectively and make data-driven informed decisions.

Apart from website tracking, BuiltWith provides social media AdRoll insights as well. With its detailed marketing insights about different platforms a website is using, you can see the currently trending and effective marketing strategies in the industry.



WooRank is a digital marketing and SEO auditing tool that mimics Google’s algorithm for site ranking.

It audits your website considering all the technicalities like on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Thus, you get analytics about the factors that your website might lack.

Working on those will make your website achieve top rankings on search results. Apart from its SEO auditing feature, it brings website competitor analysis by providing insights on the following aspects:

  • Engagement on different social media platforms.
  • Quality of backlinks
  • Website usability and performance insights
  • Keyword usage strategies

With WooRank you only need to track your website and it will automatically add your competitors. In this way, you will automatically know about your top competitors.

Not only that but you will also get to know their marketing strategies and SEO goals.

This combination of SEO tracking and competitor analysis can help a business develop data-driven marketing and performance strategies for the website.

Marketing Intelligence Tools Wrapping Up

In conclusion, there are many marketing intelligence tools available to businesses of all sizes.

Some of the more popular options include market research tools, search engines, social media monitoring software, and consumer tracking software.

Each of these tools has its own strengths and weaknesses, but they can all play a role in helping businesses understand their customers and competitors better.

Marketing intelligence tools can help you identify and track customer sentiment, understand customer buying behaviors, and predict customer needs.

They can also help you target marketing campaigns to the right customers and measure their effectiveness.

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