14 Product Analytics Tools in 2022

In today’s marketplace, it is more important than ever to have a strong understanding of your product and how it is performing.

Product analytics tools can help you obtain this understanding by tracking data and providing feedback on how well your product is doing.

In this article, we listed some of the best product analytics software to help you select the one that will best fit your needs.

product analytics tools
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1. Zoho Analytics

zoho analytics

Zoho Analytics offers a complete product analysis package and can help you skyrocket your revenues. The company has its services spread across the customer cycle, which keeps your business organized and streamlined with your customers’ needs.

Zoho analytics allows you to connect all your social media channels and website to the tool; it helps get complete insights regarding your business performance and reduces costs in bringing new website visitors. The data comes in handy to create reports for your business.

Unlike other brands, Zoho allows you to filter and self-service your data presentation; you can choose to distribute, divide or merge your data and filters to get a comprehensive view of your business.

Moreover, Zoho provides customers with AI-powered business tools including Zia Insight; an AI assistant that can help you view your desired reports and insights with a single tap; you can use the tool to predict the results of future business upgrades and analyze your shortcomings.

Finally, Zoho offers its users to view detailed reports about their business performance; the reports contain graphs, charts, and write notes to provide a holistic view of your product performance. You can choose to share the report with connected people; the process can be automated by setting up an auto-send feature.

2. Adobe Analytics

adobe analytics

Adobe has been amongst the most popular software providers over the years; they have diversified their services with the inauguration of Premiere Pro and Adobe Analytics – one of the best AI-powered analytics tools. Since its launch, the product analytic tool has created a name for itself and was ranked as the best analytics tool by Garner for the sixth consecutive year.

Adobe Analytics stands out amongst its competitors due to its predictive learning features that allow users to make the most profitable decisions. It is hard to foresee the results of investments, and most businesses suffer losses if the upgrades fail; however, Adobe Analytics uses machine learning and AI to analyze customer sentiment and recommend product upgrades to create profitable investments.

Similarly, the application is commendable in data analysis. It allows you to link all your social media platforms to the tool, and you can access the data through the main dashboard. Adobe Analytics gives you a complete view of your product’s progress and how it could be altered for better results.

The software is remarkable at bringing additional revenue by customer attribution; some customers place bulk orders and bring great revenue for the business; these customers must be targeted for increased sales and improved customer lifetime value. Adobe analytics filter these customers and help you create segmented campaigns to target them.

3. Plerdy


Plerdy has been a popular customer choice for session replay software; nonetheless, its efficiency in product analytics is often underrated. The application has diverse services that can help you attain the most useful information about your website at a single tap.

The session replay services by Plerdy are one of a kind; the videos are recorded in a high-quality format and are segmented based on their funnel level. Hence, you can focus on a particular audience group and understand the root cause behind their decision. It also allows targeted recording, so you can fix a particular action that triggers the recorder; thus, only the most significant visits are recorded.

Plerdy uses your website data to create multiple reports to help you improve your customer journey. The application offers multiple filters to sort useful information from the database.

The details are composed in report form and can be shared with the stakeholders of your business. The data comes in handy to create separate user segments to market your product and generate more sales.

4. Mixpanel


Studies suggest that more than 50% of modern startups quit within their first five years, and 25% of them fail to last for more than a year. The biggest problems that startups face are the lack of scalability and failure to increase their customer lifetime value. Mixpanel claims to solve both problems with its advanced product analytics tools.

The brand offers a complete tool to help you improve and scale your product to the masses at no additional cost. It allows you a wide variety of interactive reports that can be altered and customized based on your needs. With the advanced AI, the product analytic tool predicts the effects of changes to your product and how you can maximize your revenue.

Mixpanel provides limitless filters for customer segregation; once you have linked it to your website, it will monitor the demographics of each visitor, and you can filter them based on their location, device, age and purchasing power.

The app also allows you to better communicate with your B2B customers as they are the major source of revenue. You can create separate groups to answer their queries and keep them interested in your services.

Moreover, Mixpanel has remarkable data integration and management, allowing you to monitor the progress of your business through the admin dashboard. You can choose to redesign the charts with additional filters to get desired results.

5. Amplitude Analytics

amplitude analytics

Amplitude Analytics is a purpose-built tool to help you detect customer and product data in utmost detail and make the best amendments. Amplitude analytics work on customer attribution in a unique manner; in addition to segmenting customers based on their demographics, it also highlights why customers look to buy a certain product.

It detects a customer’s origin and analyzes the particular feature that pursues them to visit your landing page or buy your product. The data can be extremely helpful for a business while considering future upgrades to the product.

The customer data is simplified through its interactive reports; these reports can be redesigned to fit your needs and are shareable with other stakeholders of your business. Amplitude analytics allows you to foresee the impact of changes to your product or website; the tool uses machine learning and AI to predict the results of modifications to the marketing campaign and other fundamental areas of the business.

Moreover, Amplitude Analytics allows you to access your desired charts and graphs with a single tap; artificial intelligence sorts the messy data to simplify the results in visually-appealing formats.

6. Heap

Heap has an interesting perspective on improving your business revenue without spending high costs on marketing. It is a brand solely focused on using qualitative and quantitative data to analyze a 360-degree view of your customer journey; it helps you locate your customers’ navigation patterns and how they move through the funnel.

Heap has designed an advanced system to help you locate customer movement across your website; the data is recorded in a database and is used to create interactive reports that can help you decide your business’s future. The AI provides unique customer insights and responses to product changes; it highlights your product’s deficiencies and the techniques to improve your customer experience.

Moreover, Heap is commendable in providing customer insights about your website navigation; it locates the friction points and distractions that divert the customer’s attention and take them away from the sales funnel. With its suggestions and detailed reports, you can improve decision-making and make the most of your website’s potential.

A unique feature for Heap users is the digital integration of the tools; Heap’s product analytics tool has more than 100 integrations, simplifying your customers’ purchase decisions and providing them with different digital requisites across their website journey. Heap has made a name for its services among newly built startups and established businesses.

7. Inner Trends

inner trends

InnerTrends have simplified data management for its users; you can easily sign up for their services, and they will simplify customer analytics for you. The application provides detailed insights by analyzing your website and social numbers.

The app is developed by data scientists and contains every useful measure to streamline the management process and attain the needed information with no hassle. Innertrends allow you to view your real-time reports with a single tap; the reports are readily available through the application’s dashboard for viewing and sharing purposes.

These reports have a combination of charts, graphs and numbers to provide a comprehensive view; however, a user can choose to modify the graph and chart filters to get crucial information about their business. It helps you target the highest paying customer base or recreate your campaigns to attract a different market segment.

Moreover, Inner Trends is also helpful in removing website friction points and quickening customers’ sales journey; the website locates the heat map of your visitors and where they head from the point. It helps you detect the common distractions amongst your users and how you can enhance their experience.

8. Dragon Boat

dragon boat

Dragon Boat is a dedicated tool for product analysis, and it can help you improve customer experience with detailed user insights. The tool has various features that analyze your customer’s journey from the landing page to purchase and craft useful data to help you make actionable plans.

Dragon Boat strategizes your product-making strategy through an advanced standardization framework. You can use the actionable plans to make amendments to your website and product to enhance customer experience and bring a positive reputation.

The app also helps you work on your objectives by following a fixed roadmap; it monitors your progress and develops objective and short-term goals to quicken the process toward future targets. Dragon boat uses machine learning to maximize your returns by assessing the customer experience throughout the journey. It assesses your project growth and predicts any foreseeable risk that may slow the progress.

Like other analytics tools, Dragon boat also provides interactive reports for you that can be shared with other business stakeholders. The report contains a comprehensive view of your business that can help you make decisions for long-term growth and sustenance.

Summarily, dragon boat allows you to maximize your sales and profits by keeping you on track for future goals and providing the right resource allocation plans.

9. UserZoom


With Google, P&G and Microsoft as its customers, Userzoom has been a popular choice for online businesses looking for user insights. The product analysis tool is purposely built to circumvent the friction points on your website and provide a streamlined experience for your visitors.

The application uses UX design to gather insights using multiple methods; it unites your website and social media data in a single dashboard and utilizes it to create detailed reports. UserZoom allows you to filter the data based on time, and you can compare your current performance with previous months.

The application also helps you keep a close eye on your competitors’ performance; it monitors useful website data from your competitor’s platform and lets you compare your business performance with them. Hence, you can improve your website’s experience by working on the standout traits of market leaders.

The brand allows a business to get real-time customer insights and actionable plans to generate the highest revenue. UserZoom creates several surveys, tree-tests, and forms for your website visitors; these forms help you detect the origin of a user and understand why they develop an interest in your product.

The data is essential for targeting a particular market and segmenting your customer base for the best results. UserZoom also has a participant community of more than a million members; the application allows you to request help and assistance from anyone in the community to enhance your operations.

Similarly, the expert marketing team on board with UserZoom is always available for your assistance and can help you quicken a customer journey.

10. Pendo


Pendo.io has a diverse range of offerings that not only make it effective as a product analytics tool but also help you quicken your business processes. The brand offers four standout features that can help you skyrocket your revenues without an excessive expenditure on marketing.

Firstly, Pendo allows you to access detailed reports about your customer navigation and movement across your website; it provides comprehensive charts indicating the highest visitor density and common friction points amongst users. The data can be filtered with multiple distinctions, and you can extract crucial details from it.

Secondly, the application helps you understand the viability of reports and how to act on the suggestions. The app has in-app guides and targeted messaging that briefs about the charts and how you can alter them for better insights.

Moreover, Pendo.io simplifies product upgrade procedures for your business; most online businesses fail to take customer feedback into account, eventually resulting in their downfall. However, with Pendo’s feedback management, you can centralize and prioritize every customer feedback on a single dashboard.

It will help you make adjustments to your product and achieve great results.

Finally, the app can be used on different operating systems and your mobile phone; hence, it will be easier for you to stay updated about your business processes throughout the day.

11. Quantum Metric

quantum metric

Quantum metric has every trait to be a one-stop solution for your product analytics needs. The application has created a name for its efficiency, and its advanced algorithm and machine learning have helped mega-businesses achieve new heights.

Quantum metrics use machine learning and AI to draft actionable plans for your business; the AI automatically uses customer information to understand possible issues at your website; it helps you understand the friction points in your customer’s navigation path, and you can solve them for an improved user experience.

Similarly, the Quantum metric goes a step ahead by offering session replays for your customers’ visits; the application provides the elaborative video-like experience of your website that helps you locate customer movement. It highlights a customer’s real-time movement and helps you understand possible issues faced by them.

The application also has a powerful UX that helps you drive detailed insights from your website. The real-time visit feature helps you visualize the heat map, and you can change the filters to note the number of clicks, taps or views for better understanding. Finally, the application also offers detailed insights about your business performance and assists you in making timely upgrades.

The charts and reports can be modified for better understanding by the shareholders. Quantum metrics are amongst the few product analytics tools to offer CPD technology; it is an advanced system to locate your most profitable products and predict possible changes to boost your profits.

The technology helps you analyze the most profitable regions of your business to scale and close other loss-making sectors.

12. UX Cam

ux cam

Product analytics is a fundamental tool for any business, and if they can’t use it correctly, the business’s failure is inevitable. UX cam understands the problems of a business and provides effective features to fix them with no additional expertise.

The brand’s most popular feature is its session replays- unlike other applications, the replays are organized based on the user’s actions; hence, you won’t have to view their entire experience to understand the problem; rather, you can head to the particular click or tap, and play the recording from the instance.

Similarly, you can use the dashboard to highlight users’ usage patterns and focus on the distractions embedded in your platform. UX cam has a wide range of filters and distinctions that can help you gain useful insights about your business. You can add a filter and create multiple test trees to detect customer attributes and understand your most profitable segments.

Moreover, UX cam provides complete insights about your customer journey; you can use screen flow analytics to detect your customer movement across the website. The tool provides condensed information about your user’s navigation pattern and how you can optimize it for more purchases.

Finally, the app also keeps track of any website issues encountered by your customers; every time an issue occurs on the main platform, it is added to the list, and a notification is sent to the manager. It allows you to make the right upgrades and boost your website productivity.

13. Glassbox


Glassbox offers multiple services throughout the customer journey to help you improve customer experience and make more sales. The application monitors your website and app visors and tracks their movements; it records visitor density for every page and drafts multiple statistics based on the visits.

Glassbox also has session replay features; you can visualize the real-time experience of your users by stepping in their shoes. The application provides a video-like presentation of website visits that helps you locate customer issues with context.

Moreover, the application analyzes visitors’ behaviour at your website; it uses AI learning to detect user movement and locate any friction points that result in customer distraction. It helps you update your website for an enhanced user experience and increased sales.

Glassbox provides a wide variety of filters to gain the perfect insights about your product and make changes likewise. The elevate feature provides actionable plans to enhance your services and generate better returns.

It monitors your returns from different products and predicts the rise in profits after possible scaling of the preferred products.

14. FullStory


Reports suggest that more than 86% of customers will stop doing business with a company after a bad experience; most customers won’t bother providing detailed feedback to help you fix the problem, and you’ll end up losing more customers. FullsSory helps you with your product analytics to boost your returns and enhance the customer experience.

Fullstory records session visitors for your websites and empowers your website engineers to locate possible problems in the consumer experience. It allows them to understand the common troubles faced by customers and brainstorm different ideas to create a simpler website version.

Session replays also come in handy to locate bugs affecting particular regions or operating systems.

Similarly, FullStory also helps you boost your revenue growth; the application utilizes purchase and cost decisions to locate your most profitable products and foresees the change in demand after scaling the product. It provides multiple ideas to increase conversions and scale the most preferred products for increased revenues.

Similarly, the reports also focus on the weaknesses of your business; they highlight the revenue-impacting issues that require instant action to prevent a hit on customer reputation. FullStory mixes the right blend of necessary features to enhance customer experience and increase your sales.

Product Analytics Tools Final Words

In the business world, it is crucial for companies to track and analyze their products in order to understand what is selling, what isn’t, and why. This information can help businesses make decisions about what products to continue making, discontinue, or improve. There are a number of different product analytics tools that can help businesses do this.

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