7 Best Product Visualization Software Tools [2022]

Product visualization software helps businesses create configurable 3D visualizations of their products for use on their websites or online stores. 

Visual product customization software improves the buyer experience by providing precise 3D visualizations allowing buyers to configure products online.

In this article, we listed the best product visualization tools including more advanced software that provides features for virtual reality and also interactive product tours.

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Table of Contents

1. Autodesk 3D Visualization Software

autodesk 3d

Autodesk 3D is a collection of programs designed for specific purposes within the real of product visualization and virtual reality software. All of their solutions include 3D animation, modeling, and rendering as well as architectural rendering and other visual effects such as texture and lighting.

Their library of includes 6 separate pieces of software that can work together for separate purposes such as Adobe and its tools.

  • Their Software and solutions include one program designed for animating, designing, and rendering games called 3ds Max.
  • One program designed for modeling, simulation, and rendering software for films, games, and TV called Maya.
  • One program to plan and construct buildings designed for architects and other building purposes called Revit.
  • One program designed solely for illumination called Arnold.
  • One program designed for virtual reality and automotive uses called VRED
  • And last but not least, one program designed to sketch, model and visualize concepts and surfaces called Alias.


Autodesk 3D also offers packages that include more than one software to cater to the needs of businesses of all industries and provide them with solutions that will suit their rubric.

2. Aryel


Aryel offers a very sober product visualization software with augmented reality. Their tools help companies of any industry bring their products to life while giving their customers a tangible experience through the virtual space of the internet.

Whether is it furniture, transportation vessels, consumables like food & beverage, accessories, and even zoo animals Aryel’s 3D product visualization software makes it appear real.

Elements like textures, colors, text, and even audio clips can be employed to enhance the augmented reality experience of the asset. The use of a web browser or a phone application is needed to install the 3D tool that Aryel offers.

Other than the creation of heavy 3D assets, Aryel also offers a virtual try-on feature that allows the customers to wear fashion products so that they can compare the dimensions of their faces and bodies to the likeness of the items they wish to purchase.

Brands like Artemest, Nodus, SG and Onstream Gallery all trust Aryel to provide the solutions for their product visualization needs.

3. Threekit


Honoring its namesake, Threekit offers one kit of three different Product Visualization tools that unite in the same virtual space to conform to their whole platform.

A 3D configuration tool augmented reality solutions, and their trademarked software, Virtual Photographer™. Their 3D configuration tool allows users to completely change the visualized product: adding and removing elements to their will.

The augmented reality software that Threekit offers brings the wonders of the virtual space into the real world: transporting items into life by the use of a phone camera.

Last but not least, their Virtual Photographer™ tool allows the user to modify the characteristics of items and products without any problems.

This solution prides itself on being able to look at the 3D aspect and modify it to create a seamless 2D image for the customer to visualize.

Its whole objective is to turn the user into a photographer who can manipulate the perspective of the object without intervening physically. Aspects like color, lighting, and perspective angels are easily changed with the help of this tool. Brands like J.Press and Kashiyama use Virtual Photographer™.

4. Atlatl


Not only does Atlatl offer a collection of product visualization tools, but they also have the marketing aspect in mind at all times.

They design their products to go hand in hand with the marketing plans so that any company may achieve success through the implementation of 3D Visualization of Augmented Reality.

By creating visual impact made with 3D product visualization, Atlatl seeks to assist the business in its growth and sales. They also dedicate an entire team to customer success and they offer a wide variety of reports and insights that help the business analyze their customer and hit their targets. 

All their products are web and mobile-friendly and they can also be integrated with well-known industry-standard tools. From web solutions like HubSpot, HTML5, and WordPress to marketing tools such as Oracle, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, SAP, and Salesforce.

5. iONE360


iONE360 and its software seeks to accelerate the user experience by employing tools that enhance their perspective and in some cases, their reality.

They want to help businesses sell their products by giving them the tools to show their clients a perfectly rendered 3D object using iONE360’s software to configure, view, and augment reality.

They offer a 3D product visualization tool that includes a 360 viewer for enterprise resource planning as well as their configurable web augmented reality solutions that need no outside applications to function.

Given the name of Room Planner – this digital studio software allows the user to create a 3D space with multiple elements. In short, Room Planner is a virtual reality tool that provides 3D room scene renders that are completely customizable – allowing the user to see the different objects in 3D and evaluate how each element interacts with their environment.

The product visualization software that iONE360 offers can be perfectly integrated with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento 2, and WordPress. Companies like Station7, Worthley, and SOURCC use iONE360 to cover their needs for Product Visualization Software.

6. Zakeke


Zakeke has a really strong leaning towards product customization. They offer Web to Print solutions, a 3D Configurator and an augmented reality viewer that is mostly dedicated to businesses that offer custom-made items.

Though their 3D Viewer and augmented reality tools help with the creation of interactive products that are as close to real as possible, their main priority is to focus on sales and marketing. For this reason, they perfected the augmented reality effect of the Visual Try-On, allowing users to sort of “test” items before they even make a purchase.

Other than the novelty of Virtual Try-On, Zakeke also provides product visualization software solely dedicated to customized engraving. This tool helps potential clients visualize the finished product and promotes the marketing of personalized items of all kinds.

On the business end, it also allows the product makers to download the files directly from the solution in a format that imports directly to the industry-standard engraving machines.

This solution offers partial automation to the workflow and helps with the processing of sales. Zakeke supports integrations for Shopify, Prestashop, Adobe Commerce, Etsy, Opencard, Salesforce, and others. Companies like Order Desk, webhooks, Printful, and Zapier trust Zakeke and their Product Visualization Software.

7. Sketchfab


The platform that Sketchfab has created is solely dedicated to performing, visualizing, and marketing 3D assets and AR experiences. Their business solutions include a 3D visualization tool and augmented reality software that both have the tendency to increase and enhance e-commerce. Therefore, both of their tools can be integrated with Magento, WordPress and WooCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify, 3dcart, and WIX.

The 3D Visualization tool that they provide showcases an interactive experience where businesses and clients can view and edit any product in a 3D format with textures, colors, and rendered details as close as possible to real life. This tool works on any device and any browser. It can also be adapted to industry-standard 3D file formats for management ease. Companies like Dell and eagle creek use Sketchfab’s 3D Visualization tool.

Product Visualization Tools Final Words

In conclusion, product visualization software is an important tool for any business. It allows businesses to see their products in a new light and understand how customers will interact with them. This type of software can be used to create product mockups, test customer reactions, and generate sales reports. Product visualization tools are an essential tool for businesses of all sizes.

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