17 Best Recommendation Engine Systems [Ecommerce & Content]

With the rapid expansion of the e-commerce industry and an ever-growing number of choices, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to provide users with relevant and useful recommendations.

Recommendation engine systems are used in a variety of ways, such as recommending new products or services to customers or suggesting content that a user might be interested in.

In this article, we’ll look at the best recommendation engine systems that play a crucial role in automating segmentation, testing, and distributing individualized marketing campaigns, enhancing their effectiveness and memorability.

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1. Maropost


Maropost is an AI ecommerce platform that simplifies customer engagement with a unified marketing automation platform connecting companies with their customers at every step of their journey.

Maropost provides a recommendation engine as part of its marketing platform. It leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide personalized recommendations to website visitors and email recipients. It helps marketers deliver targeted content and improve customer engagement

The system is designed to match the entries in the website library with each site visitor’s web profile, providing personalized recommendations.

To configure the engine in Maropost, you can set up recommendation rules. These rules determine the content pieces that are recommended to a given contact. 

Maropost also supports the use of meta tags for recommendation rules. By adding more meta tags, you can enhance the recommendation engine’s ability to recommend content based on your contacts’ purchase history.

In addition to website recommendations, Maropost’s marketing platform also offers the ability to include recommended content in emails. The email content editor provides a list of rule tags for your recommendation rules, allowing you to easily include recommended content in your email campaigns.

2. Adobe Target

adobe target

Adobe is a suite of tools, including one of their flagship products, Adobe Target, which is a content personalization and testing solution that makes it simple to create personalized digital experiences that generate revenue and deliver real results.

Adobe Target lets you bring omnichannel personalization to a wider audience across all marketing touchpoints including web, mobile applications, social media, and other digital channels delivering the best experience

Adobe allows you to test and personalise on a much larger scale than manual optimization and rules. Adobe Target includes artificial intelligence and machine learning, allowing you to personalize everything for everyone with a single click.

Adobe Target’s enterprise-level personalization engine, powered by Adobe Sensei, uses powerful machine learning and AI algorithms to determine the best experience for each individual customer — no matter where or when that interaction occurs. 

Personalized recommendations, for example, learn over time and take context into consideration when deciding what, when, and how to present the right experience. 

When you combine the personalization engine with other Adobe products, such as Adobe Analytics, you can create personalized experiences across all touch points while also informing your other digital marketing efforts, such as campaign and content management.

Other Adobe products, such as Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Audience Manager, or Adobe Analytics, are commonly used to send external audiences to Target (via Experience Cloud segments).

3. Recombee


If you don’t want to waste time and money on the development of your own recommendation system, you should consider Recombee and take advantage of one of the most advanced engine tailored by ML data scientists.

Recombee is a recommendation engine that uses a simple RESTful API and data scientist-designed SDKs. Recombee lets you generate real-time product and content recommendations for each user to enhance their spending.

You can also examine performance statistics and receive recommendations that are suited to your individual requirements. The user-friendly interface of Recombee allows you to monitor critical performance parameters in near real-time and it’s suitable for everyone on your team.

Music, movies, books, news, cultural events, e-commerce items, and job listings can all be effectively recommended using the platform’s algorithm. It can be used in a wide range of fields with ease. By using Recombee’s simple and very innovative language, you can customize the recommender for your company (ReQL).

You can track the effectiveness of the concepts over time and create your own dashboard by pinning chosen KPI displays. 

4. Boost


Boost is a company that offers various solutions to improve navigation, search, and product recommendations for Shopify stores.

Boost Commerce incorporates sophisticated AI personalization software features for product recommendations. By processing store shopping data and individual item selections, this system is able to provide targeted suggestions for customers, catering to their preferences and increasing the likelihood of purchases.

The software provides a broad spectrum of eight product recommendation models. This includes two driven by AI technology, five reliant on statistical data, and one manual selection option. This diverse set of models ensures a variety of recommendation techniques, each optimized to target different shopper behaviors.

Boost enables you to integrate unlimited recommendation widgets on four key web pages. These widgets, which are optimized for both desktop and mobile interfaces, provide multiple customization options, allowing you to tailor the user interface and user experience to match your brand’s aesthetic and function.

Boost provides various product recommendation widget layouts that can significantly augment the engagement and purchase intent of site visitors.

Firstly, the Carousel (Slider) layout is highly popular among eCommerce platforms. This interactive sliding block allows you to showcase products from left to right and vice versa, thereby grouping specific items together and efficiently utilizing webpage real estate. This layout is an excellent tool for highlighting recommended items in your online store.

The Grid layout, which is currently under development, relies on columns, gutters, and margins to provide a visually appealing browsing experience. The grid layout makes all suggested items visible simultaneously, enabling a unique shopping experience that can potentially boost conversion rates.

Finally, the Bundle layout offers a strategic way of recommending items frequently bought together or related products. Available only on product pages, this approach to product recommendations helps shoppers avoid endless navigation through product pages. By increasing the number of items customers add to their cart, product bundles can naturally boost your store’s revenue and Average Order Value (AOV). This method enhances customer satisfaction, thereby increasing the probability of repeat purchases and improving customer retention rates.

Once you’ve set up these features, Boost automatically generates recommended products based on your store’s statistics, requiring minimal intervention and management on your part. This allows you to focus more on your core business while trusting Boost to optimize your store’s product recommendations.

5. Octane AI

Octane AI

Octane is a Shopify product quiz maker that lets you understand and personalizes your customers’ shopping experiences. This quiz creator, which serves thousands of eCommerce brands, combines AI capabilities and customer insights to create a personalized shopping experience for each customer.

Its intelligent quiz helps customers find the right product, learn about your brand, and make a profitable purchase. You can interact with your customers, make product recommendations based on their responses, and provide a customized educational experience.

The platform also includes an insights analyst feature, which essentially analyzes all of your product reviews using artificial intelligence. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of reviews, this feature is useful because it sifts through this valuable data to provide actionable insights that can inform your business strategies.

Octane offers various ecommerce and dropshipping tools, including a quiz builder with AI and personalized automation.

6. Algolia


To improve every part of the customer experience, Algolia incorporates a range of AI algorithms and e-commerce search tools. It includes everything from automatically boosting the best-performing results to synonym suggestions and customization.

Its built-in search metrics give deep insights into user expectations and search performance. It includes the Algolia Ranking Formula, which allows you to rank results based on margin, popularity, review score, or any other business indicator, as well as design your own personalization approach.

With Algolia, you can gain a competitive advantage and move ahead with the modernizing world with new solutions like this.

7. Qubit


Qubit is an AI ecommerce recommendation engine that assists companies at the most advanced phases of customization where the consumer is the primary focus, independent of channel, and where personalization connects systems of record and systems of action.

This is the offering for companies with cross-functional teams and a management team mandate to utilize customization to execute the brand’s strategy and vision by providing relevant customer experiences at scale across all touchpoints.

As a result, rather than merely focusing on conversion and acquisition, Qubit users’ key performance indicators are focused on customer lifetime and loyalty measures.

Qubit goes beyond standard customization use cases, allowing cross-functional teams to create and deliver personalized experiences customized to their specific guests and objectives. Brands will have access to scalability, strong development tools, and a myriad of third-party connectors thanks to the product’s scale, capabilities, and autonomy.

8. Optimizely


Optimizely’s leading platform includes AI-powered customization and experimentation, including A/B testing, multivariate testing, server-side testing, and a full set of digital experience optimization capabilities. On this platform, over 1 million trials have been done to identify what works – and what does not- removing the guesswork. 

So, as Optimizely is the world’s premier experimentation platform, allowing businesses to experiment and personalize their websites, mobile applications, and connected devices in real-time, you can choose it if you need its service. Optimizely allows companies to test deep into their technology stack as well as the complete customer experience.

9. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization

salesforce marketing cloud personalization

With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud unified analytics, you can get to know your consumer through a single source of truth, interact with relevance, and personalize every moment at scale with AI-powered personalization to drive action and loyalty.

The visual builder and drag-and-drop feature, as well as the option to create a single journey with various messages and channels, are some appealing features this has. It is really straightforward even for a non-developer technical marketer to drag in stages with scheduling and basic segmentation.

10. Kibo Personalization Software

Kibo Personalization

Businesses can use Kibo Personalization Software to make consumers feel understood and valued in a more personal way. Kibo Personalisation, powered by industry leaders Monetate and Certona, enables marketers to implement a fully integrated personalization strategy. The performance-focused design has a well-known user interface with a variety of strong capabilities ranging from ideation and validation to scalable 1-to-1 cross-channel interactions.

There are many leading companies and organizations that use this platform for their businesses. So, it does not matter if you are a small-scale or large-scale organization. You can use Kibo Personalization Software and get going.

11. Google Recommendations AI

Google recommendations AI

The largest and most advanced industrial recommendation systems ever are used by YouTube, YouTube Music, Google Search, and Google Display advertising. Google did not waste any time in making its machine learning architecture capability available directly in the Google Cloud interface as part of Google AI solutions. Recommendations AI is one of the bundled solutions offered.

The Google Cloud-based solution filters data from product catalogs and/or CRM systems based on your preferences to provide users with smart and timely suggestions. This is advantageous for website owners and developers because it lets them give more of what their ideal consumers want, when they want it, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction as well as higher revenues, increased sales, and better conversion rates for organizations.

Rather than focusing on a single product, the program emphasizes a customer’s buying process. Recommendations AI eliminates the need for merchants to manually curate rules or operate recommendation models in-house, with integrations to Merchant Center, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 360, Cloud Storage, and Big Query already in place.

The first step for retailers is to import their catalog and user event data. They can then select an aim for their recommendations: engagement, income, or conversions. According to Google, model training and tweaking take two to five days, and recommendations can be evaluated before being delivered to clients.

Customers using Google Cloud may further customize what shoppers see by using rules to diversity which goods are displayed and filtering them based on product availability and price tag. Retailers have the ability to retrain their models on a daily basis.

12. Sailthru Experience Center


Emerging companies can use Sailthru’s marketing automation and multi-channel personalization service. All client data, including behavioral data, purchase data, and consumer interest data, is available in real-time through the software. To create full, 360-degree consumer profiles, Sailthru collects both implicit and explicit data from all channels and touchpoints.

By offering unique, 1:1 tailored content and product suggestions, Sailthru turns in-depth consumer data into actionable insights. These can be provided through a variety of methods, including mobile and social media, both online and offline. The outcomes of delivering this tailored information, recommendations, and offers are then assessed and transformed into real-time reports that are provided via the Sailthru real-time dashboard. The Sailthru Smart DataTM reporting and analytics solution delivers marketing and customer data and insights in real-time as well as over time.

Sailthru Smart Data is its business intelligence service that delivers exclusive, actionable customer insights. Sailthru’s 360-degree customer view combines cross-channel data with user activity, consumer interest, purchase data, and any other relevant criteria you choose to provide a lifetime perspective of each of your consumers. It offers an integration consultant, project manager, implementation engineer, and creative services designer, as well as 24/7 support, training programs and individual courses, an expert analytics team, and a creative services team for continuous guidance.

13. Dynamic Yield

dynamic yield

Dynamic Yield is a personalization technology solution that works across web, mobile, and email for omnichannel personalization, suggestions, optimization, and messaging. Dynamic Yield strives to assist organizations to optimize the lifetime value of each customer with features such as A/B testing, conversion monitoring, user segmentation, customer behavior tracking, real-time statistics, and more. It is built for agility, allowing teams to quickly go from concept to execution, gain operational independence by working with a single platform, influence the entire customer journey through the same unified hub, and do more with fewer people.

It is an ideal tool for organizations in the eCommerce, media, B2C marketing, travel, and gaming industries that allows them to tailor their user experience and track the outcomes using A/B testing and real-time statistics. Users can construct and micro-target particular user groups based on historical behavior, geolocation, customer journey phase, subscription status, and more using customer segmentation. Users can develop tailored product suggestions based on information acquired by Dynamic Yield’s machine learning engine or by putting up their own criteria with the goal of improving conversions.

Personalized messages produced using behavioral data can be used to target potential leads and conversions, while alerts or popups can be used to target individuals with exit intent. Dynamic Yield allows customers to run continuous A/B testing across desktop, mobile web, and mobile applications to track performance. Multivariate testing can also be used to evaluate numerous combinations of choices and assign the best-performing alternatives to the most relevant user cohorts.

14. IBM Watson Real-Time Personalization

IBM Watson real-time personalization

IBM Watson Studio, which is part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Data, is a premier data science and machine learning solution that helps businesses accelerate AI-powered digital transformation. It enables organizations to grow reliable AI and make better judgments. Using an automated end-to-end AI lifecycle, you can build, operate, and maintain AI models on any cloud, simplifying experimentation and deployment, speeding up data discovery and preparation, and boosting model creation and training. Manage model risk by governing and monitoring models to prevent drift and bias. To operationalize responsibly, explainable AI throughout your company, create a ModelOps approach that synchronizes application and model pipelines.

Watson Studio combines seamlessly with data management services, data privacy and security capabilities, open-source frameworks, and a comprehensive technological ecosystem as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Data, a single data, and AI platform. It brings together teams and gives organizations the tools they need to create the contemporary information architecture that AI demands and inject it across the enterprise.

By combining the finest of open-source tools with visual, drag-and-drop features, IBM Watson Studio allows both data scientists and business analysts to collaborate on the same platform. It lets businesses tap into data assets and inject predictions into business processes and new applications, allowing them to optimize the value of their assets. It is ideal for hybrid multi-cloud setups with mission-critical performance, security, and governance requirements.

15. Vue.ai

Vue AI

Vue.ai is a global end-to-end retail automation platform used by over 100 retailers, including some of the most famous ones. Vue.ai is using Artificial Intelligence to reimagine the future of retail. Vue.ai’s range of solutions uses Visual AI and machine learning techniques to solve retail’s most pressing issues, such as increasing efficiency and increasing revenue.

For both small-scale and large-scale organizations, Vue.ai can be used. So, it is surely going to be beneficial for you to use it for your business too.

16. RichRelevance


RichRelevance is a cloud-based omnichannel customization technology that helps retailers, B2B companies, financial services companies, travel and hospitality companies, and branded manufacturers customize their consumer experiences.

It is an AI-powered system that allows businesses of all sizes to use consumer data to create unique digital experiences that engage customers on their mobile devices, tablets, company websites, and in physical locations.

The platform automates the design and delivery of individualized experiences across the entire customer lifecycle, resulting in previously unimaginable engagements that boost customer lifetime value.

RichRelevance’s investment in big data and dual-tier data centers provides a solid foundation for expanding and offering highly tailored consumer experiences. Furthermore, its cutting-edge customization engine makes it simple to create and deliver brand-centric customer experiences across the customer lifecycle.

17. Syte AI

Syte is leading the transformation of eCommerce by helping brands and merchants effortlessly link customers with things they love, thanks to visual AI.

Their technologies, including camera search, augmented site search, customization engines, and smart in-store tools, enable customers to find and buy things the same way they do everything else in their lives: instantly, intuitively, and visually.

Leading brands and retailers collaborate with Syte to deliver on-demand, hyper-personalized experiences that enhance average order value and foster long-term loyalty.

Recommendation Engine Final Words

A well-made recommendation engine can be an incredibly valuable asset to any business, especially e-commerce.

By providing personalized recommendations, a recommendation engine system can help shoppers find the products they are looking for and discover new products they may enjoy.

An AI recommendation system can also help businesses increase sales by suggesting products that are complementary to what customers have already purchased.

By considering the customer’s preferences and providing tailored recommendations, a company can increase sales and encourage customer loyalty.

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