19 Best Review Management Software Tools in 2022 [SMB & Marketers]

In a world where online opinions can often dictate real-world success, more and more businesses are turning to review management software or reputation management software.

These tools help them keep track of what is being said about them online and to help them respond quickly and appropriately to any negative sentiment.

There are a number of different review management tools, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This article will compare the best options for both business owners and digital marketers.

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1. Vendasta


In a world where one negative review can ruin a company’s reputation, it’s important for businesses to have a tool to help manage their online reputation. Vendasta is one such tool, and it’s specifically designed for marketing agencies.

Vendasta is an AI business software that helps businesses track what people are saying about them online, respond to reviews, and improve their online reputation.

With Vendasta reputation management, you’ll easily be able to correct online listings to ensure your client’s businesses are found across the most important directories listing sites and social networks.

You can easily monitor, manage, and respond to reviews with curated templates right from the platform, deal with negative feedback offline, and promote glowing reviews to popular social platforms, or your client’s website.

And with the Vendasta sentiment analysis feature, your clients can understand trends to make data-backed business decisions. Plus regular roll-up reports to prove that you are the local marketing hero every business owner deserves.

In addition, Vendasta provides white-label reputation services. Once the software is sold, the marketing experts at Vendasta provide full after-support.

Vendasta also offers a wide range of other marketing tools that agencies can use to grow their business including

2. NiceJob


According to statistics, about just 5%–10% of consumers write reviews. It isn’t mainly because of the service’s quality. They lack the motivation to post a review for another business. NiceJob has identified the problem. The website claims to improve your review rate by 200%.

The review management tool creates a simple and efficient review form. It takes less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds to provide a review. An easy process attracts more customers to add reviews. Similarly, NiceJob comes with a remarkable review reminder.

It detects the time a customer takes before posting reviews. The reminder mechanism notifies the user through smart notifications. These notifications urge them to post a review. Hence, your business shall receive twice the reviews.

No review is beneficial if it isn’t seen. NiceJob eliminates the problem using its review distribution. The mechanism spreads your reviews throughout the social media platforms. The goal is to increase your website’s visibility. Overall, NiceJob brings great results through smart technology use.

3. Podium


Podium is amongst the most popular review management software for small businesses. It has made a name for its quick services and impeccable results. The website claims a 2x boost in reviews within two months. Podium uses an intelligent strategy to help your website grow.

It starts from the top of the cycle with reviews. The review form is generated based on your needs. You can customize it to add rating fields. The theme can be altered to suit your business need.

Once the reviews are recorded, you can use the contact details to generate more leads. Podium’s clear strategy helps you bring more potential clients. Moreover, these leads can be targeted using text campaigns. Regular notifications help in enhancing your revenues.

4. Brightlocal


Brightlocal claims to be a one-stop shop for your business’s needs. Most online companies struggle to attain substantial traffic to their website. The traffic is related to a website’s rapport. A trusted website can only be judged by positive reviews and how they are showcased.

They work on your website’s SEO, review management, and lead generation. Their review manager has made a name for its efficacy. Brightlocal’s review manager allows a business to collect and showcase reviews professionally.

Users can choose their preferred theme and style using the brand’s various options. Although your reviews can be set to automatic publishing, the software allows you to choose otherwise. The review monitor sets you up for the right rapport.

You can have a look at your customer reviews before they are published. Brightlocal also provides an opportunity to collect multiple leads. 

Their lead manager collects customer details of all reviewers. You can use these links to contact potential clients and bring sales. Reputation management is an important task and must not be taken lightly.

5. Birdeye


Birdseye is another popular review management tool for online businesses. Their services are directed at small-scale companies. Birdeye has multiple focus areas that help businesses flourish. They take a review through a cycle to generate additional sales.

The web chat feature allows you to communicate with your users on the go. More users can be attracted to your website through the referral options. Finally, these buyers can add their reviews to your websites. Birds Eye has an excellent mechanism to drive the best revenues.

They allow a business to select various design types for different customers. You can choose from multiple theme packets to select the best option for your viewers. Every review is monitored before publishing. You can tweak and edit reviews depending on the need.

Birdeye allows you to change the positioning of reviews on your website. You can choose to display the best ones at the top. Similarly, the share feature allows you to share positive reviews on about 10000 platforms.

Birdeye has also made a name for its Athena AI – the audience insights software powered by an enhanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine . The plugin collects customer data to provide valuable insights. You can use its results to make the best changes to your website.

6. Brand24


Brand24 offers a wide range of features to get the best results. Review management tools don’t only help your business build rapport. They are equally important in understanding consumer behavior.

The reviews provide insights regarding your services and how to improve them. Its notable feature is sentiment analysis. The application takes a private sentimental review that varies between happy, neutral, and sad.

A user can select his sentiment based on the service provided. The data is utilized to provide insights regarding your improvements. A business can use its upset customers to improvise its processes. Similarly, the excellent review can be publicized on social media platforms.

Moreover, Brand 24 also provides a feed mention feature. Some users may share their experiences on social media. Usually, it is a negative review of a brand. The feature lets you connect with consumers.

It provides you an opportunity to protect your brand on the platform.

Similarly, the reputation management tool also provides an influencer score. It is a rating of influencers in your industry. You can choose to use them for publicity.

7. GatherUp


Large-scale businesses often fail to fix their problems seamlessly. It is usually due to their vast operations. They may have difficulty analyzing a pattern amongst negative reviews. GatherUp is an easy solution for such businesses. It manages reviews based on your location. The app analyses consumer sentiments based on sites.

You can view consumer reviews arising from a particular area. The data comes in handy to improve your services without additional costs.

Moreover, GatherUp is also famous for its reputation management. It comes with an efficient review collector. You can choose to select where the review form is to be placed. The themes have multiple options for you. A business can extract necessary information about a review for future business. It also helps in lead generation to increase sales.

GatherUp is also establishing B2B links. Recently, they began their operations as white label solutions.

8. Thryv


Reputation management is a broad task. You need to be good in all aspects. It can be challenging to please customers. Thryv helps you achieve the desired customer relationship. The process revolves from establishing an online presence to analyzing consumer behavior.

A business can sign up for the services and spread its identity over 40 platforms. The process takes less than 24 hours after submission. Thryv collects your reviews through various methods and promotes them on social platforms.

The goal is to share the records with the largest audience. You can also use their cardless billing options for a better experience. Moreover, Thryv’s pipeline management simplifies your everyday tasks. It eases management procedures and skyrockets your revenues.

9. SiteJabber


SiteJabber is the official Google review partner. It has a 97% positive rate which speaks for its service quality. Sitejabber has a specific focus on gathering customer reviews. It has smart forms that are simple to fill. The ease confirms a high review rate amongst customers.

The business can modify and edit a review based on their needs. The styling can also be adjusted for your business philosophy. Sitejabber records your website buyers and tracks their movement. Regular notifications are sent to ensure quick reviews. A business can choose to promote its reviews on multiple social media websites.

SiteJabber offers a one-touch share for popular sites. It helps in building an online presence.

10. Oggvo


Oggvo has become a popular name in the review management industry. Their efficient mechanism makes them good at collecting reviews. It is a powerful tool for nurturing your business leads.

Unlike other platforms, Oggvo pursues your consumers to review at multiple sites. A user can choose to review your business on social media platforms. The automated procedure simplifies the review management for business. Oggvo also provides detailed analysis for its reviews. You can use it to understand the customer’s sentiments.

The review modification feature allows you to change the language for non-English reviews. The sort option helps you know your strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, Oggvo optimizes review collection across multiple channels. The reviews are showcased to potential buyers. The channels are selected to confirm the best conversion rate.

11. Swell


Swell has a unique strategy to boost your revenues. It helps you reduce your marketing budget without compromising on the results. Optimizing the reviews on multiple social media platforms allows them to be seen by the largest customer base worldwide.

Hence, the business can generate more leads without additional expense. Review management is the main focus of Swell. It has created an automated platform for both the business and users.

The review form is streamlined to be simple for the customers and is fully customizable. You can choose to add multiple rating fields to get input from your visitor. It also provides you with multiple lead generation strategies.

With Swell, you can select various sites for email collection throughout your website. The optimized campaigns have bought great results for their existing customers.

12. Chekkit


Chekkit began as a specially focused brand on review management. But, now they have spread their operation with multiple services. Review generation strategy by Chekkit has always been highly rated amongst their customers.

The brand adds a separate plugin to control your in-website texting. The data is recorded for every purchase; once the product is delivered, they provide a notification to the buyer. It contains a single-tap link to the review form.

Chekkit claims the full-process to be less than 30 seconds. Easy accessibility ensures more customers leave their reviews about your business. Chekkit is also famous for its other marketing services.

The review management tool can link your reviews to your social media channels. It helps in bringing more customers without any cost. They also optimize your social media listings to bring in more revenue. Chekkit adds multiple clickable links to your social channels for quick contact.

13. Reputation


Reputation management is a tricky deal. One bad review can have an ever-lasting impact, and it is vital to respond to these reviews as soon as possible. Reputation is known for its review booster. It helps you protect your reputation amongst your customer base. You can link the application to your website within a few minutes.

Reputation focuses on four aspects to help your revenues. Primarily, it provides streamlined forms for your customers; these forms are easy to fill with minimalistic details. Next, it uses reviews to provide insights regarding your services. You can highlight the areas that should be improved.

Thirdly, reputation notifies you whenever a bad review is posted, and you can reply to it to fix the problem. A bad review is only shared if you wish to. Lastly, they optimize your social media listings to bring in more customers. The reviews are shared on Google maps, Facebook, and other channels.

14. Reviews.io


Reveiws.io gives you the control and flexibility to improve your reputation management. Most businesses suffer at the hands of reviews; some bad reviews often remain unanswered. The company couldn’t trace them back due to difficulty managing multiple channels.

Reviews.io has focused on bringing all your reviews to a single dashboard. You can reply, manage and modify all these reviews without changing tabs. It helps you respond to every negative review with a suitable answer.

The sort option simplifies the job further; you can select reviews based on their stars to share on social media. Hence, a business can choose to promote its best reviews for additional credibility.

Reviews.io is also remarkable for your business promotion. They have affiliations with more than 25 sites on the internet. Once you sign up, your listings are posted automatically on the channels. It helps you reach a global audience without additional cost. The social reviews are shared on your website.

15. Yotpo


Yotpo began as a simple review platform but has now diversified its services. Online businesses incur 29% of their expenses in marketing; It gets challenging to retain older customers and bring them back. Hence, the lower lifetime-customer value results in lowered profits and reliability.

Yotpo has a seamless strategy to fix the problem and reduce your costs. The cycle starts with an SMS bump for your customers. Once a visitor leaves your website without purchase, Yotpo sends them an SMS or notification to complete the purchase.

It prompts them to come back to the website. Next, they provide notifications for reviews to customers. The process is simple and quick. Every time a purchase is made, Yotpo creates a unique referral code for the buyer.

They can get a discount by marketing the business. The idea helps in increasing customer lifetime value with no costs. Finally, they allow notification subscriptions to keep customers engaged. It helps in attracting customers after their purchase. Notifications regarding sales and discounts are passed through email.

16. Yext


Yext can be taken as a one-stop solution for your marketing needs. Their services cater to all aspects of customer relationships. A business can quickly improve its services after signing up. The cycle starts with review monitoring.

Yext allows you to check your website reviews on the go. It collects reviews from all platforms and displays them on a single screen. The negative reviews are highlighted with an alarm sign. You can choose to respond to them whenever you want.

Yext is impeccable at review generation. They use SMS and website notifications to bring reviews. An invitation is sent after the project is delivered, and the buyer can add a review with a single tap.

Unlike other providers, Yext also has a competitive intelligence tracker. It compares your business with others in the same domain. It helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. Finally, the reviews are used to enhance your customer knowledge.

Yext provides graphs, charts, and ratings regarding your services. It shows the customer sentiments and highlights the areas to improve. It has specified keywords to narrow the most critical reviews. You can choose to select display images for customers. Authentic reviews are placed at the top, while the rest are distributed evenly.

17. Appfollow


Appfollow is a practical step to solving your business problems. Usually, businesses fail in particular areas. It happens due to a lack of expert availability.

Appfollow primarily focuses on review management but goes a step ahead of solution management. It locates the most significant downsides of your business and helps you find a solution.

Appfollow is affiliated with slack, Zendesk, and Helpshift. These platforms allow you to learn about problem-solution from experts around the world. The experts at Appfollow can also help you figure out marketing solutions.

Nonetheless, Appfollow is no lesser as a review manager. It provides you with a user-intuitive interface to collect and share reviews. A business can customize the rating fields to suit its marketing needs.

The easy share feature allows you to share your portfolio with future prospects. The dashboard lets you analyze problems and come up with actionable solutions. Precisely, Appfollow helps you improve customer retention and build a positive reputation.

18. BazaarVoice


User-Generated Content, or UGC, has been fancied as the ultimate business solution, and rightly so. UGC refers to unique content personalized for different viewers. It may contain unique forms, pop-ups, and notifications based on the user’s past performance and preference.

Bazaarvoice cracks the code by integrating UGC into its review management platform. It generates unique pop-ups for lead generations and reviews., which can be personalized for higher review rates and better results. Bazaarvoice has seen a 2x rise in reviews for their customers.

Similarly, they also help you promote your business on social media platforms. BazaarVoice is affiliated with more than 30 media channels, allowing you to spread your voice to a broader audience. You can answer your reviews through the main dashboard.

BazaarVoice uses AI support to build reliability for their reviews. It creates a mix of positive and negative reviews to provide a fair view.

19. Uberall


Reviews play a fundamental part in brand improvement. They provide real-time insights regarding your consumer sentiments. If you can work out the problems, brand growth is the probable outcome.

Uberall is a workable solution for your business. It has an optimized interface to increase review collection. The theme can be customized for your brand strategy, and you can choose the publishable reviews. It has made a name for its services for small-scale businesses.

The brand collects reviews using intelligent strategies. Customers have preferred using stores in close locations. Therefore, a part of Uberall’s reputation management focuses on ‘near me’ marketing. It optimizes your listing on mapping platforms to increase in-foot traffic. The brand gets to interact with its customers through lead contacts.

Uberall traces any brand mentions for your business through social channels. Any time your business is mentioned, you are notified. It helps you protect your brand image on social media and prevent wrong words.

Finally, the review manager can help you locate key faults in your business. You can communicate with the customer to solve their trouble. With Uberall’s services, a company can enhance its performance and achieve rapid growth.

Review Management Tools Wrapping Up

So these are the best reputation and review management tools that can help protect your online presence. However, it is important to use caution and select the right tools for the job. By using the right tools and by being proactive, you can protect your reputation and maintain a positive online presence.

Use these tools to help bury negative search results and improve your online reputation. Remember to be proactive and constantly monitor your online reputation to ensure that you maintain a positive image.

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