ShortlyAI Review & How To Use It: Best AI Writing Assistant Software in 2023?


Do you own a website? Do you have to write multiple blog posts or articles? Do you sometimes experience writer block? Or maybe are you forced to outsource that will cost you a lot of money?

Well, Shortlyai is an AI writing tool that can potentially overcome all of these issues.

In this Shortlyai review, I’m going to share with you my personal experience with this tool, the pros and cons, how to use it, who is it best suited for, and the reasons why Shortlyai is one of the most underrated AI copywriting software in the market

There are a lot of GPR-3 based AI content writing tools in the market but the major limitation with all these tools is they rely on a template-based approach.

Some tools have even dozens of different templates and when writing you end up hunting for that perfect template that you need to use to make sure that your writing process is smooth.

But what if there’s a tool that can just accept your commands like Google assistant would and just give you answers?

The command approached way is the best way to make the most of GPT-3 technology.

Shortlyai is one such tool that comes with inline command functionality you can just ask GPT-3 whatever you want to write about.

The possibilities are endless and you will not be constrained by these different templates.

So, today I will be discussing each and every feature that this tool has got to offer.


💡 Note

In this Shortlyai review, I’m going to walk you through this platform step by step to show you how to use all of these different commands, so if you want to work along, you can start your Shortlyai free trial (no credit card required)

What is ShortlyAI?


Shortlyai is the AI copywriting and writing assistant software that is based on GPT-3. It’s a nice blank canvas with unlimited generations and some really excellent tools to help you write quickly.

ShortlyAI Overview & How To Use It

The generated output from Shortly is excellent and you have complete control so that you can get precisely what you want from it.

You can think of it as autocomplete for your thoughts, your sentences, your paragraphs helping you to work really, really fast.

The dashboard is perfectly minimal.

shortlyai dashboard

You get a title, the writing space, and an article brief. It’s really about all the important parts.

Of course, right for me when you wanted AI to jump in and help.

But underneath the surface, there are some commands and some tricks that you can use to get the most out of the tool.

And when you start mastering these things, you just get the most flexibility of any of the tools that are available on the market today.

All of this power in one clean sort of blank slate interface; you can write your sales copy, your ads, landing pages, even full-length long-form multiple thousands of word blog posts all on one screen.

In fact, you could write them all on one document if you wanted to. No jumping around between various tools to accomplish your writing goals, so it’s very user-friendly.

Now, let me show how to use Shortly AI to write articles.

How To Use ShortlyAI To Write Articles

I love ShortlyAI for the fact that it’s not going to be only generating everything itself it works as writing assistance it will write alongside me which I think is awesome.

Anyway, this is how you can make a blog post with ShortlyAI

First, you go to “I’m writing an article blog”

shortlyai writing options

So then the next thing we need to do is go to the article brief.

I’m going to do an article about “Bees sting” and this is just an example.

“This article is about the subject do all these sting? There are lots of different types of bees but do all of them sting?

shortlyai article brief

There you go.

So the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to use the Shortlyai commands.

Shortlyai Commands

So on the bottom right-hand side, you’ll see this icon looks like a piece of paper and if you click on it it will show you all of the cards you can use and how to use them.

shortlyai commands

We’re going to use the instruct command first.

So let’s get started with the title.

Title Commands

To generate a title for my article I need to type in:


/instruct [write for me a title for a blog post about ‘do all bees sting?’]

And there you go.

So you need to make sure that your instructions are all inside the brackets and usually the topic I would like to put that in speech marks.

You can actually choose how much it will write for you.

I find just having it in the middle is the best because if you have a bit too high if you ask it to generate a bit too much you usually find the quality will start to go down.

output length

That’s more to do with the AI that this is based on not really being that great at very long-form content.

And actually, this is why I really like ShortlyAI because some other AI copywriting software will tell you that they can generate a whole blog post independently but you will find that most of the time what is output is really really crap and you have to then spend ages editing it…

I find it a lot more user-friendly using Shortly so that the AI is basically working alongside my own writing.

When you’re happy with that you just make sure that the cursor is at the end of the command line and you just click on “Write For Me”

And this is going to be my title.

blog title

Now, we’re going to generate some subtitles for our blog post.

So, we’re going to type in.


/instruct [please give me a blog post outline for the blog post titled ‘Bees: Do They Sting All the Time?’]

With this command, I’m basically asking it now to give me a blog post outline for the title that I just found.

And this is what I’ve got.

blog subheadlines

And this one is great

  • “When are bees most likely to attack?”
  • “What does bee venom do?”
  • “How can you avoid being stung by a bee?”

I think this is a really good copy.

So what we’re going to do now is we’re going to basically for each of these subheadings we’re going to generate copy.

And this is what we’ve got.


📋 ShortlyAI Blog Article Example

Title: Bees: Do They Sting All The Time?

1. When Are Bees Most Likely to Attack?

There are many variables but usually, it is when they feel their hive has been threatened. If a bee leaves a hive and is confronted by what it thinks is intruded, it will sting.

2. Do Honey Bees Sting All The Time?

Honey Bees typically sting once, then die because they use this mechanism to defend their homes and store against intruders. Other bees such as yellow jackets, paper wasps, and hornets sting multiple times but do not die after each sting

3. What Does Bee Venom Do?

When you get stung by a bee, the venom from the bee’s stinger causes an allergic reaction in some people which can include itching, a raised welt, and a rash. The venom itself contains chemicals that can lead to intense pain and nausea. The key to relieving the pain from a bee sting is to remove the stringer as soon as possible and then clean the wound with antiseptic.

4. How Can You Avoid Being Stung by a Bee?

If you want to avoid being stung by a bee, you should avoid invading their territory or if you must go into their zone try to be as stealthy as possible. If they sense you in their area, they may attack to defend their home.

So, there you go.

And what do you think about that copy?

I mean I’ve just generated almost 300 words of high-quality text.

It’s a fair amount that hasn’t really taken me very long.

This is a lot faster than having to write it all out myself.

And like I said earlier, I much prefer this way of doing it rather than using some kind of AI that is trying to generate the whole thing all at once.

Because I think that you can see from the output, sometimes it’s not exactly perfect it needs a bit of human tweaking so by having a writing assistant like Shortlyai is kind of like a content team working for you 24/7.

Anyway, hopefully, that gives you an idea of how you can write a blog post using Shortly

Now let’s take a look at their pricing.

Headlines, Outlines and Questions Commands

You can also get headline ideas outlines, questions, answers more.

And it’s just asking it’s sort of the power of Shortlyai is inside of that instruct command

You can just say give me some headline ideas or you might say give me some questions or give me an answer for or whatever your name your natural language sort of request would be as if you had turned to an AI assistant and you ask them for something.

Just experiment when you sign up for Shortly you get unlimited text generation so there’s nothing lost if your command doesn’t return what you want except for a little bit of time.

But over time as you learn and experiment more you’ll get better with the instruct command and you’ll start getting some really interesting content from the AI.

Marketing Copy Commands

You also do get marketing copy from ShortlyAI and that’s through the /instruct command.

You can do /instruct [AIDA/PAS/BAB]

And you’re going to got get a professional marketing copy.

Tips on How To Use ShortlyAI

Now, I want to share with you my tips on how to get the most out of this software.

Always Fact-Check

I highly suggest you always fact-check. This is a lot easier to do if you’re doing the dance because you’re writing the starting of the sentence and the AI is finishing it you’re watching while it’s writing and you’ll catch those errors as it produces them.

The AI is really good at sort of coming up with words and phrases that connect ideas. It’s very much how like what a person’s brain is architected like.

It’s designed to predict and connect disparate thoughts to bring them to one coherent piece of content but every once in a while or depending on if you’re trying to really push the AI hard it’ll bring back something that sounds like facts, looks like facts but if you know the topic really well you’ll realize that it’s either exaggerating a little bit or pulling facts from tangent topics.

They sound right, they fit the context seems correct but if you really know the topic it’s just be careful with fact-checking and stuff like that.

Research The Topic

Also, if you’re trying to create long-term content is of course first research.

You need to know the topic before you just go off and start writing about it. Same as if you were going to write it yourself.

And then create an outline. A rough outline is fine but then create an inner outline like an outline for each part of the main outline.

And then you just do the dance within each of those little subsections until your article is done maybe sprinkling in some instruct commands where you need to.

And of course, if you’re trying to write a product review, please buy the product, own it, live with it for a while, use it find out the real flaws and then share your experiences.


💡 Pro Tip

For content research, you can use a tool like which is an AI content research and SEO optimization tool. It’s also worth mentioning that Frase was featured as the #1 rated AI software on If you combine these two tools together, you can get really high quality and SEO-optimized content in less time.

Shortlyai Pros & Cons

Now let’s talk about some of the Shortlyai pros and cons.

Shortlyai Pros

Super Speed

In terms of loading fast and being ready when I need it Shortly is top-notch. You can load the page click a new document begin writing and you’re just there in like two clicks.

It’s smooth, fast and it’s really convenient.

Minimal Interface

One thing that really sets ShortlyAI apart too from the other AI copywriting software and it’s something that you might overlook when you’re researching for an AI tool but Shortly’s minimal interface means that it really fits into your workflows seamlessly.

It’s like augmenting your workflow to help you create fast, particularly useful in competitive markets.

Now you can just jump in on Shortly, click on new document and be up and running and writing in no time.

There’s nothing to jump through to get to the point where you’re working.

Complete Freedom

What I mean by freedom is that ShortlyI helps you write no matter the type of writing, it doesn’t force you into a certain type or a certain style. You get what you asked for.

Other services will use tools or forms that will force you through a specific task to get to the point where it generates text and that kind of slows you down a little bit.

Grammarly Integration

And another little bonus here, I guess I didn’t think of was if you are a Grammarly user, Grammarly premium you can just use Grammarly right here; no problem. It doesn’t have any weird little issues because sometimes Grammarly can have some hiccups with there are different sections or fields and stuff like that.

And in this case, when you’re doing your writing, you don’t have to worry about that. You get to use the full power of Grammarly right there in the middle of all your writing to help speed up your writing even more.

Unlimited Text Generation

One more thing I love about Shortly is that when you have a paid account then you get unlimited text generation where some of the competition will put a limit on that.

Shortlyai Cons

Not Always Perfect Copy

As you probably might guess, unfortunately, no AI software is perfect so sometimes you’ll find that what it generates is not that great.

However, it’s in my opinion, not a big deal, considering the fact that with Shortly you get an unlimited text so you can just generate more content.

Lack of Integrations

It’d be nice to have some shortcuts for me to use or helpful integrations or synergies with other tools.

Here Shortly does take a couple of hits though.

It’s an area they can improve upon that’s for sure but to be fair pretty much all the current tools have a lot of room to improve and most don’t really integrate with anything.

You probably have noticed that there’s not a lot of integration and it’s not necessarily their fault because open AI has a lot of rules and they prevent it a lot.

ShortlyAI Alternatives

There are many Shortlyai alternatives available in the market and we’re talking about tools like:

There are all kinds of these template-based tools, just trying to give you specific types of output like an article intro, Google ads, YouTube video descriptions, value propositions, and stuff like this.

And some of these tools when you open them up, they have lots of tools in them where you get to pick from different options.

Just know that in the background it’s all the same thing; One call to the AI or a few calls to the AI to grab the content for you. They’re just asking you differently or in the background, they’re just composing the request to the AI a little bit differently.

Not good, not bad kind of thing, it’s just what it is and if that’s your preferred method then that’s, then that’s what you choose right.

Most differences usually come down to these tools between this software because most of the content output is roughly the same.

And the biggest difference is going to come down to the user interface, quality, and the price, and maybe some of the talent of the developer for how well they can sort of build that message that goes over to the AI call to get back what they want.

If you’re looking for a ShortlyAI free alternative, a great option would be Rytr. However, Rytr is a template-based copywriting tool that does not include commands and the copy is also not top-notch compared to other AI writers.

The AI copywriting software that includes commands is Jasper Boss Mode which is the top tool when it comes to AI copywriting tools.

You can find out more about these tools in my Jasper AI review.

ShortlyAI Pricing

shortlyai pricing

If you want to get started Shortlyai offers 3 day free trial, and after that Shortly offers 2 paid plans:

  • Monthly Plan – $79 a month (Billed monthly)
  • Annual Plan – $65 a month (Billed anually)

When given all this writing power, the cost is actually pretty low compared to other AI copywriting tools.

So, for $79 a month, you get unlimited text generation and you can actually save 40% if you purchase a year in advance.

It’s just an excellent value compared to the other tools; either that have higher prices and credit limits, where you’re limited to how many times you can use the AI to generate text for you.

It’s also worth mentioning that ShortlyAI does not use credits.

You can generate as much text as you want and it doesn’t sting like the other tools when you burn through credits on a text that just isn’t quite coming back the way you wanted it.

And the best part is, is it frees you to experiment without fear of burning through those credits and then wasting them.

It seems to me that if you’re here, you’re interested in improving your writing speed and you want that one tool that can best handle most of all your needs, and that would be ShortlyAI.

ShortlyAI Free Trial

You can also start Shortlyai free trial so you try it for yourself to see how it works for you. And if you find it doesn’t work for you, you cancel before the trial is over and you won’t even be charged.

👉 Start ShortlyAI Free Trial

No Credit Card Required

ShortlyAI and Jasper AI Integration

If you haven’t heard yet Shortlyai has been acquired by (before

Shortlyai founder decided to combine forces with Jasper to become the biggest and best AI writing tool in the market.

The question you might have in your mind is what’s going to happen to Shortlyai long-term if you purchase the annual plan today?

Are you going to be left out later down the road?

And the answer is no, Jasper founders do not plan to close down Shortly. They do plan to take some of the features of Shortlyai and put them inside of their own writing tool. (Read more about Jasper and Shortly AI acquisition)

So that the people who are inside of Jasper can take advantage of some of the features that Shortlyai has.

if you are already a Shortlyai member your existing payment structure is grandfathered in and will remain for the duration of your subscription.

Personally, I am excited about this combination because when you combine the qualities of Shortlyai and Jasper, I think you’re in a good situation where you can get some fantastic content if you’re involved in Jasper AI.

ShortlyAI Frequently Asked Questions

Does ShortlyAI plagiarize?

There is a possibility of plagiarizing when using ShortlyAI. Therefore it’s always a good idea to protect yourself by detecting duplicate content using tools like Copyscape, Turnitin, Grammarly, or other plagiarism checking software.

What does ShortlyAI do?

ShortlyAI is an AI writing assistant that comes with inline command functionality so that allows you to just ask GPT-3 whatever you want to write about. That means your writing process is smooth since there is no need to switch between different templates.

How much is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI has one pricing plan: $79 a month when billed monthly and $65 a month when billed anually.

ShortlyAI Review Final Words

In summary, Shortlyai is the one tool if you want everything kind of in one nice blank canvas, where you have all the power to do what you need with the AI and you get unlimited generations, so you can spread your wings and write, experiment and just try the AI whenever you want.

So, for all these reasons alone, Shortly AI is one of the best AI writing assistants available right now and the founder is incredible too.

Always inventing new ways to make Shortly better without changing or disrupting the already amazing writing experience.

So that’s my Shortlyai review and for this type of interface and the power that is underneath all this, it’s an excellent deal and I think you should definitely try it out.

One more thing to like about this software is that Shortlyai does offer a free trial so you don’t have to commit straight away they will give you 3 days to test the platform out for yourself.

👉 Start ShortlyAI Free Trial

No Credit Card Required


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