SimilarContent Review: How It Compares With Top SEO Optimization Tools?

similarcontent review
Today, I'm going to be reviewing a software called SimilarContent. SimilarContent is an SEO optimization tool that helps you research, optimize, analyze, and grade your writing.

In other words, it’s a tool you use alongside Google to help get your content in the top spaces of search engines.

So in this SimilarContent review, I’m going to tell you the pros, the cons of this software, and at the end, you’ll find out how it compares with some of the best AI based SEO tools in terms of content optimization.

So let’s get started.

SimilarContent Tools & Features

Before we start creating a project and a blog post using this tool, let’s go ahead and explore all the different SimilarContent tools that include:

  • Topic Difficulty Checker
  • Content Optimizer
  • Similar Headlines
  • Topic Ideas Generator
  • Similar Question Analyzer
  • Content Rewrite
  • Keywords Density

Let’s break down each of these tools one by one.

Topic Difficulty Checker

First, we have the topic difficulty checker. And here you can enter a keyword, location, and language for your new project and it will start spinning and it’ll start fetching all the content from Google.

topic difficulty checker

It gives you a snapshot of how hard or easy, and basically what’s going on with this keyword.

Keyword Effectiveness Index will show you how hard it’s going to be to rank on a grading scale.

Do you want to get in the top positions? Top Score Achieved will show you the sort of score that you’re going to need.

And then the backlink difficulty is a helpful metric as well however, it’s not nearly as good as the backlink analyzer in Diib which is one the best SEO monitoring tool.

And if we move down, it shows you the content scores for the top articles ranking for that and it gives us another breakdown of all the keywords which can be related keywords and variations of that.

topic difficulty checker keywords

Last thing it shows is the snapshot of the SERP analysis as well as a breakdown of the ratings to help you decide if this is something that you want to try and rank for.

Content Optimizer

Content optimizer is where you would enter your focus topic for your content or your competitor content and it’s going to grade what’s going on.

similarcontent content optimizer

You can also paste in an entire URL that you want it to analyze and it’s scraping the page you imported and it’s telling you how optimized this webpage is.

It includes detailed information like the H1, H2, H3 tags, overall keyword coverage score.

In addition, it includes TF IDF score which is a metric available only in the top on-page SEO tools like Surfer SEO.

tf idf score

So you can see all the keywords, which is fantastic if you want to start creating blog content.

It’s like an instant cheat sheet and basically stealing other people’s hard work which let’s face it, it’s about working smarter not harder.

Here you’ll also find the readability score.

readibility score

This breaks it down into:

  • Grade level
  • Timings
  • Sentiment
  • Text statistics

And more.

So it gives you a greater insight into why this article’s doing well and all the things that you should be somewhat replicating and making your own.

You can actually save this information into a separate project if let’s say you need this information later but we’re going to carry on exploring all the other features.

Similar Headlines

Here is a similar headline analyzer, and this is where it’s going to help create better headlines.

similarcontent similar headlines

And here I checked a headline “benefits of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing” and it shows you how relevant it is to the core keyword, which both are digital marketing, and artificial intelligence, which has got a 99.

The sentiment is neutral, and it’s got a zero emotional score. The best headlines are usually the ones that have some sort of emotional attachment.

I didn’t find this feature helpful because it analyzed keywords separately, instead of a topic as a whole.

Let’s move on to topic idea generators.

Topic Ideas Generator

If you’re a little stuck or what sort of keywords or topics or writing about or including, this is where you would enter the main keywords and it will generate topic ideas.

topic ideas generator

It loads the core keyword as well as sub-keywords of everything under the overall recommended keyword.

And you can see these are pretty related and quite frankly, it gives you a ton of things to start focusing on.

You can export the entirety of all of these keywords or select a few and click export.

exported keywords

And as you can see it’s formatted in a really nice way where you’ve got the core keyword at the top, and then the breakdown of all the other keywords relating to it.

Similar Question Analyzer

Questions are a fantastic way of getting seen on Google, especially with the snippet area on Google search. So, all you’ll do in this tool is enter your keywords and then you can filter it by keywords or domain name and it’s generated a few related questions.

similar question analyzer

You can then add these questions to your content either in the subheadings or you can create a FAQ section and then answer these questions. This way you get a chance to win a featured snippet.

Let’s move on to content rewrite.

Content Rewrite

In this area, you simply enter some text and it will rewrite that text. I’m just going to copy this little bit of text here and then paste it in and do rewrite your content.

content rewrite

So it works like all of these article spinners out there. Not big a fan of these types of tools but it might be helpful for you.

Anyway, let’s go to the last SimilarContent tool which is keywords density.

Keywords Density

Now, if you want to bypass all the keyword research stage and manually go through articles of your competitors, this is the area that you’ll do that in.

You can paste in the URL and you can see what it’s done is it’s scraped all the single words and it’s given a density and a frequency rating.

keywords density

And then it’s the same with 2 words and 3 words as well.

This is super helpful for SEO research and it’s just a really nifty feature that is also available in WriterZen which is one of the best topic research and content optimization tools. And you can find out more about this tool in my WriterZen review.

What’s also really nice about this is that you can choose to share just by clicking the share button and then pasting it into your browser, and anyone can have a look at all of these results, which is pretty cool.

SimilarContent AppSumo Lifetime Deal

As of now, SimilarContent runs a lifetime deal on AppSumo where you can buy it for $79 of a one-time payment.

The deal will give you pretty much all the functionality of this tool. And the deal is not stackable meaning it’s only one fixed price.

Keep in mind that this deal is available for a limited time like all of the deals available on Appsumo.

SimilarContent Pricing

similarcontent pricing

SimilarContent has 3 pricing plans:

  • Free – $0/month
  • Basic – $9.90/month
  • Business – $19.90/month

If you pay yearly you can save up to 40% for all of the pricing plans.

Is SimilarContent Worth It?

So, what are my thoughts on SimilarContent? And I actually think it’s a really nifty tool. I’m not a huge fan of certain elements on the page. I think fields need to become a bit clearer, especially importing URLs and stuff like that.

SimilarContent doesn’t replace some of the best content research and SEO optimization tools like or WriterZen because it’s lacking some of the key features that these tools have to offer.

But overall, you can be, within 5 to 10 minutes of just playing around with the software, you’ll be able to fully understand what it’s all about and start implementing it for your SEO optimization.

SimilarContent offers a 14-day free trial so you can give it a try and see how it works for you.

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