Wordtune Review [2023] Pros & Cons, Alternatives

wordtune review

Today, I want to talk to you about Wordtune. Wordtune is an application that allows you to rewrite, shorten, and expand your existing content and this is something I’ve used for a while now.

Wordtune is a tool that is new in this space and is giving severe competition to established apps like Grammarly, ProWritingAid and many other AI copywriting tools.

I find it really really useful which is why I wanted to show you it to see if it’s something that’s going to be good for you in your own business.

Let’s get started.

What is Wordtune?

Wordtune comes in the form of a Chrome extension and can make suggestions on how to tweak your sentence while keeping its meaning the same, how to condense a sentence down to its most essential parts, and even how to change the tone from casual to formal.

Wordtune is an AI-powered writing tool that understands what you are trying to say and suggests ways to make your writing more clear, compelling as well as authentic.

It provides you with unprecedented control over your writing and allows us to explore alternative ways to phrase your points.

It’s on you to bring your ideas but the Wordtune helps us to pick the right words whether you are using it to write personal emails, create documents for your clients, or exchange instant messages with your colleagues.

Wordtune Chrome Extension

Wordtune has Chrome Extension and all you need to do is download it, add it to your extension bar and it’s ready to work.

And this reminds of the Chrome extension available in ContentBot AI which is one of the best AI copywriting tool available in the market.

If you click on the Wordtune Chrome extension, this is the initial menu that you’re going to see.

wordtune menu

Basically, because it works with Chrome anything that you use within Chrome, this will actually give you a little bit of a menu bar next to that content and you can start changing and editing that particular content.

Here is how it looks like inside Gmail.

wordtune chrome menu bar

if it’s outside of Chrome I’m going to show you the second thing this allows you to do.

So you’ve got a Wordtune editor section if you click that it will take you to the editor which is the second option.

wordtune editor

This is a web-based page where you can go and copy and paste your content, do your editing and then actually put it back into the original format so if it comes from Word for instance this is an easy way to actually do it.

Wordtune Features

I just go through the actual functionality of this AI copywriting tool.

Let’s start with the rewrite feature.


So I’m going to take some content and I’m just going to put it into this editor and if you highlight a sentence and just hit rewrite, it’s going to give you some suggestions about what type of sentences you can use instead.

wordtune rewrite

And it just gives you lots of different variations of the same sentence I wanted to change.

If I want to change in these all I need to do is go and click on that and then it’ll change that sentence automatically.

And it’s that quick which is why it’s great for me with emails because I can come in and reword the emails very quickly.

Tone Editor

The second thing I can do is actually change the tone.

For this is more casual on all I need to do is hit the casual and it’ll give me different types of variation.

casual tone

It just kind of abbreviated it and taking out some of these long words and it’s just made it nice and simple.

So that’s the way that you would use it if it was a casual tone.

And if I wanted to have this in a more formal tone, I’d do the same thing go ahead and hit formal.

formal tone

So as you can see it give me some more of these kinds of power words in the actual sentences like “effective”, “extreme”, those types of words are being added to the sentence.

And what I have found with this is it does make sense because I’ve seen a lot of these content rewriters in the past that just spin words basically and they don’t really make sense.

I’ve gone through this to make sure that it’s not actually just spinning content from somewhere else on the web and this is basically AI technology.

Very similar to the other GPT-3 type technology sites that you’re seeing at the moment that is predicting the words based on the inputs that you give it so I find it really really good and quite accurate.

There is a certain length that it kind of goes to so you need to give it short sentences.

So this is one drawback that you’re not going to get entire paragraphs from this at the moment.

I know they are going to go back and look at the ways that they can predict entire paragraphs and but at the moment this is more sentence to sentence that you’re going to end up changing.

Word Finder

So the next feature that I want to show you is the word finder and what this actually does is it’ll add words into the sentences for you.

Nichesss offers the same feature as well as you can see in this Nichesss review.

So if I put the word “success” it gives me suggestions for things that you can add with success.

word finder

So words like:

  • huge
  • great
  • big
  • real
  • financial
  • massive

So you can see that it will add words into there that kind of makes sense if you wanted to add additional words.


And the last thing is examples. This is an interesting one and it will go into the web and find various sentences that have already got these inputs.

If I highlight a sentence and hit “examples”, it’s going to go ahead and find lots of different other types of sentences where those words were actually used.

It’s very useful if you want to understand where these types of words are being used.

I guess you could also use this to search for various phrases online and see where they’re showing up and what types of niches are showing up.

So the main thing I like about this guy is these types of things the rewrite, the tone editor, they shorten and expand features.

They’re the main functionality that I actually use with this particular tool.

So pretty much anything that you can do in Google Chrome, it will help you adjust that particular content, and again you can use any documentation if you go along and use their own editor.

Wordtune Pricing

Wordtune has 3 pricing plans:

  • Free plan – $0
  • Premium – $9.99/month
  • Premium for Teams – custom pricing

The Wordtune free plan just allows you to rewrite sentences.

So basically it gives you a few suggestions for the existing content and then allows you to rewrite that content with just one click.

And then the premium version has some different functionality so it allows you to change the length of the particular content.

It allows you to have different formality controllers which means it’ll add different words depending on whether you want kind of a more relaxed tone or a more formal tone.

It also gives you some examples of the web of existing sentences.

There’s a word finder also known as a thesaurus and there’s some team billing if you go ahead and look for the premium plan for teams

Wordtune Review Final Words

So this is my Wordtune review. I really like this tool. I think simplicity is something that attracts me to it.

I use it a lot when I’m doing things like emails when I need to reword some sentences really quickly.

And if you do want to check it out go ahead and take up their free trial and you can check it out for yourself and see if it’s useful. I hope that was valuable to you guys if you have any questions, please leave me a comment.

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