+7 YouTube Growth Hacks That Will 10X Your Channel in 2022

YouTube channel growth

YouTube is a great platform for content creators to share their videos with the world. However, it can be difficult to grow a successful channel on YouTube.

This article provides 7 YouTube channel growth hacks and strategies that will help you rank your videos fast.

And at the end of this article as a bonus, I’ll also show a YouTube monetization strategy that will help you monetize your channel from day one.

Let’s get started.

1. YouTube Video Performance Booster

The first YouTube channel growth strategy I want to show you is one simple trick that I use every single time I publish a new video on my faceless YouTube channels in order to boost its performance.

Now, this is really important for like the first 60 minutes after going public.

After that, it won’t have the same effect because YouTube takes the first hour to see how people respond to the video. And if people respond well, YouTube will keep promoting the video and it will get more views.

So, to boost your video in the first 60 minutes, here’s what you can do.

And as soon as you publish the video, just log out of your main channel and log into some other Google accounts. If you don’t have any, you will have to create them first. w

It’s free to create as many YouTube channels as you like so just create a couple of them. The more, the better, and of course the more the better response you will have. But even 5 accounts are still enough.

Then once you log into some other channel, go to the YouTube search bar and search for that keyword you have in the title; the keyword you just copied.

Once you’ve searched for it, just filter your search by the last hour.

youtube filters last hour

And what that will do is that will show you your latest video that was published just a moment ago.

Now, before you click on it, I want you to do the same thing in 2 more tabs.

So, open up two more tabs on your browser and do the same thing. Search for your video and filter by the last hour.

After that click on your video from all the 3 different browsers, and this way you will instantly boost your rankings for that keyword as well as your click-through rate.

And considering the fact that it’s happening during the first hour of publishing, this will have a major impact on your performance.

Once you open up the video 3 times, just leave it playing in the background.

You can set the speed to 2 times just to save some time.

youtube playback speed

You don’t have to actually watch the video; you don’t have to actively be there and watch it.

Leave it playing in the background just to boost your watch time.

And finally, just start leaving the likes, maybe share your video on social media and leave a comment.

And I want you to do this exact same thing from at least 5 different accounts, from 5 different YouTube channels.

Search for your video in the first hour, open it, watch it until the end, like it, share it and comment on it.

That way, you are tremendously boosting the top 3 most important factors for growing, plus, you will boost your ranking score, so you will improve your CTR, watch time engagement, and rankings all from a single trick.

And I personally can’t even imagine publishing a single video on a new channel without doing this because it’s so easy, but it has a really big effect on your video performance.

Now, will you have to do this all the time?

Not, of course. This works a lot better for smaller channels so use this when starting out, when you’re still struggling for views, and after you’re already established, you have some subscribers, then this will go organically.

Other people will do it so you don’t have to. So that’s a simple trick to boost your video views in the first hour. So, it’s important to do this only in the first 60 minutes after publishing the video. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s super effective.

2. The Breakdown Method To Boost YouTube Watch Time

This YouTube growth hacking trick will show you how you can boost your watch time and how to maximize your view retention to prove the algorithm you can keep the viewer on their platform so they can promote your videos to a wider audience.

And this method is called The Breakdown Method. In most cases, if you just go with your video without any key points, viewers will either get bored or lost and will click off.

But to improve your watch time, just use the breakdown method and break down your video into multiple parts.

For example, you can start with part number 1, then reveal something.

Part number 2, reveal more of your video and repeat until the end.

You can create a list of steps, parts, features, how-to tips and tactics, and much more.

That way the viewer feels like they’re making progress with your video.

It’s easier for them to follow you and they will be more likely to stay longer. It gives the pace of your video high-end; the viewer knows you’re always sharing something new in the next key point, and they will be more likely to stay on your video.

This is really, really powerful in videos where I’ve used this strategy; have way higher watch time than the rest of them on my channel so it’s proven to work.

And as I said earlier, watch time is one of the most important factors when it comes to growing on YouTube.

The algorithm just appreciates the watch time like nothing else.

So, create a list of things you want to say in your video, and just break it down into pieces to keep the viewer longer on your video and to keep him hopefully until the end.

3. YouTube Engagement Booster

As I said, engagement is one of the most important factors for getting views, so now, I want to teach you a simple tactic to get a higher engagement properly.

And that is to simply create a call-to-action in the first 60 seconds of your video.

So, in the first minute of your video, just ask your viewer to leave a like and comment in appreciation, or even better tell them your specific goal for that specific video is to hit 1000 likes or 100 likes – whatever your goal is.

Here is a great example starting at 2:16 of the video.

Just be realistic and believe it or not, that helps so much. I’ve used this strategy countless times and it always worked, or at least it boosted my likes a little bit.

And the reason you want to ask for like, rather than for a subscription is that YouTube values likes more than subscriptions.

It’s better to get more likes because that will make the algorithm promote your video.

So rather than wasting your viewer’s energy by asking them to subscribe, simply ask them to leave a like on your video to help you out.

It’s a simple thing, but quite effective. And the reason you want to ask them this in the first 60 seconds is that average viewer retention is less than 30%, so you want them to at least leave some engagement before they click off of your video.

And right after that, just ask them some questions related to the video topic and tell them to leave a comment as well.

You can say “leave a comment down below”, and you will reply to the fastest ones.

That way, you are making them engage far more, and if you also start replying to some of their comments, they will make them comment even more and it will make them come back earlier, competing who’s going to comment faster to get a reply or a heart from you.

So, it’s a fun way of engaging with your community, and that way they will also help you grow faster and get discovered by more people so it’s a win-win.

The way I do it, for example, is when I talk about softwares I promote, I will ask my audience at the end of the video something like that:

“Now it’s your turn. Which tool from today’s guide do you want to try first? Let me know in the comments below!”

You can, of course, think of your own unique way of engaging with your viewers and just ask them to leave their thoughts in the comment section.

💡 Pro Tip: Tell Them To Comment on a Specific Keyword

Now, another great way you can boost your engagement as well as the rankings through your comments is by telling them to comment on a specific keyword, what you want to rank for.

Because oftentimes people don’t know what to say in the comments.

If I, for example, want to rank for investing, I would say something like this in my video; if you want more videos on how to invest for beginners, type investing in the comment section or any other keyword that they want to rank for.

That way, you will improve your engagement rate, but on top of that, YouTube will see that people are commenting on that specific keyword repeatedly in your comment section so it will most likely show it to more people interested in that specific topic.

So, it’s a great strategy to boost your video views, and it takes you not more than 20 seconds to ask for like, and just think of a unique way of asking for a specific comment.

It might seem odd, but it works really, really well, and I assure you, it will help you remarkably.

4. YouTube Comment Booster

In this quick lecture, I just want to show you a simple trick, which you can add to your videos to make people comment more and boost your engagement.

This is something that I saw from other big YouTubers. The strategy is called the Easter Egg.

In order to make your audience more entertained so they stay longer and they don’t feel bored by your videos, you should always add at least one Easter egg to your videos or just create a simple twist.

For example, in 99% of his videos, Graham Stephan says, what’s up guys, it’s Graham here. And people got used to it.

So what he does and what he did was brilliant and he used the Easter egg strategy, which he also talked about in his podcast, and he basically just switched a few words and made a funny mistake on purpose where he says “What’s up Graham, it’s guys here.”

And this immediately triggered responses from his audience, getting him thousands of comments, mentioning that part.

In fact, there is even a t-shirt from this that’s available on RedBubble.

So not only did he grab viewers’ attention in the first 5 seconds, but he also got a lot of them to leave a comment, ultimately making his engagement rate grow way, way higher.

And this is something that you can add to your videos as well. Add some quick Easter eggs that seem innocent, but will make people comment about it.

What you can do is either misspell some words on purpose or just show some words on the screen for a second.

So, whatever is unusual for your videos, you can add it to make people comment about it.

So, Graham definitely did a nice job with that and made a lot of people comment. Once again, from time to time, just add some Easter eggs to your videos to make people engage more.

5. Go Viral on YouTube By Replicating Success

Now, we will go over how you can make your video go viral by replicating other people’s success. This is a really simple and easy way of getting a lot of views, which is becoming more and more popular nowadays because it works pretty well.

And now there are two different ways you can do this.

1. Find Trending YouTube Videos in Your Niche

The first option is to go over to YouTube and just search for your niche, search for the keyword in our niche.

So, let’s say for example, I’m going to type in “how to make money online”.

And then to find viral videos that have been published recently, just click on the filter button and filter your search by view count.

youtube filters view count

You can also filter your search by either this week or this month so that’s going to give you videos that have been published recently and are getting a lot of views.

So, for example, this video right here got 90,000 views, and the channel has 13,000 subscribers.

make money online video

So, it’s proven that this video is going viral, it’s getting more views, and those views are not coming from subscribers.

So, this video stands out and it’s something that I can replicate in order to get more views myself.

And once you find a video that is getting more views than usual and has been published less than a month ago and is getting more views than they have subscribers, you can just open it up, you can see what they’re talking about in the video.

You can make a similar video to this one, create a similar title and course, don’t just copy and paste the entire video and the title and everything because this will not work.

But if you make a similar title, make a similar video, make a similar description, make a similar thumbnail, then you stand a really high chance of getting views yourself because this is currently the hot topic.

And as well, if this video is already getting a lot of views, and your video is similar, you would probably end up in the recommended page, so all of the views coming to this video will be able to see yours as well.

And this is a really good way you can replicate someone’s success and get a lot of views quickly. This is how many of my videos actually went viral.

2. Replicate Popular Videos of Big YouTubers

And the second way you can do this is to find many big YouTube channels in your niche, open them up, go to their videos, sort by most popular and just replicate their most popular videos that already got a lot of views.

most popular videos

For example, on Kevin David’s channel, he has loads of videos that got over a million views so if you replicate at least some of his videos, you should be able to get decent results as well if that’s your niche.

Of course, you can’t expect to get millions of views instantly. It doesn’t work like that.

But even if you get a 10% of that, even if you get a portion of that, it’s still good. You are still getting some views onto your channel and you are growing quickly.

And once you found that video that is going viral, that is getting a lot of views and you have created a similar one with a similar title description, tags, and thumbnails.

6. Get on YouTube Recommended Page

Now I’ll share with you a trick you can use to boost your chances of getting on the YouTube recommended page and take some of the views of big YouTubers.

This YouTube growth hack has been used by Morgz who was able to grow his channel to millions of subscribers by replicating MrBeast viral videos.

First, open up the video with a lot of views, click the share button.

youtube share video

Copy that, go to your edit page, open up your video details and in the description at the bottom of your description, just add this inspired by thing.

So, you want to type in inspired by, then leave the channel name, and below that, just paste the video link.

youtube inspired by

And that way, YouTube will see that you have their name in your description so they will notice the tag, they will notice those keywords, and they will also notice the link that takes to that specific video that is going viral and is similar to yours.

So, they will know that your video and their video is really similar. And if their video is getting a lot of views, you can now end up on their recommended page where those viewers can also see your video, click on your video since they’re interested in that.

It’s proven that they are clicking on that type of thumbnail, that type of title, and they’re watching that type of video, so they should click on your video as well.

And if you didn’t copy the entire video, then they should watch it until the end.

Because if you copy the entire video, obviously they’re not going to watch it once again, they will click off and this strategy will be unsuccessful.

So, you can’t just copy and paste the exact same title, you can’t just copy and paste the exact same video, but make something unique and similar to the video that is already going viral.

And that’s exactly how Morgz was able to grow his channel to millions by replicating MrBeast viral videos.

He knew that if he replicates a video that is currently hot and is getting a lot of views, he should also get at least a portion of that.

7. Get Targeted Views

Now, I want to show you how you can use a paid tool to get targeted views and rank YouTube videos fast.

So, this is obviously not about buying fake views or whatsoever, but it’s simply by promoting your videos and your channel through YouTube display ads.

So, this way, YouTube will just prioritize your channel when people search for keywords in your niche, and that’s how you will be getting views.

And now, you can either go directly to official YouTube ads and run them yourself or you can create a simple campaign using Sprizzy, where you can pretty much get everything done for you.

So, with this tool, you can make your videos go viral. Their platform is simple and easy to use.

They put your video in front of the right audience to ensure that your video is seen.

So, they will get you in front of the targeted audience that is interested in your niche which means that if you’re promoting something in your videos, you have higher chances of getting signups and maybe even sales, get big results with even the smallest budget.

And the minimum budget is $50. Here’s how you can grow your YouTube videos and your channel fast with them.

First, we will tell them who should see our video. We will give them keywords, and we can also describe the names of YouTube channels whose subscribers would like to be targeted.

So, we can target subscribers of specific YouTube channels. So, we can find successful YouTube channels, talking about any niche, and we can target their audience because it’s proven that they’re interested in that topic so they will be more likely to click on our video as well. So, it’s a really good tool.

Then they will grab their attention through YouTube ads targeting users searching for your keywords and the fans of similar channels.

It will only get you real targeted views, no fake views, and no fake engagement. So, to get views and subscribers in a real engagement, the viewers targeted in the promotion will naturally find your video interesting and can like, comment, and subscribe to your channel if they want to.

So once again, it’s not about fake views. They will just prioritize your videos when someone searches for a video in your niche or watch a video, your channel might pop up on the recommended page or as an ad running on the video.

So you just create an account and once you log in, it will take you over to this page where you can start optimizing your campaign in order to start growing your YouTube channel.

sprizzy start campaign

Then you just select your YouTube channel, paste a link to the video which you want to promote in the box.

And once it loads, it will take you over to the next page where you will need to configure your ad.

sprizzy ad configuration

And it’s going to ask you, what is your primary goal, targeted language, country, keywords, budget, and video ad type.

Then, let Sprizzy create the ad for you. You can optionally write your own ad if you want to, but they’ll do it professionally, so I would leave it like that.

And that’s how you can optionally use Sprizzy to promote your YouTube videos and grow your channel.

Bonus: Youtube Monetization Growth Hack

This YouTube growth hack will help you monetize your channel in less than a single day. So in a single day, you can get a monetized channel and already you can start making money from the start.

So the way you can do that is by buying monetized channels. And I’m going to show you how you can get them for really cheap.

For instance, I bought this YouTube channel with almost 190,000 subscribers, which is already monetized for $3,500 which is just insane.

fameSwap bought channel

So it is a high price, but it’s a big channel. I’m going to show you how you can find even cheaper channels with less subscribers, but they’re still monetized, which means you can make money on YouTube from the start.

This channel, since it has almost 190,000 subscribers has no videos right now because I deleted all of the videos, but as soon as they start posting those new videos, I hope that in the next 7 days, I can bring it back to $50-100 a day. And in less than a month, I can get a huge return on this investment.

So the way you can find cheap monetized YouTube channels is by going over to FameSwap. So you can come over here, and you can sign up for their absolutely free account and filter by YouTube accounts.

fameswap YouTube

And that’s going to give you all of these different accounts that have been listed for sale.

So you can see a different prices. People are looking for $500 for a 30,000 subscribers channel.

But you want to make sure that channel is actually monetized. The way you can do so is by opening up one of those channels.

For example, this channel is a song channel that has the right to receive monetization but it must first meet the conditions in order to achieve it.

fameswap non monetized channel example

So it’s not monetized and I highly recommend you run away from those types of types of channels, you don’t want to buy a non-monetized channel.

You only want to buy monetized channels, because that means that you can make money from the start.

So here is a channel for $17,000 subscribers selling for $220.

fameswap non monetized channel example

That’s a really good price for a monetized channel, especially if it has over10,000 subscribers so it already has a built in audience for you.

And in the description, you can see this channel has no YouTube copyright strikes, which is also really important.

And once you find a YouTube channel that it has monetization enabled, you can send them an offer on how much you want to pay them.

And if the seller accepts your offer, they will send their YouTube channel to the middleman which is of course FameSwap.

And then if we both agree, FameSwap will release the channel to me and they will give $500 to the seller. That’s how you can not get scammed.

So always use a middleman. Don’t let these guys tell you to go off of FameSwap and then tell you to pay first because in that case, you will most likely get a scam.

So be aware you only want to make it transactions with an actual middleman in order to have everything legit.

This is an optional step, you don’t have to buy YouTube channel if you don’t want to, but it’s a great way to save some time and start making money from the start. You can buy it on all of the established YouTube channel with already built in audience that is ready to watch your video.

And if it’s also monetized, then great. You can start making money the same day you log in into your YouTube channel from ads.

YouTube Growth Hacks Final Words

In conclusion, by following these YouTube channel growth hacks in this article, you can help your channel grow and develop into a successful business.

And always remember to keep in mind YouTube basics like optimizing for YouTube SEO, keeping your content fresh, interesting, and engaging, and using the tools and resources available to you to optimize your channel for success.

Thanks for reading!

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