5 Best AI SOP Software Tools (2023)

Today, we’ll look at some of the new AI SOP software tools available on the market.

I’ll break down the specific AI features and how they save time compared to traditional documentation.

If you want to establish solid processes for your team but have been putting it off because it seems too daunting, this new generation of AI business tools is for you.

They’ve taken the pain out of playbook creation so you can focus on growing your business, not writing manuals.

AI SOP software
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1. Process Street

Process Street

Streamlining workflows is a challenge for many businesses, but Process Street aims to change that with its innovative AI capabilities.

Process Street is a type of BPM software that is used to create and manage Standard Operating Procedures.

The key is its lightning-fast workflow generator. Just give it a few instructions and Process Street’s AI will put together a full workflow for you in seconds flat. I’m talking due dates, approvals, assignments – the whole shebang.

But it goes way beyond just crafting workflows. Process Street can actually execute tasks within the workflows using AI. For example, it can generate personalized emails, analyze documents, and complete calculations.

And the cool thing is the AI keeps getting smarter. As you use existing workflows, it recognizes patterns and uses that data to optimize new workflows. So the more you use it, the more efficient your processes become.

Process Street also securely integrates with tools like Slack, Trello and Zapier to improve the workflow experience. And their help center has tons of resources so you can get up and running quickly.

Whether it’s building SOPs, ensuring compliance to company standards, or freeing up your teams from routine work, Process Street aims to deliver. Its AI-powered automation takes workflow management to the next level.

So if streamlining your processes is a priority, definitely give Process Street a look. The AI automation abilities can be game-changing for improving efficiency.

Process Street Pricing

  • Startup – $100/month
  • Pro – $415/month
  • Enterprise – $1660/month

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2. Flowster


If you’re an entrepreneur looking to systemize and scale your business, Flowster aims to make that process incredibly simple – even if you’re not tech-savvy. It’s an AI-powered SOP platform built to help modern businesses automate repetitive tasks through easy-to-use, no-code workflows.

One of Flowster’s biggest assets is its massive library of detailed process templates – we’re talking thousands. Whether you need to map out your hiring process or product launch workflow, chances are there’s a template for that.

And the AI helps guide you in tailoring the templates to your specific needs, making workflow creation almost foolproof. It’ll even regularly update the workflows if your processes change over time.

You also get way more flexibility than typical SOP software. Flowster uses conditional logic in its workflows, so team members only see the steps relevant to them. And you can connect it to over 1000 other apps through Zapier to remove more manual work.

The platform makes it really easy to track progress too. Managers can view audit trails of who completed what steps and when. You can also assign workflows to multiple employees with due dates.

And Flowster keeps expanding its capabilities based on input from experts in every industry, so the template options are virtually endless. Whether you need to map out your manufacturing line or integrate a new martech tool, Flowster aims to have your back.

For startups and small businesses looking to codify their processes and scale efficiently, Flowster packs a punch. And the no-code, user-friendly approach makes automation accessible to any entrepreneur. If streamlining operations is a priority, take Flowster for a spin.

Flowster Pricing

  • Startup – $24/month
  • Growth – $89/month
  • Enterprise – $199/month

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3. Taskade


When it comes to team productivity tools, Taskade is doing some really cool things with AI. The goal is to create a unified workspace that acts like a “second brain” for teams – keeping everything in sync so you can work faster and smarter.

Instead of having a million tabs open, Taskade lets you manage tasks, docs, chat, and video calls in one place. It’s like having a mission control for team projects.

But it goes way beyond basic project management. Taskade’s AI can automate repetitive workflows for sales, marketing, and HR – just to name a few. We’re talking hundreds of tasks taken off your plate, so you can focus on the important stuff.

The AI also steps up your brainstorming game. You can turn thoughts into structured mind maps and action plans in real-time together.

When it comes to creating streamlined SOPs, Taskade offers templates designed specifically for businesses. Its outlining feature makes it easy to structure procedures in a logical hierarchy. And you can generate custom AI templates tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re a startup trying to systemize processes or an agency managing multiple clients, Taskade aims to help teams work efficiently. And they’ve made it easy to use across devices – iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, you name it.

So if your team wants to step up its productivity and maximize focus time, Taskade could be a game-changer. The unified workspace plus AI assistance is a powerful combo.

Taskade Pricing

  • Pro Plan – $19 per month for up to 20 users if billed annually, or $39 if billed monthly
  • Business Plan – $49 per month for up to 50 users if billed annually, or $99 if billed monthly.
  • Organization Plan – $99 per month for up to 100 users if billed annually, or $199 if billed monthly.

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4. Scribe


Scribe is an AI knowledge management software that helps organizations organize and share knowledge with their teams.

Scribe offers a game-changing Chrome Extension that uses AI to automate the documentation process.

Scribe works like magic. As you’re completing any workflow or process, it follows along in the background, capturing screenshots and generating text instructions. In just one click, you’ve got a detailed how-to guide or SOP ready to go.

The AI ensures the guides are clear and comprehensive. And you can easily customize them by adding tips, annotating screenshots, and combining multiple procedures into one.

Scribe makes it simple to share guides with teammates too. They can access them instantly within your shared workspace and embed guides into existing workflows. You can also export them as PDFs, HTML, and more.

This automation is a huge time-saver. Scribe cuts the time spent on documentation by over 20 hours per month compared to manual methods. And it’s versatile – perfect for building training manuals, onboarding new hires, creating tutorials, and any other use case imaginable.

With hundreds of thousands of teams at companies like LinkedIn now using Scribe to transform their process documentation, it’s gained widespread credibility. The productivity boost and efficiency gains are immense.

If you’re looking to systemize workflows, scale operations, and free up your team from manual documentation, Scribe is the best AI SOP Chrome extension out there. User reviews say it all – Scribe is an absolute game-changer.

Scribe Pricing

  • Free – $0/month
  • Personal – $23/seat/month
  • Team – $12/seat/month (5 sets minimum)

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5. Trainual


Trainual is a training and knowledge management platform that utilizes AI and machine learning to help small businesses onboard and train employees more efficiently.

Trainual’s AI-powered features aim to simplify the process for business owners like you.

For example, with Trainual Compose, you can turn basic bullet points into detailed, polished procedures in seconds. Just provide clear prompts and Trainual’s AI generates customized content tailored to your needs.

Easily embed videos, gifs, and screenshots to make your guides visual and engaging for employees. The Chrome extension lets you capture processes in real-time for accurate documentation.

While mastering Trainual’s AI capabilities has a learning curve, the time savings are massive once you get the hang of it. You can rapidly create training materials that look sharp and professional.

If your goal is to establish structured processes and training content without the grunt work, Trainual’s AI is a game-changer. Let Trainual handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on running your business, not just documenting it.

Solid documentation is key for growth and consistency. With Trainual’s AI-powered platform, you can train employees effectively while saving hours of manual effort. Ultimately, it enables you to codify the intangible knowledge that sets your business apart.

Trainual Pricing

  • Train – $8/person/month
  • Scale – $12/person/month
  • Unlimited – custom pricing

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Best AI SOP Software Final Words

Well, there you have it – my top picks for AI SOP software tools that can make documentation a breeze instead of a bore.

I hope this overview gave you a good sense of how artificial intelligence can eliminate the grinding manual work of establishing processes. These solutions all have their own unique strengths, whether it’s powerful document creation, voice-to-text capabilities, or built-in analytics.

My advice is to give a few of these AI tools a trial run to see which one resonates best with your needs. Don’t settle for tackling procedures the old-fashioned way. Embrace the AI document assistants so you can focus on the work you actually enjoy.

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