11 Best Audience Insights Tools in 2023

Audience insights tools help businesses better understand their customers and target market to better understand what products and services to offer their customers. 

These tools can provide demographic information about customers, such as age, gender, and location, as well as information about customer interests and behaviors.

There are a number of different audience insights tools available. In this article, we’ll help you choose the best software depending on your individual needs.

audience insights tools
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1. SemRush Audience Insight


Semrush is a leading AI marketing software for SEO and online visibility management.

SemRush Audience Insights is a very useful tool for marketers looking to better understand their target audiences. It provides a wealth of data on audience behaviors and interests, allowing brands to make informed marketing decisions.

SemRush Audience Insight Tool

One great feature is the ability to compare audience data between different websites. This shows the overlap between audiences and provides insights into potential untapped audiences. It also illustrates how a prospective partner’s audience aligns with your own.

For users on the paid plans, there is also access to a Market Explorer Audience Report. This report analyzes audience data within your industry, including info on competitors’ audiences.

It can provide details on demographic factors like age and gender, interests based on site visits, and most used social platforms. For brands, these are extremely valuable insights for refining precisely who you want to target and how they engage online.

Another useful capability is the Audience Overlap tool. This shows the percentage of users who visit two different sites that you input. It provides visual graphs for up to five website comparisons.

Understanding where your audience overlaps with other sites assists in things like choosing media partners, estimating potential reach, and researching geographic markets.

In summary, Audience Insights offers robust audience data to inform marketing decisions. It equips brands with the customer and market insights needed to connect with their target audiences in an impactful way. The tool provides the depth of information that makes audience targeting much more precise.

Plus, SemRush is free to get started.

2. CrawlQ

crawlq AI

CrawlQ is one of the best AI SEO tools that combines the power of artificial intelligence with advanced market research and content creation capabilities.

CrawlQ is an innovative tool that helps businesses conduct smarter market research and create resonating content using AI capabilities. With CrawlQ, brands can gain sharper insights into their ideal customers and craft messaging that truly connects with target audiences.

A key feature is the ability to automate niche research in an intuitive way. By answering a few key questions, brands can save countless hours typically spent in manual research.

CrawlQ’s advanced natural language processing allows businesses to build a comprehensive understanding of their perfect customer avatar. This powers data-driven, highly relevant content.

CrawlQ market reserach

CrawlQ also enables brands to efficiently generate content tailored to their ideal buyers. It creates blog posts, videos, sales pages, emails and more that align with the customer avatar.

This differentiation allows brands to stand out from competitors and forge deeper engagement through sales messaging.

The platform also provides robust analytics on content performance. CrawlQ equips brands to increase organic traffic, conversion rates and overall content ROI significantly. With key metrics like click-through rates, brands can easily track how content resonates and adjust strategies accordingly.

3. Audisense


Audience insights are a fundamental part of preparing the right market research strategy. Any website without accurate insights will fail to grab the right audience or bring considerable visitors to its platforms.

Audisense is a robust solution for gaining audience insights; it is a remarkable tool to boost audience input on your website and understand their preferences. Audisense allows you to sort market segments by applying various filters; a user can choose from name, location, interest, and demographics to draw the perfect audience for their marketing campaign.

Similarly, Audisense allows you to generate detailed reports from audience segments and their relevant interests; it helps you make proper adjustments to your website and products for better customer engagement.

The application is powered by machine learning, making it remarkable at automation. Once you connect your website to audisense, it shall provide various untapped audience segments that are interested in your services.

4. Enquirelabs


Visitor input is essential to draft valuable audience insights, and it requires an all-rounder to fulfill the task with perfection. Enquire Labs is an excellent choice for audience insights and lead generation; they provide a descriptive set of forms to their clients, which can be used to gain audience input.

You can place the forms at various stages of your website, and a visitor can fill them as he moves through stages. Enquirelabs record these inputs and add them to create a descriptive report stating your audience preferences. The brand also helps reduce ad costs by creating social media surveys.

The surveys locate the origin of your users and how they got to know about your brand; the details help you limit and expand the budget for the most favorable streams.

Enquire Labs is also commendable at improving your customer relationship; the brand collects details and contact leads of your website visitors, and the data can be used to define their preferred mode of marketing. It helps you generate greater user interest without imposing ads on them.

5. Unboxsocial


Social media has gained prime importance amongst new websites; they provide a cheaper alternative to create a name amongst your customer base. Unbox Social is designed to curb your social media problems by providing single dashboard management for all social media platforms.

The application records ad performance, customer engagement, and other analytics to provide a comprehensive view of social channels’ performance. Unlike the original ad managers, Unbox Social uses AI-powered tools to record customer movements across channels and their navigation on your website.

It helps you generate valuable insights regarding your audience and how you can gain trust amongst them. 

Unbox Social also helps websites track their competitors’ performance; it provides analytics regarding their audience base and social engagement over time. It helps you analyze their popular posts and how you can attain the same engagement at lesser costs.

Moreover, Unbox Social is also remarkable at reducing your ad spend by filtering popular influencers in your niche. The application detects your audience’s engagement patterns and finds the best influencer to attract similar science to your website.

6. Pixis.AI


Pixis AI offers a one-stop shop for your marketing strategy; its AI-powered interface is easy to implement, and its results make it an ideal choice for newer websites. The AI- tool monitors your audience performance over time and keeps real-time strategy updates for your website.

Pixis AI locates your customer’s engagement patterns and drafts actionable strategies to improve your ad performance. Secondly, Pixis AI uses audience insights and advanced algorithms to develop interactive creatives for your audience; these images and GIFs are optimized to reduce ad spending and engage targeted customers.

The brand can also help boost your audience engagement by diversifying your audience interests; it locates lookalike audiences based on your visitor’s demographics and adds them to your targeted audiences.

Moreover, Pixis AI offers dashboard management for all your social media platforms. The application detects your audience performance across the platforms and optimizes your ad spend to bring the best results.

7. Synthesio


Synthesio is a remarkable tool for gaining audience insights for social media promotions. Most businesses struggle to resonate their message with their audience due to a lack of correct language.

Synthesio uses your historical customer data to analyze your lead’s locations. The AI-powered tool monitors your audience’s language and common keywords that can help you set the right tone. They provide details about popular topics you can add to your promotional campaigns to drive the best results.

Synthesio also spots and monitors general correlations amongst subjects; it detects topics closely related to each other, easing the marketing procedure and helping better results. You can add similar blogs and products to engage a wider audience.

Moreover, the brand eases audience monitoring; you can find details obtained through comprehensive surveys about your visitors. These details can help engage them for future benefits.

8. BrandWatch


BrandWatch uses a four-step procedure to develop actionable insights for your business. The first step is called ‘search’- the application scrolls through millions of social media posts to analyze the most relevant details for your business.

It searches for the right details that can be used for the success of your online platform. The next feature is to ‘segment’- all customers aren’t designed to like the same campaign, but they may be interested in your product.

Brandwatch segments your visitors based on their demographics; it breaks down the complaints, feedback, and purchases based on the prescribed segments. Thirdly, the application analyzes your insights to help you with your brand’s marketing.

The insights cater to the location, timing, revenue, and other details based on various segments. Finally, the suggested insights are converted into actionable reports for the website. These reports can be shared, edited, and re-designed based on managerial feedback.

9. People Pattern

people pattern

People Pattern uses machine learning to provide detailed customer insights that help you end your marketing woes. Old marketing techniques are prone to bias and are difficult to scale; hence, your website would have to look for other methods once the well dries.

However, people use data science to judge your audience by their conversations. Their data scientists use complex algorithms to understand the needs of your audience and how you can market yourself as their savior.

The marketing strategies are developed around your audience’s preference, which makes them cost-saving and scalable. People Pattern also enhances your content strategy; most users visit websites to read their blogs, eventually generating interest in their revenue-based services.

However, the process is often long, and the burn rate is high. People Pattern’s content strategy is driven by your audiences’ behavior, allowing you to quicken the process and add to your revenue.

10. Audience Play

audience play

Audience Play allows its users to make the most of their website visitors; the application not only allows you to make additional revenue through audience segmentation but also monetizes your audience’s footprints, forming a recurring revenue stream.

Audience play uses your visitors’ data to form segments for your marketing campaigns. The leads are divided based on their demographics, age, and origin. Audience Play lets you share your reports with investors and managers to keep them updated.

Nonetheless, the main frame of Audience play comes from its audience monetization services. The brand allows you to sell audience data to other businesses and generate additional revenue. The application provides an in-built consent form for all users, keeping privacy intact.

Audience Play also has various integration across platforms, including DSP, billing services, and audience exchanges. The application allows you to boost your revenues by sharing customer data. The visitor is convinced to accept the form due to reduced prices for other offered services, creating a win-win situation for all.

11. MeltWater


No audience insight tool can succeed only by targeting website visitors, who are usually warm audiences and are sure about their needs. A fair portion of your targeted audience isn’t confident about their needs, and it is essential to hear their thoughts.

MeltWater is an excellent solution to improve your social listening and bring changes to your platform. The brand uses advanced algorithms to detect the common woes of your audience; it uses your historical data to search common topics amongst your users and applies it to find audience lookalikes for your website.

The method helps you bring more visitors to your website by narrowing the segments to your potential customers. MeltWater provides single dashboard management for your social media platforms; every detail regarding your ad managers and audience analytics is summarized and displayed in graphical forms. The representation simplifies data analysis, and you can make decisions without confusion.

Moreover, MeltWater goes a step further to enhance your marketing strengths. In today’s world, a celebrity shout-out or post can change the fate of a dying business. MeltWater monitors the popular influencers amongst your customer base and ranks the best influencers to market your brand. The data comes in handy to create an instant surge of visitors to your website for a low cost.

What Are Audience Insight Tools?

Audience insight tools can help you learn more about your audience’s demographics, interests, and behaviors. Audience insight tools can also help you understand how your audience interacts with your content. By using audience insight tools, you can create content that is more relevant and engaging for your audience.

Audience Insight Tools Wrapping Up

In conclusion, audience insight tools are a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes. By understanding your audience, you can create content that is relevant and engaging, which will help you to achieve your desired results. So, if you’re looking to improve your marketing efforts, be sure to make use of audience insight tools.

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