Chat GPT Affiliate Marketing in 2023 [Step by Step Guide]

chat gpt affiliate marketing

Today, I’ll show you how to use chat GPT for affiliate marketing. I’ll cover the best strategies that any beginner can use to make real money in the easiest wa possible.

There are lots of Chat GPT business ideas out there like faceless YouTube, channels, starting a software business, all the way to freelancing, and a lot more.

But in this Chat GPT affiliate marketing guide, I’ll show you my favorite way and it’s what I personally do which is blogging.

So let’s get right into it.

Chat GPT for Affiliate Marketing & Blogging

Although it takes time create a successful affiliate marketing website, it’s still the best way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Because once your website gain some traction, it generates traffic for your all day every day with little to no effort.

And the best part is that to get started all you need is a domain and hosting which you can get for just $2.95/month with Bluehost or other hosting providers.

But how can we use Chat GPT to speed up our own money making efforts online?

Let’s find out.

Chat GPT for Blog Writing

With ChatGPT you can find opportunities for low-competition keywords that are easy to rank for and give you ideas on what to write.

You can also write the articles with it and then you can make affiliate commissions as well. Now, you want to always cross-reference this data with a tool like SemRush for SEO to validate what’s going on.

We can’t just trust chat GPT for everything, especially since we know that Chat GPT is only up to 2021 data, so we can use it to get ideas for our affiliate marketing content ideas.

So with ChatGPT, we can do:

  • Keyword research
  • Title ideas
  • Writing articles

And then you start joining affiliate programs and adding in your links.

So let’s run through this process step by step.

1. Find Article Ideas

Let’s say we want to create an affiliate marketing website in the drone niche and make affiliate commissions recommending drones.

I can say: “write 10 article ideas for my affiliate marketing website for drone list posts that are low competition and easy to rank for.”

ChatGPT affiliate marketing article ideas

It gives you some ideas like affordable drones for beginners, outdoor adventure, real estate photography, and all kinds of different ideas.

Then we need to take those ideas and validate these keywords.

Step 2. Keyword Research

So what if I used a tool like SemRush, I went to the free SemRush Keyword Magic Tool and typed in “best drones for” and I used the “matching “phrase match” filter to give me ideas of keywords that include the term “best drones for”.

SemRush drone keywords

So we can see things like for kids, fishing, filmmaking, for real estate, and many other verticals.

But I can also filter by keyword difficulty and select keywords that are easy to rank for.

SemRush drone keyword difficulty

And here we have drones for hunting, roof inspections, home inspections, etc.

And all of these keywords have low keyword difficulty and decent search volume.

I can click on one of the keywords let’s say “best drones for hunting” and there are many other related keywords:

SemRush drone related keywords

And when we look down at the top ten ranking sites, we can see this keyword is not very competitive.

And the lower SERP competitiveness, the more easily you rank for this keyword.

So if you’re a brand new blog and you want to create content and use Chat GPT or you already have a website, then this is the way to do it. I recommend you look for low-competition keywords that have under 20.

So let’s say, okay, I found my niche and my keywords. Now I can use Chat GPT to find the keyword best drones for hunting.

So I’m going to type in:

“give me 10 SEO-optimized article titles for the keyword best drones for hunting”

chatgpt title ideas

They all look pretty good.

So we can pick the title for our blog post from one of the title ideas and move to the next step.

Step 3. Write an Article

After choosing the topic ideas and picking the right title for do our articles, we can starting using Chat GPT to write the articles for us.

The prompt could look like this:

“write me a 1000 word article based on the target keyword “best drones for hunting”. Make the article SEO optimized”

ChatGPT affiliate marketing article

And as you can see it gave the intro and all the paragraphs.

And if the article is not long enough, you can just click continue and it will start generating more text.

Step 4. Edit the Article

So the article is done in Chat GPT, but what do we do now with it?

Well, we copy and paste it into another AI tool Grammarly.

With Grammarly, we can optimize it because we want to make sure that the article is readable.

And the overall score is already 90 and no plagiarism in this article, which is really good.

Then we can go to the correctness and fix all of these things by just clicking around.

You just have to click the buttons and make things work.

Grammarly correctness

We can make this score 99 if we wanted to rewrite certain sections.

Okay, so we got the Grammarly score to 99 in about a minute.

Step 5. Optimize the Article for SEO

Let’s optimize our affiliate marketing article for SEO.

We can copy and paste this into a tool like Surfer SEO.

Surfer SEO is my favorite on-page SEO tool because it gives you the exact keywords to add and how many times to add them to actually rank for this content.

So we would go through this list and we would add all these different keywords in making sure we have different keyword variations.

Surfer SEO drone keywords

So this AI is really smart because it tells you Google expects to see these keywords in the article. We would add all of these in and make sure that we optimize it with that.

Step 6. Pass AI Content Detector

If you want to make sure that your article ranks on Google and passes the AI content detection we could take all of this content once that’s done and paste it into to see if it passes plagiarism scans.

Because unfortunately, with Chat GPT and very little editing, according to it’s 92% AI and 8% original content. content detector

Chat GPT is a little bit too early to create just specific blog posts by itself. There’s a lot of human editing required. And we’re still in a place where we need human beings to write content.

But no worries, there is actually a good solution for this that I found, and it’s actually called Content at Scale which is an AI generator software for SEO built on top of Chat GPT that makes it a lot more usable.

So it actually allows the content to pass the plagiarism checkers.

So I put my keyword, article word count, and a short description of the article.

You just click “create the content now” and then it puts it in the queue and you check back in a few minutes.

So five minutes later, it’s there. I did one recently on the best AI chatbots and you can see that’s 2500 words. It actually adds a table of contents to it. It adds all this content and in the right formatting for Google. So H, two headings that are really important and all the different things to make these really good articles.

So instead of relying on Chat GPT, Surfer SEO, Grammarly, and Originality AI, a tool like Content at Scale is actually the best for this.

So if you want to make money blogging with AI with affiliate revenue, don’t use chat GPT, use Content at Scale instead.

Step 7. Find an Affiliate Program

Once we published a few articles and after a while they start to get some clicks it’s time to find an affiliate program.

Now I can look at some of the best drone affiliate programs like the Cafago affiliate program which is probably the most lucrative affiliate program in the drone niche.

And as you can see you can make commissions on every sale of up to 6-8% commission.

cafago affiliate program commission

So after a quick Google search, 6% of a $2,000 drone is $120 for a single sale.


And $120 per sale can add up if you start ranking for a lot of these keywords.

Chat GPT Affiliate Marketing Final Words

So this is how you can use Chat GPT for affiliate marketing. If you want to make money blogging and you consider yourself a good writer and editor, then you can use Chat GPT to create the blog posts for you.

The AI tool can help you with keyword research, finding topic ideas, all the way to writing the articles.

Chat GPT plus your skills can equal money. It’s not magically just going to make you money overnight but it can enhance and speed up your skills.

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