10 Best Omnichannel Marketing Tools & Platforms [2023]

An omnichannel marketing strategy concentrates on using multiple channels to reach customers including online, offline, social media, and mobile.

Omnichannel marketing tools make it easy to manage these channels and track customer behavior. They also provide insights into how customers want to be marketed and what kinds of messages are most effective.

In this article, we listed some of the best omnichannel marketing platforms ranked by different categories.

omnichannel marketing tools
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1. ActiveCampaign – Omnichannel Marketing Platform


ActiveCampign is an AI marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes automate their marketing campaigns and engage with their customers across multiple channels.

With features like email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and messaging, ActiveCampaign allows businesses to create personalized campaigns that are tailored to each customer’s preferences and behavior.

One of the key benefits of ActiveCampaign is its ability to track customer behavior across multiple channels like email, social media, landing pages, and website activity.

This allows you to gain insights into how customers are interacting with your brand. You can then use this data to create targeted campaigns that are more likely to result in conversions.

ActiveCampaign also offers a range of automation features, including trigger-based automations, which allow you to automatically send personalized messages based on customer actions, and conditional content.

activecampaign marketing automation workflow

This simply means that it allows you to show different content to your customers based on their behavior or preferences.

But one of the most significant advantages of ActiveCampaign is its ability to help businesses reduce silos and broken systems by bringing sales, marketing, and development teams together on the same platform. This allows for a more coordinated and collaborative approach to communication, ultimately leading to happier customers and more revenue.

In addition, ActiveCampaign’s CRM functionality allows businesses to manage customer data and interactions in one central location, making it easier to track customer interactions and maintain personalized relationships. 

Finally, with messaging features like chatbots and SMS, the platform lets you engage with customers in real time, making it easier to provide support and answer questions.

Overall, ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive omnichannel marketing software that can help businesses create personalized campaigns, automate their marketing efforts, and engage with customers across multiple channels.

And with their flexible plans, you can buy what you need to get started without having to pay for everything upfront. The solution also offers a 14-day free trial.

ActiveCampaign 14-Day Free Trial

2. HubSpot Service Hub – Omnichannel Customer Service Software 

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is an all-in-one omnichannel customer service platform that allows you to effectively connect with your customers on their preferred channels while giving your team a 360-degree view of customer data through a unified CRM platform. 

The Service Hub helps avoid frustrating experiences for your customers by providing a seamless communication experience across various channels such as email, chat, and Facebook Messenger.

Your team can effortlessly move between these channels, ensuring the conversation thread is maintained in real time, regardless of the channel being used.

HubSpot Service Hub Dashboard

One of the key benefits of HubSpot Service Hub is that it provides your team with the necessary context for every interaction.

By connecting all channels to your CRM records, your team can deliver a consistent customer experience across platforms, avoiding the need for customers to repeat their issues multiple times.

In addition, the platform is designed to help your support team work more efficiently. Instead of switching between multiple tools to resolve customer queries, they can use HubSpot Service Hub as a centralized customer service solution. This allows them to connect with customers across different channels and provide quick resolutions, all within the same software.

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3. Omnisend – Ecommerce Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform


Omnisend is a powerful omnichannel marketing platform specifically designed for e-commerce businesses. It streamlines your marketing efforts by allowing you to collect customer data, analyze it, and personalize campaigns through tailored segmentation.

Omnisend integrates seamlessly with websites, especially Shopify Plus (more about it in a minute), and provides a one-stop solution for managing email, SMS, and push notifications.

The platform lets you collect info about your customers, understand their preferences, and personalize your marketing campaigns to make them more effective. You can reach your customers through different channels, like email, SMS, or web push notifications, all in one easy-to-use workflow.

Omnisend’s robust segmentation features let you easily create and combine segments based on subscriber activity, such as recent purchases or inactivity. This targeted approach enhances the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Omnisend segmantation

Omnisend also has these nifty pre-built workflows that can save you time. For example, they have templates for welcoming new subscribers, reminding people about abandoned carts, and sending order confirmations. Plus, you can customize these templates with a simple drag & drop editor.

And guess what? You can even test different strategies to see which one works best for your store. Omnisend helps you analyze your campaigns’ performance and make data-driven decisions to improve your marketing game. So if you have an online store and want to boost your sales, Omnisend is definitely worth checking out.

Omnisend free trial

4. Shopify Plus – Omnichannel Commerce Platform

Shopify - Omnichannel Commerce

Shopify Plus is an advanced e-commerce platform designed to help businesses sell across multiple channels, streamline their operations, and provide an exceptional shopping experience for customers.

With its powerful features, Shopify Plus allows you to manage your products, marketing campaigns, and customer interactions seamlessly from one central location.

The platform supports integrations with over 100 social media channels and 80 online marketplaces, enabling you to sell your products to a wider audience.

With Shopify Flow, you can automate your messaging and email marketing campaigns, further enhancing customer engagement and driving sales.

Shopify Plus Automation

Shopify Plus offers a range of automation capabilities to improve your ecommerce operations. From automating day-to-day tasks to creating unique checkout experiences, the platform’s powerful tools cater to your business’s specific needs. 

You can automate various tasks such as inventory management, customer notifications, and order processing to enhance your operational efficiency.

Shopify Plus provides a highly customizable checkout experience tailored to your business and customers. Offer personalized promotions like a gift with purchase, buy one get one, or purchase thresholds to boost sales.

Customize shipping rates for special events or local delivery, and display unique payment methods to cater to your customers’ preferences.

What’s great about Shopify is that it requires minimal technical knowledge or coding skills, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Shopify free trial

5. Reply.io – Omnichannel Lead Generation Tool


Reply.io is an AI-powered sales engagement platform that streamlines omnichannel lead generation and automates touchpoints throughout the sales process. As a top 50 tool for sales in 2021 according to G2, and trusted by over 2,500 companies worldwide, Reply.io is designed to help sales teams save time and increase productivity.

With Reply.io, you can easily discover business emails of potential prospects on LinkedIn using the Reply Chrome Extension. The platform enables you to engage with prospects across multiple channels such as email, social media, and phone calls, ensuring you reach them where they are most active.

Reply.io helps you send cold emails that are personalized for each lead, making them feel like they were crafted individually. You can set up automated follow-ups, schedule calls, and automatically reach out to your prospects on LinkedIn, increasing your outreach and making the sales process more efficient.

Reply.io offers a comprehensive reporting system that tracks team members’ activities and automatically logs them into your CRM. The platform supports native integrations, a rich API with over 40 methods, and compatibility with Zapier, making it easy to integrate into your existing sales tech stack.

By automating and streamlining multiple aspects of the sales process, according to the vendor, Reply.io helps sales development representatives and sales teams save up to 40% of their time, allowing them to focus on closing deals and driving revenue.

Reply.io free trial

6. Reavealbot – Omnichannel Advertising Platform


Revealbot is a powerful omnichannel ads management platform designed to help businesses automate their paid advertising campaigns across major platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and more.

What’s great about Revealbot is that it automates a lot of the work for you. You can set it up to automatically boost, pause, or adjust your ads based on how well they’re performing. This way, you don’t have to keep checking on your ads all the time – Revealbot does it for you, as often as every 15 minutes.

You can also choose from a bunch of pre-defined metrics and actions to tailor your automations to your goals. And if you want something more specific, you can create custom metrics and actions too.

Another cool thing is that Revealbot keeps you in the loop with real-time alerts. You’ll get notifications via email or Slack when something important happens, like when a rule you set up is triggered, or when your ad hits a specific benchmark. So you’ll always know what’s going on with your ads.

Plus, Revealbot makes it easy to see how your ads are doing across different platforms by sending you cross-platform performance reports. It works with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Mailchimp, and more. You can get these reports directly in your email or Slack, which makes it super convenient to keep track of your marketing efforts.

So, in a nutshell, Revealbot is a super helpful tool that automates and optimizes your ad campaigns across multiple channels. It saves you time, keeps you informed, and helps your ads perform better.

Revealbot free trial

7. SemRush – Omnichannel Visibility Management Platform


Semrush is a versatile and powerful digital marketing tool that can help you optimize your omnichannel marketing strategy. With its wide range of features, it allows you to understand your customer journey, streamline your messaging and branding, and improve your customer service, all in one place.

One of the key features of Semrush is the Social Media Toolkit. This toolkit enables you to analyze your social media channels to understand your audience and how they engage with your content on different platforms. With this information, you can tailor your marketing efforts to better target your customers and improve their overall experience with your brand.

Additionally, Semrush’s Social Media Inbox allows you to monitor and respond to comments, direct messages, and brand mentions across your social platforms. This feature helps you stay connected with your audience and provide timely customer service, improving your brand’s online reputation.

Semrush’s Marketing Calendar is another useful feature that helps you plan cohesive marketing campaigns across all channels. By using the calendar, you can ensure that all your marketing departments are on the same page and delivering consistent messages to your customers. 

SemRush offers a range of other tools and features to help businesses improve their online presence.

For example, the platform allows you to benchmark your website traffic against competitors, giving you valuable insights into your competitors’ traffic sources, bounce rate, time on page, and more.

With over 55 products and add-ons across online visibility management, including tools for search, content, social media, and market research, SemRush is the ultimate digital marketing platform for businesses of all sizes.

SemRush free trial

8. Tidio – Multichannel Customer Communication Platform


Tidio is a comprehensive multichannel communication tool designed to help you manage all customer interactions in one place. By connecting your Instagram, Messenger, Live chat, and email inboxes to Tidio, you can effortlessly handle conversations and never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers.

The platform offers chatbot capabilities for Instagram and Messenger, enabling you to automate responses to repetitive questions without the need for live agents. Tidio chatbots can also facilitate sales on Instagram by taking orders directly from customers and collecting their contact details. Similarly, Messenger chatbots can gather prospect information and automatically qualify leads, improving your sales process.

Tidio also focuses on delivering exceptional customer service through Messenger bots that recognize inquiries and provide information about shipping, orders, and returns. Additionally, the platform allows you to manage all your email inboxes in one place, promoting seamless collaboration with your team and easy access to customer information.

The Tidio live chat feature enables you to provide instant customer service through a beautifully designed chat widget. Combining live chat with chatbots, Tidio automates up to 40% of your conversations, addressing common queries such as order status, shipping policies, and discount codes. By using Tidio’s multichannel tool, you can ensure that every customer message is attended to, no matter which channel they choose to contact you on.

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9. Ocoya – Omnichannel Social Media Automation


Ocoya is an all-in-one AI-powered social media platform designed to help you create, schedule, and analyze content across multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

With a wide range of features and a user-friendly dashboard, Ocoya simplifies social media management and helps improve your ROI through better targeting, precise ad placement, and insightful performance reports.

Ocoya offers an extensive library of over 10,000 professional templates, graphics, and music, all tailored to various niches. This makes it easy to create visually appealing social media content without starting from scratch, saving you time and effort.

In addition to its design resources, Ocoya includes an AI copywriting tool called Travis AI. This powerful tool assists with marketing copy needs, from landing pages and email campaigns to ads and more, ensuring your content is engaging and effective.

Ocoya’s hashtags tool analyzes your created image and generates trending and relevant hashtags, optimizing your content’s visibility. The platform also includes an inspirational quotes generator, providing you with even more copywriting options.

Once you’ve created your content, Ocoya’s social media management platform lets you publish it directly to your social networks. There’s no need to juggle multiple social media management tools and planners, as Ocoya streamlines the entire process.

If you’re seeking an efficient way to create, manage, and distribute content across multiple social networks, look no further than Ocoya. To experience the benefits of this powerful all-in-one social media marketing platform, take advantage of Ocoya’s 14-day free trial.

Ocoya free trial

10. StoryChief – Omnichannel Content Marketing Platform


StoryChief is an AI content creation software that helps businesses and content marketers create, plan, approve and publish campaign content across various channels including articles, social media posts, and promoting content through employees.

The platform provides a data management module that lets marketers create content with relevant information based on KPIs, measure performance, and track campaigns using UTM tags to see which types of content resonate with your audience the most. 

With the centralized workflow, you can monitor changes through the version history, and you can easily request contributions from third parties or get their approval for your content with just a click.

Based on 15+ search engine optimization metrics, you can keep track of your SEO score and how well your content does for a certain keyword.

Based on the Flesch Reading Ease test, the StoryChief readability score shows you how well your readers will follow your train of thought.

StoryChief free trial

How To Choose an Omnichannel Marketing Platform?

When choosing an omnichannel marketing platform it is important to consider your needs and the needs of your customers. Look for a platform that provides flexibility and scalability, and make sure that you have the resources in place to support it.

Choose a platform that will allow you to reach your target audience in the most effective way possible. And finally, always test and measure the results of your campaigns to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Ultimately, the goal is to find a platform that allows you to seamlessly connect with your customers across all channels.

Omnichannel Marketing Tools Final Words

In conclusion, omnichannel marketing tools are a necessary component of any business’ marketing strategy. By using these tools, businesses can create a seamless customer experience that will keep customers coming back. If you’re not using omnichannel marketing tools yet, it’s time to start.


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