13 Best Omnichannel Marketing Tools & Platforms in 2022

An omnichannel marketing strategy concentrates on using multiple channels to reach customers including online, offline, social media, and mobile.

Omnichannel marketing tools make it easy to manage these channels and track customer behavior. They also provide insights into how customers want to be marketed and what kinds of messages are most effective.

In this article, we listed some of the best omnichannel marketing tools you can use for marketing purposes.

omnichannel marketing tools
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1. ActiveCampaign – Omnichannel Email Marketing


ActiveCampign is an AI marketing platform, designed to cater to the needs of different aspects of small-scale businesses. The system generates engaging emails seamlessly in order to find more information about the contacts with the help of social Media Marketing. It also applies “Marketing Automation Technology” to these businesses that a customer couldn’t reach before. That is why nearly 100k people around the world use ActiveCampaign for the growth of their businesses.

Site Connecting or Monitoring is one of its features that connects marketing to a person’s behavior. It lets the business owners respond to their customers depending on what they are doing on the site. In this way, users can adapt to the market according to their client’s interests. Users can also show specific content according to what a client has searched on the site. It is helpful when sending emails to contact regarding the sale/purchase of a certain product. 

In order to give rise to personalized marketing, event tracking is also available. This feature is also helpful while making transactions and can help increase the follow-up campaigns. The automation tools also serve as CRM, allowing a smooth conversion from marketing to sales. This automation is also helpful in accomplishing various tasks in the sales process. Users can also use its API easily for integrating the system with apps. ActiveCampaign only supports small & medium businesses.

2. HubSpot – Omnichannel Marketing Automation

hubspot marketing automation

HubSpot is one of the leading marketing softwares for enhancing the entire marketing process and developing strategies to surpass your counterparts. You can maintain a long-term relationship with your customers and generate leads. 

It is a great option for having a good customer-centric approach and increasing productivity. This cloud-based platform has integrations and tools for multi-tasking in order for the business to grow. Hubspot can help in sales, marketing, customer service (by providing the customers with better resources and strategies) and content management.

Some of its tools include “Operations Hub, Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Services Hub & CMS Hub.” You can work with each of these hubs individually, or you can integrate them as well. Its free CRM allows you to analyze, store and track all your deals. And you can store almost 1 million contacts with it. Tools can also be used unsophisticated because of their simplicity and ease of use. Its intuitive interface lets you create contacts and deals, edit any report and much more.

HubSpot CRM also lets you view all your sales in one place. You can also generate a report about all your sales activities. Apart from that, you can schedule, align and track your tasks using the same software. HubSpot CRM also provides you with predefined emails containing relevant information. You can send these emails to customers in order to increase sales.

3. Ortto – Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Ortto is another marketing automation tool powered by AI technology that helps business owners acquire and retain customers. This platform has empowered more than 10,000 companies with its software. It helps businesses unify their customers’ data and activates the target audience with omnichannel experiences. The toolset containing BI tools helps to analyze business growth. 

Ortto provides the users with customization and control over their marketing campaigns and helps in content distribution also. In order to overcome writer’s block, Ortto offers a copywriting assistant also. Also, when you need to report to the management, Ortto saves a lot of time because of its well-designed dashboard system. 

The worst part is that you can’t edit the already existing email templates. And for running your campaigns, you may need to write your emails. Apart from that, its integration with platforms like WooCommerce isn’t smooth. You may not like it if you’ve previously used Shopify or Shopify Plus. But Ortto’s integration with Salesforce is quite smooth. 

Some other features of Ortto include collecting leads from different apps, blogs or websites and nurturing these leads depending on behavioral data. That’s the only thing a business owner can do to make the marketing campaigns successful. 

4. Omnisend – Omnichannel Ecommerce Marketing


It is an omnichannel email marketing used by e-commerce businesses for boosting their sales. With Omnisend, customers can get personalized and relevant messages across various channels and at different stages of Customer Journey. It caters all kinds of e-commerce businesses and serves the customers from different industries. The ultimate goal of this software is to provide the customer with a unique shopping experience, doesn’t matter whether the target audience includes visitors, subscribers or repeated customers. You can use sign-up forms for turning casual visitors into permanent customers. 

Omnisend has unified all marketing channels at one location. This means you can run multichannel campaigns for reaching out to your customers. Use emails, SMS, social media, and browser-based notifications to reach them. Customers can also use the channel they like to contact you. For improving the email click-through rates, start running email campaigns using standard templates that contain the images of your brand also.

You can also automate workflows according to certain triggers for increasing revenue. Also, in order to boost buyers’ confidence, you can send order-confirmation messages or emails as well. A/B Split Testing is also available with this software.

5. Shopify Plus – Omnichannel Commerce

Shopify - Omnichannel Commerce

Managing complicated businesses is surely difficult, particularly if they are growing rapidly. Shopify Plus is an e-commerce platform for helping merchants sell in high volumes while helping them serve the customers better without worrying about their business’’ maintenance. Shopify Plus allows multiple expansion stores for various regions to make the merchants sell internationally. The built-in insights and analytics help you make decisions regarding where to expand next and when. 

In order to satisfy customer needs and to help the business grow, Shopify plus lets users access advanced apps. For example, Shopify Flow automates business processes with a few clicks. This is helpful for increasing productivity also. Apart from that, with the change in e-commerce, its offerings also change. Merchants can use more than 100 social media channels, nearly 100 online marketplaces and blogs to meet the demands. Merchants can also benefit from sales Channels such as eBay, Amazon, and Pinterest as well as other 3rd party integrations Wanelo and Wish. Shopify Plus lets you manage all these platforms at one location. 

You don’t need costly workarounds for specific tasks. For making the necessary changes in the multiple stores, merchants can use in-built Shopify tools. The extra API calls can also enhance these features. 

6. Bant.io – Omnichannel Lead Generation


Bant.io is another all-in-one automation tool that is helpful for accelerating the sales and in lead generation. This results in more revenue which is what a business owner looks for. Bant.io helps in identifying and engaging with the customers by using cross-channel strategies. You can also monitor the campaign progress across all your channels. Adjusting campaign parameters in the meantime is also something that is possible with this software.

Its features include Zapier Integration, response detection, one-on-one strategy, email campaigns and more. With this software, business owners can acquire and increase revenue. They can also enter a local or international market, grow their shares, build awareness regarding the brand and can improve consistency. This platform is best to be used by Legal Services, Advertising & Marketing and Consulting Services.

7. Reavealbot – Omnichannel Advertising


It is an AI-powered tool for optimizing Facebook & Instagram ads, management and automation. It is important for industries that are heavily dependent on Facebook for their advertisements. Digital marketers can automate ads using it, also suggests reliable and effective campaigns, lets the users know if the ad campaign is not effective and how to make it effective. You can also analyze Project CPA, conversions, and historical info.

Revealbot is integrated with 3 powerful modules including bulk creation, automation, and auto boosting. The “Auto Module” helps Facebook marketers in developing customer rules for automation and ad alerts. Auto Boosting allows them to promote their content in order to keep control of the target customers. The bulk creation module, as suggested by its name, creates social media ads in bulk.

You can also provide proof for Facebook and Instagram with post IDs. This helps in exporting that ID to Excel Sheets for comparing it. This tool is particularly helpful if the number of likes, comments, or shares on two or more of your Instagram or Facebook ads are the same. Revealbot can help you get a “High Relevance Score, ROAS, less CPM” and to keep social proof. The analytics and reports help you keep the entire team under one umbrella because the performance evaluation report is sent directly to the core team. It also helps the employees focus on metrics that are important for the business to grow.

8. SemRush – Omnichannel SEO Marketing


SEMrush is a cross-channel marketing SEO tool for making your brand visible online. This tool can be used to supercharge content marketing, for improving SEO across all the sites you own, in creating PPC Campaigns, and for managing social media. Some of the best tools you can use on SEMrush include “SEO Audit, Social Media Tracker, Ad Builder, PPC Keyword tool, On-Page SEO checker, and Keyword Position Tracker.” Building ads on your site is really important as it generates revenue and increases branding, which leads to more sales.

You must use certain keywords to attract customers when you publish content on your site. These keywords are also helpful in making your website rank. PPC Keyword Tool and Keyword Position Tracker let you do that, making the content SEO optimized, which is what you need as a business owner. You can also get an idea about the traffic and how to increase it. SEO Audit will help you do that by letting you know if the content you published is good enough. 

You can run your marketing campaigns using Affiliate marketing programs, Traffic Jet, Amazon, and other agencies. All these features and benefits ensure that SEMrush is one of the best marketing tools for your business. 

9. SE Ranking – Multichannel SEO & PPC Marketing

se ranking

SE Ranking is a versatile tool having all-in-one features. It can help you from zero to a hundred in terms of SEO without much help or effort. The toolset is equally beneficial to both newcomers as well as professionals. The tools this software uses include a “Keyword Rank Tracker, Keywords Research Tool, On-page SEO Checker, Backlink Checker, Website Auditor, and Competitor Analysis Tool.” 

For keeping a track of your keyword search ranking in Yahoo, Bing, and Google, Rank Tracker is suitable. You can also track the rankings on Desktop & Mobile and check the SERP features available for those keywords. Competitor Analysis Tool analyzes keyword strategies for organic and paid searches, and “Google Ads” history. Website auditor checks the subdomains and pages of your site according to the parameters important for SEO. If an error is found, the tools tells the level of urgency and how to fix that error. 

Backlink checker tells about the link-building priorities and suggests the strategies that are best and can help your website rank. Apart from that, it is also helpful in keyword research, creating and sending SEO reports, and using service data through API.

10. MobileMonkey – Omnichannel Chatbot


Almost 2 billion people around the world use Facebook Messenger. But less than 2% are using this platform to promote their businesses. Messenger’s demand is more because of its compatibility with chatbots for your site. These chatbots let you engage with the audience using automation tools such as:

  • Chat Blasting: It is quite similar to email blasts combined with chatbots.
  • One-time Notifications: You can use these to update the customers about promotions and discounts.
  • Autoresponders: It is used for capturing subscribers and leads from trending Facebook posts.
  • Drip Campaigns: Use it to send messages in sequence across Facebook and Web Chat.

Messenger ads are also helpful for digital marketers, and these ads are different from simple Facebook ads. Various advertising tools are available on Facebook, but Messenger ads perform better than all because of the chatbots. The best part is that you can use these messenger apps across other platforms, such as Insta, Twitter and Facebook. You can also use Messenger contacts to different MobileMonkey marketing channels such as text messages, live chat for your site, and other social media apps. 

So, MobileMonkey is one of the best tools to use for running your business on different social media platforms.

11. PhantomBuster – Omnichannel Web Automation


It is a multichannel automation software for social media that provides users with more than 200 “Code-Free” data extraction and automation tools across different social media platforms such as “LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora and Zapier.” These are the main platforms to attract customers, and that’s what this software uses. Users can use each of these tools individually or can combine them also. It will help in creating complete cross-channel marketing workflows. 

Let’s take an example of a workflow that uses three different tools to generate leads on LinkedIn. You can build a prospect list that includes the company’s data, your info and email addresses. And then, you can search a profile using specific characters. You can also scrape the data such as name, company, education and designation, scrape emails using “Email Discovery Service” and it is also possible to use this scraped data to enrich the CRM.

All in all, you can use this software to save a lot of your time by generating leads and building audiences, and this will ultimately result in better reach and engagement on your social media platforms. You can easily call it a “Growth Hacker” for your business.

12. Ocoya – Omnichannel Social Media Automation


It is an Artificial Intelligence-powered content marketing platform that helps you build, manage and automate high-conversion campaigns. It contains a built-in “Template Library” with various designs that are important for marketing campaigns. For generating adorable visuals for your project, this platform offers more than 10,000 videos and pictures. All these are available with unique colors, layouts, backdrops, and fonts.  

Running marketing campaigns on social media platforms is the need of the hour for any business and it is possible to do it efficiently with Ocoya. The copyright out is excellent and Travis has so many variants to choose from. You can make a schedule of your social media posts, and store files at different locations based on how they are uploaded. This is surely confusing because organizing each post is difficult, particularly if you are handling a growing business.

Ocoya offers scheduled posts (unlimited), images and templates, unlimited storage, captions and visuals. You can also remove any picture’s background with a single click. For content creators who want to step up the content marketing, digital marketers who want to optimize video and image campaigns for their clients, business owners who want to create ads online without hiring a graphic designer, copywriter or any external agency and for marketing agencies that wish to provide the clients with better marketing content, all of them can use Ocoya for getting these jobs done.

13. StoryChief – Omnichannel Content Marketing Platform


StoryChief is an AI content creation software that helps businesses and content marketers create, plan, approve and publish campaign content across various channels including articles, social media posts, and promoting content through employees.

The platform provides a data management module that lets marketers create content with relevant information based on KPIs, measure performance, and track campaigns using UTM tags to see which types of content resonate with your audience the most. 

With the centralized workflow, you can monitor changes through the version history, and you can easily request contributions from third parties or get their approval for your content with just a click.

Based on 15+ search engine optimization metrics, you can keep track of your SEO score and how well your content does for a certain keyword.

Based on the Flesch Reading Ease test, the StoryChief readability score shows you how well your readers will follow your train of thought.

How To Choose an Omnichannel Marketing Platform?

When choosing an omnichannel marketing platform it is important to consider your needs and the needs of your customers. Look for a platform that provides flexibility and scalability, and make sure that you have the resources in place to support it.

Choose a platform that will allow you to reach your target audience in the most effective way possible. And finally, always test and measure the results of your campaigns to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Ultimately, the goal is to find a platform that allows you to seamlessly connect with your customers across all channels.

Omnichannel Marketing Software Tools Final Words

In conclusion, omnichannel marketing tools are a necessary component of any business’ marketing strategy. By using these tools, businesses can create a seamless customer experience that will keep customers coming back. If you’re not using omnichannel marketing tools yet, it’s time to start!

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