21 Best Customer Success Software Platforms [2023]

A customer success software (CSS) is a software application that assists organizations in boosting customer satisfaction and increasing revenue from existing customers.

CSS can be used to manage customer interactions, track customer feedback, and improve the overall customer experience.

While customer success platforms are not a new phenomenon, their growth over the past few years has led to an increased demand for this type of software.

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1. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is an AI customer support platform that offers a well-rounded suite of features designed to enhance customer interactions and ensure satisfaction.

First of all, with HubSpot’s robust ticketing system, you can manage and logically sort through incoming customer queries and problems so that each one is appropriately addressed.

For email management, HubSpot Service Hub offers a shared team inbox that encourages seamless collaboration among team members. This feature basically allows agents to collectively manage messages and delegate tickets, ensuring efficiency and timeliness in resolving customer issues.

HubSpot Service Hub understands the importance of customer insights. And because of that, it offers user-friendly tools to create surveys, delve into customer feedback, and calculate satisfaction scores. The survey results enable you to understand your customers better and enhance their experiences.

As we know, knowledge is power, and empowering customers is at the heart of HubSpot Service Hub. With the built-in knowledge base feature, you can build a repository of educational resources, encouraging customers to self-serve and find solutions independently.

Service Hub integrates all customer communication channels, from emails to social media messages, in one place. It provides you with complete context each time you engage with a customer, fostering effective interactions wherever they are.

Last but not least, HubSpot Service Hub features smart automation capabilities. Using customer feedback responses, it can trigger workflows that guide customers to the solutions they need, enhancing their overall journey with your business.

So this is why we selected HubSpot Service Hub as the best customer success software. It not only optimizes your team’s performance but also enhances your customers’ experiences, fostering a mutually beneficial business relationship. Plus, HubSpot Service Hub is free to get started.

2. Freshdesk

Freshworks Customer Success

Freshdesk customer success software, formerly known as Freshsuccess, provides complete visibility into customer health metrics with proactive onboarding and renewal workflows.

The platform lets you quickly assess the health of your customers with alert rules that identify automatically which accounts require attention by providing information such as:

  • When was your customer’s most recent login
  • How active is each individual
  • Open tickets
  • Recent payments


And so much more so you can easily determine the areas in which your customers require your attention.

Freshworks actionable customer trends empower your customer support team with information about key account trends that are critical to the performance of your business, such as financial health, product adoption, and support effectiveness.

In addition, you can also increase the number of successful trials, upsells, and cross-sells by notifying your team automatically of potential opportunities to increase your bottom, line.

And with its customer service email management software, you can deliver personalized support by automatically routing incoming customer conversations to the right agent or team based on the content of the message, region, language, skill set of agents, and other factors.

3. ChurnZero


The entire premise behind ChurnZero is the creation of software that helps eliminate customer churn. This term refers to the loss of business due to a lack of response or an extended response time.

This value can be calculated and the tangible information can be used by businesses to have a firm grasp of all the different revenue losses and evaluate the causes.

To this effect, ChurnZero created its real-time Customer Success Platform that facilitates communication and it helps inform all customers of the different products, activities, and services of a company.

The software is completely flexible and it allows the company to personalize the way that it interacts with the public so that its business identity is sustained through all interactions with the public.

The Command Center of this platform displays a variety of very useful information such as Customer Health Scores, Segmentation, Journeys, Accounts Insights, Success Centers, and a lot of other intuitive tools like In-App Communications and Real-Time Alerts.

The proactive information updated in real-time helps businesses take timely action and focus on issues based on tangible data.

4. Catalyst


What Catalyst wants the most is to help the businesses identify risks and exploit opportunities so they can maximize their value and improve overall service.

They provide insights into customer success for sales, executive teams, product managers, and general company operations. Their interface is easy to navigate and their well-designed software is properly integrated with other tools such as Zendesk, Slack, and Jira.

Catalyst customer success software is heavily orientated towards analyzing the loss of revenue and therefore delivering the tools to help remedy that issue. Their on-screen data display information that is useful to the company such as customer health scores, segmentation, and for more internal affairs, workflow productivity.

Catalyst also provides an interface that facilitates the Lifecycle Management of customers, helping the company know when, where, and how they lose and gain customers.

Of course, in time, this information helps the business attack the center of the problem and improve their operations as they adjust according to the gathered data.

5. Intercom

Intercom is a customer service automation software that offers three major functionalities including live chat, chatbots, and a help desk.

Intercom has three chatbots. The first chatbot Task Bot would not engage unless a coworker closes the discussion or if no teammates are assigned to the conversation. For instance, the Task Bot automatically answers “Chatimize normally replies in a few minutes” when you ask a query. 

The second one: Custom Bot, is a chatbot that is entirely unique, with predetermined processes and components. The third is the Resolution Bot. This chatbot responds to inquiries from your customers automatically (based on keywords).

Intercom gives you a “quick-start guide” when you join up to assist you to get started with their platform, which is incredibly helpful. Intercom uses a block builder, with all the various blocks on the left and the content of the block on the right, when you want to design a custom Bot. When you have decided what your Custom Bot will say, you can also decide which sites will display your chatbot flow by adding Rules.

You can check a detailed list of everyone who interacted with your chatbot in Intercom. You can check your users’ custom fields, tags, most recent website pages viewed, and more when you click on one of them. You can check your users’ custom fields, tags, most recent website pages viewed, and more when you click on one of them.

6. Podium


Podium wants the automated tools to work as hard as you do. They wish to help businesses attain the new era of computerized responses and increase their value using the automation tools that they provide.

This way, the companies using Podium will be able to take the priceless time to analyze data and take actions that will impact all their business operations.

Instead of losing time and losing customers, Podium seeks to maximize the ROI and improve the quality of all services provided. By focusing on growth, communication, and payments, Podium facilitates development by offering a multitude of tools and solutions such as reviews, website chat, channels, contact profiles, text payments, and card readers.

7. Totango


Totango is a customer success and retention platform that enables enterprise-level companies to accelerate customer success, as well as adoption, retention, and expansion of their customer base.

It does this by collecting information about customers, monitoring data for meaningful changes in customer health, and driving proactive engagement on the part of customer success teams.

Totango offers multiple customer success tools including a customer health score, customer segmentation, a customer data hub, and other really useful tools that display important information.

Users of Totango’s Spark are better able to understand the health scores, usage, and status of their customers. It contributes to the optimization of customer operations through the utilization of scorecards and communication templates, as well as through the ongoing testing of customers’ ever-evolving expectations.

In addition, Totango provides Zoe, designed to help every employee in a company partner in customer success.

Zoe is essentially an AI-powered chatbot that provides access to all of a customer’s information, including who they are, which products and services they use, and more.

8. Insided


Insided promises to engage with customers, increase productivity and pro-activeness, obtain feedback and updates on different products, and make customer advocacy a priority at all times.

Their customer success platform is formed by a community tab that centers all engagement, a knowledge database that provides useful information for the process, a product feedback and idealization tab that helps involve customers in the development and prioritization of new and existing products, a communication center that delivers updates and information and the In-app embed feature.

Insided’s software instills to never interrupt the workflow and to use the self-service platform to create a customer service experience that best suits the needs of the company.

To this effect, Insided has worked very hard to partner with other tools, and therefore it is properly integrated with customer success solutions such as Zendesk, Salesforce, and Gainsight, as they seek to partner with the well-known already established industry-standard solutions to provide a 360 view of the customer journey itself.

9. GuideCX


GuideCX wants to achieve success by giving the customers the first impression that they will never forget. To remedy that, GuideCX offers a Navigator Reporting Engine that allows the business to analyze client onboarding and take the required steps towards optimization.

The information displayed by this software is designed to help pull revenue forward, identify problems, evaluate late revenue, and measure the different customer journey standards to better any company’s service and products.

This interface is a valuable key to customer success and it is unique among all the enterprises within its rubric. In short, this engine sets GuideCX apart from the other Customer Success Software providers out there. GuideCX can also be integrated with industry-standard solutions like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Slack.

10. Skilljar


Skilljar customer success software helps you get engaged with your clients by providing training for your customers with its advanced learning management system. Skilljar’s interface has many tools for managing users and email announcements. It does a good job of guiding customers and assisting them in finding what they need quickly by using breadcrumbs and search bars. You can identify the thinking patterns of customers about your products and this may help you deliver much better ones and satisfy them.

You can also access Skilljar using any mobile device. With Skilljar, you have the ability to work off-line, sync everything and back up once you are online again. For customers who are traveling or working in locations with poor internet connections, this feature is really helpful. Furthermore, its online help center offers plenty of hints and primers to address any functional problems that you encounter.

11. Front


Front’s technology uses artificial intelligence to assist complete basic tasks automatically without human interaction, especially by providing customer service chatbots. Mainly, through the use of AI-based Service Bots that Front offers, you can serve your customers better

With Front, the responses the chatbot provides are always prompt, precise, and intensely tailored. Businesses can enjoy Front’s modern interface since it is easy and simple to use and is influenced by email applications.

Its powerful automation features minimize manual procedures across systems in the background, and thorough analytics make it simple to enhance team productivity and the quality of client relationships.

All of your communications can be gathered and stored in one mailbox with Front. This includes emails sent to you for customer service and sales, chat communications, SMS messages, and Twitter and Facebook Messenger notifications.

By utilizing this one inbox, your team can increase internal cooperation and be more equipped to boost client communication and satisfaction and use it as a customer success software.

Front makes it possible to allocate internal dialogue depending on covert exterior communications. The app smoothly connects with a variety of well-known software programs, like Salesforce and GitHub, making communication more structured, timely, and responsive. Your team members can be given Front messages manually or automatically. 

12. Custify


Custify can assist SaaS companies in managing customer engagement and churn rate in the context of the recurring revenue model. You can easily get many tasks done through Custify. They are KPI tracking, activity generation, task assignment, client communications, and audience segmentation.

By monitoring product usage in real-time, Custify helps you to obtain insight into client product adoption behavior. It assists companies in keeping track of how licenses are used by potential customers, enabling them to see chances for renewal and service upsells.

With capabilities for assessing health scores and the capacity to monitor client happiness via a rating system, marketing teams can utilize Custify for consumer outreach.

Custify provides API-based and third-party connections that let you link your current business system to platforms for payments, invoicing, and CRM data. It offers automation options as well. That can obviously help you create processes and tasks unique to the client group.

13. ClientSuccess


The way SaaS providers manage, keep and expand their current client base is being revolutionized by ClientSuccess. It provides a comprehensive, individualized strategy for managing success across the client’s lifetime.

To minimize churn, boost revenue, and optimize customer lifetime value, it offers actionable insights, in-depth customer analytics, and best practices.

ClientSuccess is more than just a reporting tool that users occasionally consult. It is a real customer management platform that offers executives meaningful information in addition to a strong solution for front-line customer success managers.

Overall, many users appreciate that ClientSuccess is a CS-focused CRM that mostly encapsulates the essential information that CSMs must manage in their daily tasks.

A strong CRM should allow users to keep moving forward without becoming mired down in the details of administration. Overall, they do a fantastic job tracking risks and pulses.

Of course, finding the information you need is simple thanks to the platform’s excellent usability throughout. Everything is well structured, simple to use, and gives rapid access to prior client interactions, other client data, and recent engagements.

14. Whatfix

Whatfix is one of the most dependable customer success software in the world. It even assists Fortune 500 companies. It can decrease the launch time, boost employee productivity, and realize positive software ROI.

This is a great platform for managing client experiences that assists small and large enterprises in managing and customizing application engagement. It has an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS), which helps users to complete crucial activities and speed up query resolution.

Personalization, in-app knowledge management, change management, data validation, notifications, and analytics are some of Whatfix’s features. Based on users’ participation in the application, it enables businesses to improve personalization and targeting and automatically establish client groups. Additionally, it offers capabilities to automatically produce information in many forms, including videos, PDFs, and slideshows, depending on client needs.

By adding just one line of code, Whatfix can be integrated with online apps. Additionally, users can access SCORM-compliant courses within the app and monitor their training progress thanks to its interface with learning management systems (LMS).

15. Planhat


Planhat’s purpose is to create a Customer Success Platform that allows the company to create a collaborative effort between the customer and their business. That way, the feedback obtained from their interactions will help the company be better and in turn, offer a better service to them.

Under this premise, Planhat designed a platform that is able to collect data in the form of a spreadsheet, improve workflow and integrate different automation solutions to craft a software designed for utter success. It also features a high-security setting that can help with management and control.

They pride themselves on the platform that is promised to help solve complex challenges and improve sales in the business. Their business model is designed under a 4 step process that entails data collection through their software, automation with their tools, proper action with workflow, and intuitive, shareable analytics.

16. Gainsight

Your company’s future growth can be driven by Gainsight’s cutting-edge, customer-focused technologies. 

Gainsight makes it simpler than ever for customer success, product, and community engagement teams to scale effectively, achieve alignment, and have a comprehensive understanding of their consumers. This helps to boost product uptake, minimize churn, and expand customer communities.

The dashboards of Gainsight make it extremely simple to view any job that your team is performing. Without feeling like micromanaging, you can manage everything. 

Gainsight offers timely, informative information to keep you abreast of market developments so that you can give your clients the best possible support and experience.

Of course, Gainsight’s platform is incredibly strong and has all the tools a CS team could possibly need to manage their accounts, generate health scores, import and manage data, and interact with clients. It is all-inclusive and adaptable enough to meet the requirements of any business. 

Users have the freedom to fulfill their demands thanks to the automation engine’s incredible capability and the ability to sync and utilize data from SFDC in Gainsight.

17. Involve.ai

Involve AI

Through better renewals and upsells, Involve.ai’s customer intelligence platform enables teams to have total visibility into every one of their customers and increase revenue. 

Teams can proactively provide an excellent customer experience if they have access to the most recent data, actionable recommendations, and cooperation across the customer journey.

Teams can collaborate across the customer experience with the most recent real-time data and actionable recommendations.

18. Vitally


Every size of customer success team can benefit from Vitally’s assistance in providing top-notch customer experiences, overcoming difficulties, being more productive, and increasing the company’s bottom line.

Bi-directional, real-time connectors can help you unify all of your customer-facing data across your whole IT stack. 

Simple account and user status analysis, providing health scores for each customer category and stage of the customer lifecycle using project management specifically designed for CS, standardize the customer success process. 

Vitally is used by the B2B SaaS businesses that are expanding the quickest to proactively address churn concerns and expansion possibilities.  

Vitally helps 10x the effect of each team member and decreases churn by providing access to richer customer data, proactive alerting of at-risk & upsell accounts, and automated contact with in-need consumers.

19. Accelo


Professional service companies all around the world utilize and adore Accelo to manage their client work profitably. No matter where you are, the end-to-end cloud-based platform controls all facets of providing client work, from prospect to payment, including sales, projects, tickets, retainers, timesheets, resourcing, and more.

This platform provides you with a comprehensive picture of your most recent company data and financial performance with an emphasis on time and money. You never need to ask for a status update because client conversations, activities, and work are all centralized on one platform.

Accelo improves visibility and coordination throughout the organization and teams by streamlining workflows and increasing productivity. This allows executives to better manage the business and professionals to concentrate on the most crucial tasks. Managers can easily deliver projects on schedule and under budget by utilizing strong automation.

Accelo’s secure and current analytics provide executives the assurance they need to make wise choices, guaranteeing the expansion and success of the company.

20. ProfitWell


ProfitWell is a SaaS provider of pricing, retention, and analytics for subscriptions. Both B2B and B2C subscription businesses can enhance recurring earnings with the assistance of their clever software and specialists.

Real-time information is used to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, develop appropriate pricing strategies, and lower churn in order to achieve this.

ProfitWell obviously acts as a white-labeled platform-based churn management solution created to assist organizations in increasing conversion rates and automating churn reduction.

Through the use of actionable analytics, managers can combine several data elements to get a comprehensive picture of recovered, due, and at-risk monthly recurring revenue rates (MRR).

According to client needs, ProfitWell enables businesses to automatically convert churn recovery communications into a variety of regional languages. Customers can get suggestions to retry credit/debit cards based on the days of the week, the failure code, the kind, the location, and more. In accordance with GDPR and PCI standards, it also enables users to optimize operational tasks.

It’s also worth mentioning that ProfitWell has been acquired by Paddle.

21. EverAfter


Drag-and-drop widgets for task management, KPIs, timelines, shared assets, and support tickets make it simple to create unique workspaces for each account with the EverAfter customer journey platform.

Customers can access the hub using a private link or by simply integrating it into your product. Internal and customer-facing onboarding processes can be combined in a single and straightforward interface here.

Setting up the link with our CRM is quite simple, allowing you to access your customer list in EverAfter right away and use the information to display to clients and influence their behavior.

EverAfter’s no-code design makes it simple for those with intermediate technological skills to interface with calendars and CRMs. You can build new portals that are updated and driven by your CRM in a matter of minutes.

Because it is so simple to set up, you can respond to customer behavior fast and change the customer hub to make it functional and obvious for the customer, enhancing their engagement value and experience.

You can map out the customer journey, keep track of onboarding activities, exchange calendars, and much more on a single page. It establishes a setting that makes real-time customer collaboration possible.

Customer Success Software Final Words

So these are our top customer success tools available on the market. These tools can help you keep track of your customers’ needs and preferences, and make sure they are getting the most out of your products or services.

If you’re looking for a way to improve customer retention and satisfaction, we hope this list will help you choose the right customer success software for your business.

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