14 Best Customer Service Automation Software Tools in 2022

Customer service automation tools are pieces of software that help customer service reps handle customer inquiries more efficiently.

By automating repetitive tasks, these tools allow customer service reps to focus on more important tasks, such as resolving complex customer issues.

In addition, customer service automation software can help organizations improve their customer service by providing data that can be used to identify and address problems.

customer service automation software
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1. Gorgias


Gorgias is an e-commerce helpdesk platform that brings precision with its AI customer service tools that help automate repetitive tasks. From cutting and pasting frequently asked questions to fully automating and closing out tickets.

It focuses on building automation features for human use that make personalization more effective. With Gorgias automation rules, you can trigger actions based on personalized information and provide shipping updates and other important information to customers.

The platform lets you create custom rules based on any variable, including message body, customer intent, and Shopify order information. Then you can let your rules send the right message at the right time.

With Gorgias, you get to declutter the workspace with auto-close for spam. Self-service takes care of the basic problems while dedicated agents can focus on complex issues. Gorgias customer service automation tool leverages intents, and sentiment detection features to set a route for every customer query ticket strategically.

Gorgias Features

  • Gorgias is a tool that auto-assigns queries to experts to give every customer a better experience.
  • Gorgias provides full control on order returns from your customers where agents can immediately get to the customers by getting a notification.
  • At Gorgias, you can set the whole automation according to the parameters of your choice. Thus, the whole automation will be more effective than ever.

2. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is a cloud-based customer success software that helps businesses deliver world-class customer service.

With Service Hub, you can give your customers the best possible service. You can track all of your customer interactions in one place, and you can use the software to automate some of your customer service tasks.

It offers a suite of tools to help businesses manage customer interactions, including live chat, ticketing, and knowledge management. Service Hub also provides a 360-degree view of the customer, so businesses can provide personalized service at scale.

And the omnichannel customer support CRM helps manage all customer queries efficiently regardless of their platform.

HubSpot Service Hub Features

  • A fully supported and native salesforce integration option is easy for small businesses to set up and use. It also offers integrations for your CRM.
  • HubSpot Service Hub helps your support agents contextualize customer interaction through proper insights into the case.
  • You can easily integrate it with other tools from HubSpot for an even more intuitive experience for every customer with over 1090 custom integration options.

3. LiveAgent


LiveAgent is a customer service software that helps businesses manage all customer messages in one app.

It’s a cloud-based solution that includes features like ticketing, live chat, knowledge base, and call center features. With LiveAgent, businesses can provide great customer service and improve their customer satisfaction scores.

LiveAGent provides a chat widget that helps in providing real-time personalized support according to customers’ requirements. This widget shows all the information about that customer’s interaction on your website, including their location, for better insights about every customer.

Its chat widget helps take a sneak peek into the incoming messages so your agent can know the best way to respond quickly to that query. 

With LiveAgent, businesses can automatically route and respond to customer inquiries, create email templates, and track email performance.

The cloud call center phone support software helps reduce the holding times and routes call more efficiently. It is suitable for outbound and inbound calling and offers an unlimited call recording option.

LiveAgent Features

  • The ticketing system keeps everything in one platform with customizability and scalability.
  • Ticketing based on custom domains helps provide every customer with a better experience.
  • Ai and data insights help make better real-time decisions for your business with the help of several integrations.

4. LiveChat


LiveChat is a customer service automation tool that brings a complete service platform for boosting your sales. 

It tracks sales and sales goals automatically for precise performance monitoring. LiveChat helps a business qualify leads with AI and custom forms, enabling your team to make more sales while the agents are chatting with customers.

While chatting with customers, agents can include product cards that make the shopping experience much better and more convenient for customers.

With LiveChat, you can add all the details to the CRM and more than 200 other tools that come with easy integration.

LiveChat Features

  • LiveChat offers the best balance of human interference and AI automation, where chatbots can generate leads and humans can turn them into customers.
  • It automates assigning customer queries to the respective team for quicker and better responses.
  • LiveChat provides you with all the tools and information for building your brand’s customer service experience.

5. Freshdesk


Freshdesk is your omnichannel suite for customer service automation. It brings the fastest time-to-value for more meaningful conversation between customers and service agents.

An omnichannel suite allows your business’ support team to provide a similar quality experience across all platforms without repetitive tasks.

It unifies queries from different platforms to one platform for better workforce automation and time-saving. Here your customers do not have to leave the channel of their choice to get your support.

Your agents can provide support at the channel of their choice with live chat across different options. Freshdesk also enhances customer experience with its powerful routing engines.

They reduce the waiting times for customers and route their calls quickly to any agent available.

Freshdesk Features

  • Your support agents can work remotely with this platform
  • Real-time AI-based updates help in simplified scheduling of appointments
  • It has its Messaging API that you can deploy to unify the messaging experience

6. Helpshift


Helpshift is a customer service automation tool that focuses on app-first platforms. It is specifically customers who are using mobile apps, and they want to support them right there.

Using Helpshift for your customer service automation ensures that a mobile app user never has to leave their app to get customer support.

The solution here is easy and quick, built right into the mobile app, and always available.

Chat is a much quicker and more efficient way for users to get support and for the support team to provide it than a phone call or email support.

Helpshift Features

  • Your agents can provide support, but Helpshift also brings bots that automatically solve common queries
  • SDKs are available for all major development frameworks and OSes. You can also use the visual bot builder feature to simplify your bot building process.
  • CSAT surveys from Helpshift provide insights to plan for better performance in the future.

7. Groove


Groove is one of small businesses’ most scalable customer service automation platforms.

Groove helps your business tackle customer service challenges before they become major problems. It allows you to add private internal notes within the conversation. 

The collision detection feature helps detect if a team member is already dealing with a query. Thus, embarrassing double replies can be stopped. 

Groove Features

  • Integration with tools like Slack, Stripe, Shopify, Facebook, Trello, and many more to enhance the business automation experience
  • Its intuitive dashboard provides all the problems in an organized manner for easier solving and better focus with efficiency.
  • Groove also offers a satisfaction survey feature that lets your business monitor the efficacy of the support team and looks for room for improvement.

8. Tenfold


Tenfold Customer Service Automation tool lets a business integrate the workflow system, engagement system, and customer data to yield a better customer relationship through support channels.

This solution is based on the cloud, providing real-time data and context about each customer and their queries on a single screen to grab all the important information at one glance easily.

Tenfold brings continuous conversation automation solutions that keep replies focused on what customers want and keep every customer in a state of continuous conversation until their queries are resolved.

Tenfold Features

  • Tenfold CSAT solution is customizable and flexible, so every team in your organization can customize it according to their specific requirements
  • The cloud-based solution from Tenfold integrates with all of the world’s leading CRMs and communication platforms to bring an all-in-one CSAT solution.
  • It comes with the ability to connect multiple CRMs with the legacy phone system that benefits the conversational experience of customers from your side.

9. Hiver


With Hiver customer service automation tools, you can skip the old way of entertaining customer queries and switch to faster and more effective ways of providing customer service.

It works on your business email and brings simplicity with all the features making it your all-in-one CSAT. It makes the jobs of your customer support agents easier right from the beginning with user-friendly features for collaboration and automation with different tools.

Hiver brings advanced analytics for every agent according to the customer’s query requirement, so the agent always answers those queries with the top metrics and the most meaningful information.

Hiver Features

  • With Hiver, there is no need to go for any other support platform than Email because it works on top of your Gmail.
  • Hiver’s interface makes it easier to track keys to see your team’s performance metrics.
  • It brings s shared inbox on top of Gmail inbox along with other features like notes and inbox management so that every customer gets the same great experience.

10. Zingtree


Zingtree is your CSAT choice that will convert every customer support agent into an expert by providing real-time data so that they can lead every customer with much valuable conversation. Zingtree has a no-code CSAT solution, which means your IT team can easily manage it, and your business will be able to adapt to its workflows with ease.

All this, with the ability to integrate with CRMs, Data Sources, and other sources so that the Zingtree interface shows all the important data on one screen, makes agents even more productive. Zingtree is a flexible CSAT that makes it easily adaptable.

Zingtree Features

  • Agent scripting helps create communication flow with customers across different communicational mediums.
  • The internal process ensures that the agent knows about mapping out the standard procedures that will give them the knowledge and information about dealing with queries of different customers.
  • Your agents become more productive by the self-help feature that deflects tickets with repetitive queries to a solution where they can answer their queries themselves.

11. Khoros


Khoros customer service automation tool combines an Ai-powered workflow system, digital customer care, and rich analytics, enabling your support team to provide a top-notch customer service experience.

With Khoros, you do not need to change any conversational mediums you use because it works on every conversational medium your customers select, even SMS.

Khoros’ solutions ensure a human connection with AI so that every digital interaction between your customers and support team stays personalized and effective. Khoros brings CSAT along with some other business benefits.

Khoros Features

  • Khoros helps cut support costs by making your customer support team more efficient with every customer with the help of AI
  • Khoros can help you scale your business and grow with better chances of increasing revenue by focusing on the latest marketing solutions like social media marketing.
  • It offers enterprise-grade control with insights on performance almost instantly that will help make run-time decisions.

12. Maximizer


Employees of a company always have sales insights, but how they deliver them to the customers enhances the chances of generating more sales. Maximizer helps your employees to turn all the sales insights and information about customers’ requirements into a valuable conversational experience and increases the chances of quick revenue growth.

It is an ultimate growth platform for medium-scale businesses as well as small ones. The user interface of Maximizer is so well designed that you can see all of the information about your business on one screen in the form of different charts, including pie charts and bar chats.

Maximizer Features

  • Maximizer helps find the right clients and invest in them with your marketing strategy by making marketing effortless.
  • Instance updates tell you how your sales and customer support team are performing and how real-time decision-making can bring improvement.
  • Maximizer helps shorten the sales cycle with its pipeline sales management, ensuring that the team works according to performance figures. So, they spend their time more effectively on making sales.

13. Tidio


Tidio brings a customer service automation tool that provides better customer service and enables higher sales. It combines AI-powered chatbot tools along with human-powered live chat tools.

In this way, Ai provides better answers to the customers’ queries while humans can focus on providing a more personalized experience.

Thus, a customer gets a better experience, and it results in generating more sales only by focusing on the customer service automation aspect of the business. It is optimized for all devices, so the customers get a better experience according to their device.

Tidio Features

  • Tidio helps you collect data about the visitors on your website that tells about their needs from your company and their expectations regarding your product
  • Tidio focuses on providing every client with an AI-generated welcome message personalized according to their needs. The discount code in this message makes sure that a customer never the website without checking out while having products in their cart.
  • Tidio Ticketing System lets you monitor, prioritize, and assign all of your customer requests in one place so you can respond faster and keep your support team organized

14. Zendesk


Today good customer service is not enough, and Zendesk develops software to help make your customer service exceptional. Customers need to connect at any time, and as a business, you need your team to provide them with a great conversational experience.

It is Zendesk that can make your customers happy with a great communication experience across different communication channels. Zendesk provides a seamless support platform in its Suite so that your organization’s support is always according to how the customers want it.

Zendesk Features

  • With Zendesk, you can create a customized panel according to your requirements that helps offer a personalized experience for the customers.
  • Zendesk increases the agents’ productivity by keeping things open and flexible. Furthermore, it keeps everything in the organization open that helps agents to adapt easily and quickly.

The customer service team can focus more on the important things, which helps provide customers with more meaningful and seamless communication regardless of which point of the sales funnel they are currently at.

Choosing The Right Customer Service Automation Software

In conclusion, customer service automation tools are a great way to improve efficiency and effectiveness. They can help you keep track of customer interactions, automate repetitive tasks, and provide self-service options.

When used correctly, customer service automation tools can help you improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you are considering implementing customer service automation tools in your business, be sure to do your research and choose the right tools for your needs.

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