14 Best Customer Service Automation Software Tools [2023]

Managing customer service manually is not always possible, especially as your business grows.

Customer service automation software helps customer service reps handle customer inquiries more efficiently.

In this article, we researched and put together a list of the best customer service automation tools.

Some of these tools include AI chatbots that answer common questions around the clock and intelligent ticketing systems that streamline customer queries.

customer service automation software
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1. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot offers a range of customer service automation tools that can help teams prioritize critical customer needs, personalize and scale customer experiences, and provide unprecedented visibility across all internal teams. 

The first automation tool is HubSpot’s ticket routing, which automatically routes customer inquiries to the right team or agent based on predefined rules. Another feature is help desk automation, which essentially can help automate repetitive tasks such as ticket creation, status updates, and notifications. 

HubSpot also offers surveys and feedback tools that can help teams gather customer feedback and insights and use that data to improve their service offerings. 

But the real power of Service Hub is that the customer service software is built on one unified industry-leading HubSpot CRM platform, which connects data across the business and integrates with favorite apps.

Integrating customer service automation tools with CRM software naturally allows teams to access information about customer interactions and personalize communications accordingly. 

For example, with the HubSpot chatbot software, you can engage with customers for service-related issues. This information is then automatically logged in the CRM so that there is more visibility into service-related questions.

To start with HubSpot Service Hub, you can sign up for a free account and use the free help desk and ticketing software. As your team grows, you can upgrade to one of HubSpot’s premium editions, which offer additional features and functionality. 

Recently they also launched AI customer service functionalities, including HubSpot’s AI content assistant powered by OpenAI’s GPT which allows service professionals to streamline busywork.

It’s also worth mentioning that HubSpot also offers a range of educational resources, including the HubSpot Academy, which provides courses and certifications on customer service automation and other topics.

So this is why we’ve selected HubSpot Service Hub as the best overall customer service automation software because of its comprehensive range of tools catering to various customer service aspects and its ability to connect your service tools, marketing, and sales with your CRM. Plus, they have a completely free plan.

HubSpot Service Hub Features

  • Ticket Routing: Automatically directs customer inquiries to the appropriate team or agent based on predefined rules, ensuring efficient handling of customer issues.
  • Help Desk Automation: Automates routine tasks such as ticket creation, status updates, and notifications, allowing agents to focus on more complex customer problems.
  • Surveys and Feedback Tools: Enables teams to gather customer feedback and insights to improve service offerings and drive customer satisfaction.
  • Unified CRM Platform: HubSpot’s Service Hub is built on one unified CRM platform, offering seamless integration with other business data and preferred apps.
  • Chatbot Software: Engage with customers for service-related issues, with all information automatically logged in the CRM for improved visibility into customer service queries.
  • Scalability: Free to start with an option to upgrade to premium editions for additional features and functionalities as teams grow.

HubSpot Service Hub Pricing

  • Service Hub Starter: Starts at $45 per month
  • Service Hub Professional: starts at $450 per month
  • Service Hub Enterprise: Starts at $1,200 USD per month

Try HubSpot Service Hub for free

2. Tidio


Tidio stands out as a potent AI-powered customer service platform that enhances customer interactions and business processes.

With Tidio Multichannel, you can see all your customer messages from WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, email, and live chat in one place. Think of it as a single dashboard where you can manage all your chats, making it easier to keep track of conversations and respond timely.

Tidio lets you add a live chat to your website with a few clicks. This isn’t just useful for customer service though, it can also enhance your marketing efforts and foster a more conversational sales approach. Once set up, your customer service team can see who’s on your site, their details, and what they’ve ordered in the past. 

Now once you’ve figured out the common questions from your live chat, you can set up your chatbots to answer them. The beauty is Tidio AI chatbots can handle inquiries even outside of your business hours so that that your customers always get a response. 

Here is the cool part – if a question is too complex for the bot, it can direct the customer to a human representative or an article in your knowledge base.

Speaking of knowledge base, Tidio offers customer self-service automation features, including a knowledge base and FAQ page.

You can populate it with useful articles and how-to videos, enabling your customers to find the information they need without having to contact your team. This not only saves your team’s time but it also empowers your customers by giving them the tools to self-serve.

As your business grows and customer queries increase, Tidio’s canned responses can be a lifesaver. You can create pre-written responses to common questions, which you can edit and personalize.

Last but not least, Tidio enables you to collect customer feedback and reviews, which are vital for understanding your customers’ experiences and improving your offerings. By asking for feedback, you’re showing your customers that their opinions matter, which can increase their trust in your brand and foster loyalty.

In conclusion, Tidio emerges as a robust, feature-rich customer service platform that blends the power of AI with human touchpoints, creating a streamlined, efficient, and personalized customer service experience.

Tidio Features

  • Multichannel Customer Support: Its multichannel feature allows you to manage customer messages from WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, email, and live chat all in one place.
  • Live Chat: The platform provides a simple way to add live chat to your website, enhancing both customer service and marketing opportunities.
  • AI Chatbot: Tidio lets you set up AI chatbots to answer common queries, allowing for round-the-clock customer service.
  • Customer Self-Service Portal: Tidio offers a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQ page, saving your team’s time and empowering customers by letting them self-serve.
  • Canned responses: Tidio lets you to create and personalize pre-written responses to common questions as customer interactions grow.
  • Automated Customer Feedback System: Lastly, Tidio has an integrated system for collecting customer feedback and reviews, essential for understanding your customer’s experiences and improving your services.

Tidio Pricing

  • Free – $0/month
  • Communicator – $25/month
  • Chatbots – $29/month
  • Tidio+ – $394/month

Try Tidio for free

3. Gorgias


Gorgias comes in as the best help desk automation software for ecommerce on our list due to its seamless integration with top e-commerce platforms and apps like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and more. 

This innovative software allows for multichannel customer service management from a single, unified application, making it a compelling choice for e-commerce businesses seeking to streamline their operations.

Some of the ways Gorgias accomplishes this automation include the ability to pair macros with rules to craft automated, personalized responses that deliver crucial information to customers. It offers precision automation, enabling the provision of shipping updates and other relevant details to customers without manual intervention. 

Gorgias also extends its automation capabilities to social media management. Based on sentiment detection, it can set rules to automatically hide negative comments, protecting your brand image.

Further, we found Gorgias’ quick response buttons feature quite impressive. By adding up to six quick response buttons in the widget, customers receive an automated response instantly upon clicking, enhancing user experience. 

Gorgias Automation Add-on also stood out for providing automated answers to common customer inquiries through email, the Help Center, and the chat widget. This essentially allows ecommerce business owners to easily request refunds and cancellations, report issues, and track orders, promoting customer convenience and satisfaction.

In terms of user reviews, Gorgias received positive reviews for its ability to streamline customer service processes and notably improve response times. Users particularly appreciated the software’s intuitive and user-friendly interface, along with its well-structured dashboard that simplifies searching for and responding to customer queries.

The customer support provided by Gorgias was another point of high praise from users. They mentioned the support team’s willingness to assist, responsiveness, and helpfulness. 

In fact, the multitude of features and time-saving functions of Gorgias has led users, especially those using Shopify, to regard it as one of the best apps available for the platform.

This is why we recommend Gorgias as aa the best customer service automation platform e-commerce. Its robust set of features, positive reviews, and impressive integration capabilities make it a must-have tool for e-commerce businesses that want to optimize their customer service operations.

Gorgias Features

  • Automated Personalized Messages: Pair macros with rules to create automated responses, delivering essential information to customers.
  • Precision Automation: Trigger actions based on personalized information, providing shipping updates and other key details to customers automatically.
  • Automated Social Media Management: Set rules to automatically hide negative comments based on sentiment detection, helping to maintain a positive brand image.
  • Automated Quick Response Buttons: Add up to 6 quick response buttons in your widget that provide customers with instant automated responses when clicked.
  • Automated Answers to Common Questions: With the Gorgias Automation Add-on, deliver automated responses to common inquiries via email, Help Center, and the chat widget.
  • Automated Order Management and Tracking: Transform your chat widget and Help Center into an order management portal, enabling customers to easily request refunds and cancellations, report issues, and track their orders.

Gorgias Pricing

  • Starter – $10 per month
  • Basic: $60 per month 
  • Pro: $360 per month
  • Advanced: $900/month
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

Try Gorgias for free

4. Freshdesk


Freshdesk has established its place in the market as a leading automated customer service software engineered to enhance the customer experience and boost the effectiveness and efficiency of customer service operations. 

It provides customer service agents with a variety of tools that cater to diverse customer needs, improving their ability to address and solve problems.

Freshdesk offers a bunch of customer service automation tools aimed at reducing the time and effort required for routine tasks.

First, we have its auto-assign tool ensures that tickets are automatically allocated to the most appropriate agents based on a set of pre-defined rules that enables swift responses to incoming requests. 

Freshdesk also has the ability to automatically generate tickets from a range of channels, including emails and social media, ensuring a more unified approach to customer service.

Next, Freshdesk can automatically update ticket statuses, priorities, and other relevant fields according to predetermined rules, improving the transparency and organization of the ticketing process. 

Another notable feature is the automated customer lookup, which can extract customer information from your CRM and update the ticket with relevant context. 

Furthermore, Freshdesk’s automated notification feature ensures that both agents and customers receive timely updates when specific events occur, facilitating prompt communication and follow-ups. 

There is a really unique feature called automated surveys that we’ve found only available in Freshdesk. Basically, after a ticket is resolved, Freshdesk can also send out surveys to customers automatically, providing businesses with the opportunity to gather valuable feedback and insights.

Let’s not forget that Freshdesk customer success software offers a range of features to help customer success teams reduce churn, increase retention, boost Net Promoter Scores (NPS), upsell user accounts, and improve customer satisfaction scores (CSAT)

Freshdesk Features

  • Auto-assign: Freshdesk enables automatic ticket assignment to the right agents based on predefined rules.
  • Automate ticket creation: Freshdesk can automatically create tickets from emails, social media, and other channels.
  • Automate ticket updates: Its service automation platform automatically updates ticket status, priority, and other fields based on predefined rules.
  • Automate customer lookup: Freshdesk automatically lookup customer information from your CRM and update the ticket with relevant context.
  • Automate notifications: Freshdesk automatically sends notifications to agents and customers when certain events occur
  • Automate surveys: It automatically sends surveys to customers after a ticket is resolved to gather feedback

Freshdesk Pricing

  • Free Plan: Up to 10 agents
  • Growth Plan: $15 per agent per month when billed annually or $18 per agent per month when billed monthly
  • Pro Plan: $59 per agent per month when billed annually or $70 per agent per month when billed monthly
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing

Try Freshdesk for free

5. LiveAgent


LiveAgent is a customer service software that helps businesses manage all customer messages in one app.

It’s a cloud-based solution that includes features like ticketing, live chat, knowledge base, and call center features. With LiveAgent, businesses can provide great customer service and improve their customer satisfaction scores.

LiveAGent provides a chat widget that helps in providing real-time personalized support according to customers’ requirements. This widget shows all the information about that customer’s interaction on your website, including their location, for better insights about every customer.

Its chat widget helps take a sneak peek into the incoming messages so your agent can know the best way to respond quickly to that query. 

With LiveAgent, businesses can automatically route and respond to customer inquiries, create email templates, and track email performance.

The cloud call center phone support software helps reduce the holding times and routes call more efficiently. It is suitable for outbound and inbound calling and offers an unlimited call recording option.

LiveAgent Features

  • The ticketing system keeps everything in one platform with customizability and scalability.
  • Ticketing based on custom domains helps provide every customer with a better experience.
  • Ai and data insights help make better real-time decisions for your business with the help of several integrations.

LiveAgent Pricing

  • Free Plan: $0 per month
  • Small Plan: $9 per month per seat
  • Medium Plan: $29 per month per seat
  • Large Plan: $49 per month per seat

Try LiveAgent for free

6. LiveChat


LiveChat is a customer service automation tool that brings a complete service platform for boosting your sales. 

It tracks sales and sales goals automatically for precise performance monitoring. LiveChat helps a business qualify leads with AI and custom forms, enabling your team to make more sales while the agents are chatting with customers.

While chatting with customers, agents can include product cards that make the shopping experience much better and more convenient for customers.

With LiveChat, you can add all the details to the CRM and more than 200 other tools that come with easy integration.

LiveChat Features

  • LiveChat offers the best balance of human interference and AI automation, where chatbots can generate leads and humans can turn them into customers.
  • It automates assigning customer queries to the respective team for quicker and better responses.
  • LiveChat provides you with all the tools and information for building your brand’s customer service experience.

LiveChat Pricing

  • Starter: Starting at $16 per user per month.
    Team: Starting at $33 per user per month.
    Business: Starting at $50 per user per month

Try LiveChat for free

7. Helpshift


Helpshift is a customer service automation tool that focuses on app-first platforms. It is specifically customers who are using mobile apps, and they want to support them right there.

Using Helpshift for your customer service automation ensures that a mobile app user never has to leave their app to get customer support.

The solution here is easy and quick, built right into the mobile app, and always available.

Chat is a much quicker and more efficient way for users to get support and for the support team to provide it than a phone call or email support.

Helpshift Features

  • Your agents can provide support, but Helpshift also brings bots that automatically solve common queries
  • SDKs are available for all major development frameworks and OSes. You can also use the visual bot builder feature to simplify your bot building process.
  • CSAT surveys from Helpshift provide insights to plan for better performance in the future.

HelpShift Pricing

  • Feedback: $0 per month.
  • Starter: Starting at $150 per month.
  • Growth: Customized.
  • Enterprise: Customized

8. Groove


Groove is one of small businesses’ most scalable customer service automation platforms.

Groove helps your business tackle customer service challenges before they become major problems. It allows you to add private internal notes within the conversation. 

The collision detection feature helps detect if a team member is already dealing with a query. Thus, embarrassing double replies can be stopped. 

Groove Features

  • Integration with tools like Slack, Stripe, Shopify, Facebook, Trello, and many more to enhance the business automation experience
  • Its intuitive dashboard provides all the problems in an organized manner for easier solving and better focus with efficiency.
  • Groove also offers a satisfaction survey feature that lets your business monitor the efficacy of the support team and looks for room for improvement.

Groove Pricing

  • Standard: $12 per seat per month
  • Premium: $20 per seat per month
  • Advanced: $40 per seat per month
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

9. Intercom


Intercom is an AI-powered, automation-first customer support software designed to deliver unmatched customer experiences. It’s trusted by over 25,000 businesses and offers a seamless blend of automation and human support to resolve issues faster, boost customer satisfaction, and reduce team workload.

Intercom is an all-in-one solution that covers the entire customer lifecycle, from lead generation to support. Its superior automation capabilities increase scalability and operational efficiency, allowing your teams to focus on providing better customer support. 

The software offers a range of features including automated customer support, proactive support tools, a shared Inbox and ticketing system, a Messenger for omnichannel support, and over 350 integrations with your favorite CRM, email, ticketing, social channels, and reporting tools. 

Intercom also offers an advanced AI chatbot called Fin, powered by OpenAI. Fin can solve complex problems and provide safer, more accurate answers than any other AI bot on the market. It can ingest content from multiple sources at once, such as Intercom Articles, Zendesk Help Center, or any public URL, and starts answering customer questions immediately. No training or configuration is required.

On top of these advanced customer support automation features, Intercom also offers a digital adoption platform that connects businesses to customers using in and off-app messaging and automation technology.

Intercom Features

  • Intercom automated customer support frees your team from repetitive questions using automated chatbots and workflows. This maximizes team efficiency with AI-powered tools.

  • AI-Enhanced Inbox and Ticketing System helps resolve tickets and answer customer questions quickly and efficiently.

  • Intercom’s Messenger supports customers when they need help in your product. It also supports email, SMS, and more, allowing customers to pick whatever channel works best for them.

  • Intercom allows you to easily build powerful no-code automations with bots, triggers, conditions, and rules—all in one place.

  • AI-Powered Chatbot (Fin) can solve complex problems and provide safer, more accurate answers than any other AI bot on the market. It can ingest content from multiple sources at once and starts answering customer questions immediately, without any training or configuration required.

Inercom Pricing

  • Starter: starts at $74/month
  • Pro: custom pricing
  • Prmium: custom pricing

10. Tenfold


Tenfold Customer Service Automation tool lets a business integrate the workflow system, engagement system, and customer data to yield a better customer relationship through support channels.

This solution is based on the cloud, providing real-time data and context about each customer and their queries on a single screen to grab all the important information at one glance easily.

Tenfold brings continuous conversation automation solutions that keep replies focused on what customers want and keep every customer in a state of continuous conversation until their queries are resolved.

Tenfold Features

  • Tenfold CSAT solution is customizable and flexible, so every team in your organization can customize it according to their specific requirements
  • The cloud-based solution from Tenfold integrates with all of the world’s leading CRMs and communication platforms to bring an all-in-one CSAT solution.
  • It comes with the ability to connect multiple CRMs with the legacy phone system that benefits the conversational experience of customers from your side.

Tenfold Pricing

Tenfold provides a custom pricing for their software.

11. Hiver


With Hiver customer service automation tools, you can skip the old way of entertaining customer queries and switch to faster and more effective ways of providing customer service.

It works on your business email and brings simplicity with all the features making it your all-in-one CSAT. It makes the jobs of your customer support agents easier right from the beginning with user-friendly features for collaboration and automation with different tools.

Hiver brings advanced analytics for every agent according to the customer’s query requirement, so the agent always answers those queries with the top metrics and the most meaningful information.

Hiver Features

  • With Hiver, there is no need to go for any other support platform than Email because it works on top of your Gmail.
  • Hiver’s interface makes it easier to track keys to see your team’s performance metrics.
  • It brings s shared inbox on top of Gmail inbox along with other features like notes and inbox management so that every customer gets the same great experience.

Hiver Pricing

  • Lite Plan: $15 per user per month when billed annually or $19 USD per user per month when billed monthly
    Pro Plan: $39 per user per month when billed annually or $49 USD per user per month when billed monthly
    Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing

12. Zingtree


Zingtree is your CSAT choice that will convert every customer support agent into an expert by providing real-time data so that they can lead every customer with much valuable conversation. Zingtree has a no-code CSAT solution, which means your IT team can easily manage it, and your business will be able to adapt to its workflows with ease.

All this, with the ability to integrate with CRMs, Data Sources, and other sources so that the Zingtree interface shows all the important data on one screen, makes agents even more productive. Zingtree is a flexible CSAT that makes it easily adaptable.

Zingtree Features

  • Agent scripting helps create communication flow with customers across different communicational mediums.
  • The internal process ensures that the agent knows about mapping out the standard procedures that will give them the knowledge and information about dealing with queries of different customers.
  • Your agents become more productive by the self-help feature that deflects tickets with repetitive queries to a solution where they can answer their queries themselves.

Zingtree Pricing

  • Starter Plan: $8 USD per month
    Professional Plan: $39 per month
    Customized Plan: The pricing model is usage-based

13. Khoros


Khoros customer service automation tool combines an Ai-powered workflow system, digital customer care, and rich analytics, enabling your support team to provide a top-notch customer service experience.

With Khoros, you do not need to change any conversational mediums you use because it works on every conversational medium your customers select, even SMS.

Khoros’ solutions ensure a human connection with AI so that every digital interaction between your customers and support team stays personalized and effective. Khoros brings CSAT along with some other business benefits.

Khoros Features

  • Khoros helps cut support costs by making your customer support team more efficient with every customer with the help of AI
  • Khoros can help you scale your business and grow with better chances of increasing revenue by focusing on the latest marketing solutions like social media marketing.
  • It offers enterprise-grade control with insights on performance almost instantly that will help make run-time decisions.


Khoros Pricing

Khoros provides a custom pricing for their software.

14. Zendesk


Today good customer service is not enough, and Zendesk develops software to help make your customer service exceptional. Customers need to connect at any time, and as a business, you need your team to provide them with a great conversational experience.

It is Zendesk that can make your customers happy with a great communication experience across different communication channels. Zendesk provides a seamless support platform in its Suite so that your organization’s support is always according to how the customers want it.

Zendesk Features

  • With Zendesk, you can create a customized panel according to your requirements that helps offer a personalized experience for the customers.
  • Zendesk increases the agents’ productivity by keeping things open and flexible. Furthermore, it keeps everything in the organization open that helps agents to adapt easily and quickly.

Zendesk Pricing

The Zendesk Suite plans start at $55 per agent/month (billed annually) and include everything your team needs to deliver seamless support across channels at a great value. 

Choosing The Right Customer Service Automation Software

So these are our top picks for the best customer service automation tools that help you keep track of customer interactions, automate repetitive tasks, and provide self-service options.

When used correctly, customer service automation tools can help you improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you are considering implementing customer service automation software in your business, we hope that our research will help you find and choose the right solution for your needs.

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