Affiliate Facebook Group: How To Start & Grow in 2022

affiliate facebook group
Today, I'm going to show you how to start and grow your Facebook group for affiliate marketing.

Building a Facebook group is something that I recommend to a lot of affiliate marketers because it’s a great free traffic source for affiliates.

Groups are one of the best ways to start affiliate marketing on Facebook because Facebook groups are one of the only places on Facebook where you still get a lot of organic reach without paying anything.

If you’re posting to your Facebook page, it’s very unlikely that many of your Facebook followers like you’re posting.

Whereas if you have a Facebook group organic reach engagement is just so much higher and you can post your affiliate links, your content and generate leads.

So, let’s find out how to start and grow your Facebook group from my own experience.

Creating an Affiliate Marketing Group

The first step is obviously creating a Facebook group which is a very straightforward process.

All you have to do is to go to, click on the “+ button” and select “group”

create a facebook group

Then you’ll need to set up:

Group Name: Give it a name that is related to your affiliate marketing niche.

Choose privacy: In terms of privacy, I suggest you keep your group private because if your group is public anyone can see the content so they don’t even have to join.

Meaning if you make your group private they must join your group to find the content so always make your group private.

Hide Group: The next option is “Hide group”. Here you want to keep your group visible because other people will not be able to find your content.

facebook group settings

You have also an option to invite friends but don’t invite friends for now. I will explain how to do it when we are going to be growing our group.

In settings, you can change:

  • Description
  • URL
  • Group color
  • Location

Group Type

Then you can change the type of your group so I will put my group type is as general.

facebook group type

Now is an important part of “Manage membership” so you can allow both page and profile to join your group which means both pages and group can go into your group.

Manage Membership

But if you only need profiles as a member you can click “Only profile”

manage membership

Then “Who can approve member request” which means if someone requests to join your group you have to accept that member request.

But if you select this first option “Anyone in the group” can accept the member request but don’t do it.

Click on only admin and moderators that means you are the admin and you have to approve or decline the member request.

approving members

That means if you want to block certain countries and certain people you can decline the request of those people so always make it as only admin and moderator can approve the member request.

Okay, guys group is created now we have to add the cover photo and stuff like that.

For this, you can use websites like or

Group Rules

The next one is group rules so we can add rules to our group that means if someone wants to join he must he or she must accept these rules.

group rules

So I will click on the “Get started” button and I will add these example rules:

example rules

I will add this “No hate speech and bullying” and our first group rule is created.

if you want custom rules you can add that custom rule here as well.

💡 Pro Tip

And I suggest you add the rule that an email address is required so this way you can build an affiliate email list.

And this is everything in settings.

Currently, we don’t have any members in this group but don’t worry I will show you how to get a lot of members and grow your Facebook group organically.

Adding Content

Before that, we have to add content to our group and there are a few ways to do that.

You can create your own content or you can get content from Google or you can check other pages and groups and upload those content to your group.

But the best way is to create your own content which means you own the content you will not get any kind of issue.

Growing Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group

Now our group is up and running now it’s time to grow our affiliate Facebook group.

As a first step, you have to share content at least 2 times per day.

That means you have to find engaging content and share it on your Facebook group day by day.

There are few ways to try engaging content.

So as mentioned earlier one of the best and most easy way is to check other groups related to your group. I will go to Facebook and search for food recipes.

When I search for food recipes, I will get a lot of results, so I will sort them by public groups.

If you create a Facebook group related to motivation or fitness, you can search here for fitness obviously.

So, you’ll get the idea.

So, for example, I go to these results, it’s about food recipes. I see a lot of content related to food recipes. Now you have to find high-quality and high engaging content.

To do that, you can check the engagement.

Facebook group engagement

For example, this post has 273 likes and there have 98 comments.


That means this was viral. You can do that and find more engaging content.

In this way, you can find high-quality content. After that, you have to reverse engineer this content.

Don’t share the same content.

You have to make your own content, or you can find other people’s content, but you have to give credit to those people who created that content.

So, this is the way to find high engaging content.

After that, you can go to your page, then you can go to schedule posts and click on “create a post”

Create Post

Then you can upload your post.

Here you want to type your content, then click on the clock icon.

calendar icon

After that you can see the date you want to publish it, then you can select the time and you can schedule the post.

You can do this for a month or year.

You can schedule posts for as long as you want.

So, this is the way to schedule your post, now let’s take a look at how to attract people to your Facebook group.

Inviting People

Now, it’s time for the most difficult part – growing our Facebook group and inviting people.

The first way is to invite your friends.

But don’t do it, because if you invite your friends and family, you will not able to bring high quality and target audience.

We built this Facebook group for affiliate marketing, which means we have to grab a high-quality audience that is able to buy products.

But if you invite your family members or friends who don’t have an interest in your niche or your product, they will not buy anything, and those members will not help you to grow your page.

Join Other Groups

Instead of inviting your friends and family, you have to join other groups related to your niche.

As an example, I can search food recipes, and I can find groups related to my group.

I will go to groups, and so now I can join these groups.

After you request to join those groups, you have to wait until they approve your request.

join group button

Once you get approved, you can comment and share content on those groups.

And always give value.

If someone asks any question, just answer that person.

Also, share valuable content. When you share valuable content, people will react and engage with your content.

So that way you can find people who liked your content.

That means you have a targeted audience.

Check who is engaging with your content.

So basically, click on the like button and check who liked your content.


After that, simply click on the “Add Friend” button.

Then you will be able to build like-minded people. That means when they see your friend request, they will accept your friend request because you have the same interests as them.

So, after they accept your friend request, you can invite those people to your group.

You can simply click on “Invite friends to this group” and type that person’s name here.

Invite friends to this group button

Then you can select that person and invite them to your group.

That means you can build a target audience who liked your content because you already joined a group that has the same content as you and you help out those people who ask questions and share valuable content on that group.

So, they will definitely like your group and they will become members of your group.

When you reach 500 members, Facebook will organically show you a page to people who has an interest in your niche.

This is a powerful way to gain a lot of members.

After people join your group, they will post in your groups, share content with others, and stuff like that.

So, when you have some posts from a member, you will see that post on pending posts.

pending posts

So, you can go to this page and read over the content and you can approve the content.

When someone posts something appropriate, you should approve it.

After that, like it, then comment on it.

Because when you like and comment on it, people will start sharing content on your group more and more because they really get validation and they already get comments on their posts.

That way, Facebook will see you having an engaging group.

So, Facebook will promote your group more and more.

Also, if someone commented on newer posts, like that comment and reply to that comment.

You will be able to create a highly engaging community around your group.

Promoting Affiliate Links

The most important thing is don’t promote anything in the beginning.

At first, just give value, do not promote anything.

Don’t share any affiliate links on your group.

If you share links in your group, new members will not like your group.

So don’t share any promotional links until you get 5,000 to 10,000 members.

Always remember, you are here to give value.

When you give value, you will grow organically.

When you grow your content, you can promote products related to your group.

The next thing is if some member tries to promote something in your group, remove that person and remove that content in your group because you don’t need any spammers.

Only a high-quality audience in your group.

If someone tries to violate your rules, don’t think twice, just remove that member from your group.

When you accept member requests, if you go to this member request tab you will see all pending members who requested to join your group.

pending members

And if you see spam members, don’t accept that member, decline that member, because that is the best way to grow a high-quality affiliate Facebook group.

Also, if your targeted audience lives in the UK, USA, Canada, or Australia, only accept members who request from those countries.

You can basically go to their profile and check the place where they live.

In that way, you will be able to build a targeted audience around your group.

Affiliate Facebook Groups Conclusion

So, this is how to start and grow an affiliate Facebook group.

You need to be patient. If you didn’t see results in one month or two months, don’t give up, just try to do this method more and more.

You will definitely see the result.

I hope you get valuable information in this guide. If you have any questions, just let me know in the comments below.

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