23 Conversational Intelligence Software Tools For 2022

Conversational intelligence (CI) software records, transcribes, and analyzes sales calls identifying keywords and topics of conversation enabling users quickly jump to those points in the recorded sales calls and further analyze useful insights.

This article presents the best conversation intelligence software tools that can help businesses take notes on important conversations with potential buyers, find topics of conversation that are risky, coach new sales reps on best practices, and do anything else that can be done with the analysis and transcription of sales calls.

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1. HubSpot Conversation Intelligence

HubSpot Conversation Intelligence

HubSpot is possibly the most popular conversational intelligence software out there. It is geared towards customer service and it strives to promote sales by improving the quality of any and all interactions between customers and sales representatives. It is a great tool to use while training a team of professionals as it is designed to instill ethics and confidence during all interactions.

In a similar way to others of its kind, HubSpot records the conversations and decodes and analyzes them to extract numerous insights. Using the source of real interactions and employing high-tech software that is intuitive and dynamic, HubSpot is able to deliver trends, objections, and opportunities.

These data points sourced by the software tool can be extremely helpful since a capable professional can quickly infer the best actions for the company. Using these different methods of audio and text capture, HubSpot is able to make coaching, training, and learning easier.

With the HubSpot conversation AI, you can automatically take notes and provide deeper insights into your team’s calls. Capture hours of voice data in its AI CRM system to find coaching opportunities, quantify competitive trends, and see how the market is changing.

2. Gong


Gong is an exceptional tool for sales representatives. It works with a highly intelligent AI that is able to recognize and analyze real data captured from audio and text. Through an algorithm based on real, trustworthy information completely situational and unique – this software delivers sales insights making annotations of useful information to exploit your strengths and learn from your mistakes.

This conversational intelligence tool is designed for sales representatives and it is optimized and programmed to give them the tools they need to solidify and boost sales: closing deals faster and delivering profitable results to their employers. Gong also allows users to request a live demo so they can test out the services before committing to a plan.

This is useful to companies and small businesses that seek software tools that will help them with their growth and success. The application is also highly optimized and it can be integrated with Zoom, all Google apps, Salesforce, RingCentral, Hubspot, and more.



More than just another chatbot application, Tars is software designed to cover a multitude of needs. This platform aims to optimize ROI based on the improvement of customer service utilizing the analytics tools of data collection through voice and chat. TARS uses different channels (websites and WhatsApp) and integration (Zendesk, Google Calendar, HubSpot) to extend the automation as far as it can go.

Offering a well-programmed chatting bot that includes features such as a Geo-location keyboard, date and time stamps, API integration, file upload, and also covering a wide array of languages, TARS delivers the promise of optimized customer service through a constant automated workflow that doesn’t stop with time.

They also provide resources and educational material to educate the customer and make sure they’re getting the most value out of the software itself. Brands like American Express and Vodafone use TARS to optimize their marketing and customer service.

4. ManyChat


Since technology is taking over the world and chatting makes things faster and easier, ManyChat is the type of app that makes a really big impact. This application allows the creation of chatting bots that talk to customers in real time. Using a series of algorithms and employing a script completely personalized by you, ManyChat is able to guide the customer and assist them with any question, suggestion or issue they may possibly have.

These chatting bots can be programmed with Gmail, Outlook, Whatsapp and others. ManyChat also offers the integration with the Direct Message feature of most social media platforms – such as Instagram and Facebook – allowing you to capture every interaction and feed a database to improve new encounters with potential customers.

With the information gathered from all these interactions, this conversational intelligence software is able to deliver accurate statistics that you can analyze with your team. The ManyChat application is available in the AppStore and it’s compatible with Android and iOS.

5. Verloop


Verloop.io is a conversational intelligence platform that offers automated customer support to suit the client’s needs whenever and wherever they are. Verloop seeks to simplify communication and tend to the needs of all customers while supporting them through their preferred communication channels.

This is why their software tools cover such a wide range of options and their reach goes beyond a simple scripted chatting bot. Their conversational intelligence solutions cover channels like traditional websites, In-App sites, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Direct Message and even extend to conversational assistants like Veca and pre-programmed, multi-option AI voice bots.

Their data collection is displayed through actionable dashboards that display the information in a format that’s easy to digest. Their integration software features HubSpot, Zendesk, Oracle, and others. Companies like Shopify, GlobeMed, Fetchr, and Cleartrip use Verloop.io.

6. Kore.ai


Kora.ai is an extremely complex platform that combines the power of both customer and employee experience and serves as a mediator between one and the other. This conversational intelligence software helps in assigning and delivering virtual assistants through the usage of digital applications. It allows the collection of data for analytics and insights providing an optimized self-service experience for the user.

With a multitude of tools that fulfill the needs in many applicable situations such as banking, travel, sales, marketing, insurance, and many others, Kore.ai’s platform breaks through the conversational intelligence panorama and stands out from the rest, providing an enhanced sense of the customer, agent and employee experience while optimizing the engines with search assist all the same.

Kore AI is the first CCaaS solution in the world where you can easily use the Assistant to manage all conversations. It brings the following services:

  • On-demand personalization for customer query responses
  • Free It team and HR team so you can focus more on core functionalities of your business
  • Scalability and design personalization for the Assistant and tool

With Kore AI, you can enjoy no-code automation to deal with any customer and leads’ queries. It also brings machine learning capabilities and Ontology graphs for higher accuracy.

The outstanding number of digital tools that they provide is truly unmatched and makes them one of the best conversational intelligence software out there. Companies like GoDaddy, AT&T, and Yahoo use Kore.ai’s software tools.

7. Kasisto


Kasisto is all about unifying communication through a highly intelligent program while gathering useful and priceless data. To put it simply, this means that they designed a conversational intelligence software solely dedicated to gathering data from multiple sources while providing top-notch customer service at the same time – delivering accurate and well-put analytics that summarize and display all the different information that has been collected.

This is what they call their KAI platform, which at the same time offers dedicated versions to Consumer Banking, Business Banking, and Investment Management. With their KAI platforms, Kasisto offers a multi-lingual, multi-tenancy customer service platform that displays multiple capabilities such as optimized performance, security, AI Training and analysis, machine learning, and intuitive AI responses.

They aim to reduce the complexity of one-on-one interactions and optimize the artificial intelligence tools to help businesses reach their maximum potential. They extend their coverage to mobile, web, digital voice and IVR and also provide support for third parties.

8. Jetlink


Jetlink pride itself on having a deeper understanding of the nuanced conversations between the AI and your customers, utilizing tools like Probabilistic AI, and employing a system based on multiple intent options while considering multiple variables.

Since they provide a conversational intelligence software that is self-learning, Jetlink’s chatbot will recognize the importance of the conversation and accurately provide the answers that the customer needs. While this interaction is taking place, the AI is constantly feeding a database and expanding its knowledge thanks to the human-like artificial intelligence that is programmed into their software.

They aim to make the interactions as personable as possible as if it was a human with real emotions talking to them and making them feel like their voices are heard. Of course this results in the reduction of inaction and cuts the waiting time of customer service interactions by 98% on average. At the very least, it’s fair so assert that Jetlink’s chat bots aren’t like any other. They even use emojis and voice messages if you program them to.

9. Conversica


Conversica helps you engage with leads and customers with its AI capabilities without needing any input from their side. It helps build rapport and ready-to-talk surface contracts. With Conversica, you can provide an immediate response to any inquiry with answers having the following qualities:

  • Prompt
  • Engaging
  • Personalized
  • Persistent

Conversica’s AI conversational software solutions enhance your company’s productivity per its requirements. Thus, you increase the revenue-generating opportunities. Apart from that, Conversica helps drive better leads using your sales funnel by qualifying leads by cultivating interest through AI and data-driven pre-MLQs, taking quick follow-ups, and using data to determine the best action for future Reactivating any unnoticed leads to see their presence in the market.

With these features and customer acquiring terminologies at Conversica, you can quickly grow your company with cross-selling and upselling. Conversica comes with its Virtual Assistant that provides a human-like dialogue over email. This AI-driven Assistant is smart enough to confirm contact info, create qualifying questions, and ensure closed-loop sales.

10. Genesys DX

genesys dx

Genesys DX conversational intelligence Software comes with its patented technology. It provides natural language processing capabilities for your business as a software solution. In this way, the AI communicates with all customers in a meaningful and acquiring way.

To make the performance even better, it allows you to look into the working method of AI technology and personalize anything. Thus, you can tweak and optimize AI according to your requirements. The chatbots you get from Genesys DX are more intelligent with an AI-driven backend. They engage customers better with:

  • Data-driven conversation
  • Contextual conversation
  • Personalized conversation

In this way, every customer feels like getting front-line service which improves revenue for your business. Unlike other conversational intelligence software, Genesys DX is not restricted to the conversation channel, customer’s language, time, etc. That is why it starts and maintains a conversation with every customer proactively.

With Genesys DX, any business can support its customers regardless of the conversation medium and tone. The intelligent chatbots will adapt to their conversation way.

11. Chorus


Chorus uses the medium of conversation, the conversation itself, and the medium of work. Data-driven through these 3 things help power its AI capabilities for conversational intelligence. Chorus not only works on chats, but it is also applicable on calls with its scalable solution. It helps you analyze performance and visibility in emails, calls, meetings, etc.

Thus, allows you to drive the process the way you want while managing behavior chances offering better productivity. Chorus helps you analyze and identify the beneficial performers. In this way, any business can point out the top performers and make the whole team adapt to those for better performance and customer acquisition. Chorus is not only about behavioral tracking. It keeps track of things like:

  • Risk signals
  • Deal insights
  • Team performance

So, a business working for better progress can upscale its performance by measuring things and making informed decisions. Getting actionable insights also help a business to perform better deal negotiations with customers.

12. Fireflies


Fireflies is the conversation intelligence software that focuses on corporate meetings. It helps record and transcribe all voice conversations. Fireflies software works on the go as you can instantly record meetings. It works on any web-based conference platform. So, you just need to invite Fireflies to the meeting and record the conversation.

Fireflies makes it extremely easy to collaborate with team members because you can mark important parts of the meetings to analyze them. Marking parts of the meetings lets review important parts of different calls within a few minutes. Fireflies not only works on meetings happening within the CRM, but it also works out of the CRM to provide proper coverage. Some additional benefits of Fireflies include:

  • Inviting the fireflies bot through the calendar makes it automatically join your meetings.
  • Chrome extension makes direct capturing conversations easy.
  • It has several integrations, including dialers, API, Zapier, etc.
  • Fireflies dashboard helps instantly transcribe audio files.

13. Otter

Otter AI

Otter brings real-time functionality with an all-in-one solution for conversational requirements. It focuses on hybrid teams that need better collaboration among individuals and groups for enhanced productivity. Otter makes your meetings more engaging and lets everyone focus. There is no need to worry about anything because Otter does that for you in real-time.

While everything is in a central, secure place, it allows participants to share notes, edit them, and annotate for better collaboration. Otter tracks your meetings without you needing to worry about anything. The otter assistant easily integrates with the following meeting platforms:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet

For all those meeting platforms, it stores notes centrally and securely. Otter makes a perfect choice for teams of employees or students where sharing notes and keeping track of meetings is necessary. It also brings AI technology with learning capabilities. So, it gets better over time to identify communication in a meeting.

14. Vonage


Vonage takes care of conversational commerce needs for a business. It drives product consideration to increase revenue. Vonage brings AI-drivel multichannel live chat capabilities. The commerce engine takes care of CRM tools, payments, and functions that will enhance customers’ buying experience. Here you do not have to deal with pre-built chatbots.

Vonage allows you to build custom chatbots to conversate with customers how you want. Thus, the chatbot brings customers a 1-on-1 experience of human-like chat. Vonage works for the automation of your business’ messages and notifications over the following platforms:

  • Messenger
  • SMS
  • iMessage
  • WhatsApp, etc.

With data about customers’ behavior, preferences, and opinions, Vonage can help enhance your CRM’s performance for better sales. Vonage also brings integration options with e-commerce stores, logistics companies, POS systems, Sales channels, and Payment gateways to automate e-commerce sales. The multichannel unified inbox at Vonage helps keep all customer queries on a single platform to keep track of all inquiries.

15. Pega Conversational AI


Pega AI has virtual assistants and chatbots for your business requirements that use NLP(natural language processing) technology with machine learning. Its speech detection and data-driven learning from customer interactions help the chatbots provide the right response to customers at the right time. Pega AI works on multiple channels, including phones, websites, and other messaging channels.

For all these communication channels, it uses natural communication powered by AI. With Pega AI, you can also keep your live agents, and those agents can use Pega AI Virtual assistants for better communication and engagement. Pega AI can work with or without the involvement of your agents to provide a similar experience for every customer. Some of the intelligent services you get from Pega AI include:

  • Always available for self-service
  • Automated email bots for triaging
  • Contextual engagement with every customer

16. Avoma


Avoma conversation intelligence software tool focuses on the meeting. It is an intelligent assistant for making the whole meeting lifecycle more actionable. Avoma divides every meeting into 3 phases, which are:

  1. Pre-meeting
  2. During meeting
  3. Post-meeting

The pre-meeting phase provides automated agenda templates along with collaboration and sharing options. When your meeting is going on, it manages an intelligent live bookmarking feature while recording and transcription live.

Avoma also brings a collaborative note-taking feature during the meetings. The post-meeting phase includes determining the conversation and revenue intelligence reporting along with notes and topics generated with AI capabilities.

Avoma also provides playlists and snippets with comments throughout the meeting. Avoma organizes everything from the start of the meeting to the end, including services for organizers and participants.

17. Abstrakt Conversational Intelligence


Abstrakt AI provides real-time assistance instead of reactive assistance with its conversational intelligence software. The software focuses on better conversation and revenue intelligence to save the time of sales leaders. Any agent working at your company can use the software during a live call to close a deal with the resources collected through the call tracking.

So, an agent can make real-time decisions in 0.2 seconds without human supervision. Meeting management becomes easy with Abstrakt, where you can lead different levels of customers according to the funnel prospect. With Abstrakt, you never miss any important information, referral, or notes. Abstrakt pays importance to your time by making the handling time lesser.

So, the first call resolution is better, along with overall customer satisfaction. Abstrakt AI also provides the following services:

  • Insurance
  • Efficient process claims with fewer delays
  • Frontline management handling.

18. Rafiki


Rafiki is your revenue intelligence platform with conversation-related features. It works by recording your calls and analyzing any data from the conversation. Thus, it transcribes everything and delivers true data about the engagement with customers and the market. Its backend brings a combination of conversational intelligence and revenue intelligence.

Any data it records, transcribes, and analyzes that your team can follow up for making informed decisions. Rafiki works in 3 phases which are:

  1. Reviewing calls where it searches and track the topic of interest and notes things by taking snippet and comments. It provides data in a sharable form.
  2. Personalize follow-up according to the content you get here. The timestamped data makes follow-ups easier and increase by 20% engagement.
  3. Tracking deal risks brings growth opportunities. You can analyze the data provided by Rafiki and make proper plans to tackle any obstacles and cash your opportunities.

19. Ultimate AI

Ultimate AI

Ultimate AI conversational intelligence software brings personalized experience to customers through your support team. You can improve your support team with the virtual agent with AI capabilities. Thus, it makes the team efficient by letting them focus instead of working on repetitive queries. With Ultimate AI, a business can automate about 60% of the customer support, so customers get consistent and fast solutions on the following conversation methods: chat, email, and messaging.

Ultimate AI helps with CS Automation, where you can save hours of workload on your support agents by exploring the most frequent conversation topics. The One-Click CRM authorization helps you connect the CRM of your choice with Ultimate AI for seamless integration. Ultimate AI provides the virtual agent with up to 109 different language support and management.

20. Haptik AI

Haptik AI

Haptik AI enables you to make your customer care chat a Hybrid chat system. Here the live agent system and virtual agent provide simultaneous services across Application, Website, and Messaging support. So, it makes your customer support 95% more efficient in terms of time and resources across different support mediums. The Smart Skills feature brings enterprise-level capabilities, including NLU, data training, domain-specific learning models, etc.

Your team can use this feature to get processed data instead of starting from scratch with every customer’s query. Haptik AI brings the following features:

  • High scalability for enterprise-level requirements
  • Modularity to meet your requirements according to industry
  • Flexible chat flow delivery

Haptik does not make your in-house support dependent on it while providing up to 500% more customer engagement.

21. IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson

With IBM Watson conversational intelligence software, you can develop custom bots. Its conversational bots bring a better customer experience with AI-smart capabilities. IBM Watson Assistant brings up to 337% Return on Investment within. IBM virtual assistant is backed with NLP technology to enhance customer experience through human-like conversations.

Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence capabilities make it effective with tailored interactions. So, the containment rate with NLP and because AI adapts to every customer’s needs. Deploying or building your bot with IBM Watson Assistant software requires no complicated process or coding.

Additionally, there are no complications in making your highly-intelligent conversation bot. If you already have some sources of content, then you can integrate your new IBM bot with those sources.

22. Invoca


Invoca brings conversation intelligence features to the sales, support, and revenue teams with its strong AI-backed conversation intelligence capabilities. Invoca automatically helps score better sales and marketing results with less close rates and increased conversion rates. It intelligently analyzes why and when a customer is reaching out.

So, provides its answers accordingly with data-driven and insightful information. It enhances customer experience and increases digital conversion rates. Apart from the AI agent, Invoca can also train your in-house agents with quality training content turning them into your best agents. It removes the waiting time for every customer.

If there is any customer with a missed call, it will return the lost opportunity by rescheduling the call with them. The single discovery feature here helps keep track of the conversation with every customer to improve things further.

23. Wingman

Wingman is a conversation intelligence software that helps sales teams see what’s going on in their pipeline, get insights they can act on, and get coaching in real-time.

Wingman is made to help businesses of all sizes use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to review and analyse sales calls. During ongoing sales calls, salespeople can use cue cards to answer customer questions and listen to and watch recordings of customer conversations.

With Wingman, managers can track how well agents are doing, train account executives and sales development representatives (SDRs) to improve customer engagement, and measure KPIs in real-time.

The platform lets supervisors speed up the process of getting new employees up to speed and give feedback on sales calls. Through KPIs and analytics, the integrated reporting module lets administrators see how employees are doing and what learners are doing.

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