Anyword Review [2023] How It Compares With Other AI Copywriting Tools?

anyword review

In this review, we will be taking a look at a unique copywriting AI tool called Anyword. If you’re just starting out with copywriting or if you are finding the chore of actually trying to put together the different types of copy for advertisements, blogs, and you’re finding that it’s too time-consuming, Anyword could be a platform that can actually help you simplify the process.

In this Anyword review, we are going to go through the platform in detail, and we’re going to go over how this tool compares with other AI copywriting software available in the market.,

We will also be taking a look inside of the members’ area to show you how simple it is to create a very professional look and ad copy for whatever purpose you may have, whether that is creating, written ads, blog posts, or any type of written content for your business.


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In this review, I’m going to walk you through this platform step by step, so if you want to work along with me, you can start your Anyword 7-day free trial (no credit card required)

Anyword Dashboard & How To Use It

So, once you’ve actually signed up inside the member’s area, you will gain access to a 7-day free trial, and within this free trial, you have access to a total amount of 5,000 words, just to actually get your starters.

First of all, they a very detailed process of going through some of the helpful tutorials and guides that will actually get you started on the platform.

anyword tutorials

You can go through the entire process of setting up your profile as such to give the AI a better idea of the type of content that you’re actually going to be looking to create.

Once you set up your profile, Inside of the dashboard, you will be given access to set up a new project.

new project

So, you can give a project name or title, you can select the topic that AI technology will generate content for you.

But the most interesting feature is that you can also set up a landing page and enter in the URL of that page so that once people click on the ad copy, it would actually take them directly to that page.

You can type in the URL of your landing page, website, or YouTube channel.

And as you can see, what it’s going to do is actually will find the details from your URL, and then what it does is find all the related topics and keywords.

Anyword Tools & Features

Once you created the project it will bring you to the area of the dashboard where you have access to a lot of custom features for creating the types of content for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and different types of social media platforms.

And the cool thing about this platform is that you and that these tools are super-specific to those social media platforms and each of these modes emphasizes the type of copy that will be generated for you.

On the left-hand side, you’re going to see some options that you’re going to use to create your ad copy.

anyword features

Similar to what you can see in Copysmith we have something called “Creative” so it’s like more creative ideas that kind of work to create a copy that is more articulate.

We have something called “List” and what this does is that it highlight your product using bullet points and emojis which is a great tool especially for this Amazon listing.

And we have something called PAS which is pain agitate solution framework.

Next, we have AIDA which is the attention interest desire action framework.

And we can also Custom mode and create it based on the style we want.

So let’s say we want to come up with some creative text ideas

Creative Mode

And if you want to create a creative copy, you just simply click on “Creative”, add some keywords and then you just click on generate to generate the type of content.

You can even incorporate keywords, and if you have any promotional codes, like if you have any discounts that you want to run on your ads, you can add the code in here as well and it’ll add it into the copy.

And once the content actually has been generated, you can see that there’s a lot of unique copy and it’s actually very professionally written.

creative word copy

It also put the information about the uses of the product which was so smart.

And it’s very to the point in a way so if I’m going to put this on top of my Facebook ad I know that people will read it and kind of be more inclined to click it.

It’s very straightforward and also in alignment with my marketing needs

And what you can also do is once you highlight a specific version of the copy that you like, you can actually look for more versions that are similar to it.

It will give you different variations of the content as well.

You can actually save the copy if you want to save it for later, and you can also copy it to a clipboard so that you can actually add it into your ad if you’re creating.

And what’s is also great is it also gives you a specific ranking score that shows you the specific demographics and even ranking factors of the content of whether it’s actually going to rank in search engines or not, which is actually a really cool feature.

ranking score

And one thing that I actually really like about it is that it actually works really quickly.

You’re not actually waiting too long; you’re literally waiting really a couple of seconds for it to generate different snippets of content.

It does create content specific to each of the criteria that you actually enter into the AI.

List Mode

This feature allows you to create different lists.

So, you just click on the list button and you click on generate and it will generate multiple lists.

anyword list mode

And not only that, it uses specific, emoji-type elements as well on the tools so you don’t have to actually go looking on different types of websites to copy and paste emoji style, images, it actually will do it for you.

And if whether or not they’ll actually work using on your ads and so forth, it totally is up to you. Again, it’s like everything else.

The content here actually does look very professional, very well laid out kind of like in Copy AI.

It really depends on your own preferences. Obviously, you still may have to go in and tweak a few things.

But the one thing that this platform seems to do really well from having played around with is that it generates the content very, very quickly and effectively.

There’s not too more when you actually want to start writing, say a blog post, or you’re wanting to write some sort of copy for say an advertisement on a Facebook post or Instagram post and it’s like looking at a blank page and you’re left there, or trying to think of something, and you could spend ages actually trying to figure something out of what to actually write to get started with.

But with this platform and the tools inside, it literally takes a few seconds for you.

You literally just add in a couple of keywords and a couple of descriptive words into the platform and literally, it’s just a click on a few buttons, and it generates the rest for you.

You can still go in and tweak it. You still have the ability to do so, but the very fact that it actually generates the content for you in a very quick and effective manner is definitely a step up and it will reduce a lot of your time and it will actually make you more productive.

So, this is actually a really cool feature and it’s definitely a step up compared to other tools that I’ve actually tested.

Can You Create a Blog Post Using Anyword?

With Anyword you can also create blog posts like with almost every other tool out there.

In fact, most people use AI content creation tools in order to create blog posts long-form content.

But if you want to actually have not just generic content but SEO optimized content you would be better off with tools like WriterZen.

This tool gives you some tremendous guidelines to improve the content for search engines so that you’ll be able to rank your content faster.

Because you see, with the GPT-3 AI tools basically you get the pretty high-quality copy but the optimization part is missing.

You cannot optimize the content in real-time.

The other exception is Jarvis because Jarvis lets you connect your account with Surfer SEO and this duo gives you an unfair advantage because Jarvis is the leader in the market when it comes to AI copywriting tools and when it is combined with Surfer SEO then you can optimize the content at the same time while writing it.

Who is Anyword For?

Anyword is really great tool especially if you do a lot of paid advertising or social media.

If you want something to give you a bit of a helping hand to help speed up your work process, this may be a really good tool for you.

Even if you’re a business and you’re for very quick and effective ways to generate ad copy so that you can now run ads and promote your businesses or promote products offers or services, this will actually help you to really speed up the process.

Being able to actually allow you to hopefully get more eyes on your content because again, the emphasis on the content that’s created is all based around the keywords and specific perimeters that you actually give us when you’re trying to generate the content so it will definitely help you take a step in the right direction.

Anyword Pricing

Anyword features 4 pricing plans:

  • Starter – $19/month
  • Pro -$99/month
  • Premium – $499/month
  • Custom – custom pricing

If you sign for the starter, you can actually try the platform for free and you will gain access to the Anyword 7-day free trial, and after that, it goes up to $19 per month which is really cheap compared to other AI copywriting tools.

And with this version, you get access to a lot of these criteria where you can have up to a maximum of 15,000 words per month, and you also have access to create ad copy for, advertisements for Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

But if you decide to opt into any of the other or paid tiers that are quite expensive, they will allow you to have more variations and also unlock more features and so forth and will lift a lot of the limits that you would have on the starter program.

It is quite expensive in terms of the pricing, but considering what it actually does and how useful of a platform it actually can be, it can actually take away a lot of the time that it would take for you to write specific phrases or copy.

So, the money that you would pay, pretty much those justify the simplicity of how it will actually make your work life a lot easier.

Anyword Review Final Words

So this is my Anyword review. If you find the times that it can be quite a chore to try and think of good copy for whatever content it is that you’re trying to create, whether it is ad copy or written types of copy for your blog posts and; sometimes it can actually take a long time to figure out exactly what to write.

And then when you actually have got to the point of writing something, putting it all together can be quite a chore and it can take a long time.

The whole process of Anyword is to eliminate the time element from the actual process itself by generating content for you based on specific criteria and keywords.

So thus, you can speed up your process of whatever written content you’re looking to create, where the system will pretty much do it for you.

And again, everything is very well sorted and very professional. I have to say I’m actually impressed with the platform so I definitely think it is worth checking out.

So, if you have found this review to be helpful, and you’d like to see me reviewing some particular AI copywriting tool, make sure to leave a comment down below.

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